Golden Era of Daughters In Law - Episode 3 (KimJiCap)

Wonderful. I just realized that this little recapping project of mine will keep me busy for more than half a year, if I recap 2 episodes a week. That's perfect. No boredom for 6 months. Lots of Kim Ji-hoon for 6 months. All I ever wanted.
Episode 3

Shower scene! No, not Kim Ji-hoon. Damn. And you really need to learn to respect people's privacy, Korea! The man is naked in the shower!! And hey, other dude ... if you just can't keep back and really need to intrude, maybe you shouldn't comment on the other's great body? Unless, you know ... you would like to get to know that body a bit better? Which you do not cause you clearly have the hots for that other chick?

It is bedtime! Minjin is desperately trying to reach Boksu after the parent-meetup-disaster (her parents? not very happy with her). But Boksu isn't picking up, he is at a Jjimjilbang with his mother. She doesn't dare go back to the evil grandmother and therefore, their home. Better leave a total mess at home AND dodge the wrath than clean the mess up AND face the wrath, right? 

Anyway, they are eating eggs. She bought at least 20 of them.

Her beautiful son asks why she married his dad, she says she didn't - She never had a proper wedding ceremony. She ran away from home one day, after he had told her she was pretty several times. Out of the frying pan, into the fire: from a chicken feet restaurant right to a pig's feet restaurant. But she didn't have money to go back. When his father returned from military service, they just went to a temple and the village office and that was that. How romantic.

When the phone rings, poor omma jumps, but it isn't his father. It's Miss Dooly, who is annoyed/worried. He doesn't pick up and his mother now wants him to call his father, to find out about grandmother. Yeah ... what point is running away if you are not missed, right?
Later, when they lie down to go to sleep, she wishes for a time machine ... but not to go back before she met Boksu's father. Because that would mean not having him ... no, back to before she started to get drunk the night before. This poor woman might possibly break my heart.
When he wakes the next morning, his mother is gone ... she is hurrying back to her own private hell. Man, the most hated character right now? Boksu's father, who simply never has his wife's back and even tries to hit her.  
What poor Boksu doesn't know is: His grandmother wants to see him married. As soon as possible. The pig she keeps seeing in her dreams? It's a message. A message that a child is ready to come to her house.

Mijin is grilled by freshly returned Cha Soohyun aka Sad Second Wife of Sad Doctor, who is her boss, when Boksu also gets to the office - Soohyun is his cousin's wife, and they are on very friendly terms. Boksu doesn't even look at poor Dooly, who is devastated. At least, she doesn't lose her job - that's how nice Sad Second Wife of Sad Doctor is.
They're out for dinner later - she lovingly puts some of her food on his plate, but he gives it back. She asks him what's wrong. Yeah, let's guess what could be wrong, you dummy! Boksu is royally pissed about the stunt she pulled the day before, of course. Also, it is the first time he realized how rich she was. He would have been much nicer to her if he had known earlier, he says. Awww, poor puppy ... his feelings are hurt.
When Boksu gets home, his mother happily tells him that grandmother figured out the pig-dream - it was about a grandchild all along! His father joins them and says: "You have to get married by the end of the month". And out comes the dragon and declares: "Find a wife"! If he has a woman, bring her over. Oh. That'll be interesting.

The Rest

Mijin's brother has the great idea to use the police to find the runaway Boknam. He pretends that she is the runaway mother of a kid he found at the beach - and took all his money. After a lot of very bad fake acting, the police officers seems convinced, and Boknam is indeed arrested. After her release, Mijin's brother (Inwoo) follows her unseen (still not liking this couple much. Mainly due to the hahahihi-comedy-style they're doing)

Sad Second Wife has to appear in front of her MIL (Boksu's Aunt) who tells her off for going on a business trip. Which means leaving her husband alone. Yeah, cause Korean man die when they're wives are not there for 10 days. So, in a nutshell, the AuntBitch wants Sad Second Wife to quit her job. She is to support her husband and do housework. And that is it. Oh dear ... sounds SO FAMILIAR.

Final Comments

Can you imagine how glad I am I don't have any grandmothers or mother-in-laws like this? My life is perfect. And I like the ending song

This poor writer really must have had the most terrible experience with in-laws and such and the parallels between this and GoM continue whenever an unpleasant character is on screen. The tone is still overall funny and there are many scene that make me laugh out loud (i.e. in the police station when halmoni hits the police officer with the book she throws - or when Boksu kicks a can and hits the stupid neighbor). But there are other scenes which make me cringe ... ever scene in which Boksu's mother gets mistreated and every scene with the evil Aunt. Yikes, this actress is so good at doing the creepy-terrible ... she's the bad woman from Two Weeks.