Can We Love? - Episode 10 (A LoveCap)

Some people are getting very, very annoying and I felt the urge to throttle them in this episode, or alternatively, smack them. Hard. The worst is probably her husband, the selfish bastard. Watch me curse him below. Lucky for us, Oh Kyung-soo is not rattled by anything. Whenever a new obstacle presents itself, he analyzes it cool-headed, and then advances to remove it systematically. I am determined to learn from this character and be just like him from here on out.
Episode 10

Jung-wan tells her annoying husband that she likes someone else. Not that that will stop him, of course … he doesn’t even seem to believe it! What a complete dick. He wants to think it’s a lame excuse, especially since she refuses to tell him who it is. Ack, just go away … He got his son all excited about the possibility of mom and dad getting back together and this really is the meanest thing we have seen in this drama yet. Using a kid for emotional black mail! So despicable!
And I really don’t like her mother either … she is SO ANNOYING. Of course, she is all over this like a rash and thinks her input is wanted. It is not, believe me ... In a monologue, we learn that she is “leaning towards the Director”, which is nice, but who gives a s*** what she thinks. Especially since she also tends to change her mind a lot! The next day, she takes Jung-wan aside before she leaves for work and tells her that even if her heart seems to with Oh-boy, getting back together with the Ex would be better for her son. WTF!
Big crisis at Ji-hyun’s after the pregnancy-revelation! It’s about the 45345908th crisis this poor woman gets into … Husband is super mad at her for not telling him earlier. He also wants to go see the baby-father immediately, but Ji-hyun is able to calm him down a little bit. This woman … she constantly is in CYA-mode and is also annoying me a LOT. This seems the right time to ask whether she has anything else to tell him, but of course she doesn’t. He swallows that bitter pill in style and goes to see his daughter. He isn’t mad at her and doesn’t seem to force an opinion on her (for the moment). He even tells her that he will try to respect her choice, even though it is hard for them as parents; but he also grieves for her and the hard time she must be having. A pretty cool father, I would say. Well, unfortunately, we learn later that he isn’t quite as supportive as he pretends to be … he travels to the US to meet with Andrew in person. He successfully discourages his parents from signing the adoption papers. The plan? To shake Sera up, so that she will reconsider. Not very noble of you, Gyu-shik.
Sun-mi is not feeling all too well. I hope it’s not … it would put a serious dent into my love for this show if they were going that way, but they don’t seem to. Jung-wan texts her and asks how she is feeling after drinking so much, but Sun-mi ignores her – right before she realizes that Ms Moon must have stolen stuff from her! Puppy kinda tells her that it serves her right for making Moon suffer for years. Yeah, it’s still Sun-mi-pay-back time! She tries to get Hana back from Moon after that by offering her 1.5 times more than what she is getting from Moon and is in fact successful (despite a serious, even physical cat-fight with Moon!) Hana comes back to work for her.
Jung-wan goes to into seclusion at the hotel to finish the script. Sweet PD Park stocks the fridge with all kinds of beverages, including her favorite beer. Oh Kyung-soo declares he is going to meet Hyun-bin now and Jung-wan gets moon-eyed immediately when she hears that. She really likes him and starts raving about him immediately. Look who doesn’t like it! Oh Kyung-soo forbids her to join them despite Park PD’s invitation and stomps out. Haha, he is cute when he is jealous!
While Jung-wan is writing on the script, ex-husband is sucking up to her mother big time. He asks for her support in bringing them back together and also takes the opportunity to ask whether Jung-wan is seeing someone else right now? And of course, the most annoying mother in the whole wide world tells him. Can I smack her? So he goes to the hotel next that Sun-mi is in and demands to see her. She refuses to go down. Good on her.
Unsuspecting Oh Kyung-soo however runs right into waiting ex-husband, who seizes the opportunity to do some chest beating. He tells Oh to butt out. Jung-wan might be having a crush on him right now, but HE is the one who will remarry her. They might have had issues in the past, but they hearts haven’t changed. Like his aberration with the Snotty Brat has ended, so will hers. When Oh-boy says well, that doesn’t seem like Jung-wan feels, Ex-husband uses the son again (and I feel like throttling him). The most precious person for Jung-wan is her son. If it comes down to a choice between Oh and her son, the choice is clear … and from his son’s point of view, it is also clear that he wants his parents back together. I commend Oh for staying so calm and polite.
Jung-wan calls Oh Kyung-soo, who says he will be up shortly, after talking to someone. Oh doesn’t say who it is, but Jung-wan is smart enough to realize who it must be and goes down straight away. She is furious at her husband, who does it AGAIN: bringing their son into this and saying that he is Tae-guk’s father and she is Tae-guk’s mother. Jung-wan simply stands there with her head down. In a way, I am glad one of the men isn’t nice anymore. The nature of the universe is restore!
The atmosphere back in the hotel room afterwards is awkward. Oh Kyung-soo tries to lighten the mood by starting to talk about Hyun-bin and how well the talk went: he will be giving this serious consideration and he even got an autograph for Jung-wan. She is still very down though, so that Oh sits her down and tells her that she doesn’t have to feel sorry for him. Really not. But she does … And she feels sorry for not standing up for him more, but she wasn’t confident about her son liking someone not his father to begin with, so that is why ex-husband’s underhand tactics got to her. Oh Kyung-soo proves once again what a great guy he is though by saying that he already knew from the beginning that she comes with “baggage”. This is not news to him and it will be alright.
Ahn meets with his daughter again. The way they smile at each other … so heart warming and so sad at the same time. They go to a bookshop together: books are the perfect present that he can give her. And it’s pretty much the only thing he can give her, because her parents do not know about their meetings. Anything else would raise their suspicion. We learn that they already are suspicious … because she keeps missing study groups, which is not her style at all.
Sun-mi meets with Ji-hyun’s MILDragon. Who talks about marriage again and divorced men … is she hoping her son will divorce, too? In any case, she has someone in mind for Sun-mi. I have no clue why she would actually help this perfect stranger, but maybe that’s a Korean thing? He sounds like quite a catch and the only reason he hasn’t gotten married yet is that he was too busy working. Sun-mi isn’t all to eager at first, but when she meets with Oh to discuss costume designs again and he talks about how he wants to get to know Tae-guk better, she just looks at him sadly and then asks to go on the blind date afterwards.
Sun-mi has her blind date with a guy named Kim Young-ho. He is a bit older than her, but in good shape. He seems really nice. He compliments her on her looks and he talks about his energy-related business. With a lot of enthusiasm and maybe in a bit too much detail? Anyway, she gets extremely bored by it and stifles a yawn. He is attentive enough to realize something isn’t quite right with her and after she is back home, he calls her, asking for another date and apologizing if he talked too much about himself. She wonders to herself what is wrong with her: this is a good person with a good personality - but she isn't attracted to him at all.
Ahn Do-young meets Ji-hyun again, because of their daughter. He wants to keep seeing her, but he hates the secrecy and he hates that she needs to lie because of him. Good on you, man! He wants to go and talk to Ji-hyun’s brother directly to ask for permission. Ji-hyun is totally against it (of friggin course), though in the end, she agrees to give it more thought. Someone is taking pictures of them … husband has found out thanks to the phone records whom she has been calling secretly and now has put a tail on them.
Oh Kyung-soo is with Jung-wan in the hotel and they discuss some details of the script. He then tells her he is thinking about his next project – can he meet with Tae-guk to prepare? There is going to be a character just like Tae-guk in it. And he wants to know all about him. Jung-wan is touched by the gesture (which might not just be a gesture, who knows?). Afterwards, Oh brings her home. He is being so cute again, the way he smiles at her so much in love … he is reluctant to let go of her hand, but when she is gone, they kid suddenly appears behind him and challenges him to a talk.
Oh-boy is a bit amused by the boy’s serious demeanor, but not for long, cause the boy tells him to take him more seriously and makes it quite clear that he wants to know everything about Oh and his mom. Oh is honest and says that he likes his mother a lot, a thing Tae-guk doesn’t seem to like much. He doesn’t waste time to prove to Oh Kyung-soo that he doesn’t even know his mother well: Oh thinks she likes a certain pastry but the son teaches him that his mother doesn’t and probably ate it all to please him. That’s who his mother is. He ends the conversation by saying he wants his mom and dad together again and then storms out.
At home, he confronts his mother about Oh - he doesn't like him. He wants his dad. He is quite angry with his mom, it seems, but not outright impolite – and later, when she goes to talk to him, he even admits he doesn’t completely hate her having a boyfriend. He saw his mother crying in secret so many times after the divorce, and he doesn’t want his mother to cry. But he thinks that dad regrets everything and has changed, and that now that he has broken up with the Snotty Brat, dad can be the one to make her happy again.
The next day, Tae-guk is meeting with Oh-boy again, at a movie archive. Oh tells him to pick three random films and bring them to him. Tae-guk demands to know what this is about, but Oh tells him to be patient. Tae-guk gets three random movies and Kyung-soo knows all about them immediately. Why? Because when he decided to become a director at age 15, he tried to watch every movie in the world to improve his knowledge and skill. This allowed him to become such a good director. And now, he wants to do the same with his love: he wants to learn all about her. And to know about her, he has to learn about him, her son first. Will he give him a chance – or rather three?
Gyu-shik tells Ahn Do-young that he wants to meet him. Oh dear, we know what this is about … Gyu-shik doesn’t beat around the bush at all (nobody does in the drama, really) and he asks him straight out what his relationship with his wife is. Ahn doesn’t deny anything, he confirms that they have dated in college and met by chance at his house. He tells the story in a way that makes it sound that everything was his, Ahn’s fault, and that Ji-hyun had nothing to do with it, didn’t even want to meet. Husband is suspicious, especially at that point, but Ahn keeps insisting this is the truth. And he promises they will cut ties. He even offers to write a contract, but Gyu-shik doesn’t want that – he is willing to believe him.
Ji-hyun goes to see her family and talk to her brother – she brings presents for everyone, which clearly means she wants something from them. Too predictable, woman … her brother blows a fuse at the thought of “his” daughter meeting her real dad and even tells her she isn't his sister anymore. How very dramatic, this family. Not much later, Ahn tells her on the phone that he was in the wrong to ask for the right to see his daughter – he will no longer meet with her. Hello noble idiocy! Fancy meeting you here?
Things are looking up for Sun-mi - she gets a wonderful bouquet of flowers from her new suitor! Nice to see her smile like this. At their second dinner, there even seems to be some bonding … they have things in common and she smiles some more. He is quite sweet … but also in a hurry. Considering their age, he thinks they should date with marriage in mind. She seems a bit taken aback by that much determination. After he drops her off in front of her house, he lingers … and then invites himself in for tea!!!!
The scenario is done!! Jung-wan stayed up all night for the finishing touches. Oh-boy is delighted to receive it ... but he also tells her that he missed her a lot, but held back so she could work. He wants to go somewhere quiet to read the scenario now – is she coming? Haha, that’s the best excuse I’ve heard in a long time. He takes her to a nice house (it's Do-ahn's) and she is quite suspicious about his intentions (especially when he shows her the bed), but his prime reason for bringing her there is to let her sleep. He knows how exhausted she must be, with everything that is going on in her life. She can sleep here in peace, where the air is nice.
And he tells her specifically to not worry about Tae-guk ... he is on it. He met with him and told him to watch his efforts. Such an upright and smart kid, he calls him. Jung-wan is very grateful to him. But she also doesn’t think she can sleep here! ... but not because she thinks he will „try“ anything. But because he will be reading her scenario outside! He says not to worry about things that have not yet occurred and offer to heat up some milk for her. When he gets back to the bedroom, she is already fast asleep. He looks at her, saying „aigoo“, and sighs a little.
When she wakes up again, some time must have passed. She starts looking for Oh, who isn’t anywhere in the house. She finds him outside though, gazing at the stars. He is looking at her a bit weirdly when she steps up to him.
Back inside, she wants to know why he was outside when it’s that cold? Doesn’t she know? He answers ... to cool off, of course! The thought of her on that bed was driving him crazy. He is a man after all. He might have told her he wouldn't touch her, but it sure isn't healthy for a young man to do. She smiles a little, steps up to him and starts kissing him passionately. He immediately follows suit and they continue kissing heatedly on the couch. Sure. Why don’t you end here, show! You tease!


Well, well, well. Finally, someone to really hate: that bastard of an ex-husband who seriously thinks using his son to blackmail his mother into marrying him again is okay! Can we please see him suffer? Like ... a lot?! I don't even want to spend any more time thinking about him, that's how angry he makes me. But that's also good, because it is crystal clear now that he is NOT a real contender. He disqualified himself oh-so-quickly.

Sun-mi's little blind-date adventure is quite intriguing ... I somewhat like the guy. He seems honest, a little clumsy, but really alright as a person. Sure, there is no romantic spark there at all and I don't think that we will get to see him that much longer, but he really helps to show Sun-mi what desperation looks like. She might realize after this that she doesn't want to marry after all and that her life until now wasn't all that bad either. But who knows! Maybe she will take it further with this guy and I wouldn't mind, cause he is fun.

Ji-hyun ... sigh. Another person I want to throttle. She is the only one that hasn't shown any self-reflexion. She is just paralyzed by fear and caught in the web of her own lies. I hope for this character that she gets the opportunity to step out of it and be someone elese, someone better than this coward that she currently is.