Can We Love? - Episode 8 (A LoveCap)

More kisses! More secrets! More adorable Uhmforce! It is so nice to see two people falling in love without the usual KDrama obstacles. And it is very nice to see that Jung-wan is wavering ... wavering a lot. She is still not quite ready to date anyone, but who could resist this force of nature? The love of this man is like a tsunami. But far less destructive, I hope.
Episode 8

Oh Kyung-soo is taking a shower (to Buddy Holly's "That'll be the Day" - and I'm sorry! It's much too short a shower scene to gif or anything), while the Eager Miss approaches his house. Has she been invited!? Haha, when his bell rings, Oh-boy gets a small fright. When he sees who it is, he tells her to wait a second and gets dressed (Thanks for that ... awww, look at the cute pyjama pants!). What's up? Nothing, of course ... she's just on the prowl. Her prey: you.
She brought wine. And he is too polite to kick her out. She says she wants to apologize for her behavior (hm, I'm suspicious), he says it's alright (Question: what movie is playing in the background?). What about them being friends? That, he likes. Hmmm, I'm still suspicious, but she is quite honest: about being dumped, and about trying to hook someone, him, up as quickly as possible afterwards. And then, she is starting to ask after his affairs of the heart: how is it going? He he steadily getting closer, he says. Does she know her? Sun-mi wants to know. "No comment", he says. Ah, but that's a give-away, she guesses ... But, again, he adds a "no comment". And now, back off and leave, you vixen!
But she isn't done. Does he like that person a lot? And Oh Kyung-soo says: he smiles whenever he sees that person. If he sees something nice, he wants to go with her. If he sees something tasty, he wants to eat it with her. She is the first thing he thinks off when he wakes up. Oh yes ... it seems you like her a lot. Awwwwwwwww.

But the person he likes a lot is being wooed by another ... She is meeting with her ex again. Oh, he even calls her yobo! Is that even allowed for divorced people?! He is quite unhappy that she met with the Snotty Brat, because he really meant what he said the other night: He wants to get back together with her. Hasn't she thought about it too? Yes, she has: but she also remembered all the issues they had. Issues that would probably resurface immediately. The main issue? Severe money matters.
The next day, Jung-wan and Oh-boy his a writer's block together. After much oh-ing and ah-ing, they decide to go out to get some air. When they leave, Sun-mi sees them. And she gets suspicious right away. Uh-oh ... 
He takes her to a palace (Faith was filmed here, no?) - it's his remedy against writer's block. And it works! They solve their issue with the script right away. He is very sweet and attentive (Yeah, what's new!), giving her two heat packs for her pockets/hands; but she wants to leave immediately afterwards (cause the meeting is over, haha). He doesn't, so he calls in the treat she owes him - they get coffee from a vending machine outside. Things get a bit too cozy between them, so she bolts again, but what do KDrama characters do if they don't want another KDrama character to leave? Backhug! Hm, how nice, he says ... she tells him to stop, softly, then more resolutely, of course he doesn't, so she hits him in the eye with the elbow.
 He claims to have been hurt a lot - a perfect opportunity for him to get really close with her.
Yeah .... THAT close.
Ohhhhhh .... what a kiss .... sooooooo gentle.
When they break apart, he asks her whether she'll admit that she likes him too? Yes ... she does like him. But ... she isn't sure that it's okay. Of course it is, he assures her. Don't you fear a thing, honey: Oh Kyung-soo is here for you. 
He drops her off. He wants to meet again tomorrow night, but she has to work at the mart then. Just call in sick, he says, he absolutely needs to see her. But before they can get "friendly" again, her mother and son appear and Oh Kyung-soo leaves (reluctantly). Oh, omoni is quite suspicious! She claims to have a boyfriend-meter ... she knew immediately when Jung-wan slept with a man in the past. Hahaha, she wants to know whether they kissed. Bingo!

Ji-hyun (who really is an awful mom to Sera) drops something off at her brother's restaurant. She gets into an ugly fight with him ... and they start talking about her daughter and how she wants to give her to her real father. Standing right there behind them is he daughter, Yoo-kyung. Another secret, it's out! Mother and daughter have a tearful talk afterwards. Yoo-kyung is such a great kid .... she has a wish, though; she wants to meet her real father. Ji-hyung arranges the meeting. But what starts off as a kid planning a short-film asking a produced questions quickly turns into questions about his relationship to her "aunt", etc. ... ends with the truth being revealed. Ahn Do-young ... meet your daughter. Ouf.
Sun-mi encounters big trouble at one of her building sites because of Puppy, who didn't order the wallpaper on time. She has to go there in person, showing some cleavage, to calm nerves. Yeah, you should have been nice to Puppy! (And later, when he wants to tell you one of your co-workers is about to desert you, you should have listened to Puppy!) Instead, she leaves him an enraged cell-phone message. The next day, he shows up at the office ... he'll stay until she has found another person. He cannot stand it if she is having a difficult time; and rightfully calls himself a fool.
Afterwards, she calls her friend out for a drink. Of course, she is after information ... and information she gets. Jung-wan, not suspecting anything, tells a persistently inquiring Sun-mi about the noraebang and the kiss ... and how Oh-boy wants her to seriously consider. She has rejected him, but her heart aches. She likes to be with him. 
And Sun-mi, the b****, tells her she also likes someone. She slept with him after drinking together. But the next day, he told her he liked someone else. Who it is? Oh yes, Jung-wan ... it's the same guy. Jung-wan is so uncomfortable upon hearing this, and even more so when Sun-mi asks for her permission to continue liking Oh-boy, since she is still wavering and therefore doesn't like him as much as she does - she feels he is her last chance. Poor Sun-mi. This is so NOT how this goes .......

But Sun-mi knows quite well how her friend ticks, and she indeed doesn't answer Oh Kyung-soo's phone calls after Sun-mi's confession. Sun-mi on the other hand is busy getting her hands on Oh-boy again. She tells him she knows it's Jung-wan. He is a bit surprised she found out that quickly and asks her to please not tell Jung-wan she knows. Too late, my friend, too late. And the b**** also tells him how close Jung-wan was with her ex-husband (who, by the way, tells Snotty Brat he doesn't want to reconcile). Well, I am not sure whether that will get you any closer to Oh-boy, Eager Miss, because that will only add fuel to his fire.
And indeed, first opportunity he gets, he calls Jung-wan. She tells him she cannot meet tonight and he immediately voices his discomfort ... is she pushing him away? Why does it feel like she is distancing herself from him?
Oh no ... it's his birthday! When Sun-mi gets wind of it, she insists as long as it takes until Oh Kyung-soo agrees to go have dinner with them. Behind his back, she lets Park PD know it's going to be a surprise party. I know of at least one person that absolutely despises Sun-mi (yes, JoAnne, looking at you!) but I cannot help but feel VERY sorry for her.

Oh-boy, who heard from Ahn that Jung-wan's ex told Snotty Brat that he was remarrying Jung-wan and whose mother has fallen unconscious, is not having a good day so far. He goes to the mart, to see Jung-wan ... to make his day better. She is evasive, and even when he tells her it's his birthday, she doesn't get much friendlier. No, she even pushes his hand away when he wants to touch her! Just to remove a strand of hair, he says.
He leaves after that, not much happier, of course. Meanwhile, at the restaurant, the surprise party is ready. More Buddy Holly (Everyday) in the background. Eager Miss wants to wait for him at the entrance. But he is not there ... he is still at the mart, where he waited for Jung-wan to finish work. Yes, didn't he say he wanted to be with her today? This man ... straight like a bullet. She agrees to get into the car with him - and he texts Sun-mi, telling her he needs to spend time with Writer Yoon. She'll understand, right? Sun-mi runs back in and ... oupsie. A cake (intended for Oh Kyung-soo) lands in her face.
Not much later, she ends up crying, alone. 
Oh-boy takes Jung-wan to ... whatever it is, it's cool! Her coming here with him, that's his birthday present ... it has always been his wish to bring the one he likes here. She realizes he knows about her ex and his wishes, and he confirms it.
When they have climbed that ... thing, he really cannot hold back - he wants to know what kind of person her ex-husband was. And she tells him how they met, how he got closer to her by asking her to find books for him at the library, how they married after three years of dating. How it went downhill afterwards and how she started to feel sorry for him, because with a different person, he would have succeeded earlier.
Oh Kyung-soo admits he is jealous and envious of her ex-husband (he even wants to make a voodoo doll of him, hehe), because he could see her all he wanted, and love her and be loved by her, and thinking of the future together. When they look at each other afterwards, there is only love and tenderness. All bad things, all worries are forgotten ... for now. 


Sun-mi tried again to stop the Oh-love and failed again. How many more times will she try and fail? Is there a possibility she will not fail?! She remains a threat, but I am not sure how big a threat she really is. Oh-boy will definitely NOT waver. Under no circumstances ... unless he is prone to noble idiocy? I hope not! He obviously reads Jung-wan really well, so any kind of lies on her part will not work on him. As long as she likes him, he will know she likes him. And that is enough. For now!

It is interesting how he behaves completely different from any KDrama character ever - he communicates! all the time! he says exactly what he thinks! - and has persistently worked towards winning her heart. Why do I feel unease then? Maybe because it is going too smoothly? Maybe because I cannot believe that there can be nothing but happiness in two people's lives (in KDrama)? Yes, I realize after this episode (are we at half-point?) that I am waiting for the shoe to drop on this couple. Let's hope it won't happen! But I wouldn't be surprised if it did.

All the other characters are suffering more or less and the more they are, the less interested I am in their story. Sorry to say, but Ji-hyun is even worse for me than Sun-mi. Sun-mi is sad and desperate, but she is at least honest (most of the time). Yeah, yeah, I know, she was a total biatch to Jung-wan, telling her she will continue liking Oh despite of what he said. But I don't even think she meant to be mean - in her delusional state, she clings to any hope she gets, and Jung-wan's hesitant yay-nay I-love-him-but-I-cannot is enough for this desperate person to cling on. For me, it's just very sad. Not evil.

Ji-hyun, on the other hand, has built her whole life on lies. She pretends to be a person she is not in front of her husband, she lies to Sun-mi about her mother-in-law, she lies to her one daughter, while doing things behind her other daughter's back. And of course, the biggest lie just blew up into her face. It certainly isn't her and Ahn's fault that they had to suffer so much and are now suffering again, but I can only muster a little bit of sympathy for her. And I doubt that will become any better soon, because the affair between these two? It is bound to happen.