Full House Thailand Episode 14 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Yay!  We are finally back to South Korea, the country with the hottest icecream I know!
JoAnne:  Braaaaaaaaaaains


Shuk:  But first, MinTramp.  Everyone is in makeup when she shows. Mike smiles once.
JoAnne:  He smiles like he's going to the dentist, though.

Shuk:  Thot greets Min, but says the CF concept and dress had already been decided. MinTramp says Mike insisted that he could only wear her clothes.  Om-Am hears this, and Mike knows Om-Am has heard this. Thot tells her that she can leave and they will take care of the clothes.  She ends up giving his shoulders a squeeze before leaving.  And, yes, Mike, you realized your spineless behavior just hurt your wife yet again.
JoAnne: Oh for the day when he realizes this BEFORE he opens his mouth.
Shuk:  Wait, MinTramp is still there?  Can someone salt the threshold or something? Om-Am is pretty in her dress, and nervous as the questions start.  Mike is getting his final touches, but keeps glancing over at his wife while she answers, much to the growing annoyance of MinTramp.
JoAnne:  Yes, Om Am looks really pretty in that dress, and I giggle happily at MinTramp's discomfort. Does that make me a Mean Girl?
Shuk: Om-Am describes their meeting on the plane; she didn't recognize him, but knew he has a superstar aura around him. He's happy to hear it.  Om-Am describes him as easy-going and down to earth when he is offstage.  She gets more animated when she describes his love of chicken feet, and everybody in the studio just basks in her infectious glow. All of them, but one.  Just keep fuming, there, MT, and get a clue.
JoAnne:  She is just the most adorable little bundle of fluff in the world.  I want to adopt her.  I want to copy Grannie and bring them tonics and urge them to ummm and ummm and ummm again so I can hold their fat little cute happy babies.

Shuk:  Her final description of Mike?  He's the bravest person she knows when it comes to the things he loves.
JoAnne:  He was really pleased to hear what she had to say; at first I thought it was that he was pleased to hear what she thought of him but do you think he was simply pleased by her performance?

Shuk:  Then, it's his turn.  Before heading for he couch, he leans in and, in a low voice, tells her she was very good.  Rabid MinTramp froths at the mouth. No one cares.
JoAnne:  Least of all me.  Aren't you gone yet, Evil One?

Shuk:  Mike, by contrast, is relaxed, and expands their first-meeting story.  He saw this charming person on the plane, and thought she might be one of his fans.  But he was happy she wasn't.  He goes "aw shucks" blushing when he talks about his food love, in a way that makes me want to squish him.  Until now, only family had known of his secret vice.
JoAnne:  Too charming for words, that boy. I will join you in the squishing.
Shuk: When asked about Om-Am, he says she cries ugly and talks back, and actually just chatters in general.  But she has filled his life with sound: not just music, but laughter and tears, and, most importantly, makes his life more colorful and lovely. She just makes him happy.
JoAnne:  Deep sigh of happiness from me.

Shuk:  Nothing but silence in the studio for a moment before the director calls "Cut".
JoAnne:  Everyone loves a lover.

Shuk: While the director looks at the takes, Thot pulls Om-Am for a little fruit and sisterhood. She tells the younger girl that Mike really loves her, but Om-Am just scoffs.  Thot is dogged though, and insists she knows when Mike is reading from a script and when he's sincere.
JoAnne:  Did you SEE that MinTramp face when Mike didn't walk off stage and immediately join her, but instead spoke to Om Am and then got straight to work?  Yes, MinTramp.  You are now superfluous. Go away.  And I think Thot's comment to her was the first time that Om Am ever even considered that Mike might actually like her, followed closely by her first ever thought that she might actually like him.

Shuk:  The pair leaves, and Mike is smiling about Om-Am's enthusiasm; she thinks being a star is easy money when you get paid just for talking. His face drops when she tells him he did a good job with their fake relationship script.  He compliments her too, but the fun is gone.

Shuk:  They are in a media scrum at the airport, and Mike smoothly answers the pointed questions from the tabloid reporter.  In the plane, it's the same flight attendant as their first time.  Mike insists on orange juice for the both of them, and the attendant agrees that would keep Om-Am from falling asleep in the lavatory again.
JoAnne:  How come those pictures haven't been released? What are they waiting for?  Let's get that part OVER with.

Shuk:  They are at the same hanok boarding house as their honeymoon.  Mike is fooling around with some crossbow arrows when he gets poleaxed by a vision of Om-Am in a palace hanbok. The moment is spoiled when she starts dancing exuberantly.  He sternly tells her to change, then turns and breaks out into a delighted smile that she doesn't see.
JoAnne:  She was truly lovely.  I like her hair smoother.
Shuk:  At the film location, they get some basic instructions, and we hear hangeul, Thai, and English.  They just eat ice cream, and Om-Am is happy.  Mike warns her to follow his lead.

Shuk:  However, it is Awkward Time at Bumbling Village in the City of Maladroit; Om-Am is stiff and jumpy and Mike is trying to force her into the confection.  It appears that entire day's shoot has been a series of NG's; Om-Am is sick of eating ice cream, and the director has very little usable footage. 
JoAnne:  You do realize that's the FH-T2 (also TWtWB) house?  I giggled. (Side note:  Bride of the Century is re-using the MiSa house for the 'bride' family - I LOVE when house locations get re-used, I really do.)
Shuk:  He tries to bring it up a notch by kissing her cheek, but she jumps and squeals.  Finally everyone has had enough.  The director comments that they don't seem to even like each other, and Mike makes the excuse that his wife is jet-lagged and nauseous.  She doesn't like it, but it's better than the alternative.  As it is, she's clearly affected by the cheek kiss.
JoAnne:  I was expecting them to assume she was pregnant because of the nausea comment, but really I'm just disappointed in Om Am - what did she think she was supposed to be doing there?

Shuk:  They are back in their casual clothes, but they can't relax because it's time for a photo shoot at Namsam Tower!  Not only more ice cream but they going to be filmed with their love locks. Om-Am freaks out - as every girls's dream, she won't do this unless it's her true love!!
JoAnne:  I did feel a bit of sympathy for her superstitious desire to save that lock for a real love.  Of course we know he IS her real love...

Shuk:  Mike reasonably points out that they are married, but she is insistent.  Until he mentions no money if they don't.  So off to N Seoul Tower they go!  They get interviewed, and Mike plays up that she wanted to do it as every girl's dream. but she won't go near the fence, so he picks her up and carries her there. He locks theirs together and throws his key.  She pretends to throw it, but it lands at her feet, so Mike throws hers too.
JoAnne:  I'm just really not buying her behavior throughout this job.  I get why she would feel reluctant but she's always, from day one, thrown herself wholeheartedly into doing a good job at whatever she tries -so why would she be petulant and childish throughout the making of the ice cream commercial?
Shuk:  She's almost in tears in the car, and he teasingly tries to give her a hug, but his antics fail to restore her mood.  That night, she silently grabs a blanket and the pillow, and lays down on the bare floor. He all but challenges her for the pallet, but her lack of response really bothers him. He ends up sitting on it but staring at her.  He wants his old Om-Am back!
JoAnne: Love is in the air, you can feel it all around.... *singing*
Shuk: She's a little better the next morning.  The first thing he tells her is Happy Birthday (he found out her birthdate previously).  Plus, he gave her the key to their Love Locks; that way she can unlock it when they are done.  Plus, no ice cream today since it's her birthday.  Yay!  She pops up and is happy to do more husband and wife sightseeing!
JoAnne:  He was attentive and thoughtful.  Any woman would thaw at that!

Shuk:  They play house; she's grinding corn and he's beating the laundry.  Adorbs!  The Princess is thirsty and she orders her Soldier to fetch water. And he lifts her onto the well's edge.  RAWR!  They end up reenacting Songkran, but without the talc.  I was actually jumping onto my chair and squeeing. 
JoAnne:  Ridiculously, perfectly, adorably cute.

Shuk: Theirs travels take them about They travel through Ihwa Village in Gyeonggi-do and look at some of the murals. She gets tired and Mike tells her to sit tight while he walks further down.  She finds some paints and ends up painting a picture of a lone Om-Am under a lone tree.  Mike shows up with one of my personal favorites, muskmelon ice, and looks thoughtfully at the mural before they continue down the stairs.
JoAnne:  She didn't draw him.  He should have added himself.  Then in two years when they come back to visit for their last trip before she has the baby, he can show her that even back then, he loved her.

Shuk:  They end up at the Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae - I want to go there!!  They just play around like big kids all over the place. 
JoAnne:  I love how much fun they have together - they can really let their inner kids loose!

Shuk:  Finally, they end up watching "Music Show Wedding." They are enjoying it together, even getting onstage and dancing from Wonder Girls "Nobody But You" to SuJu's "Sorry Sorry". Finally they sit back down for the romantic ballad, and Mike reaches over hold Om-Am's hand.
JoAnne:  Cue squees.

Shuk:  That night, they camp out, and we see the first happy meal between them in a long time. She tells him a dream of hers to grow fruit trees, just so she can scare fruit poachers by being a ghost. When she asks Mike what his dream, he wasn't able to say. She tells hims she is willing to share her dream with him.
JoAnne:  Which absolutely floors him, in a good way.
Shuk:  Mike gives her a birthday cupcake and a new tablet.  The attached card (it has MAMMOTHS on it) reads: 
 "This laptop is a present for Om-Am. Free of charge and not counted against the old debt.  May your dreams come true, and be successful in your writing."
Shuk:  He tells her he's already taken care of Guy's laptop.  And as for her scripts - fighting!!  They laugh the rest of the night.

Shuk:  The next morning they are hand in hand as they arrive at the shoot location to try again. This time, it's very different.  He puts her at ease with a suggestion as they both stare at each other, awareness sizziling back and forth.
JoAnne:  He says to her 'Let's forget who we are, and be who we want to be.'  I stop breathing.
Shuk:  They've all but already forgotten the film crew as the cameras start rolling. The air is charged as they slowly go from taking turns to eating ice cream together as their lips get closer and closer...

Shuk:  Kiss already!  These are my ovaries:
JoAnne:  Our friend Kakashi laughed very hard at me when I commented on twitter that while watching this scene I had to stop knitting.  She now uses that as code whenever something is intense.  And that, my friend, was very intense.  And hello, I don't see the shot you promised me, of that last ice cream lick she takes, the one where he is CLEARLY going to share his beautiful lips with her in the last 10 seconds before I die a happy woman with knitting that must be re-done to correct tension.
Shuk:  JoAnne unni,  I can't always drop everything into a SqueeCap all at once.  But for you, here is a bonus. With sparkles: