Full House Thailand Episode 2 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Our first episode gave us the introductions to several of the main characters, but now we can look forward to the rest!  For those familiar with the “Full House” franchise, you might be confused with the number and age of the actors shown in the opening credits.  But not worry; all will be revealed.

Shuk:  Also, a correction from the first SqueeCap.  Google Fu revealed that Oom, the pregnant biatch, is in fact her cousin, and not her sister.  Which explains both their still-family bond and the reason Oom is neither on the house title or painted on the outside wall.
JoAnne:  I just figured she was a life-long friend.  Cousin makes more sense for why she's not in jail. Bitch.

Episode 2

Shuk:  It’s twilight at the Incheon Airport when the flight attendant wakes up Om-Am, sleeping off her wine-and-emesis party. All that's left in the plane is her carry-on, and one stinky black shirt. Outside Baggage Claim no one is there to meet her.  She tries to speak to Customer Service, but there's no matching language between them.  Finally the guy with the flag and the name-card shows up.

Shuk:  Here's another near miss!  Om-Am is in the shuttle bus; Mike is in a chauffeured vehicle, but they are at the same hotel! He is first, and walks in all calm and jaded.  She, on the other hand, squeals and giggles at everything.  He is led to his suite with a group of assistants; she has to brave the concierge alone.  The room is extremely nice - how did the Despicable Pair pay for it?
JoAnne:  It really is a nice hotel.

Shuk: The scenes keep flipping back and forth between the pair. She unloads a bunch of cup ramyun; he's handed his busy schedule with reporters starting that afternoon.  She wanders with a map; he gets fitted for his interview.  She goes to different and new places; he has to repeat the same conversation and photo session over and over again.
JoAnne:  All designed to make us feel bad for him and to love her a little bit more because she's just ridiculously cute.
Shuk:  A tall and well-built man is wandering the local park, and sees from a distance our Writer.  She catches him staring at her, and convinces him to pretend to photo-bomb her picture.  Later he sits at a park bench to eat his sandwich, when she comes wandering by, still snapping photos. He is happy to finally get a real handshake, and smiles when he hears her mumbling in Thai.  Scooting closer, he asks her some questions in rapid-fire English: Is it your first time here?  Does she want him to be her guide? She thinks he's hitting on her, and says it out loud, figuring he won't understand.  But...he whispers in Thai that he was just being friendly. And there is our introduction to the other guy...err...Guy (Utt Usada of MTV Asia fame).
JoAnne:  Who we immediately like a lot because seriously..he's just a great guy.

Shuk: They clearly hit it off, and he shares his kimchi sandwich, and they share names. They end up spending the afternoon together, talking and riding a tandem bike.  He even cancels his next meetings to hang with her.  She shares her dream of become a novel and script writers, and he teasingly nicknames her "Dreamer".  By a bridge, they take a final selca, exchange contact info, and part company. 
Shuk:  Finally, Mike is done with all his appointments, and he takes a relaxing couch dive before getting a phone call from 'Bro'.   Who turns out to be Guy.  They meet on a Tower of Bromance and catch up on each other's lives. Guy mentions he's met a cute girl, who is actual Thai, not Korean, and that he may be returning to Thailand to begin the next stage of his business.
JoAnne:  Of course.  I always just want to get through this part as quickly as possible and get to the cohabiting. Ppalli, ppalli!
Shuk:  They get around to talking about Mintra. It turns out the three of them grew up together. Mike is still moody about their last conversation but cheers up over dinner.
JoAnne:  We are going to swoon over this guy so hard.
Shuk:  Om-Am is at an outdoor marketplace and randomly picks some street food.  The only place to sit is at a trestle table across from some thugs.  Never fear, though, as they end up impressed with her eating abilities and begin a friendly round of soju.  That only gets friendlier when she begins to sing and dance, much to the delight of the patrons.
JoAnne: This so did not go where I thought it was going to go, and it was delightful!

Shuk:  The next day is more sightseeing for Om-Am, and an outdoor photo shoot for Mike at NamSam Tower.

Shuk:  There's a problem the next day, though.  Om-Am's reservation was only for two days, not the five she was promised by the Prego Pair.  She trying to argue with the concierge but the language barrier is a big problem.  Our White Knight Guy walks by and helps, but it doesn't change the fact that she has to either leave the hotel or pay the additional days.  And, of course she can't get a hold of her cousin.
JoAnne:  Fuckers. Sorry...not sorry. I just hate them.
Maybe she can pick one of these up in Itaewon.
Shuk:  Our Despicable Pair complete the transaction of the house, selling everything, including the contents, to an agent of a "mysterious" buyer.
JoAnne:  Wink, wink.

Shuk:  That night, Om-Am is pacing in her room, and Mike is bored in his, flipping television channels.

Shuk:  The next morning, she is walking the streets, when she sees a city bus with Mike's picture on the side.  So he really is famous!  She sneaks into his hotel room behind a Room Service cart while Mike is on the phone, and he does a double take when he sees her in his room.
JoAnne:  Her thought process is beyond me, though. Why on Earth would he help her?


Shuk:  I'm not sure what her plan is, but I'm sure it's not snuggle time and skinship, at least not yet. This is going to be a toughie to watch,  mostly because both males are good-looking and appear genuinely nice.  Mike is not at all a diva, even when he disagrees with his handler, and Guy already is aware of her presence no matter where she is.
JoAnne:  Oh, I am Team Mike from the get-go.  If he were Second Lead Mike, then I'd be Team Second Lead Mike.  It's just how it is.

Shuk:  I still like this adaptation for closely following the SK live-action version, even if it is off from the original manhwa.  So onward to the cohabitation hi-jinks!!
JoAnne:  Like, NOW, please?