Can We Love? - Episode 7 (A LoveCap)

Who was worried that Sun-mi would get uri Oh-boy? Well, if you were, it seems it was quite unnecessary (at least for the time being). Oh Kyung-soo is a bulldozer when it comes to love - or a tank! Nothing can stop him as he steadily makes his way towards his goal, which is Jung-wan. Sun-mi seems to shake him about as much as a coughing ant would. In other news, things get a "bit" heated between another couple (yes, that one!) and go completely cold between the third.
Episode 7

Where was Oh Kyung-soo when she needed him, uri poor Jung-wan? Ah, here he comes! He has arrived at the super market, just a little bit too late - Ahn Do-young told him about the incident at the restaurant with the Snotty Brat and Oh-boy comes running to talk to Jung-wan about it all.
He doesn't have to look for her long, here she comes out of a storage room, crying. He is immediately concerned, but she tells him her current sadness has nothing to do with him. He apologizes to her in any case, explaining why he thought it was best for her not to know about the connection between Director Ahn, his sister, and her ex-husband. She is thankful about this. And on top of that, the knowledge about his involvement made her understand another matter: his feelings. Oh, it did? he asks somewhat hopeful.
Oh dear, but she chooses to completely misunderstand everything .... Yes, she is convinced he acted out of pity for her; he wants to help her because he sees her hardship. Puleeease, he says, does she think he is stupid and doesn't know the difference between liking someone and wanting to help someone?! But Jung-wan keeps twisting everything he says to fit it her explanation. Yeah, no matter how smart people are, there are times when they get confused.
He assures her that this is absolutely not how it is and does she make any sense?! But she isn't shaken - she tells him quite clearly that her version makes much more sense than his. And she doesn't want to argue over such "useless" things anymore; he is to leave her alone. Oh boy, she is going to be a hard nut to crack ... don't give up, Oh-boy! Hwaiting!
Miss Eager is dolling herself up, when the door bell rings ... it's her "friend", Ji-hyun! Bearing food-gifts. She says she is very sorry etc. etc.. Now, we know the two have been fighting for the better part of 6 episodes. But we also know that Ji-hyuns Dragon MIL wants Sun-mi's services for refurbishing her kitchen. The fear of the Dragon is bigger than Ji-hyun's pride, and that is why she is here; NOT because of the friendship. I don't like that she's that much of an opportunist. Anyway, she even brings clothes for the dog! Mollified, Sun-mi agrees to do the job at DragonMIL's.
Jung-wan is always the one that mediates between everyone - but who looks out for her? Of course ... Oh-boy. He is here! He tries everything in his power to get her to drink coffee (or any other drink with him, but she stubbornly refuses ... no calls for personal reasons, please. He is still not shaken and even starts reciting a "poem" for her, with the three letters/words of her name as the beginning of each sentence. It's a total fail, haha, but how cute is he?!
As soon as Jung-wan is back inside, her mother comes out of her room and starts shit-stirring again. How annoying she is! Grrr... First, she wants Jung-wan to ask Ji-hyun for money. If not that, then her next goal is to get her daughter to remarry her ex; she even calls it convenient that he broke up with the Snotty Brat. Jung-wan is quite sensitive this morning (and we know why): she starts shouting at her mother to act more mature and partially blames her for the hardship she is currently going through. Both end up crying.

A bit later, Oh-boy turns up at Sun-mi's company with pizza. I guess they have a meeting? Puppy eyes him with apprehension, Sun-mi with hope. Puppy cannot quite refuse, but he definitely doesn't LIKE to eat with him and her. Puppy says with suppressed rage that it must be very nice to be so popular with women, when the others start talking about how that designer from the other day raved about her meeting with Oh on Twitter. But he says that he isn't that popular ... he has someone who doesn't do what he wants. Puppy calls him a smug bastard (well, not quite, but that's what he means) and rudely leaves the table, quite to everybody's surprise.
Sun-mi runs after him: what does he think he's doing?! Puppy tells her that she is crazy to like Oh-boy that much ... it has only been a short while since she ruined her job because of that producer-dude ... and now, she's doing it again, with someone she is working with? He is really concerned for her - can't she tell how he really feels? But Sun-mi flat out tells him that this time, it's different: she will MARRY Oh Kyung-soo. Oh dammit, woman, you are quite delusional...
Elsewhere, Jung-wan is meeting with her ex-husband. He always does this men-equivalent of an aegyo-voice. It is quite annoying! They're sorry to each other again - though he has more reason to be, just for having such awful relatives. He promises never to take Tae-guk from her. Yeah, he's a good guy ... but Jung-wan wants to know what he will do about the Snotty Brat? Oh dear ... he doesn't even feel too sad about the break-up; he thinks it's for the better. They were too different. And out comes the truth ... the main reason he wanted to remarry was to show her, Jung-wan that he was an amazing person. Oh dear. Oh dear.
Next time in the conference room, a new crisis is looming. Ack, seriously ... stupid mother has run away!! She is such a drama queen! So self-centered!!! Instead of having the meeting with Oh-boy and PD Park, Jung-wan excuses herself and starts phoning people about her mother. In vain, at first ... but then, she receives a phone call from a shop ahjumma and rushes out ... but who is swooping in on a white ho.... car? Oh Kyung-soo, ready to drive her. Tenacious. Very good. Though, frankly, if I were in her stead, I'd be a bit annoyed, too.
Yikes, it's that extremely scary actress that always plays extremely scary people, like the ghost-shaman in The Master's Sun! Anyway, Omma feels VERY sorry for herself, Jung-wan tries to get her to come with her, while Oh-boy lingers in the background. But omma addresses him directly, complaining about her daughter's behavior towards her. So he says that Jung-wan did wrong. Then, when Jung-wan tells her side of the story, he says mother did wrong. And when mother then says how can he take sides? he says he himself did wrong. Lol.
But when scary shop ahjumma starts telling Jung-wan off for being rude to her mother, Omma gets all kinds of vicious and starts defending her daughter like a lioness. Never has there been such a hardworking, upright person! And Oh Kyung-soo hears all about the hardship they have gone through from the horse's mouth. Ah, finally, Omma is ready to come home. Outside, Jung-wan gives her mother a kiss and apologizes for what she said this morning (moved by what her mother said about her, maybe?). Oh-boy looks at it all and smiles as broadly as one can possibly smile.  
In the car, omma is nosy and noisy, as always - and of course, she asks Oh whether he is married. Not yet, he says. The topic is making Jung-wan quite uncomfortable, but omma keeps asking. He says he hasn't met the right woman to marry yet. Mother says he is quite right to wait until he finds the right match. And then, of course, she starts talking about uri Ex-husband and how she thinks that him and her Jung-wan should remarry, cause they were such a perfect match. There never was a real issue between them - it was their circumstances that broke them off. Oh, look who doesn't like to hear that AT ALL .... 
They drop the mother off at the apartment complex and continue on to the company, to have the meeting they didn't get to have earlier. It's getting dark outside. He wants to know ... it is just her mother that sees it that way, right? Of course, he means the getting-together-with-ex-husband, but she is evasive and tells him, once again, that this is not something he should concern himself with. Right then, her phone rings - it's the ex-husband! He is quite drunk (oh my ... he is drunk dialing her?!) and her voice goes all soft and caring as she promises to pick him up. Oh doesn't like it ... not at all.
She tells him she is sorry, she needs to go somewhere: can they have the meeting tomorrow? She asks him to stop, but he is speeding up, looking quite angry in fact. When he finally does stop, she gets out without a word, quite angry herself by now. He goes after her, even doing an arm-grab! And tells her not to go to her ex. Oh, but enough is enough (and I agree with her): Didn't she tell him to butt out? It's none of his concern. Would she be able to butt out in his place, he demands to know. Oh, thanks for bringing THAT up, she says: how would he feel in her shoes? Has he thought even once about he is making her feel? If he continues to be so pushy, he cannot work with him anymore. Why? Because he is currently keeping her from work. And because she has lost so much time in her life, and because she is so hard-pressed right now, work is really, really important to her. By getting involved in her life, he is just making it very difficult for her. Hm. Leave her alone - it is her sincere request.
Ex-husband is quite, quite drunk ... and he is one of those whiny drunks ... He is full of remorse (once again) and then ... Huh!! He tells her he wants to start over again. With her. He thought about her a lot, how nice a person she is, ah, if only he had realized earlier... Snotty Brat is awful, i.e. wanting excessive marriage presents that he cannot buy, and then going to her father so that he buys it instead (Ouch. Way to de-man a man). Jung-wan looks shaken, but she stays quite firm and says she'll pretend not to have heard him say this.
Elsewhere ... Puppy ... he tries a kiss-attack on Sun-mi. When she slaps him, he says, bitter: Why, she doesn't like it? He thought the only thing she liked from him is this. He is just a sex partner to her, he thought ... but he isn't even that? No, she says: he can't even be that. Cause it wasn't good even once. She only pretended it was good because he tried so hard. Puppy leaves the car, heartbroken. I am glad to see that she cries a little afterwards, if only a little bit.

However, that doesn't stop her from continuing her advances towards Oh-boy. She asks him out for lunch ... of course, she wanted it to be just them, but he took Park PD along. Ha, finally, Oh-boy seems to get it! He also refuses her special treatment (but PD Park is totally not getting it - he is trying semi-hard to hook them up, it seems!)
She does the annoying aegyo thing again and pretends to have been upset about PD Park being there etc. He says he feels uncomfortable when she does these special things for him because he likes someone else. And, more importantly, his feelings won't change. Therefore, he really hopes her feelings will not be an issue for their working relationship. Immediately, she pretends she only did it out of friendship - she is totally into skinship with her friends. Buahaha. Seriously. 
When she gets back, Puppy is back! He was AWOL after the car incident, letting them hanging, not doing his job properly, etc. Sun-mi seems quite relieved! But ... oh no. He is here to hand in his resignation. She tries to hold him back by saying he shouldn't quit yet, he needs more experience etc., but ... nope. It is pointless. His heart is broken and he will no longer endure this. Now you have ZERO men, Sun-mi. Serves you right.
And look who else gets her power back! It's Jung-wan. She waits for the Snotty Brat at the fitness center and all but drags her to a small shop. There, she forces her to drink a large glass of soju with her. Cleaver Jung-wan smears honey around her mouth, understanding full well that the snottiness comes from insecurity. She tells her how much more beautiful she is in comparison to her, etc. Oh, well done, Jung-wan! Snotty Brat believes it and the wedding isn't off anymore.

Jung-wan has a meeting with Oh-boy afterwards ... and he smells the alcohol! When he is trying to find out why she drank, she receives a phone call - the loan has been granted! Oh wow ... she can get her house back. They are so happy to be back at their place, it's very touching ... and then, there's the bell. Look who's here! It's Oh-boy. Slooooowly, Omma is getting a bit suspicious ... he isn't doing it for ... her Jung-wan, by any chance? Oh no, no, Jung-wan says very quickly. And then, mother repeats to him what she told her a while ago at the hospital: Be careful, man, or one might mistake you being nice for affection.
Awwwww, he is helping them with the boiler and the plumbing. He also brings new window coverings and insulation tape. And then, he even starts taking the curtains down, because omoni asked him for it. But that's going a bit too far and Jung-wan pushes him away ... and DOWN. They fall, on top of each other. What a classic. Mother sees, but of course, it's not what it looks like!!
He stays for dinner - by now, Omma is totally into him. "A lump of cuteness"? omo, this might be a translation mistake, but it's also pretty funny. He really is that, a lump of cuteness! After omma inquires about his woman-affairs again and Jung-wan gets veeeeeeery uncomfortable when he says he doesn't have a girlfriend but would really like one, he leaves pretty quickly. He refuses any thanks from her. But after he has driven off in a hurry, he texts her: He didn't want to hear her nag about not wanting any help again, so that's why he ran away. She writes back that she wasn't going to talk about that ... and thanks him.
Now to the other couple. Ji-hyun brings her husband his suitcase (he is going on another business trip!). He tells her that Ahn is coming (for signing the investment contract) and she quasi runs out - they just miss each other by seconds at the elevators. Thinking a bit too hard about him afterwards in the car, Ji-hyun has to do an emergency stop and drives her car into a light pole. The tow truck will take a while, so she is waiting there, in the cold. But oh dear, who is that coming the exact same way, sighing heavily even though he has just signed a deal? It's Ahn! He is very concerned about being outside and invites her to wait in his car. He brings her coffee and doughnuts, awwwwwww, he is so sweet. Both show concern for each other. When high school students fall on the ice outside, they laugh together. Heart-breaking .... 
But it's also daaaangerous territory they're on, reminiscing about the past, and times they spent in the car (!!!). When the tow truck arrives and she is about to leave the car, he reaches out to her and brushes something off her lips ... completely forgetting they are no longer that close. Oh.
Back at her place, Sera returns home - but she wants to keep the child, she informs her mother. Sure, she is too young to bring it up herself, but she wants to give it up for adoption. She is very determined and is ready to tell both her grandmother and her daddy. Ji-hyun is going all out afterwards. First, she calls the baby-daddy, Andrew, in the States, to make him convince Sera. Then, she goes into Sera's room and slams some sleeping pills down in front of her. If she tells her father, she, the mother, will kill herself. Oh no ... you didn't!!!! 

Right then, her husband returns. Sera doesn't tell him, but the next crisis is near ... he has invited Ahn to come over and eat with them. Yikes, so, so, SO uncomfortable! Husband wants to be friends on top of being business partners with Ahn - he is totally in love with him. He gets more and more drunk and starts going into quite personal matter with him, asking why he hasn't remarried. He is also quite determined to set him up with someone ... someone like his wife! Oh my goodness. Ahn drops a glass and cuts himself. Ji-hyun helps him put on a band-aid ... oh my. The tension!!!
She brings her very drunk husband to bed and a very stiff Ahn to the elevator. Oh, but when she turns to go and the elevator doors have almost closed, he grabs her and pulls her in and .... oh. Kiss!! She struggles at first, quite hard (uncomfortable to watch!!), but then, all the dams break. They kiss for the length of the elevator ride, but when they reach the ground floor, she pushes him out forcefully. They stare at each other as the doors close ... and then, she collapses, sobbing, on the floor.

Well, well, well ... that was ... ouf. I didn't expect Ahn to act on his feelings, but he has, indeed, told Oh that he would try to get her back. Now what?! This is ... not good. As much as I feel for them, she is in a completely difference place now. Everybody will get hurt by this! And in the end, her husband will withdraw his money - and there will be no movie.

As for our Oh-boy ... to be quite honest, as cute as I find him, in real life, a man like him would greatly annoy me. He is too pushy! That said, I am also quite glad he is that pushy, because if he would listen to her, the drama would be over already. Hehe. Keep being pushy, Oh Kyung-soo, you have my permission!

After episode 6, we had a little discussion about Sun-mi on this blog. Most people believe she is absolutely despicable, trapping a man etc ... but so far, we do not see much of an evil plan on her side. In fact, she is just a very sad person. When she immediately went back to being friends with Ji-hyun, even though it was so obvious WHY she wanted to be friends again, I felt quite sorry for her. She is that desperate to have friends. She is the kind of person that actually has a good heart, but somehow cannot act appropriately. I'm pretty sure she'll be punished for it. Hard.