Secret Playful 49 days of Flowerboy Prince

A recap of THE kdrama. Everything you've seen in a kdrama in one delicious 16 episode show.

With comments by bcook

Episode 1

We meet our female lead (let's call her Min Ah). She's cheerfully doing some menial job. She's nice to ajusshis and ajummas and oh my goodness! She likes children. What a perfectly sweet girl. Just as we get lulled into visions of butterflys and bunnies she encounters her lazy uncle/father/best friend/guy friend and she reams him out. Ah. She's sweet but can't stand men who don't work hard.
Starring Yoon Eun Hye

Well what d'y know! We meet our male lead (let's call him Joon Gun). He's the son of a chaebol. He's so rich you can't even conceive how rich he is. He's so rich his house looks like a resort with street lights and everything. He's so rich he has three servants wake him up in the morning (I've actually seen this in a drama...i'm not making it up). His dad is dead and his mom is indulgent but his grandmother wants him to start working for the family business and get married. She has the perfect woman lined up. Her family is equally as rich but she's a bit of a b%#th. But only around her subordinates so that's kind of ok. Male lead just wants to live the life of the idle rich.
But look! He's also nice to children which means he has a sweet side just waiting to come out.
And Gong Yoo
Through a series of random and very obvious  events female lead and male lead meet. There is a misunderstanding. They don't like each other.

Enter second lead! (He shall be called Hyun Woo because lately it seems being named Woo means you don't get the girl) He gallantly rescues Min Ah and is instantly taken by her charms. He sees through the misunderstanding instantly but isn't inclined to straighten things out. Well coz then there won't be an episode 2 will there?
But with gu family book hair
Oh and for shits and giggles lets throw in a little animosity between first and second male leads. They used to be best friends but now aren't because of a misunderstanding that one of them really over reacted to.

What happens in episode 2? Depends on the ratings for Episode 1 doesn't it?

Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo had the best kiss I've seen so far in kramaland. Which is why Coffee Prince is my number one most awesome drama and why they're automatically my favorite lead couple.