Boys before Friends - Meet the New Zoey and the New Liam!

Ah, the tension ... will they continue to the end (aka episode 16) or maybe not!? Our steadfast "friends" at the WillKinn Media production company know how to keep us on the edge of our toes! We are 4 episodes in, and we have just lost the two lead actors. Also lost: any kind of storyline, sound, editing. Also ... money. And reason.
bcook: And hope and dignity and I'm pretty sure Chris lost his virginity to alexa last episode. (It's ok because they're bf and gf now)
But ... do not fear, BfF fans! There was an audition for the roles of Liam and Zoey on the 25th (that's 5 days before the next episode is supposed to air ... plenty of time, then!) - and Zoey#3 and Liam#2 have been found a short while after.  Yes, "casting went amazing", WillKinn Media confirms and we are so happy.
JoAnne:  Wow, how very fortunate for them.  What kind of person would join a train wreck IN PROGRESS?
kakashi: Uhm .... very desperate people? I mean ... there's actors like sand on Venice Beach in LA.  
bcook:  Hey! Joseph has fans in Egypt! Phillipines! He's a household name. Give the new guys a chance to say crappy lines too.

Meet the new Zoey: Rose Guess 
She has starred in a movie "Hollywood a GoGo" with the tagline "The Ultimate Dance Party" (unless that's another Rose Guess, but the dancing is a dead giveaway, I think) and she is originally from Oregon. Very sweet person, judging from her Twitter account. We wish you good luck, Rose! Personally, I hope you will stay more than just 3 episodes.  
JoAnne:  She's very pretty.
bcook: Yes very pretty. Why does Zoey have to be a brunette though? 

Meet the new Liam: Kevin Markovic 
While some comment that he does not really look anything like Tsukasa (you don't say?!), others are quite worried to know if he is taller than her? Yes, that IS a good question, cause this pretty boy? Looks about 13 to me. But maybe they have decided to move the whole story to high-school or middle-school? (See episode 4). But no: I learn that he is 6'2''. That means he is fully grown. He supposedly is 24 years old. I doubt that, somehow, but it's fine to lie about one's age. People do it all the time! Fans are cautiously optimistic, but these are also the people that say the show "has improved a lot".
JoAnne: Wow. This is a departure.
bcook: Oooh! He's pretty. My thing thought about pretty bad actors (yes mean that both ways) is after a while...the bad starts to push out the pretty. Given KillWill (sp) production's track record he won't last long enough for the veneer of pretty to wear off. Good luck Kevin.  
Did you know that Trenton L. Culkin, Macaulay Culkin's lost cousin, likes to sleep a lot?
I read on another website that an anonymous source (!!!!) let them know that “financial” problems contributed to Almani and Morrow being taken out of the series. The source says the production was also dealing with “location issues” and the filming is “behind schedule.” Thanks for this, anonymous source, but next time, let us know something LESS obvious!!!!
JoAnne:  In other news, the sky is not really blue.
kakashi: What? It isn't'??!?! 
bcook: nods wisely. Because of global warming right? Eonni is so smart.

I, personally, cannot wait for Thursday/Friday (my timezone) for the next episode. So, these guys ... they are doing something right!
JoAnne:  Do you think this was their evil plan all along?  Because I too, wait for this show each week.  I wouldn't miss it for the world.
bcook: Is it better for a bad show to be watched? If a lot of people watch it for the trainwreckage... does it still make it a success? I'll be contemplating these questions (and my navel) as I wait for the next episode.