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A couple of people have asked me why aren't I capping Master's sun since I was so excited about coming out. Well it's because Dramabeans is doing it! They do recapping so much better that I don't think I would be a good enough competition so instead what I am going to do is give you my thoughts on the episodes that have aired so far. If you're interested in the TL:Dr just scrooll down, look at the pictures and check out the bottom.

The Disappointments

Scare Factor: I was expecting the show to be a little scarier than it actually is. I don't know why. It is a hong sisters production and it is a romcom so I shouldn't be surprised, but I thought the ghosts and the stories would be little bit scary. Sometimes they are but in general I've been giggling way more than screaming when I watch the show. If Who Are You is too scary, you should give this one a try.

The Secondary Characters: Oh this is really typical of the Hongs so I don't know why I'm disappointed. I should have been expecting it but the secondary characters feel sooo flat. If it doesn't involve the two leads I could give two s**** what happens to them.

So. Yeah. These are the only two things I really don't like about the show but its only been 4 episode so who knows what else they could come up with.

The Joys

The Two Leads

Gong Hyun-Jin: The leads are doing awesome job so far. Hyun-Jin-ssi is perfect as Tae Gon-Shil (TGS). You can see everything in the first scene. Exactly how she feels about her life as a ghost seeer (thats a word...i just made it) She's scared she's tired, but most of all she's resigned to her fate. She just wants it all to go away.
When she encounters a ghost you can tell she's done this so many times she's used to it. Her face is just so cute, I've never felt sorry for a character so early in a show and yet loved her at the same time. This is a much better performance than she gave in pasta and even more adorable than her role in The Greatest Love. It seems she does best playing against a character who is cold on the outside but a ball of mush on the inside. When she purrs like a cat? Comic gold!

So Ji-Sub: And then there's Ji-Sub Oppa as Joo Joong-hun (JJH). *sigh* Oppa! you're just so well dressed in this show. I love his suits, his hair (even though the intense forward combover is a bit distracting...i'm pretty sure it's a wig), his hands, his mannerisms....Oppa I love you!!

But why's he so mean?! The first thing we see him doing is cutting the flower some guy's wife loved dearly. There's an awesome stare-off between him and the woman's picture. It almost looks as if her eyes widen just before he snips. hehe.

dddduulll = drool
He's so deliciously bad but there's enough of a vulnerability (his inability to read and how he softens when she tells him her story) that tells you there's a reason why he's so mean. Surprisingly  the Hongs reveal that reason in episode 2! Very early for the reveal. It makes me wonder what else they have up their sleeve.

The Ghosts: I still don't understand why they're scary when you first see them and then condense into regular looking people. I also don't understand why that one random ghost always looks scary but just keeps bugging TGS for coffee. weird.

It's looking like their ghost budget is improving as the effects are getting a little scarier. What I love about this show's dead that just as you're about to scream or start thinking about checking under the bed....they put in this really random chase montage that just has you laughing at how ridiculous the effects are. Is it deliberate? who knows but I want to thank the CGI guys for that.

Moving too fast = not that scary
The play-on-words: e.g. Taeyang = sun (like Taeyang from BigBag which is fitting coz he's the light of my life) and Tae yang = Ms Tae. Joogun = master and Joo gun = Mr. Joo. So smart these sisters. So smart.

The Misunderstandings: TGS keeps talking about how she wants to sleep with JJH and loves to touch him because he makes the ghosts go away. Everybody else thinks she's a very, very forward woman. Though... It's So Ji Sub. I would touch him a lot too.

The Mall: The Kingdom mall hallways at night are a perfect setting for ghost sightings. I don't know about you guys but I always get a creepy feeling in large empty buildings. And their rival is Giant Mall? Bless.

The Joy: Aaah the joy the joy the joy. It's been so long since I've giggled while watching a show. Every episode so far? It's almost scary because a small part of me is worried about the disappointment. We're 4 episodes in and i'm enjoying it this much? What's it they say about things going up??

TL:Dr -- Love love love love love love love. The story is fun, the two leads are absolutely adorable. The ghosts haven't been too scary so far. Though the one-shoe ghost was pretty out there. The stories could do with a little more fleshing out but really the story is about Tae Gon-Shil and Joo Joong-Won. 4.5 big stars