Goddess of Marriage - Episode 17 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: It occurred to me that this is not a drama for the below 30 generation. And maybe it isn't one for the over 60 either, which would explain SOME people's reactions to it. For me, who is in the above 30, below 60 age-class, the drama does manage to hit some of the right buttons, though not very often, unfortunately.
JoAnne: Excellent point - and I think even further where this will resonate is with women (of course) because let's face it, we're the ones who mostly have to juggle the demands of family and work, our desire to be our own person vs. our wish to take care of others, and then of course there's all the shade thrown at every single choice a woman can make these days... and FINALLY our own desire for someone to take a little care of US for a change without it having to mean we're not equal persons. I know, guys have some of these issues too, but this drama ain't about the Gods of Marriage. Although I'd like to see this same story told that way, next. Wouldn't that be cool? Ok I'll shut up now.
kakashi: However, whenever I think Goddess of Marriage is becoming utterly boring and overly repetitive, the drama manages to pull me back in. In this episode, the most relevant exchange does not happen between the main couple (they get far too little screen time for my taste, but that's not only bad, because at least they do not fight) but between NewBiatch and DickBrother. Also, things between The Snore and The Annoyance get more complicated.
JoAnne: All I could say at that point was are you effin' kidding me? No.

kakashi: Back to The Mope and her daily struggles. She leaves her sister's place (which is a huge mess) and goes by the very special Mope-coffee-shop. We get at least 5 minutes of annoying flashbacks ... interrupted by a call from Tae-wook. Who wants to know where she is. He is checking up on her?! Hm. Anyways, he asks whether she wants to be picked up (have you forgotten she has a car?) but of course, she doesn't want that, it's her secret Mope-café after all. He tells her that he wanted to see his Mother about the working situation, but she isn't there (yet) - she is playing golf. But he will wait for her. Alright, the confrontation is ON. The shirt though ... not on. Take it off, please. I hate it!
JoAnne: Please do not confront Fish Lips barechested. Please.
kakashi: Debbie Downer (hehe, thanks for that term, aznCowgirl) leaves, her cup all smudged with her lipstick. Which I really do not like. And more annoying flashback follow, accompanied by that song ("You're my Love" ... but I am getting used to that one). Also, The Snore is coming... But, even though we were made believe in the preview to this episode that she and The Snore would meet, they do not. It's a KDrama near miss. Hehe. Heheheheee.
JoAnne: The lipstick makes her look pasty. Not a fan. But that dress is fantastic, baby.
kakashi: He only finds her smudged cup aaaaaand .......... more flashbacks, moping and annoying me.
JoAnne: Do you think the waitress is wondering why all the sad people choose that table to sit at, in an empty cafe, even when it's dirty?
kakashi: When The Mope gets back to the Palace, she meets her MIL's friends who are coming down the stairs. They chatter, the gist being: what is she doing out on a Sunday instead of being the Houseslave? Anywayz, I don't know why Mope is always so uncomfortable and hesitant whenever she meets people?! Grow a pair!
JoAnne: That woman was about as smooth a bitch as I ever expected to meet. She really dogged the Mope and it was just so FRIENDLY. You could see it putting a nail in the coffin for the job, though.
When she enters the house, Dragon Mother and Tae-wook are having a fight. And we all know that the fights in the Kang family can get really ugly. Note: Dragon Mother has a new haircut, but it doesn't help her personality much. Dragon Mother shouts no, she will not allow it. Sourpuss is ordered to sit with them, but Tae-wook says (and shouts) she shouldn't sit but go to their house.
JoAnne: I didn't feel worried when he yelled at her though - he's got a lot on the line there and it's FOR her. She needs to follow his lead on this one, even if he's wrong. Not sure yet if he is or isn't, but that doesn't matter.
After that, his mother starts hitting him for being ornery and abuses him and the Mope. Ah, the humiliation, the heart ache ... guys, when are you moving out?
JoAnne: PLEASE move out. And your mother should be (heavily) medicated.
Ji-hye flees the scene (she, too, can run really well in stilettos) and sobs in her study. Tae-wook just stands there, looking at her, sighing, being teary-eyed and sad. Please, put a smile back on his face, show.
JoAnne: I am so firmly in his camp these days... but I expect a turnaround. I DO. Is he really the good guy? Did they honestly make a chaebol son an outright good guy? Wasn't he supposed to be an ass for a while? He really never was. Is this drama...subversive?
kakashi: The next day, Tae-wook is in rebel-mood and boycotts the family breakfast. Sourpuss begs him to please stop, because it will put her in an even harder position, but he says this is between him and his mother. She doesn't agree and they argue over whose problems are now bigger. He rather convincingly tells her that HIS are bigger: He has promised her she can continue to work and he cannot lose this battle or she will never trust him. He would rather put up with a 3year long battle with his mother than being judged that way by her. Oh Tae-wook ...
JoAnne: Seriously, who eats a banana that way?
kakashi: More troubles: Ji-hye is behind the deadline for her next manuscript and has to write right before the show airs (hmmm .... why? too preoccupied with Tae-wook? That's wishful thinking, I'm sure). The show, as we know, is called "Music the World Over" (or, maybe, just World Music?) and people can request songs ... but! Alas ... a wrong song was on the list and the mood gets really sour. When Ji-hye drives home, she stops by the Han River, depressed. Her Jeju friend calls her ... what happened? Ji-hye says it was her fault (because she must have put the wrong song title on her manuscript). Everything is a mess.
JoAnne: That is the sound of the final nail, right there. I'm leaning toward right decision, wrong reason.
kakashi: Breakfasts are back on, it seems. They eat in silence, eying each other ... until Patron asks Ji-hye when she will start working in his company. Derp faces all around.
JoAnne: I notice Tae Wook doesn't say anything to Dad, who clearly promised him otherwise. Balls only go so far, I guess.
kakashi: That day (or on a later day, not sure), she quits her job at the radio station. Huh. She puts on a brave face as she leaves her sad team mates, but she has a complete breakdown in the car, while listening to the radio program and how they bid her goodbye.
JoAnne: I get that the sadness is not about the job, per se. But honestly, can you not find worth or meaning in your life as in ANY other way? Did you think you would be there forever? So OVER you.

The Others 

kakashi: I am starting to feel more and more sorry for The Snore. He now gets phone calls by StalkerGirl, in which she doesn't speak, just sobs. (JoNote: Disgusting behavior.) Much later, he is still thinking about that call ... and seems to worry. (JoNote2: Did you worry like me that he might think it was the wrong girl? - kakaNote: Oh yes!! And that was fully intentionally of the show, I'm sure) Again later, she calls him again, in tears, begging him to come. He turns the car around and does go. Her ex-boyfriend is trying to blackmail her and got violent (hitting her). She breaks down, hugging him ... and he stares into empty space, like always. Am I a monster for not even having THAT much sympathy for her?
JoAnne: Blackmail her with what? That was just a stupid scene. I wouldn't put it past her having set the whole thing up. At least we got to see the cool window again.
kakashi: The Career Woman household is turning into another hellish site, with the in-laws slogging around and being so annoying I get anger-rash all over my body. Career Woman does all the work and is bearing it. For the moment.
JoAnne: When she blows, it's going to be GOOD. Do they not understand the concept of chores for children in Korea? Why can't the mother-in-law help make dinner, since she doesn't work or only works part time? If my other half sat around playing games while I was working my ass off for his parents...you don't even want to know. I'd make Fish Lips look sane.

kakashi: Anchorman hits rock bottom. Cynthia is sweet-talking the CEO and his wife and says it's Anchorman who is bothering her. Cynthia turns it into a sexual harassment case (not very nice of her, but I seriously don't care). While she is there, Halmoni Chairwoman calls the wife and tells her to fire Cheating Anchorman. It pays off to have influential friends, right? Anchorman is asked to resign. AND he is dragged from her front door by the building security. She is a woman "who takes pleasure in love, but doesn't believe in love". She writes a teary "goodbye" and dumps him. He now has no place to stay and no woman. Good.
JoAnne: I'm glad too but I kinda wish he'd show that letter and get HER ass fired, too. And if hitting rock bottom means he turns human and he and doormat reconcile, I don't want it.
kakashi: As for the Doormat ... sweet baby cheeses, she is so annoying (that includes the way she is portrayed), I have urges to strangle her.
JoAnne: I cheer for her little successes because you kind of have to, but she's annoying as hell.

kakashi: The Patron meets with the Cheating Dick of a Brother (who is behaving more and more strangely). The Patron says he'll give him the funds he needs if he returns back home. He wants him to do everything legally. And win. If he loses ... goodbye. DickBrother is totally giddy ... until Daddy says make a third kid, a grandson. On the way home, we get a few priceless derp faces from DickBrother.
JoAnne: This man makes my skin crawl.
kakashi: When NewBiatch gets home, he is doing the Gwiyomi song with the girls ... but changes the lyrics to flame his wife as soon as he sees her. When they're alone, he confronts her about her deal with his father. Is she actually making schedules when to sleep with him? He was indeed wondering why she would suddenly thaw towards him ... but she knows what? From this moment on ... he will not touch her again. She will sleep alone and live alone: The relationship between them is over. The reason? She does not love him. She goes ... wut? love? what about you? And he says, well, he may not love the same person for very long ... but he also does not  coldheartedly plan love-related stuff like she does. He says the rich are relatively simple: they just believe they are liked for who they are. They never experience any hardship and that is why they believe the other cares about them as much as they care for them; though the thought that it might be just for the money crosses their mind occasionally. The people who are not rich on the other hand think way too much, and what is worse: they are conniving. That is what makes the rich so lonely. And he gets dressed and leaves, telling her this is the day they are divorcing. In secret. Major "oh shit" moment for NewBiatch.
JoAnne: Sure, and on day 2 his parents find out he's not ever there except for breakfast and all bets are off. Not out of sympathy for her, of course. Although Fish Lips does seem to win over Dragon Dad often enough. Her prancing in the bedroom was hair-raisingly horrific.

Final Thoughts and Comments

kakashi: I have a lot to say about this episode. First, Ji-hye and Tae-wook. He is finally confronting his mother (and has to experience her full disdain due to it), but Ji-hye is NOT with him on this. Even though it concerns HER life. What a weird woman. She is too timid, I guess, but she decides to cave in and follow her in-law's wishes. I do not think she is doing it for him - as in to make it easier on him. In fact, by giving up her work, she is only giving him more reason to fear she might abandon him. I would take that fear a bit more seriously if I were her.
JoAnne: From her viewpoint, if she gives in on this all strife is over. Fat chance. And she's just going to make HIM miserable, now.
kakashi: Second, the overly repetitive Love Story that didn't happen. She and The Snore still have big regrets about the whole "I will not hold you back" thing. This is, in fact, understandable and very realistic. It can happen in life - and very often does - that you meet different people that you do, can, or could love. Sometimes even at the same time. But human beings are not animals. We can make decisions using out brains, and not just follow our loins (or, more romantically, our "hearts"). Making these decisions isn't easy - living with them either. This, I think, is well shown in this drama. However, the unlived Love of these two people has gotten SO OLD by now. It is nothing but a fantasy of another life, especially in Ji-hye's case, which might be JUST as difficult as the one she is leading right now.
kakashi: That is why I am quite glad, third, that The Snore is being challenged in this stupid moping by that terrible woman. I seriously don't like her, and I wished they had given him a slightly more likable potential partner, but the fact that real life is demanding decisions of him is good.
JoAnne: He is actually an unnecessary part of this story at this point, and could exist only in her mopey flashbacks. I could not be less interested in his ongoing existence. Even though he's lovely.
kakashi: Finally, the DickBrother and NewBiatch. Their exchange intrigued me a lot. I guess it was because, for the first time in 17 episodes, he gets to show that he isn't completely devoid of feelings. He craves love. He is lonely. Plus, his performance was scary, slightly insane and very, very good: This man is fuming inside, because he feels utterly betrayed. Despite him being as despicable as one can get, I understand that he would: His wife is simply using him as a sperm donor to reach a higher position. And from what we heard in earlier episodes, he also only married her because she was pregnant. Oh, he deserves it a hundred times, but he also has a right to feel hurt by this.
JoAnne: Disagree 1000 percent. Perhaps if he'd been decent to her, she wouldn't be doing this. He has no right to feel anything at all. He's a disgusting, weak, delusional mama's boy.
kakashi: I also think the exchange between the two is also important for Tae-wook and Ji-hye's continuing difficulties. If what DickBrother says is true, Tae-wook and Sourpuss communicate on two completely different levels, emotionally. He is constantly craving simple love from her (which consists of being touched, being held, being warmed), while she is so overwhelmed by it all (it all including her difficulties respecting men) that she can only think and mope endlessly, wearing a sour expression on her face. There was that one moment, where he cries on the park bench, and she comforts him, that the two finally connected - because she was simply THERE for him. Not thinking. I really hope we get to see more of this in the future. I know this is just a drama ... but I want them to be happy together. I really do.
JoAnne: At this point, he and NewDirector are the most sympathetic characters for me. And since he doesn't sound like a screeching harpy, he's the only one I kind of like. So far his intentions seem straightforward and his promises seem honest. We'll see.