Boys Before Friends - The Hostage Episode (which would be 6)

JoAnne: Until they say they're done, I'm sticking with this. I have to see how deep the delusion goes.
kakashi: It's a bottomless hole. It's pretty amazing. 

"Episode 6"

JoAnne: Supposedly, this episode is done. Ready for our viewing pleasure, however loosely you define that word. But we aren't going to get to see it for a while. The Williams sisters instead sent out an apology 'because of circumstances' and then a plea 'give us money!'
What the everloving hell.
kakashi: They're withholding their master piece from us, JoAnne! No pleasure until you pay!
JoAnne: Yes, I'd LOVE to donate to a group who've proven that they 1) cannot manage money 2) can't see what's in front of their faces 3) wouldn't know a dead horse if it fell on them 4) have only a passing familiarity with the term 'quality' in any context.
kakashi: So ... I went on that platform. Cause I'm mean, granted. They want (BRACE YOURSELVES!) $250'000. This is what they say. See if it makes sense to you ... " In order to complete episodes 5-16, we need to raise at least $100,000 to be able to complete the project. We would like to re-film episodes 1-4 to be able to have a series that is up to quality standards and that tells the story we want to tell without the actor limitations, locations or holiday limitations, etc. We need to raise $250,000 to do that."
JoAnne: No, dear sisters, I will not be contributing. Apparently, not many are (yeah ... $496 is what they got. I'm sorry, not sorry). And yet everyone involved still 'feels the love' and 'appreciates the support' and believes that this show 'must' be made...else American TV will never put any effort into a quality production. Because nothing good has ever come from American TV before, I guess.
kakashi: Indeed. The two sisters from hell came up with the idea to create Boys Before Friends because of "their love of K-Drama and their dislike of current American TV." Also: "At the end of the line, we will have created the first American "k-drama". 16 wonderful episodes that will leads to the adaptation of other Asian Dramas hopefully by bigger networks with bigger budgets." I am not sure whether I should laugh hysterically or wail in disbelief.
JoAnne: I wouldn't be surprised if this weren't some sort of science experiment. I hope they're learning useful info, because while few, there ARE some supporters who actually love what they've seen so far. I'm not sure I'd ever meet one in real life because clearly that level of inanity means they've never left their bunker/bomb shelter and have NO idea of what the rest of the world has to offer. But I really would welcome the opportunity to gaze upon one of these nutjobs.
kakashi: "This should is amazing. Our fans are amazing. Our Cast and Crew are amazing."
JoAnne: Or do you think that they see it for what it is, but can't stand to hurt feelings? Wrong choice, friends... these people are courting financial and reputation (ha) ruin, and it would be a kindness to discourage them from taking it further.
kakashi: "We have great perks for anyone who can donate. We have cast pictures, skype sessions, BBF branded products, visits to the set, and much more" ------- JoAnne, I think I'm going to donate $5. I really want to skype with Chase, the little shit (in case you wonder why I call him that, go watch Episode 0).
JoAnne: See you next week, probably with more excuses.  Does anyone know - that FundAnything campaign they have going: does it work like Kickstarter did, and they don't get the money at all unless they meet their goal?
kakashi: I'll miss this. Somehow. 
JoAnne:  No, but seriously:  who starts a project without enough money to finish it?  Why are they doing it as a live shoot anyway? Who doesn't know that you have to quality check things before you put them up?  Telling us that NOW you know the quality we deserve pretty much negates all your claims of experience in the industry.  If I lived  in a cave in the middle of the desert and had never seen tv and  this was the first thing I ever got to watch I would STILL know this was crap.