Who Are You - Episode 10 (A SqueeCap)


Shuk:  Our past passionate couple looks at each other and cry, and Detective Ears jumps up and down like a madman in front of a CCTV that no one is watching.  He tries to call, but she’s not picking up either.
bcook: Why? Coz she's hanging out with her Ghost Oppa that's why. Dead guy is better than big ears.

Shuk:  FINALLY - the puzzlebox.  Ghost Oppa nods that this was the reason he asked her to meet up with him that night, and we get to see the real story behind what happened during Y6I.
bcook: Open the bloody thing!!

Shuk: Choi and Lee were on stakeout at the docks.  Wait, he was wearing a bulletproof vest, and no blue shirt.  Anyway, he told the older detective that he planned to propose to his girlfriend that night, and that she would arrive soon.  Choi is all smiles for the younger man, and gave him permission to leave.  He met up with Shi-on, in her snazzy SUV, all smiles and happiness.  She gave Hyung-joon a gift - a blue shirt that matched the one she was wearing.  She insisted he try it on, so he took off his vest.  BAD MOVE, OPPA!  DON’T DO IT! Damn, can’t change the past, and now we know why he didn’t have it on. [sadface]
bcook: I'm just glad he's on the screen. It's like looking at how good the drama could be.
Shuk:  They compared themselves in the car glass, finishing with a big hug. He popped The Big Question during the hug, but before she can answer, his radio pinged; it’s Choi, looking for him.   He told her to hold that thought, we have a final kiss, and he left her to run back to the stakeout vehicle.
bcook: Aww so sad?! At least she's remembering everything. Poor Ghost Oppa. :( What lovely cheekbones you have though.

Shuk:  Now we have a reversal of what Detective Lying Jerk said at the church: Hyung-joon saw the signal, Moon-sik told him to ignore it, Hyung-joon didn’t and found the contraband. Choi keyed the radio, the thugs heard and the chase began on the ship.
bcook: So it's totally DChoi's fault. Iesh! Why did Ghost Oppa have to be so righteous? Just go along with it until you get off the ship and then you can start being a mole or something. *sigh* Though he probably would have been shot anyways.

Shuk:  It ended when Choi cornered him on the railing. He whispers to Lee to just let them go, but he refuses twice, so Choi gut-shoots him.
Shuk: Back in the present, they are both crying. She asks if she is the reason he is still there; he looks at the puzzlebox, which opens to expose an engagement ring.  She thanks him and says it’s pretty. They walk together back to her house, where they are met by an annoyed puppy.  Ghost Oppa disappears during the conversation and Gun-woo puts his courage to his sticking place, and tells her he plans to stay by her side.
bcook: Aww about the ring. Whatevs about GW. Man! TC can't even do a confession right! I'm so disappointed. Did I not notice how bad he was in Dream High? Was it coz it was a frothy mess so well suited to his surface-level acting?

Shuk: She gently tells him that all her memories are back, and that Detective Lee Hyung-joon was someone she loved, and she plans to only focus on finding him justice.  Poor Gun-woo, left shell-shocked as she goes into her house, although she does pause for a backward thought.
bcook: sorry dude. I want to feel sorry for you but since this relationship doesn't exist for me.... yeah.

Shuk:  Oh crap.  He bolts right away to his mentor, and over many bottles of soju, tells him that all Team Leader Yang’s memories are back.Thanks for putting her in the crosshairs, bucko. He goes on to whine into his shot glass wishing he had never met her.
bcook: *facepalm*

Shuk:  The next day he shows up at her house, and they drive to work in relative silence. He tells her he still plans to help her solve the Y6I mystery, since it began in the Lost and Found Department, and he’ll put a cease-fire on his emotions. She scoffs, but together they hand the phone to a hacker Gun-woo knows to try and retrieve the records. (Excellently portrayed by everyone's favorite Joseon Eunuch, Choi Woo-shik).
bcook: He's so adorable! He can hack into my records anytime. Any. Time.

Shuk:  The pair deliver the ashes of Dead Phone Guy to his friend, again led by the mysterious cook. Shi-on asks him how he knew Detecive Lee, but all he would say is that the officer was his savior. Shi-on has arranged to have him escorted to his transport back to China.  She apologized for not catching the men who killed his friend, but promises to bring them to justice. Outside she nods to both the living and the dead men, leading Gun-woo to comment.
bcook: I'd forgotten about this guy. Way to just plop him in writer-nim.

Shuk: Our fortune teller is checking for wrinkles, when our apologetic underling shows up. Sung-chan thanks her for her help in finding the stolen items, and wondered how she was doing.  He asks for her birthday so he could get their fates read. She plays coy, but she's pleased.
bcook: They're cute, but it looks like she was lying about when her birthday was so she'd go out with him sooner. Lies are not a good start to a relationship.

Shuk:  Shi-on is again at Hyung-joon's house, only this time she bumps into his sister.  Ahh, that's why his plants look good and the place looked cared for.  Still, six years??  They head to a PPL chicken restaurant for coffee talk; Mom has never been convinced her son was a corrupt cop, but Detective Choi Moon-sik told her they weren't able to investigate further and that everything should be quietly dropped.
bcook: Just when you think DChoi can't be more evil. Unbelievable. He has no redeeming qualities.

Shuk:  Gun-woo gets a call and heads over to the hacker's place.  He has partially recovered data, but it appears to be encrypted.  Has he tried hanja? (Chinese characters, the men having been Chinese-Koreans) And with that, the floodgates open, and the data can be read. The data begins on the date Detective Lee was murdered.
bcook: See that I don't get. The ship had arrived that morning right? That indicates there was something going on before that day. Right? So why have the transactions start on that day? Writer-nim....we're not that dumb.

Shuk:  Shi-on is working on her Conspiracy Wall, and is convinced there's someone pulling Lying Liar's strings.

Shuk:  Not that it matters.  The hacker's house was raided and everything was taken, the computers, the backups, the phone, and we see our Old Jerkface burning it all. He receives a phone call and confirms to the other party that the situation had been taken care of.  I note that you never see him throw the phone into the flames.
bcook: So they followed them?! These people aren't being paranoid enough I think.

Shuk: Shi-on is on her way to the Director's office, when she overhears a conversation between him and Detective Choi. He asks the Detective if he really has told the entire truth about Y6I, and Choi wonders out loud if it is because of Team Leader Yang's actions.
bcook: So the Director isn't a part of this?

Shuk:  Back in the office, both Gun-woo and Shi-on receive phone calls and leave the office.  She meets up with Detective Liar on a not-quite-rooftop, who says he's found a Y6I witness and offers to drive her to the location.  She offers to meet him there, instead. I hope she sets something up with Ears before she leaves.
bcook: Nope. That would be too rational.

Shuk:  Gun-woo sees her leaving the Equipment Room and wonders for a moment, but he is distracted by our cutie hacker.  Apparently the raiders didn't pay attention to any paperwork, and he found his crib  notes of some of the telephone numbers in the phone.  One of which turns out to be Detective Choi's.  He immediately starts looking for his sunbae, who naturally is missing.
bcook: What was he going to do? Call all the numbers?

Shuk: Outside the precinct building in the sun, Shi-on tells Ghost Oppa that she has to see this to the end, and hops into a waiting taxi.  He clearly doesn't want her to go, but can't stop her.  He glances up at the precinct building, where Gun-woo is located. The younger (and alive) detective is going over the words of Shi-on, and he has an idea of her plans.
bcook: ?? I must have missed this portion. What exactly does she think she's doing?

Shuk:  It's dark when she finally arrives at the location given to her by Detective Lying Liar. It appears to be an empty and thickly-wooded area near a lake.  She meets with Choi, who is alone, and the same time Gun-woo calls.  She shuts off the phone.  I think it's a big mistake, knowing how he feels about staying in touch with you, girly.
bcook: She's crazy. That's all i'm saying. Mitchoso!

Shuk:  When he gets the dial tone, he slams his phone down in frustration.  Ghost Oppa is there, and uses his ghost skills to type out her location: Gosam Reservoir. Gun-woo freaks out and yells, but the flickering lights convince him that this is where she is.  Personally, Ghost Oppa should have also typed "GO THERE AND SAVE HER, PABO!" but that's just my opinion.
bcook: Hehe. Viki comment said "this is the first time somebody has actually spelt out where to go." I had a good laugh about that.

ShukNote: Gosam Reservoir is a 2.8-million square meter man-made lake in the Gyeonggi Province, built in 1963 to provide irrigation water for farming communities. The important information in all this is that it is approximately a 3.5 hour ride south of the main police headquarters in Seoul.
bcook: Hmm TLYang has a what? 15 minute head start? Here's a math question for you readers....if GW leaves now and travels at a speed of 95miles/hour (coz this is kdramaland and there are no speed limits) how long will it take him to get there?

Shuk:  Shi-on surreptitiously activates a voice recorder in her back pocket and begins a game of "20 Questions With Your Friendly Neighborhood Murdering Scumbag Officer".   She lays it all out as he tries to bluff her; but once  he realizes she knows everything, he pulls out a revolver. Then Gun-woo shows up.  Then she pulls out a pistol. And we have a modified Mexican standoff of two guns and a Gun - Quentin Tarantino would be so proud.
bcook: Dun dun! This has got to be the least tension filled standoff i've ever seen. Nice one Shuk!  three guns = mexican standoff.

Shuk:  She continues to pelt him with questions, getting more and more strident. Detective Choi also yells that they didn't know everything.  Gun-woo realizes that his sunbae killed his boss' boyfriend. We hear sirens in the distance, and she snarls that it's over.  Of course, we know we have more episodes.  There's a slow lowering of weapons while Choi glowers and Yang sneers, then he breaks and runs.  Shi-on puts a bead on him, but can't bring herself to pull the trigger before Gun-woo pushes her hand down.  They run into the woods, but he is long gone.
bcook: What did you acheive with that? Now everybody knows you're onto them. Does no one know the art of a properly planned deception? This could have been played out so well. Clandestine investigations, conversations with double and triple meanings....Ghost Oppa reading DChoi's emails...as he writes them!

Shuk:  Gun-woo stands with his arms wrapped around him as she brings back news; the area has been cordoned off and there are search parties.  The young man doesn't care; he has questions of his own. When did she know his sunbae killed Detective Lee Hyung-joon?  She admits it was when she got her memories back.

Shuk:  He tells  her she is a frightening person, to be able to hide that information and go on like nothing happened, even drinking and laughing with Detective Choi. She tries to explain she needed proof, but he interrupts her.  She even came out to this empty place with no backup. and didn't even call him. Oh yeah, the heart is cracked and the personal trust is broken.
bcook: She didn't hide the information for very long and remember the last time she told you she suspected DChoi you blew up at her. But yeah, she's pretty cold.

Shuk:  She tells him she thought he would be hurt by the accusations, and his voice cracks as he yells at her, does he look happy?  No, he feels like a complete idiot for never knowing what was happening around him.  Okay, so heart, trust, and professionalism are damaged.
bcook: The people closest are always the last to know. That's how bad guys always have neighbours who say "he was such a nice man" or "We listened to salsa music together" (too soon? )

Shuk:  Now we have two rocky fronts: the personal and the professional. Gun-woo is smarting on both counts.  On the personal side, his semi-confession was met with a cool rejection.  On the professional side, she wasn't willing to let him on the situation.  Almost from the get-go he has look at the two of them as a two-man team, and from his point of view she has never really treated him like an equal or a Battle Brother.
bcook: That's coz he isn't. From the actor to the acting to the way the character is written, GW has always been second best, the distant second, the runner-up, the afterthought, the second lead, the...you get my point.
Shuk:  Well, but he's still kind of cute when he's all excited and wagging his tail and stuff.

Shuk:  I can see her point too, though. She has gone into noona protection mode, keeping hurtful information from him (regarding Choi) to prevent him from having to choose between the people in his life.  Except that he was always going to be on the right side of the equation, and it may have been better overall for her to have ripped the bandage off that hurt much earlier.
bcook: Then again given his proclivity (I can do big words too) to blurt out stuff while drunk...it was better she not tell him.

Shuk:  These two have a lot of growth and growing up  to do, and hopefully Ghost Oppa can insert a tempering influence between the two.  After all, he needs them both to finally get his justice, even if he can't get the girl. 
bcook: I don't know how that's going to happen? She won't listen to him..Ghost oppa who can go any where and hear everything. She won't tell her trusty side-kick where she's going and why. There a bad guys we know nothing about because she lost her one chance to follow DChoi (the one person she DID know about). Basically writer-ga (i'm dropping the honorific, they're losing my respect) is going to have to come up with some pretty ridiculous S@#t in the next episodes.
Shuk:  But that's what makes recapping fun! Bring it on!  I've got plenty of popcorn and soju.