Days 38-41

There's something I've been thinking about for a while: the death point of TV shows. Each and every show I have ever watched get's to a point whereafter it is doomed to die (which means cancelled in the TV show world). Not immediately, of course, because there are many doctors who keep it artificially alive - but after that point it becomes boring or even annoying to watch. So boring that it becomes a show you watch while you are ironing.

It's usually the writers fault. They can't keep their own promises or they make stupid mistakes like letting the boy have the girl (even though everybody know that only a love unfulfilled makes good TV) or they just loose the feel for the story.

And then, I found this list: wow. First of all, it's filled with shows I have never heard of. Second, it proves me very wrong. There are shows that live for 56 years!

Very scary. Of course, I've always known that watching TV series is a lifelong commitment. But ... how will I ever know whether the 1% I'm approximately keeping up with are the good ones? What if I am missing a 56 years shows right now?! Or ... is there a series I am currently watching that I will still be watching when I'm 80 years old?

Like ... Bones? Nah. Guess not. Glee? Hm. Hardly. Vampire Diaries? Certainly not. They have never got beyond the death point. Private Practice? Oups, now I said it, yes, I watch Private Practice and try not to be ashamed of myself. So I seriously hope they get to the death point soon. Supernatural? well, I am definitely not sick of Dean and Sam just yet, but I am sure that in twenty years or so they would lose some of their sex appeal. And since I strive to be a cougar then, Supernatural will be out of the question. Lie to Me? I see the death point approaching fast. True Blood? They might make it a while because they only go for 12 episodes a season. That's playing it safe, Alan Ball! (other shows like Fringe or Grey's Anatomy or Weeds or Dexter or Hung are not on my list right now)

So, who knows what I will be doing when I am 80. Maybe watch a TV show for the elderly.
But is there a lesson to be learned from all this? Maybe: let your kids watch TV or they will become TV show junkies in their 30s.

38: grateful for writing on my article. My article refers to an article I have been working on for months now. The reason: no effin' time because of effin' meetings
39: grateful for seeing my daughter's face covered in chocolate. priceless!
40: grateful for planting herbs and flowers
41: grateful for going jogging in the rain