Age of Feeling / Inspiring Generation - Cutie Soo (now Aoki) vs. Aka

JoAnne: Look! Look how pretty! It's Cutie Soo!!!!!!! Ok we have to call him Aoki but that's a cute name too, so I feel aoki-doki about it. (Had to do that, sorry. I'm just so HAPPY with this collection of pictures. I love Kakashi forever!)
kakashi: Thank you. I love you too. 

JoAnne: And this scene.. my goodness. Don't ask me how, but I completely forgot that Yoon Hyun-Min was going to be in this and when he appeared I just... I was very excited (understatement...). And if you go by Tumblr/ Twitter/ Dramabeans, which pretty much makes up my KDrama universe, everybody else felt exactly the same way. Cutie racked up a LOT of fans in Heartless City and apparently we're all watching Age of Feeling, too!
JoAnne: Not that he was alone in this scene by himself, oh no sir, he was NOT. We had Shinichi standing there with his perfect nose (Kakashi) and his perfect hair (JoAnne) and his sad perfect face (uhhh, everybody) and yeah, Gaya was there too. But also, feeding into my deeply disturbing crush, Aka, the very, very lovely Choi Ji Ho, was there. Aka was there shirtless. Shirtless in flowy pants with a sword. And scars. And that freaky eye. LOOK AT THEM DOWN THERE FIGHTING.
kakashi: I find it VERY disturbing that JoAnne has a crush on Aka. How. Seriously. 
JoAnne: I'll just point out that the last time I spazzed for four episodes over a bad guy, wondering how I could POSSIBLY like him... he turned out to be Baksa Adeul. And I mean, come on... if he's an actual evil person I'm not going to like him (except as a character to enjoy) but as a physical specimen... mmmmm.
JoAnne: This is my favorite gif in the entire universe, this one right down here. They're like battling rams in rutting season. And come on, how phallic is that whole bit with the swords just pointing at each other and quivering with effort, there at the end?
kakashi: I don't even know what I'm doing here, am I supposed to comment?! 
JoAnne: You have nothing to say?
kakashi: No.
JoAnne: I thought you would be all happy about your Cutie Soo, since I'm focused elsewhere. I know you don't feel well, it's probably hard to muster interest.
kakashi: Oh, I'm interested ALRIght. But I have nothing to SAY. And nobody is reading this, anyway.
JoAnne: Yeah, Gaya is still there. Whatever. And I might be worked up about the half naked fighting men but right now Shinichi (I'm sorry, I'm sorry, you're beautiful, I love you) - Shinichi kind of looks like he sells insurance. Because look at those MEN FIGHTING. My god, the hormones are really in overtime. I'm sorry. I'm not even scared of Aka anymore. If you look past the freaky eye he looks sad.
kakashi: You know, when I made all these gifs for you, my (almost) only thought was this: "Will we ever see Shinichi fight half-naked?!"
JoAnne:  I for one am holding out hope for a montage that explains how we got from chubby young crushing on Ryoko Shinichi to handsome, mysterious, helping Gaya Shinichi.
JoAnne:  Second favorite gif, right down there.  Would have been first because it's a better shot of the yummy naked torsos and arms but it was missing the added touch of those quivering swords.  Oh wait, no - THERE ARE quivering swords. I'm going to die.
kakashi: Ah, yes .... my gifs are art. You're welcome. 
JoAnne: Even Shinichi is spellbound. And look at my Aka. He looks positively friendly. Cutie's a doll as always but for me it is Aka.  
kakashi: Yes, Aka has a moment there. 
JoAnne: He really does. I looked him up online. The actor has a beautiful smile. Kind of shy.
JoAnne: Gaya's thinking Jung Tae WHO? Cutie, you hurt my boo. (Now I could kiss it and make it better.)
kakashi: I guess if I were there? I would really, really, REALLY want to bed these men. Yes. 
JoAnne:  The biological imperative, yes.
JoAnne: He's so SAD.  I need to GO to him.
kakashi: Sad?! I don't know ...... because he can't kill Cutie Soo, maybe. 
JoAnne: Because his life is spent preparing people to die, or killing them! He wants to go home and work in the garden and then sit with a beer and watch the sun go down with his dog.
JoAnne: Gaya, close your mouth. The big one is mine.
kakashi: She is a man eater. 
JoAnne: SOMEONE thinks she's slick... just because she makes the pictures, she puts Cutie Soo in the big solo shot at the end. Like you're his sponsor or something. Hmph.
kakashi: Oh ... but I thought this was a Cutie Soo post? No? 


JoAnne: If you could see inside my head right now, there would be no thoughts. Only pictures. Different pictures than these. Very different.
kakashi: I am so glad only a few people know who I REALLY am.
JoAnne: Like you're any different.
kakashi: Exactly. That's why.