Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #455

Anne: Hello Everyone! Hope those in the US had a good Thanksgiving break. I spent the week finishing up a project that when I first opened the box, I swore a bit (inside my head, since the 7 year old was next to me). Back story, so the little boy likes to "build" things. Usually, these are Lego sets that the adults still need to help with the "trickier" parts. However, he also like to look into these shops that sell a lot of overseas products, and they have a lot of these "building" projects. Now...whatever I could read from the box didn't really make a lot of sense to me. It talked about materials, fabrics, etc. So, the 7 year old wanted this "bookstore", which was REALLY cute. Also, they had the "other buildings" if you want to build yourself a whole tiny village. I don't know what I expected...except that my husband promised the 7 year old to start the project one Saturday when I was out with a girlfriend, and I came back to my husband telling me to never buy anything like this again.

So...the bookstore is not a project for a 7 year old. It's probably also not a project for an adult who has a harder time reading tiny, tiny print and handling small things that sometime needs TWO pairs of tweezers! But, I hate not finishing something. (And the bookstore is really cute.) So...it took me 4 sessions...around like 4 hours each time...to finish it!

Yes...(the quarter is for size reference) this is a building kit where the only things pre-cut are the "wood" pieces. You can see the umbrella stand is crooked, because I had to make that from a wire with glue. And also make the umbrella too. All the books are paper cut outs with a thick piece of foam. The little "lamp" on the right side was made from the wire, and assembled with each piece, bended into shape, and glued to the "wall". But wait...this store is 3D, which means I made the stuff on the "inside" TOO and closed it with the back wall.

The only unfortunately thing is the light inside the store. I must've wired it wrong, because it didn't turn on. So...lesson learned, next time, TEST the LIGHT before I finish the install. For this one, I'll have to take the roof apart to fix the light...

And yes... I will be doing this again...I have my eye on a "greenhouse" that looked really COOL! I fear for my eyes... I bought a magnifying glass to finish the bookstore.

Ok...now let's talk about what I managed to watch for the last few weeks.

At the Moment

I decided to watch this drama in one binge session. This is a Taiwanese splice of life drama that focuses on one story per episode. Some of the episodes, the characters are more connected than others. The first and last episodes are the overarching arc for the show. I really enjoyed this. I know I'm more inclined towards dramas that have happy endings without the messiness of modern life, but I really like these splice of life stories and all their messiness.

Episode 1: The dating show, and each person has an agenda. The only person who went on to the show to meet someone was the odd one out. What happens on the show is not what is the reality.

Episode 2: Two people, both dealing with personal issues and struggles, meet and find more than what they expect.

Episode 3: A blind woman, who is hiding a secret, falls for a charming man, with more than one secret of his own end up understanding what each one needs.

Episode 4: A writer, who thinks she traveled to the future tries to find a way back, meets a man from another planet, who is the only one who takes her seriously.

Episode 5: A manager offers his new intern a place to stay finds himself encountering questions he must answer himself.

Episode 6: A man takes in her ex-girlfriend who finds herself without a place to live, gets the wrong idea.

Episode 7: A man and a woman, and the story between them when they discover that both their spouses are having an affair with each other.

Episode 8: A husband and a wife who wants to live outside of traditional gender roles, and the complications when someone visits.

Episode 9: A widow who finds her love, with a little help from her dead husband.

Episode 10: The TV producer lands in hot water with a subordinate.

Only for Love

There is no doubt that these are two very pretty people. But I FF'd through this entire drama. I haven't quite finished it, but I'm only 4 episodes away, so barring any other issues, it should play out as expected.

Besides the main CP, Shu Yi and Shi Yan. There are two other CPs, Shi Yan's niece and Shy Yi's professor friend, Yu You; Shi Yan's buddy Guan Ji and Shy Yi's BFF Rou Shan. The most interesting out of these 3 is Guan Ji and Bi Rou Shan, both of them are strong characters with independent views, who are trying to figure out how to have a relationship due to their past experiences. 

What I didn't expect is in the last stretch, Yi Yang pops up. A man who comes completely out of the blue pursuing Shu Yi...without any reason. (Maybe it's in the episodes I haven't finished...but it is odd. It's almost like he fell in love with her through her article she wrote about Shi Yan.) At least no extra time was spent on Shi Yan's ex showing up again...ugh...such an over done plot line.

Wang He Di should play a character more like Dongfang Qing Cang in Love Between Fairy and Devil...where the character has comedic elements to it. The straight man character doesn't fit as well...in my opinion. But this could be a result of me seeing him too often in variety shows, where he is such a goofball.

One interesting thing...remember all those YouTube dramas that I've been watching? There is an actor, Sun Yue, who appears in quite a few of my favorite ones. I'm happy to see that he got a little part in this. I'm sure he had parts into other dramas before, but this is the first one I've noticed him in.

Perfect Marriage Revenge

I have just started this... so I'm only on episode 3. First of, Sung Hoon, good gracious, he fills out clothes really well! Second, I LOVE these story lines, the rebirth/revenge thing. The only thing I have to say... there are plots more truthless than this. And with all these "schemes"...how does anyone has this much energy to plan all of this?! But I still LOVE it! 

Okay this is it for now. I really want to start My Demon...but also want to wait for more episodes. Have a great end of November everyone!