Kim Ji-hoon in Switzerland: An Update

Time for an update (especially for those not living on Twitter like me and some others) about what's going on with the big Kim Ji-hoon--kakashi meet-up.

Remember the 6 options? Probably not, so I am going to repeat them for you; PLUS, I will share my awesome cost-benefit calculations with you. The Swiss Franc (CHF) is about 1:1 to the USD.

Option 1a: I go to the airport
cost (money): train ticket to the airport, approx. 5 CHF. Total: 5 CHF.
cost (time): His plane gets in at 7.35pm. Let's say it's on time, so I would probably have to be there at 7.50 at the earliest. I would have to leave at Zurich main station at around 7.30 then. When he gets out is unsure, but I guess he should make it by approx. 8.20pm. After getting an autograph and maybe a picture, I could be back home at 9 pm. Total: 1.5 hours.
cost (embarrassment): high. Dying of the mere thought.
Kim Ji-hoon benefit: low. Would see him for approx. 2 minutes if I'm lucky.
Option 1b: I go to the airport with the Korean ahjumma from the Korean food shop
cost (money): in order to not come across like a totally rude person, I would have to buy something at the shop first, i.e. Soju and Makgeolli (approx. 20 CHF). Plust train ticket to the airport, approx. 5 CHF. Total: 25 CHF.
cost (time): Going to the shop, selecting stuff, paying, talking to the ahjumma (approx 30 minutes). Plus all the stuff in Option 1a. Total: 2 hours.
cost (embarrassment): hard to calculate. Speaking to the ahjumma would most likely not be embarrassing, though I do not know her at all, unless she has no idea who Kim Ji-hoon is and calls the cops because she believes I'm crazy. Though we DID bond over 오징어젓 a little last time I went there! But if she were by my side at the airport, the embarrassment of fangirling would be lower than in option 1a.
Kim Ji-hoon benefit: low to very low. Would see him for approx. 2 minutes if I'm lucky and maybe he would chat to the ahjumma instead of me.
Option 2: I go to Chur and wait at the main station
cost (money): Train ticket to Chur, return, approx. 40 CHF. Total: 40 CHF.
cost (time): Train time, 1h20mins. And then the wait ... difficult to calculate. Total: 3-6 hours.
cost (embarrassment): potentially zero, because he might not turn up.
Kim Ji-hoon benefit: potentially zero, because he might not turn up.
Option 3: I go to Samnaun on Friday and watch the competition on Saturday
cost (money): Train and bus ticket to Samnaun, approx. 90 CHF. Ticket up the mountain, approx. 10 CHF. Hotel for one night, approx. 150 CHF. Total: 250 CHF
cost (time): Travel time: 4 hours on Friday and 4 hours back on Saturday. Stay in Samnaun: 24 hours. Total: 32 hours.
cost (embarrassment): very low. The ones embarrassing themselves are the ones competing.
Kim Ji-hoon benefit: high! Competition starts at 11 and goes until 3pm and the village is very small. Total: 4-8 hours of Kim Ji-hoon watching.
Option 4: I get a team of 4 together and enroll in the Santa competition myself
cost (money): Train and bus ticket to Samnaun, approx. 90 CHF. Ticket up the mountain, 0 CHF, it's included. Stuff for the costumes: approx. 40 CHF? We can rent the costumes for 30 CHF each, but it could also be just a deposit. Hotel/accommodations for the team, for 2 nights (i.e. let's rent an appartment): approx. 150 CHF p/P. Total: CHF 310 CHF
cost (time): Leave Zurich at lunch on Friday to get up to Samnaun in time. Stay all Saturday, because not only is there the competition, there also is an open air concert and party in the evening. Leave Samnaun on Sunday morning. Be back in the afternoon. Total: 50 hours.
cost (embarrassment): non-existent. Totally legit reason to ogle him all day long. Throw snow at him, touch him, brush snow off him. Touch him some more. Tell him it's our custom to take the clothes OFF after such a competition. Etc.
Kim Ji-hoon benefit: Incredibly high. Can't even SAY how high. Be near him for hours and hours, even if I don't see him. Go to a PARTY with him, unless he goes to bed early? Beauty sleep and all. Oh well. But breath the same air for sure.
Option 5: I'll do an exclusive interview with Kim Ji-hoon
cost (money): Depends where that interview would take place. If it were in Zurich: 0 CHF. If it were in Samnaun, see Option 3. Total: 0 - 250 CHF.
cost (time): Depends where that interview would take place. total: 2 hours - 32 hours.
cost (embarrassment): High. I hate to lie. Where the heck would I publish that interview?!
Kim Ji-hoon benefit: relatively high. Would "talk" to him for 30mins or so. Does he even speak English? Stupid idea.
Option 6: I don't do friggin anything and stay at home.
cost (money): 0
cost (time): 0
cost (embarrassment): 0
Kim Ji-hoon benefit: 0

Of frigging course I went for option 4, cause WHO WOULDN'T??!!?!

That's my team at No 15: The Santastic Four. Each of us is going to have a superpower - I'm not yet sure which one will be mine. And we're still one member short; I cannot understand why I don't have to fend off thousands of people interested in joining me! And I realize that the likelihood that this "World" Championship will be won by a Swiss team is quite high. My goal: beat Kim Ji-hoon.
And these are the disciplines... Let's hope I survive this. I really would be overly dramatic if I saw him and died after! Stay tuned! More updates coming!
(thanks to @AhjussiKimJiHun for the pics)