Full House Thailand Episode 3 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Our favorite couple finally meet, face to face and sober! Let the shenanigans begin!
JoAnne:  This is ridiculous. I already love them. Is it because I know what's coming, or are they just really THAT CUTE?


Shuk:  We have a flashback from the previous episode. Om-Am tries to contact Guy, but his phone is turned off.  She also tries her cousin, without success. The room daily rate is 10 000 baht (226 Euros / 310 US Dollars) a night, and she is panicking.  She eats a lonely bowl of cup ramyun trying to figure a way out of this dilemma.
JoAnne:  That room is only $310 a night?  I mean...yeah, 'only'  it's not like I make that a habit (uh, no I do not) - but it looked like it would be a lot more...Maybe the plane ticket to Asia balances itself out...

Shuk:  Now we are back at the end of last episode, where she sneaks into Mike's room after Room Service drops off a tray.  She offers him the now-clean shirt, but he's convinced she is some type of rabid fan and asks her to leave.  She admits to never listening to any of his music, but tries to appeal to his sense of Thai Nationalism.  It doesn't work.
Shuk:  We don't know what she tells him, but he bursts into laughter.  There's a hilarious scene where he repeats what she says, but in falsetto. As far as he considers, she trying to rob him using a sob story. His snarky sarcasm just made me giggle as he turns the conversation to all the things that his sasaeng fans and producers ask him to do: smile more, dance, and constantly perform like an animal in a zoo. Om-Am has a problem following the conversation, but brings it right back to her situation; she just needs 40 000 baht as a loan, and she will pay him back.
JoAnne:  So her cousin thinks it's ok to sell someone else's house to settle her own debts and this one thinks it's ok to ask a stranger for a loan ($1240, by the above rate).  Interesting attitudes towards money and boundaries in that family!

Shuk:  He responds by forcibly removing her from the room, despite her great effort to stay there. He's successful, she gives him his shirt while on the other side of the threshold, and he shuts the door in her face with a self-satisfied grin.
Shuk:  Om-Amn pulls a Stitch and screams into her pillow in frustration in her room, shouting that she would never ask Mr Fake Eyelashes for help if she wasn't desperate.  LOL  The sight of her camera gives her pause...

Shuk:  ...And the next thing we see, Mike is looking at the photos of her and Guy, while she cries that she's supposed to marry Guy, but the scoundrel never picked her up and has another girlfriend, so she just needs the money to get home.  Her crying is as fake as the story, and he knows it's not the truth, but he's affected enough to try and call Guy.  His cell phone is turned off and Mike can't get through, while she continues the histrionics, posing in front of then window with dramatic hand gestures.  Finally he agrees to help her, as long as she signs a contract.
JoAnne:  I don't get why he went along with this, but for the sake of what's coming, I swallow down my disbelief and move on.
Shuk:  Once she signs it, he gives a tiny smile and makes her promise to never bother his friend again, and tells her to stop the drama. In her hotel room, she promises herself to make good on the contract, and to use the money wisely.

Shuk:  The use of the money includes dressing up like a gisaeng for photos, and various shopping / eating excursions.  I hope she kept enough to pay the hotel bill.
JoAnne:  If he gave her what she asked for, all signs point to no.

Shuk: She finally makes it home in Thailand in the wee hours of the morning, only to find a darkened house empty of all furnishings except a pile of books and a stray plant or two. She knows her cousin has done something about the house, and ends up crying to her dad by the Om-Am mural.

Shuk:  The next day she runs to Pao's workplace, to be told he no longer works there, that his wife is pregnant, and that he won a jackpot and bought a condo in town, all of which is news to our heroine. Also, credit lenders have come by the office as well, and the HR staff member assumes that Om-Am got ripped off too.
JoAnne: I just.  No.

Shuk: She ends up on the rooftop, staring over the lake and crying. She sleeps on the click-clack sofa overnight, but wakes up to 5Guys. Nope, not burger makers, but the real estate agent and some movers. He explains that he has already sold the house to someone else, who is expected to move in within a month. Her options are find her cousin, or call the police.

Shuk: It's a sad scene as she tries to stop them from taking everything, including her father's piano, only to left watching as the trucks with all her possessions drive away.   She also loses her freelance job doing the food reviews, and ends up completely defeated at the end of the pier, staring down into the water and remembering being with her dad in that very spot.
JoAnne:  Poor little punkin.

Shuk:  She's making ramyun in the kitchen when someone comes into the house.  She quickly hides, keeping some part of the kitchen between her and the stranger. I have to say,  I love the shape of the kitchen!  She ends up giving him the bird after he leaves.
JoAnne:  Loved the choreography of this scene entirely too much.

Shuk:  Finally, we get another glimpse of Mintra, who is going through her couture collection as Puppy Mike follows her around with a bouquet of flowers.  He asks her if she thinks he'll just follow her forever, and she replies he's still following her, waiting for her to finish so they can go eat together. I get the feeling he's been stuck as her shadow before.  However, once she receives a phone call from Guy, she ignores him. She's happy that Guy has invited her to lunch, but her mood quickly sours when Guy invites Mike too. She decides not to get a meal with Mike today as punishment.
JoAnne: Here's a thought: let's just not have this character in the next version.

Shuk:  The next morning, she calls Mike, and aegyos him into stopping by her shop to try on a jacket.  It's not for him, but for Guy.  Wow, so she orders the person who likes her to be a dress mannequin for the person she likes. And she's now meeting up with the two of them for lunch. Mike is understandably pissed off, but doesn't show it until he gets in his car.
JoAnne:  His face, when she said that.  The pout in the car.  He is too cute for words.
Shuk:  He thinks back to that Academy Award-winning act by Om-Am, and on impulse calls her.  He orders her to meet him, then hangs up before she can say more than a few words.  Uh-oh, if he asks for the money back, how will she repay it?


Shuk: The cohabitation is coming, but I really hate the necessity for Om-Am to lose everything, especially to members of her own family.  Watching her, helpless, while all her memories are dispersed and destroyed, puts a lump in my throat.  I'm happy she doesn't dwell too long on the items, but still.
JoAnne: It's very harsh.  I just don't see how someone could do that to a person they love.

Shuk: The 2nd female lead is still two-dimensional at this point, so I don't know if Mintra is going to be a calculating, evil shrew, or an ineffective whiner.  One thing is for sure, she already assumes that Mike is her whipping boy, so when he dumps her for another (following the SK Full House plot), it will be a real eye-opening experience for her.
JoAnne:  One I will enjoy immensely and pray comes immediately.