The Heirs - Episode 11 (WHeir Oh WHeir Are You Tonight?)

Shuk: At the half-way point to this rollercoaster, we still don't know Won's issues with his younger brother (that's easy! he just doesn't like him), why Rachel's mother needs to marry a clearly violent and womanizing Young-do's father (money, money, money), Hyo-shin's suicidal tendencies (life is hard, babe) or his fascination with his tutor, or the reason behind the actions of Tan and Won's father (can't keep his d... in his pants, has troubles dealing with the consequences). What do we know? Young-do is even hotter when he's sincere or confused, Eun-sang is still bland and boring, and Kim Tan confuses the hell out of me with his bipolar behavior.
kakashi: I have the solution to this mess, but nobody ever listens to me ... Won needs to get laid, Rachel's mother needs to get laid, but not by the abusive father, but by Teddybear Ahjussi, Hyo-shik needs to get laid by Tutorina (oups, wait ... that would make her a two-timer! no good!), and Tan needs to get laid. AND he needs iron supplements for energy. Only Young-do doesn't need to get laid. He is just fine as he is. (In an interesting turn of events though, he's the one we all want to lay.) 

Shuk: Goody and MUp Heir show up at the campground, which turns out to be on or near the grounds of a hotel. Okay, that explains the park benches and perfectly manicured grass. We reached Hot Stare and Hug Scene # 324. Beanie pulls away and flinches when she finds out Goody is behind her. Baddy plays telephone and asks Goody to tell Beanie that he likes her, since she won't believe it straight from his pinkie lips. He leaves the completely-empty campground (and didn't they just do a headcount or something?} no doubt to think of fiendishly evil actions to make Beanie fall for him.
kakashi: I am quite amazed by how they can hug without really touching each other in this show. That must be quite hard and surely requires a lot of practice! That said, I find Young-do's caveman behavior incredibly hot. That hug!!! So manly!
Shuk: He immediately tears into her for not thinking about him on the trip, complaining about his efforts to get there. It's time to kick him in the shins for being an ass. He stalks away after wondering out loud if she is using Young-do to get away from him. Tell him yes, Beanie! He deserves it!
kakashi: Lee Min-ho's whiney, lazy acting is just not doing it. He loses to Kim Woo-bin big time and all the time and I hope it bugs him. Maybe it'll get him to act (better) in his next drama. No, I'm not ready to discuss this with any LMH fangirls: just face the truth, even if it hurts. And yes, Kim Eun-sook is also to blame; I seriously don't want to know what kind of guys she hangs out with in real life...
Shuk: Back at the car, Messy is mooning over Tutorina when Rachel shows up and flounces into the passenger seat, determined to wait out Kim Tan. She insists on going to the hotel with the two of them. Messy bolts when things get, well, messy; and the affianced couple have a fight. He admits it makes him crazy that it will be difficult to break off the engagement, and warns her that he will be an even bigger asshole to her. Strangely enough, he doesn't bat an eye when Tempermental admits to slapping Bean Princess.
kakashi: Sigh ... why. why. why does every encounter between Rachel and Tan need to be the same frigging repetitive shit over and over and over??? We get it. Really!! We have more than 3 brain cells!! We're 11 episodes in and Rachel's character still is completely redundant. She isn't even creating any conflict with her bitch-witchy stuff. Options: she could jump Tan and rip his clothes off right there in front of everyone. Or she could undress Young-do after judo. 
Shuk: Beanie overhears non-JoAnne snark coming from one of the tents. It's Baddy's fangirls, upset at the hug between the two. Young-do flips her hoodie over her head and tells her not to listen. He then grabs the shoes lining that tent and throws them into a bucket of water. Considerate, hot, and amusing, is our sexy Bad Heir.
kakashi; 18? Heck, this guy is SO NOT 18. Thank goodness. Hot, just hot. And lucky they dress him fully okay.
Shuk: He admits he doesn't understand his own actions, especially since he knows she's poor and living at the home of his frenemy. Since she won't talk to him, his only recourse for conversation is to ask her a bunch of questions, but he tells her not to answer. And at the end, the final question: Do you like Kim Tam? And she finally answers one: Yeah. Poor Baddy, but he takes it pretty well, and leaves with a final admonishment not to touch the shoes.
kakashi; I feel another flutter in the heart region. His "I see" was quite heartbreaking. So sad, and yet so resolved. He is no fool, uri Young-do - he knows already that he has no chance (and so do we), but he will still not be able to keep away. We need anti-heartbreak pills, quickly!
Shuk: Baby Heir Class President is doing a night time head count, and calls Rachel. Since Tempermental won’t come back to the campground, he calls her mother 
kakashi: To the rescueeeeeee! Virginity is at staaaaake!
 Shuk: Her mother is stalking her fiancé, who is boozing it up with some wine chickies. They have a heated convo: it appears that their engagement announcement is timed to boost their stock prices. She hisses at him to delay it long enough for her to get her own stocks in order.
kakashi: ... and, maybe, have another humble-tumble with Teddybear Ahjussi?

Shuk: As she turns to leave, she sees KiMistress’ eonni, talking on the phone. Bad Dad identifies her as Madam Bang, the…uh…proprietress of the bar. The BarMom is talking to someone about shoes………..
 …….And cue the campground, when and upset Young-do chippie is talking on the phone about her shoes getting dunked. Oh wait, so she’s a disguised charity case?? Or even worse, new money? Hmmm.
kakashi: So glad we get another sidestory of a sidestory within a sidestory that is really just a sidestory. Cause ... we do not nearly have enough cast members and their sidestories yet.
Shuk: Beanie overhears it, but goes back to staring at her phone. At least, until she feels a presence. She turns around and it’s Goody! Which face will he present?
kakashi; Oh, I know the answer to that one ... the bored expressionless (or I guess it's supposed to be cool?) face.
Shuk: Apparently it’s the good one. He leads her to a camping site complete with a camping car and cheerful fire. He hits all the right boyfriend cards, except for the possessive crap, but she takes it in stride and ends up snuggling against him. She mentions that it’s uncomfortable leaning her head against him, and he counters that she needs to lean her heart against him too.
kakashi: Oh, how I wish we were back to the great sexual symbolism of the California episodes, because this ........ *Yawn*
Shuk: He asks her about her penchant for horror films, and she replies that the unfortunate individuals on the screen make her situation seem better. Because sleeping in a new tent, wearing a BlackYak parka, is better than being stabbed in the abdomen by a hockey-mask-wearing nutjob. [shrug]
kakashi: If somebody just killed Eun-sang, we'd have a nice little horror twist. I'm volunteering to do it.
Shuk: Later on, he is walking her back to the camp and complaining that she really fell asleep. He bullies her into holding hands, and she explains he is part of a good dream, but she must wake up now. He grabs her hand back and insists he will prove his sincerity to her. Cue longing stare and “Love is the Momennnnnnnnt.”
kakashi: Oh what? They did not sleep inside the truck after all? Booooooo! Or is it a symbol? Is she no longer pure? Can she kiss him back now? Without a shocked face? Is she pregnant? Some very dangerous actions there!!!
Shuk: The next day the girls are gathered around the well for some PPL skincare and talking about Rachel spending the night with Kim Tam. Baby Heir shows up bright eyed and bushy-tailed to herd everyone to the hotel for a leadership conference. Dagger-eyes is already in the conference room when everyone gets there.
kakashi: Yeah. The moment I can't help to feel sorry for that poor girl again. Embarrassing situation, really. Everybody thinks they had the sexy times, but, alas ...
Shuk: Lunchtime, and the group heads to the hotel dining room, where Goody and Messy are already eating. Beanie ducks to the buffet, and Young-do and Rachel end up at their table. Stringy stops by, and finds out that Tempie did not, in fact, spend the night with Kim Tan. He deflects the conversation, and when the girls leave, Baddy is quick to point out how busy Goody is. After all, he’s juggling someone he likes and someone he sleeps with. Eun-sang has heard enough and heads outside. So does Young-do.
kakashi: I just realize I was never even remotely like this when I was 18. I am not sure that's a good or a bad thing.
Shuk: He gets in front of Beanie then trips her until she leans precariously over the pool. They hover for a moment, then he lets go and SPLASH!
kakashi: Hahaha, awesome. I officially love him. Yeah, yeah, I know! Evil bully! A place in hell is his for sure! Etc.! Etc.! Etc.! But still the best character in this sea of incredibly dull and boring characters. He is my ship. She may drown, cause she sure ain't.
Shuk: GoodHeir heads outside, after telling everyone to stay put. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen.
kakashi: Yeah, like why is that even a line he needs to say.
Shuk: Beanie is furious but BadHeir is quick to point out that Kim Tam will probably do the same; that is, hang on to her for a while but eventually let go. She is fully aware of this, pabo, and tells him as much. Also, she’s going to kill him. Young-do is amused and not in a menacing way.
kakashi: She'd have so much fun with this one. Does she even realize?
Shuk: The moment is spoiled when Goody kicks Baddy into the pool. Oh no, the jacket!! Young-do is happy to get a rise out of Kim Tam. He twists it further by asking Goody if he wants a certain Bean Princess to end up as a mistress in a household just like someone else he knows.
kakashi: Oh no the jacket, but oh yay the hair! It has escaped from excessive gel and other hairproducts and is allowed to freely flop around on the magnificent head of Kim Woo-bin.
Shuk: Okay, that was a little low. They end up grabbing each other as Stringy helps Beanie out of the water. Hyo-shin breaks the boys apart, and it’s clear this is familiar territory.  Kim Tan stalks off, but Young-do stops to towel-hug Eun-sang, and pat her on the back before leaving. Smooth!
kakashi: He really wins them all, the little duels, right? If only he could also win the overall contest!
Shuk: After dropping off Goody, Messy heads home and is confronted by his mother. She is upset because he never showed for his interview to law school. She asks him why he behaves this way, which makes him pause. It was the first time either parent had asked him Wwy for anything. He gets more emotional as he continues. Why did he collect sleeping pills? Why did he take them? Did she really want to know why? Mom backs off and sniffs that she will wait after his exam. With that, she dismisses him. Poor Hyo-shin.
kakashi: Three things. I am giddy because Kang Ha-neul got such an extended scene and acted so well. Proud! Second, I realized for the first time that his mother is that teacher-parent woman. Third, I hate her so much. What an awful parent. But she is in such good company ... the only good parents we've encountered are Teddybear Ahjussi, Bean Queen and Tan Omma.
Shuk: At the Kim household, KiMadam is looking for KiMistress. Bean Mom tries to write something down, but her eyes focus on a previous page, and she realizes that her written thoughts are pretty damning. So does KiMistress, who blocks her way so she can scurry out of there, eating the note. Hee. KiMistress is still caught though, as the photographer pulled a turncoat and sold the photos to the madam for twice as much. Plus, there is the phone records. KiMadam promises dire consequences to foolish actions.
kakashi: 11 episodes of absolutely pointless encounters aka Fillers between these two KimWomen.
Shuk: KiMistress and Bean Mom sit down to negotiate a price for all of her thought notepads. The agreed-upon price is 2000 KRW. Counting the spirals and converting into American money, it's about $1900. Way to go Bean Mom!
kakashi: Loved her happy, satisfied smile.
Shuk: At the school, the catty girls are abuzz at the engagement information. Rachel is steaming. Young-do calls his "sister" and wonders what would have happened if they had dated. Tempie states it's not too late to try that to stop the marriage, but to Baddy, it is too late; he likes someone else. He promises to answer her call, though, if things get too rough.
kakashi: Oh no! The Young-do - Rachel ship just went belly-up...
Shuk: Tempermental finds a quiet spot for a good cry, which is where GoodHeir finds her. He comforts her with a back rub. Bean sees this. So does Bad. He offers to hug her, but she sees through his bravado. After all, he's only 18, too. She hopes he is okay. He looks poleaxed, like its the first time anyone has asked about his feelings. Good sees this, too.
kakashi: I'm always very much surprised if Heirs gets it right. Both scenes were very well done. Rachel's crying touched me - she is so lonely and sad behind her hard shell. Tan's gesture was nice, and him struggling to do it tells us something about possible conflicts happening behind that bored/boring exterior. And Young-do's almost panicked, incredibly surprised face was heart wrenching. Of course, he out-acted all of them once again. 
Shuk: Kim Tan starts looking for Eun-sang, and finds her in the radio sdtudio. He blocks the door with some furniture, and sits down at the console to talk to her.
"Listen to me for one minute. I've been misunderstood many times because of my existence. Misunderstandings that cannot be clarified. So I try my best to clear up such misunderstandings. First, what you saw earlier between Rachel and me, is just friendship. Don't misunderstand. Second, I'm sorry for not helping you out when you fell in the pool. I didn't want to give you a hard time with so many people around. But, If I had known that I'd feel bad about it, I should have helped, and just let you be in that uncomfortable situation. I regret not doing that.."
Shuk: And then, yet again, he blows the semi-sensitive moment by demanding to know what she told Cho Young-do. Hilariously, the door opens inward, and she snarks that this is to be expected from someone ranked last place. He whines she should offer to tutor him, and leaves her trapped by the chairs.
kakashi: I don't find his whiney kid-act even remotely endearing. And I'd rather have an outright bully that hits people than somebody pretending to be healed who constantly bullies people with little stuff like force-kissing them or barricading them. No, I don't like Kim Tan at all. Can't he go back to Cali?
Shuk: Then he'd have to deal with cherkell or Shel, and he ain't man enough for the job.
cherkell: Although Tan-ah would run screaming from my wrath, I defer to Shel. She wants those grandbabies, remember?
Shuk: Bad and Thick Heir are at a dukbeokki restaurant and one of their old hangouts. Thick reminisces about his youthful idealism when he first ate there. Young-do gets serious; this place was where he lost his friend and his mom. Myun-soo asks if he lost his friend's mom? Glad to know he's living up to his nickname.
kakashi: Backstory! We will get more backstory!!
Shuk: GumiHeir meets with Teddy Bear Ahjussi, and it appears he knew he was an item with TemperMom. They talk around each of their love lives. Baby Daddy scores a hit when Won admits to choosing the company over the relationship, and the older man admits that it was the same decision that President Lee made as well.
kakashi: Go hug it out, you two. Yes, at this point I randomly ship everyone that appears on my screen.
Shuk: Over this bonding moment, KiMadam shows up. She warns her stepson that his father plans to give his half-brother enough stock to take over the company. Ah, so this is how she plans to thwart KiMistress. Even worse, all those shares are currently under Babby Daddy's name. What is their dad planning? And does Jung Dong-hwan ever get tired of playing jerk fathers and lousy human beings? Gumi is distracted throughout his meeting, something noticed by Secretary Yoon.
kakashi: Yeah, cause his worst nightmare is coming true. He might soon no longer be No1 in his little Kingdom. Darling, let me tell you: it doesn't matter. There are other things in life you can enjoy. I know a few wonderful noonas with plenty of ideas for you.
Shuk: It's a matter of course that Eun-sang is a household flunky, and one of the maids asks her to replace the scent diffuser upstairs. When she tries to tip-toe past Second Son's bedroom, she sees a flash of Hideous Sweater and knows he's there. He knows she's there too, and grabs her arm to yank her into his bedroom. He still wants to know what she told his frenemy. She just wants out.
kakashi: OMG that sweater. Why? Why? Why?
Shuk: She tries to leave, but he warns her he'll hug her if she leaves and kiss her if she talks back. He invades her personal space, right about the time KiMistress shows up. BUSTED!
kakashi: Gah!!!! Something finally happens!!!! OMG that show suddenly got really interesting!!! Like ... WOW!
Shuk: She sizes up the situation immediately and starts yelling at Beanie.  He Who Wears The Dunce Cap exacerbates the situation by admitting to his mom that he likes her.  Beanie gets unceremoniously dumped outside the bedroom door, but can clearly hear everything.
kakashi: But she has been inside again.  She is no longer pure for sure. That is what counts: She must now marry him. Maybe she's already pregnant.  With twins this time, because she already got pregnant from putting her head on his shoulder at the campside.
Shuk: She says his position against his brother is too precarious for this behavior, but he is fine with his hyung running it all. He tells his mom not to find her place and happiness through him, and let him be free to love whom he wants. Damn, boy, you used the "L" word. She is stunned and wastes no time in tracking Eun-sang down before she can explain to her mom.
kakashi: Love is the moooooment, Shuk.
Shuk: [coughing up furballs] Sorry, didn't hear you.
Shuk: KiMistress storms into their room and rails against Bean Mom for raising such a daughter. Bean Mom tries to defend Beanie, but it falls on deaf ears (eyes?).  Goody shows up, but his mom is ready to place him under house arrest; and no matter what, Beanie has to go immediately.  He manhandles KiMistress out, and the two are left to cry together in their room.  Bean Mom promises to arrange a place for them to live outside the Mansion.
kakashi: Yeah, getting a bit crowded in that room anyway.
Shuk: Tan is in the wine cellar, typing increasingly agitated text messages that go unanswered.  He finally goes to their little space, but no one is there.  He tracks down Bean Mom, who only says her daughter is staying with a friend.
kakashi: Love is more pain. Or my pain? Anyway, love is pain. This is the proof.
Shuk: He spends time running around the streets looking for her.  She ends up asking BoNa for a place to stay.  Yay, another prickly friendship!  All it takes is the mention of Baby Heir to make Stringy cooperate.  Beanie tells her an abridged version of her story; BoNa isn't interested in the details, but offers her a place to sleep in trade for a childhood picture of Baby Heir. LOL
kakashi: Yeah, and because you're Shuk and not JoAnne, I am admitting here that I no longer hate BoNa. She's a pretty funny character who is crazy enough for me to even like her.
Shuk: And we get more brooding by both of them, Beanie on her pallet, and Goody on the floor in the wine cellar.
kakashi: I think we get it.  You pine for each other.  You're the OTP.  True love and all that shit.
Shuk: She shows up at school so early the gates aren't open, and wanders down to a local conbini for a snack. Oh look! Baddy is there, slurping ramyun, with a very high-necked sweater on for that Devo look. He instantaneously figures out what happened; and helps her pick out the yummiest snack. She asks why is he so familiar with convenience store food, and he replies it looks less strange to eat by yourself in these types of places.
kakashi: Oh no ........ he is going to break my heart.......
Shuk: Beanie has a moment of empathy, but he warns her not look at him like that. The two walked together to a street intersection near the school. While waiting for the light to change, Good comes charging out of a chauffeured Maserati on the other side of the street. Baddy wonders out loud if she is avoiding his arch nemesis, and grabs her across the shoulders to see what Kim Tan will do.
kakashi: Oh, Tan does what he always does: stare.
Shuk: The light changes, and they all meet in the middle of the road. There is all kinds of wrist-grabbing going on, but she is the first one to let go. She can't do this any longer. He apologizes for causing her problems, but asks her to take his hand anyway. Young-do: "Don't do it."
kakashi: How exciting. NOT. What a non-cliffhanger, goodness gracious. 


Shuk: Oh crap, another staredown with Clueless in the middle. Can writer-nim come up with anything else? Unless a Truck of Doom knocks them all into next week, this is starting to get ridiculous. I am losing my patience with Kim Tan, whose hot / cold attitude gets on my nerves, and whose very actions is causing destruction and pain to his supposed love interest. I'm ready to sink him and jump on the Young-do express. At least he has some basis for his asshattery, with his shitty father and homelife. GoodHeir is acting like an undisciplined idiot in ugly sweaters, and his "what did I just do?" expression doesn't cut it for me. Grow up! [growl]
kakashi: I couldn't agree more. He is just annoying, annoying, annoying. I actually hate all of Kim Eun-sook's male leads. They are all dicks, who constantly force themselves on the woman they love so dearly, with absolutely no concern for them. 

Shuk: On the other hand, I'm glad to see more of Kang Ha-neul, with another peek into Hyo-shin's home. We had a chance to see Messy amused, angry, and heartbreakingly vulnerable. Let the ToD wipe out the others and restart with him as the center of the story!
kakashi: Oh yes, please get rid of 50% of the cast NOW.

Shuk: As for the adults, whatever. They don't interest me outside of the occasional comic relief or exposition. Move along. I can only hope that this gets back on track with episode 12, which I have not seen as of this writing.
kakashi: How. Can. A. Drama. Be. So. Sloooooooooow. I'll be 256 years old by the time this is done.