When A Man Loves - Episode 16 (A SqueeCap)

ShukNote: One thing you can say about Oppa, there is no guessing how he feels about you. And that includes you, Missy.
JoNote: Oh, I know how he feels about me.
ShukNote: [gag]
kakaNote: Is it just me or is the squeeing getting a bit harder these days? I keep looking out for oppa's abs to deal with things, but ........

Episode 16

Shuk: It’s breakfast time at the mountainside resort. Tae-sang offers Mi-do coffee, saying she told him on the train how much she enjoyed drinking it when she travelled. She denied saying it, but looked startled when Tae-sang mentioned that she remembered the train ride. Little girl, you are so BUSTED. Her face registers her slipup. The rest of them continue on as if nothing momentous happened.
JoAnne: As is only to be expected, since they really count for nothing here. Can’t we start killing off some of the minor characters yet?
kakashi: Thank you, JoAnne, for bringing that up. There are at least 10 characters that should be thrown in front of a truck. Or a train. Or off an airplane. And the next gif is called: 
#WhenAManDrinksTooMuchCoffee (cause he'd die pretty soon if he drank that much, yes, caffeine kills!)
Shuk: She is left alone yet again when the two youngsters tra-la-la off. She tries to stand up from the wheelchair, only to collapse on the ground. Tae-sang sees this from a distance, and calls her to see what she will do; she laboriously drags herself to the cell phone and answers it. Without mentioning her predicament, she asks if they can leave soon. He watches for a moment, but the other two come back and help her into the wheelchair.
JoAnne: I say she wasn’t faking here.
kakashi: I am a very bad person. Making this gif and having her crawl eternally on the floor with paralyzed legs gave me great pleasure. Yes, the writer is quite smart. Her suffering is directly correlated to how much the viewers enjoy this drama. Hence the ratings.

Shuk: Jae-hee is at the office when he receives a phone call from Kelly Jo (you remember she spoke with Mi-do during her PT session last episode). She offered her sympathies to Jae-hee, and passed on a message from Mi-do; she wanted to apologize to him for her behavior. His eyes light up when this registered. HE KNOWS SHE’S FAKING THE AMNESIA. Naturally, I’m expecting him to do something stupid since that it is Modus operandi. We’ll see.
JoAnne: I should have known just leaving that hanging was for a reason. With another writer, I would have known. With THIS writer, I was just thinking what, more breadcrumbs? 
kakashi: #WhenChubsHasTragedyWrittenAllOverHisFace. I don't want him to die. No. Please, show. 
Shuk: In Seoul, Tae-sang offers to send her a vehicle after her treatment, but she mulishly insists on her independence, so he verbally throws up his hands and tells her to enjoy the subway ride.
JoAnne: Oppa and I were both thinking ‘F*** you then, bitch. Try to be nice…’
kakashi: #WhenIEnjoyAWomansSmackedUpFaceAndFeelBadAboutIt (but just a little bit)
Shuk: Jae-hee is tripping down the stairs in glee when he sees President Han and his hyung outside on the Rooftop of Private / Public Shenanigans. Tae-sang is angry and poking at Chang-hee.
kakashi: The angry poking was such a turn-on, I made two gifs. Next time, poke at each other naked, please!
Shuk: Tae-sang is ordering him to leave Mi-do alone, and Chang-hee is still insisting that she is faking everything. The voices get loud as Jae-hee stomps onto the deck, but the big boys clam up and walk away.
JoAnne: Might as well put up a sign that blinks off and on saying “Chang Hee will die soon and Jae Hee will remember this and think it was Oppa.”
kakashi: Let's start shovelling a mass grave then! 

Shuk: Inside, President Han is going over some contracts, when he opens one of the folders that has Mi-do’s request to have fun. He crumbles it up and throws it away.
JoAnne: Really, Oppa, because it seems to me the fun is just about to begin…
kakashi: Oh my god, he is SO HOT when he is angry!!! o.0
Shuk: Seo Appa calls the police department to see if a woman called in with clues to his daughter’s accident, when said woman shows up, in innocent white and stilettos too spindly for the asphalt. He immediately asks her about what she overheard, but Seon-joo denies she was even at the hospital, and hustles away.
JoAnne: Thinking, in her little pea brain, “Omo! How could anyone have put two and two together like that? I’m so shocked! What will I do now?’
kakashi: "Quick, I need to mount my Pilates machines! And all will be good! I might even have little Pilates machine babies!"
Shuk: Mi-do insists on going clubbing despite being in a wheelchair. Eun-hye calls Tae-sang when they can’t get in. When he arrives, the bouncer explains that it is not wheelchair accessible, and he takes her home.
JoAnne: This is just stupid. If the show were about her coming to grips with a potential lifetime of being wheelchair bound, ok then. But this show is about her needing to be sweet and docile to protect her life from big bad Oppa and the Wolves, isn’t it? So why the temper tantrum? Let’s file this under ‘Why MiDo is Badly Written and Thus Incomprehensible to Humans’
kakashi: First time I have an inkling of sympathy for her. I'd do that too if I were in a wheelchair: squat in front of non-wheelchair accessible clubs and make a big fuss. So.Much.Fun!

Shuk: And in a dark bar, the little gangster drinks with our Big Bad. Yong-gap plays the sympathetic father figure, and Dong-goo slips further off the lighted path.
JoAnne: Sympathetic what? Plus, no, and ugh.
kakashi: But ... JoAnne. Look at him. Look! 
Shuk: At home, Mi-do sees a poster of Kelly Jo on the wall from Jae-hee, that Mi-jun had placed on the wall in his absence. The sticky note reads: “I will wait for you! I know you remember me.” She reaches out to the poster, but her brother had placed it too high for her to reach from her wheelchair. She slips one foot on the floor and realizes she has feeling in her legs again. She manages to pull the poster off the wall.
JoAnne: Cause the post it note isn't stupid either, right? These people are practically lying down in front of Oppa begging him to step on them on his way to the truth. It’s not that they underestimate him, either. They don’t even CONSIDER that they aren't covering their tracks. It’s all la-la-la we’re the only people in the world la-la-la. Pabo. My Oppa is barely hanging on to his good intentions, and you keep PUSHING. This will end in SO.MUCH.BLOOD. And I’m just really afraid it will be Oppa’s, and not the people who deserve it.
kakashi: Is it just me or did we see some good acting from her in this scene?!?? What is happening?! 
Shuk: Tae-sang is angrily stripping off his work clothes (Take the shirt off! Take the shirt off!) but shows up at Mi-do’s door with the shirt just partially unbuttoned (sigh). At his knock, she dives for the bed and hides the poster underneath it. He comes in briefly to check on her, wondering why the wheelchair is by the wall when she is on the bed. When he leaves, her smile is evil and triumphant.
JoAnne: Awww, we just watched the birth of a tiny evil plan.
kakashi: Seriously, show. You could have given us MORE here. So easily (I mean abs, of course)
Shuk: Both Seo parents are in the apartment, and Dad wastes no time in accusing him of masterminding the accident through his minion. Tae-sang finally snaps. “Yes I told him to. Are you happy now??”
JoAnne: Well, I hope Oppa is never caught as a prisoner of war and tortured for information about troop movements.
kakashi: Boah, oppa. #NotASmartMoveAtAll. Is it time yet to start making bets who dies in what way until we've seen the end of this?  

Shuk: Before things get too ugly, Mi-do pipes up and says she remembers the accident and will talk to the police tomorrow. Mi-jun notices the poster is down in her room when he wheels her in, and she asks him to take a message to Jae-hee to meet in the afternoon.
JoAnne: Mi Jun, pssst…switch sides. Tell Oppa. You'll be doing her a favor in the long run.
kakashi: #WhenAManDoubts
Shuk: Chang-hee is looking at a covered vehicle in his parking garage, and we see a flashback of him knocking out the windshield and windows, and covering the car in graffiti like it’s a vandalism job.
JoAnne: And then he neatly puts it back in the parking garage and gently covers it with a car cover. Sigh. His tendency toward cleanliness carries through, at least.
kakashi: #WhenAManIsTooDumbToLive. Sorry. 
Shuk: Jae-hee is pulling into the garage when he gets the phone call from Idol Boy. And the police arrive at the apartment, and begin asking Mi-do questions. She prevaricates, and tells them the car was white. Tae-sang is lost in thought on the drive to work, only coming to when the little weasel hits the brake a little too hard.
JoAnne: He knows she knows. But she doesn't know yet that he knows she knows. She also doesn't know that she should start being scared right about now. Not like before, when she was scared but had no reason to be. But now, now when she acts like little Miss MasterMind (except she sucks at it) - NOW that she’s not scared because she thinks she’s got the upper hand. Oh, now, Missy. Now is the time to be frightened.
kakashi: Oh yes. I'm frightened, too. 
Shuk: At the park, the two lovers meet, and Mi-do asks Jae-hee to not mess with President Han. He asks her questions about the accident, and she trips that someone misdirected her to that stretch of road. He tells her he plans to talk to Tae-sang, and gets ready to walk away, when she stands and tells him again to not have anything to do with Tae-sang. She won't tell him why, so he blows her off. She entreats him, can you for once listen to what I say? (And I’m thinking, Mi-do, you hussy, he never has). He apologizes and they hug. Note he never did tell her he would be quiet.
JoAnne: She must know it was Chang Hee. I was wondering how, but then I remembered her dad asked about him in particular to Oppa, and she knows he was the last person she talked to. Plus there was that whole inexplicable bit back on Mount WTF. She knows and she wants to protect Jae Hee.
kakashi: I am in awe of this woman. She walks in those heels over soft, muddy ground - and doesn't wobble even the tiniest bit. 
Shuk: President Han and Manager Lee have a sober chat in our favorite Tall Thinking Spot, and Chang-hee tells Tae-sang about the letter left in the picture frame. Little Weasel is trying to contact Yong-gap when he spots the two of them talking. Right away, he thinks Chang-hee sold him out.
JoAnne: Because if you’re a weasel who sells out your friends, you figure that’s what everyone else does, too.
kakashi: I forgot what I wanted to say. But I'm sure it was important and intelligent. 
Shuk: Roy Chang gives Jae-hee an ultimatum; show up for the meeting tonight or the deal is off. However, the lovesick idiot meets up with Mi-do’s father, who passes on the information he overheard at the hospital, as well as the name of the driver: Lee Chang-hee. Jae-hee’s face registers the name but he covers quickly and promises to look into it.
JoAnne: Oh wait. Maybe he didn't ask Oppa. But I still think she knows.
kakashi: Huh? 

Shuk: Lazy Writer-nim creates the Expositional Parking Attendant # 7 to show up at the Lee apartment and mention the battered car downstairs. Naturally, Jae-hee pulls the cover off and sees the windshield damage. He then confirms the information from Seo Appa with Seon-joo.
JoAnne: Anyone else equate that look of horror on his face when he sees the windshield with the thought that Mi-Do must have done that damage when she was hit? I get it, but dude, she’d be dead. And pretty cut up. Relax.
kakashi: Oh, that's the look of horror when he realizes how dumb his "brother" is. 
Shuk: President Han straightens out Mi-do’s pink shoes and finds flower petals on the bottom.
kakashi: Duh and bleh. Mi-do is SO STUPID. 
Shukie: After some nice exercise, he goes to the Security Office to look at the CCTV and sees her not only standing up to hit the elevator button, but Jae-hee returning her to the building.
JoAnne: SFS people. I’m sure you can figure out that acronym.
Shuk: Some latin version of "Too Stupid To Live"?
kakashi: Who else waited and waited for the shower scene that didn't come??!
Shuk: So he knows she is lying about both the amnesia and the paralysis. Sonofa..., my heart just hurts for him.
JoAnne: Good Lord, I felt the rage vibrate through the tv screen. I forgot to even check for an eye bugging eye roll. Was there one? Oppa doesn’t demonstrate rage well. I think it must be because he’s such a nice guy in person.
kakashi: Yes, the eyes bulged a bit. It's quite fascinating how they bulge, in fact. Do you know any other people whose eyes almost pop out when they try to look angry? I don't. 
Shuk: The kids are practicing to “Happy Birthday” by Ra.D when Tae-sang walks in. Eun-hye wonders if they should not perform a dance for Mi-do’s birthday, but Tae-sang assures them she will walk soon.
JoAnne: Perhaps even fly.
kakashi: Throw all of them in front of a truck already.Boooooring.

Shuk: Mi-do is home and her brother starts wiping down the chair wheels. Tae-sang snarks that maybe he should have an indoor-only wheelchair to save the cleaning, but his tone is anything but positive, and Mi-do picks up on that right away.
JoAnne: You’re a bit late to the get a clue party, Mi Do.
kakashi: Run, Mi-do, run!

Shuk: Useless Jae-hee drinks himself into a stupor at the meeting with Roy Chang, and wakes up at Roy Chang’s home. Over breakfast, the investor announces they will NOT be investing in Golden Tree, and politely invites him to leave after breakfast.
JoAnne: Seriously. Why so stupid? WHY? I guess he suddenly doesn't care about the deal? But no, he sure looks upset the next morning. This is your problem, Jae Hee. You are IMPULSIVE.
kakashi: Roy Chang is so scary. Must be the genes. Gangster genes. 
Shuk: As if President Han needs any other crap in his trencher, the little gangster sells his soul to Gu Yong-gap. I hope you choke on your ill-gotten gains, weasel. Dong-gap pulls Chang-hee aside at work and tells him to meet at the resort construction site and he will return the money.
JoAnne: Because it’s so much less likely that you’d be noticed entering a construction site at night, two men in suits, than it would be for two guys in suits to oh, I don’t know, perhaps sit in a car and talk? Or meet at home? Hell, everyone at work knows the weasel took the money, why not just hand it to him in the hallway?
kakashi: Are you really asking JoAnne? 
Shuk: Jae-hee is at his hotel room, wondering how to salvage the situation, when he receives a call from Chang-hee. He right away starts yelling at his hyung: “Stupid Lee Chang-hee, why did you do it? Are you President Han’s dog? When I am your brother??” And he throws the phone down. Chang-hee is silently listening. Aww, poor hyung.
JoAnne: Chang Hee knows he knows. It’s sad. All he wanted to do was protect the men in his life, and here’s how it turns out. They both hate him, and they both love the girl he demonizes. The wages of sin, Chang Hee. And revenge is a dish best served cold. Also, let other people handle their own business. These are things it would have done you well to learn earlier.

Shuk: Mi-do’s mom wheels her into a hotel room, where President Han has set up a birthday party for Mi-do. Once Mom leaves, he places her in a chair and pulls the wheelchair out of reach. Her birthday present? A black handbag and a pretty pair of heels; he promises they are the right size this time. While she puts them on, he steps back and sits on the bed.
kakashi: Oh man. The sitting on the bed .... that was SO WELL DONE. Look how pretty he looks with the ballons and all! This is meant to send a message to us: This is your present. Look, oppa is sitting on your bed! And he will undress soon! 
Shuk:  Love the bounce!  Bounce again, Oppa.  Squeeee!
JoAnne: I am gonna love this.
kakashi: I am sorry to interrupt the flow of the SqueeCap once more with another gifs of oppa on the bed. I couldn't help myself.
HTS: “Those are magic shoes, so get up and walk towards me.”
Shuk: Mi-do looks puzzled for a moment, then plays dumb. They argue verbally until he yells, “Cut the crappy act and walk towards me!!” So she stands up and walks towards him. She admits she had
her memory the entire time, but just recently recovered the ability to walk. Incredulous, he asks her why the sham?
SMD: “Because you tried to kill me. You paid for my school and for my dad's hospital bills. But I liked someone else. I deserve to die. I should have died. But I'm sorry that I came back alive.
HTS: “Why did you lie?"
SMD: “Because if I don't remember, he wouldn't get hurt. I will say no, no matter what the cops ask me. So please, please leave me alone. Don't hurt my family or Jae Hee.”

Shuk: Oof. His face is so full of pain that my chest hurts a little, especially when he quietly says, “I was going to let you go once you were healed. To go to the person you want to go to.”
JoAnne: I absolutely believe him. It’s why he didn’t turn Jae Hee away at the hospital. It’s why he didn’t put back on the ring. Oppa had stopped fighting for her. He was done, after this one last (very undeserved) kindness to her and her family.
kakashi: Yeah, people, we all signed up for melo. This is melo. And it is going to get far more melo after this, I am sure! 

Shuk: She doesn't believe him; she is convinced in her mind that if she leaves him, she or her family will get hurt again. He grabs her in frustration and throws her on the bed. She sobs that her life would have been very different if they had never met; he agrees and leaves the room.
JoAnne: Yep. Lost their house, no college for her, dead dad from no surgery, mother scrubbing floors to make ends meet, most likely. Brother certainly not farting around dancing. Very different. Wow, he really messed things up for you.
kakashi: Bleh. Should have thrown her harder. 
Shuk: Little Weasel meets up with Chang-hee at the construction site, and it’s clear he’s puffed up with borrowed self-importance.
JoAnne: What the hell for?
Shuk: He doesn't have the money, and he’s going to work for Gu Young-gap.
JoAnne: Then why the hell go all the way out there to do nothing?
kakashi: Are you really asking, JoAnne? 

Shuk: Chang-hee calls Tae-sang and asks him to meet them at the resort, but the verbal sparring degenerates into fisticuffs. The camera pans back beautifully to show where they are fighting. On top of the highest structure that’s partially built. With no railings and just flimsy safety barriers. It’s clear Chang- hee is the better fighter, but he doesn’t want to hurt Dong-goo. He steps back from the smaller man, just as Dong-goo whacks him with a back of concrete. Blinded by the powder, Chang-hee steps back and...
Hits the concrete below with a resounding thud. Oh noes. Blood from the mouth and the back of the head. Little Weasel runs off just as Tae-sang arrives. Great, something else he’s about to get blamed for. Can the writer please give our Hand Towel a break? Jusayo?
kakashi: I really don't want to see this to the end. Four more episodes?! 
Shuk: No dice, he sees his friend and runs to him. Chang-hee has just enough to life to choke out, “Hyung…our Jae-hee…” then nothing.
JoAnne: Son of a bitch. I kinda thought there’d be more of a blaze of glory, or a scene at the end where the two men fight to sacrifice themselves on the altar of undeserving family members, but no. Just this ignominious, accidental ending. At the hands of the fucking WEASEL, no less. Who clearly didn’t intend to do that, but still. The bloodfest opening ceremonies have concluded: let’s get down to the Hunger Games now, shall we?
kakashi: ooooohhh man. I will just fastforward from now on. To oppa's face and butt. And abs, in case they make an appearance again. I.e. when they torture him in prison, when he hangs half-naked from the ceiling. Or something like it.