Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #450

Anne: Hello Drama Lovers! I'm late. And I'm doing a short post today as I'm preparing interview slides where I'm asked to present the talk in Mandarin (but the slides are in English because I don't know technical language in Mandarin). So... you know...I see a train wreck coming. As to why I'm doing this? I always try an opportunity if a recruiter finds me. Because...you just never know.

But...enough of my personal struggles...let's get to my crack drama of the week.

Forever Love

Let me first state that I did see this drama come up when it first came online on my WeTV app. But I didn't really take to the synopsis, so I didn't actually start it. And I know I'm shallow...but what I actually made me start this show was a short that popped up on my YouTube feed where the ML was taking off his shirt. I can't remember what the title was but it had a tagged something like the blind girl and her bodyguard. Then I saw the title of the drama, and I went straight to my app to find it.

This is a short drama, so each episode is only about 10 minutes, maybe less. There are a total of 30 episodes and a little over half have aired. I call this a crack drama because it's bad for you like drugs, but it stirs the most incredible feelings ALL OVER! 

Now... a little about the plot. A very wealthy girl, who is blind (due to a head injury), and her bodyguard (who also has another identity and his own agenda), work together to try to find the truth of her father's death and his family's financial ruin. She has a fiancée and a best friend, whom both LIVE in her house. Her fiancée and her best friend are having an affair and trying to take everything from her. Some of the scenes are completely outrageous, like when she told him to strip to "check" a scar where she wounded a man who broke into her house on the day her father died.

Yep...this was the scene that got me to start this drama. And because she is blind... we can have scenes like THIS...

...where she would WALK right into her best friend's bedroom (in her house!) with her fiancée present, and not have any idea anything improper was going on. The tension that this brings me is addicting!

Well...and the really, really hot ML.

These dramas are like Chinese telenovelas. And with the title page like this...

...do we have any doubt the type of drama that we will be watching! Who wears a suit with no shirt?!

Okay.. so that's all I have to say this week. I've finally finished Numbers, the Korean drama starting Jang Ho Woo and Han Seung Jo, about an accounting firm. It was pretty ok. Although no one really got punished...but at least the leads had happy endings. I've also saw a bunch interviews on the Taiwanese BL dramas that are coming out. They are doing a huge publicity push, the first of these was Stay by My Side. Let's just say that these "interviews" are quite thrilling. I've also started Parallel World, and I have reconfirmed that Guardians has pretty much ruined Bai Yu for me in anything else. Actually, for some reason, I never enjoyed this type of texture in Chinese dramas. But my husband really likes it after episode 1, so I will be watching, abet very slowly. Have a great weekend, and maybe next week, I'll discuss why when I was dating, I never let any boyfriends know where I lived.