Who Are You - Episode 2 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Hello, everyone!  I've decided to punish myself with another currently-running show recap.  (I'm also doing an ancient show, but that's for another day and another blog).  Following in my usual tradition of not reinventing the wheel, my recaps will start with episode 2. After all, since our lovely Javabeans recapped the first episode, who am I to tamper with perfection?  And we have a fellow Squeer joining the fun!
bcook:  Annyeong! Don't mind me...I'm just observing Shukie's skills.

The link for the first episode is here.


Shuk: Our poor suicidal boy recounts what happened to Oh-reum: His psychiatrist uncle, sexually molested her, and ultimately threw her off the roof of his office building.  The doctor’s name? Park Hyung-jin.
bcook:  rwar rwar.
Shuk:  Shi-on receives the information via text on her phone, and the good doctor right away knows what’s up.  Nonchalantly (so creepy), he locks the door to his office.  Shi-on flips her phone on behind her back, giving Gun-woo the clue that she is with the psycho psychiatrist.  She buys time, asking him why he would do this.  He is almost amused, touching her face; she pushes him away, but collapses on the floor. He laughs; he had injected her with a sedative in that quick struggle.
bcook: It's evil vampire prosecutor guy! I knew he'd do something like this. It was too much to hope he was playing a good guy. But seriously Shi-on...no attempt to walk towards the door? She just sat there and watched him lock her in. Why are her eyes so wide!! We get it. It's scary.
Shuk:  Gun-woo tries to call back, but it just vibrates under the desk as the doctor pulls her up off the floor, his face changing from amusement to anger.  The young detective hangs up and calls 119, requesting police backup for officer down.  He races to the doctor’s office and finds her shattered cellphone, then recalls seeing a woman in a wheelchair in the hallway.  It’s a race to the garage as the doctor wheels her to his vehicle, and Gun-woo is too late at every turn despite his efforts.
bcook: I love how Gun-woo just stood there listening. Erm..run and listen?! Also erm..no needle would stick that perfectly out of a persons arm.
Shuk:  Rather than any old car, the good doctor steals an ambulance, but Gun-woo sees it and calls in the license plate, activating the largest amount of traffic monitors I've ever seen to check out the streets of Seoul.  No luck though, as the ambulance makes it out to the countryside.  I scratch me head because, yunno, the ambulance number is plastered across the roof of the thing. But I digress.
bcook: All the satellites are watching North Korea. And Jeju...because jeju is a national treasure. Is it bad that I spent more time thinking about Taecyon's running form than being worried about Shi-on?
Shuk:  Not from me.

Shuk:  At the Traffic Control Center, Gun-woo gets his butt handed to him by the boss, who is upset at the ruckus he caused.  A call comes in, however, and they now have an idea where the pair is.  Gun-woo meets up with his mentor, and, with an apology, divests Detective Choi out of his handgun and hurries down the stairs.
bcook: DChoi has something to do with the 'mysterious incident' three years ago. why else was he at her interrogation. I've solved the case! No need to watch any further.
Shuk:  I think I'll keep watching.  I need a KJW fix!!

Shuk:  Shi-on slowly wakes up in a damp and seedy warehouse.  She can barely move, and Doctor Park warns her that the drug is still in her system.  He plans to take her shoes and stage her suicide. She asks why didn't he kill her already.
bcook: *confused* why would you take off your shoes to commit suicide? But he is a very good bad guy. I'm a little concerned for her safety.
Shuk:  He muscles over the only chair, sits down and stares raptly at her like she’s a specimen in a jar. How did she know that it was murder, unless [hah hah], she heard it from the dead kid?  She agrees with him that she heard it from Oh-reum directly, and he just laughs.

Shuk:  She starts scolding him for being callous to a beautiful young girl’s death?  His smile is chilling. How does she know that Oh-reum was the only one?  And he recounts almost clinically his vice. Other people have fun hobbies; his pleasure is in children.  And Oh-reum was special as her muteness added another layer of excitement to the hunt and reward.  Oh Jang Hyung-sung, you always play creepy guys I want to hurt really really badly.
bcook: I'm right behind you. I'll go low, you go high k?
Shuk:  You got it, chingu.

Shuk:  He gets closer to her; it’s her turn to spill her secrets.  She responds by throwing dust in his face and running.  He’s enjoying the chase, at least until he realizes she might get away.   He grabs a metal pipe and starts searching for her through the piled trash in the warehouse, calling to her like a stray dog.
bcook: I'm thinking of starting a drinking game for every time she looks back in terror like that.
bcook: That fall had to hurt. I'm all for suspension of disbelief but seriously? She landed feet first and wasn't even limping!
Shuk:  But at least she wasn't wearing How-the-hell-can-she-even-walk high heels.
Shuk:  Just as he finds her and takes a swing, our Dumbo-eared detective shows up, gun at the ready, and orders him to drop the pipe.  He reads him his Miranda rights, but the doctor really doesn’t care.  After all, even if he goes to jail, without any evidence or testimony, he’ll get a slap on the wrist at best.  The doctor goads him into shooting by pressing the barrel against his forehead, but Gun-woo ultimately lowers the gun. Shi-on is having none of that, and grabs the gun, takes aim and fires. Gun-woo slaps her hand down, but the pedophile still gets shot in the chest.
Shuk:  He survives, but the two get a verbal drubbing for discharging a firearm.  Huh, SK justice strikes again…
bcook: Too bad. Him dying would have been a better message. The coma messed up her sense of morality etc etc etc.

Shuk:  Outside, Gun-woo has a temper tantrum; thanks to that gun shot, his chances for getting into Special Investigations Bureau are even further away.  Shi-on is calm though, and promises to take the blame.  He asks her if the same situation happened again, would she behave the same way? She answers in the affirmative. 
bcook: I might add in every time TC tries to act angry but ends up looking cute. I think I might get very drunk. *pauses the video and starts writing down the rules*
Shuk:  They meet with Detective Choi in the hallway, who gives our younger guy a head twist and Jethro slap, and they all go for some soju / anju fun.  He tells them of his first enforced “vacation” and advises them this is a small incident in their lives.  He receives a phone call about their punishment: nothing more than a six—month pay cut.  As usual, Gun-woo is happy and Shi-on is calm as they share a victory shot.
bcook: 6 month pay cut? I'd be bawling my eyes out. I guess it's better than getting fired.
Shuk:  They flag down a taxi for their drunk mentor, and Gun-woo asks the same question the psycho-atrist asked, and she deflects it by saying she was just lucky.   After the taxi speeds away, he almost bashfully asks her if she wants to continue drinking somewhere else, but she needs to go somewhere else.
bcook: hehe psycho-atrist. hehe Should I add mentions of jeju to my drink list? There's bound to be another one...it's only episode two!
Shuk:  That somewhere else is Oh-reum’s home, where she returns the gym uniform to a grateful and crying Mom.  Oh-reum is standing there, and Mom can sense her, even if she can’t see her. As she smiles and waves, the student fades away…
Shuk:  At the subway, our little persistent puppy sends her a text: No, really, how did you know?  She smiles and doesn't answer, walking past the subway-cleaning ahjummas picking up trash. They find a shiny metal suitcase.  Uh oh, the music turns ominous.  Is this related to our next ghost?
bcook: Good story transition. This might be my first view of a korean subway platform.
Shuk:  At work the next day, Gun-woo is researching his Team Leader’s history, vowing to uncover her secrets.  There’s a knock on the door, and a fresh-faced newbie shows up.  He is Im Sung-chan (No Youg-hak), part of the reserve police department.  We get the background that certain rich or well-connected families can have their sons do reserve police work instead of military duty.

Shuk:  Gun-woo immediately takes note of the mousse in his hair, and the shine on his fingernails.  He sends the new kid to the farthest desk, but he insists the light from the window would be bad for his skin.  Shi-on finally shows up, and gives him the better table.  She also assigns him to Gun-woo, making him feel he’s being picked on.
bcook: The kid was a trainee singer. And Gun-woo says he's wasting his life. Aah I get it this is supposed to be a little hehe about TC being an idol right?

Shuk:  In the property rooms, Gun-woo establishes the pecking order, and the two of them begin documenting the current items, which includes that suspicious metal suitcase.  It’s locked, so they don’t open it.  Gun-woo assigned the new guy the task of cleaning the entire warehouse.
Shuk:  Shi-on is putting on her uniform when the lights start flickering.  She lunges for her purse and her anti-anxiety medication, but nothing happens.  She meets up with Gun-woo, and tells him to get into uniform for the staff meeting.
bcook: WrU is definately scarier than Master's Sun.

Shuk:  The sucking up begins at the meeting, with one eye-glassed individual standing out. Everyone goes to lunch together, and Four-eyes immediately starts picking on Shi-on, making fun of her amnesia. Her Black Knight retaliates by announcing to the Superintendent that Team Leader Bong (the one with the glasses) has offered to pay for the entire meal.  They begin a gustatory feast of Korean beef and alcohol.
Shuk:  Afterwards, Gun-woo groans and makes gagging noises over his overly-stretched stomach.  Our Calm Cop pulls a acupuncture kit and prepares to give him that time-honored Korean tradition of a needle in a finger.  He’s a big baby and they get a little wrestling match.   They end up frozen and face to face for a moment, before she grins and gets him in the hand with an acupuncture needle.
bcook:  eww eww eww bleh bleh bleh. They sooo don't match! There was no chemistry what so ever! (Am I protesting too much?) I know it's only episode 2 but it's hard to drawn into TC's character. I hope he gets better.

Shuk:  A few minutes later, she takes them out, and with new found camaraderie, he cautiously asks her about the day of the accident.  She tells him that she had visited all the places and tried to do all the things she did before, but nothing helps her memory.  So now she has no expectation of remembering anything that occurred, but for some reason, she feels drawn to the Lost and Found Department.
shuk:  Gun-woo breaks the mood and laughs at the way his boss thinks.  She may want to molder down there, but he has big plans to return the Special Investigation Bureau as soon as possible.  She stands up, hands him some digestive medicine and walks towards the building.  He looks at the medicine and realizes his stomach pains are already gone.  He jumps up and walks with her.
bcook: I wonder what he did to get posted to Lost and Found.  I think I'm going to add his monologues about her wierd thinking to my drink list.
Shuk:  Our new guy is bemoaning the fact that he doesn't have an underling to push around. He tosses a wooden puzzlebox down and rushes out of the property room. Upstairs, he toadies up to Team Leader Yang, and Gun-woo sputters to his feet as she sweetly tells the new kid to go ahead and leave.

Shuk:  She receives a phone call asking to see if a metal suitcase has been found.  We see it’s a scruffy homeless-looking guy.   Even though it’s after closing time, she agrees to stay until the man gets there. He is sarcastically impressed with her dedication; she tells him his report writing is for crap.  I love these two and their interactions!
bcook: I love how the old guy is standing next to a phonebooth while talking on his cell phone. Is the director sending a message? Am I trying to find meaning where there is none? Will it make the episode end faster?

Shuk:  Down in the Property room, Shi-on looks for the suitcase as she rubs her arms against the sudden cool air.  Did the air conditioning go into overdrive? She finds the suitcase as the temperature drops cold enough to see her breath.  She whips around as a sudden movement catches her eye.
Shuk:  She looks up.  It’s another ghost, walking towards her, with frost in her hair.  She stares down at the suitcase before looking into Shi-on’s eyes.
bcook: wide eyes of fear! DRINK!

Shuk:  Gun-woo walks down the stairs into the property room, and sees his boss standing there, staring at nothing, a hitch in her breath.

Shuk:  Okay, our second ghost has appeared, and I’m ready for the next arc.  The creepy pedophile psychiatrist has established that this is not going to be a cute story like, say, Master’s Sun, but I do like the interaction between the two leads.  Taec’s acting has improved on this one, although I have to admit the last vehicle I watched was Dream High I.   But Detective Cha’s ability to take all of his boss’ strangeness in stride is a great thing.  So often we have the fussy freakout partner, and that may happen as Shi-on gets more embroiled in these ghosts’ afterlife issues.  But I’m thinking he will be a steady rock for her to lean on when things go out of control.
bcook: His acceptance is actually a little strange to me.Why is he taking it so calmly? TC is ok. He's overacting a little bit. Actually... so is So E-Hyun.

Shuk:  We still need more of the late fiancé.  Maybe it’s a residual effect of  my SqueeCaps of Heartless City, but I can’t help but look at the people she works with and wonder if one of them is the person that snuffed out her boyfriend’s life.
bcook: It's the sunbae! He did it! *points accusing finger at the screen* Why else would the fiance look so surprised. I'm guessing he's going to show up and have no memory of what happened to him. Ghost amnesia? otherwise the story ends.

Shuk:  I hope to try and catch up with the recaps, although with a failing laptop and a series almost half-way through it’s run, it seems a bit daunting.  Still, I’m going to try and give it my best shot!  On to Episode Three!
bcook: You're on fire Shukie!! I'll go buy the soju for the next episode k?
Shuk: [Clink]