Full House Thailand Episode 10 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Due to circumstances, our contract married pair have to spend a lot more time together and a lot more skinship, even if it's medically related.


Shuk:  Mike is yet again practicing his dance moves to the same song.  He falls on a heel-spin, hurting his right ankle.  Om-Am helps him to the couch and gets an icepack while Mike contacts Assistant Thok, who calls the physician.

Shuk:  The doc wraps it in a half-cast; it turns out he has a chronically weak ankle, and was told to take it easy for a month to keep it from being inflamed. Om-Am right away thinks back to her bike-riding lessons and feels guilty.
JoAnne: Nursing leads to love! Nursing leads to love!
Shuk:  Thok warns Om-Am that Mike has an upcoming television performance that he must attend in two weeks, since there is a new talent climbing the charts.  And his popularity has taken a bit of a beating because of his marriage.

Shuk: Mike has to stay off that leg as much as possible, and the doctor will send a therapist and wheelchair to the house.  He takes advantage of Om-Am’s conscience by ordering her around, and she cheerfully scurries for juice and snacks.  He points out spider webs on the ceiling, but she gives him a long-handled broom  so he can exercise while swinging it. LOL.
Shuk:  He even needs help to go pee, and she helps him up off the couch, only to get face-to-face.  The moment is spoiled when Mike mentions that she’s really short.  Once in the bathroom, Mike wonders if she’s going to stay there and cheer him on, but she darts away.  Not with the same face as before, though.  Maybe she likes mammoths?
JoAnne: Who DOESN'T like a mammoth, Shuk?

Shuk:  She’s outside watering the plants when he hobbles up, bored.  They chat about her dad’s mural: it reminds her of all the little steps that cause her to grow into the person she is.   He’s content just to sit and watch her.
JoAnne: He likes to be with her :)
Shuk:  She sets up the couch for him to sleep, since he can’t navigate the steps to his loft bedroom.  Mike wheedles her to stay with him while she works, ostensibly so he doesn't have to yell for assistance. He pesters her with questions until he hits upon a subject near and dear to her heart: food.  Immediately she abandons her laptop to sit with him and talk, and they have a great conversation for a long time until they both fall asleep on the couch.
JoAnne: This was cute but can we get a goddamn kiss sometime in the near future, puh LEEZE? One of them can be asleep, I don't care. Just do it!

Shuk:  The next morning the therapist shows up: a large friendly guy named Wichan. Mike takes one look, grabs the brace and bandages, and shoos him away, stating his wife will take care of his ankle and therapy.

Shuk: For the first time in a while, the show pulls back from our couple.  Guy is in a meeting at his company, planning a television drama with Mike as the leading man.  He would like it to be a romantic comedy, and he already has a script and screenwriter in mind.  After the meeting, he calls Om-Am.
JoAnne: Awww, what would the public do for a rom-com that a wife writes for her husband?
Shuk:  She is busy mopping the floors and Mike answers her phone.  Guy asks to speak to his beautiful bride and leaves a message for her to call.  Which Mike does not pass along, the broody grumpypants.
JoAnne: I should be angrier about this.

Shuk: A short while later, Guy calls back, and this time Om-Am answers her phone.  She throws Mike a dirty look, and gets ready to head out to see Guy. Her husband whines that she should stay there, but she leaves him a bowl of porridge and heads out.  Serves you right, Mike, for complaining.

Shuk:  At the coffee shop, Guy tells her that her story is interesting, but needs some work to become a really good script.  They might have to work together for up to a year to make sure the script is perfect.
JoAnne: Guymin?
Shuk:  Mike just sighs and mopes on the couch.
JoAnne: He's so darn cute, though.

Shuk:  Hours later, Om-Am checks her watch and realizes it’s late. She bolts out to go feed Mike, leaving Guy staring thoughtfully at her.
Shuk:  Her husband has a cheese-eating grin when she gets home.  The house is tore up, as if he was a bored German Shepard, and I can’t help but wonder if he pooped in her shoes.  As it is, there are blankets and books scattered everywhere, and the kitchen has been wrecked.
JoAnne: I will not be as blase about shoe pooping as you appear to be, Shuk.
Shuk: MinTramp meets with Guy in the room with the metal frame, and wants to know the truth about the two of them.  Oh, come on lady, he’s all but spelled it out with alphabet soup. He tries again: he will never ever ever ever ever ever love you as a woman. Never never never.  I think she finally gets it, but who knows. She mentions she wants to study design in New York City for a couple of years to avoid self-deception.  I snort disbelievingly and roll my eyes before going into boredom mode again.
JoAnne: Not pretty, not nice, not smart. Go away.
Shuk:  She has a Thinking Swing for two.  I guess I can’t call it a Thinking Swing because she doesn’t think. We will call it a Stupidity Swing because I’m sure that anything that happens on or around that swing is going to be intelligence-deficient.

Shuk: Om-Am picks up MinTramp’s call, and tosses the phone onto Mike. MinTramp confirms that his leg hurts and that he has to stay off of it for at least a week, but she makes him head out the door and meet her. Yeah, you idiotic woman, help him re-injure his leg as a counterpoint to your injured pride.
The newest shirt in her collection
Shuk: Om-Am tries to stop him, but he tells her it’s none of her business and leaves anyway.  Wherever this Stupidity Swing is, he hobbles over and sits with her.  We have a flashback of the day of his sister’s funeral, when KidMinTramp pinky promises KidMike that she won’t make anything bad happen to him.  He’s taken care of her, and she’s been high maintenance ever since.

Shuk:  He asks her not to go overseas, and that, even with the added complication of his marriage, he still intends to take care of her the same way he always has.  They pinky swear, and I just swear. She lays her head on his shoulder, but now he’s got thoughts of Om-Am running through his head.
JoAnne: So much to ignore, my ignoring cap is nearly on fire.


Shuk:  Snap out of it, Mike!  Let her go to NYC and get out of your hair! Everyone (and the audience) will thank you for it!  I can see the possibility of Guy falling for Om-Am, but all I see of Mintra is her codependence.  Mike really needs to cut the cord on this one.
JoAnne: Seriously, what can she give him that Om-Am isn't already?

Shuk:  There wasn’t a lot of advancement in this episode, in my opinion, but I’m satisfied watching our canon couple interact and create memories together.  The fact that Om-Am, for the most part, is staying home with Mike, while Mintra ignores his injury for her own selfish reasons, speaks volumes with whom is willing to take care of our damaged abs-dancer.
JoAnne:  Perhaps, in a refreshing departure, Om-Am will see what's happening and veggie carve her initials into Min's face.