Full House Thailand Episode 6 (A Squeecap)

Shuk:  Poor Mike, his little heart stomped into pieces by that hussy.  She's not clueless to his emotions but, unlike Guy, she never comes right out and tell him it won't work. And that's the worse sort of woman, so I'm glad he is on his way to scraping Mintra off.


Shuk:  Om-Am is walking up the driveway from the bus stop as Mike drives past.  She rushes up to him and apologizes for not being at home to make dinner.  He just quietly asks her where she was.
JoAnne:  I like how, when it counts, they already know to let the teasing and bickering go.

Shuk:  She admits that this was her third time trying to sell her writing. After walking around all day, she is hungry and tired.  He admits to be tired and hungry too, and offers to order delivery, even though nothing will taste good. Their thoughts are parallel with discouragement.
JoAnne:  They are bonding, yay!

Shuk: They end up with a Pier Picnic, sharing food and drinking grape juice from wine glasses. He offers to read her script. At the end, he has to agree with the publisher that it really isn’t interesting and is missing a main point to tie the elements together.
JoAnne:  He's nice about it but really - what kind of writer doesn't understand what he's saying?

Shuk: He talks about the effort it takes to make it and maintain in the Entertainment world as an example of how to work hard to achieve your goals.  Yay!  They are becoming friends by starlight.
Shuk:  He asks how she pulls herself out of the doldrums, and we get a cute “If you’re happy and you know it” dance on the pier.  Both of you, hwaiting!!
JoAnne: I like that with her he drops the image, entirely.  He's just a sweet boy trying to do the right  things.

Shuk:  He wakes her up early the next morning and demands breakfast immediately. She’s grouchy but starts her morning routine.  He’s got a big grin on his face – is this the equivalent of yanking the pigtails of a girl you like? He even follows her into the bathroom where she’s brushing her teeth.
JoAnne: This. This whole thing.  I loved it. And to answer your question, yes.
Shuk:  Later, he’s watching television while she’s mopping.  She wonders out loud why he brought so many plants into her house.  He rankles at the pronoun, emphasizing that it’s HIS house.  Her mind goes into a daydream where she is on the couch in a basketball shirt, and he is cleaning the house in an apron and a bandana.
JoAnne:  It is a lot of plants, but I like that.

Shuk:  He asks her why she laughing and what the daydream was, leading to a bit of a staredown.  He does a final inspection of the house, finding bits of dust and imaginary spider webs.  He points out the upper windows need cleaning, and then dismisses it, since she is so short.
JoAnne: Gotta swing that pendulum back every time, don't you, Mike!

Shuk:  While putting away CD’s she finds the engagement ring, and can’t resist a dig about his failed proposal.  He responds by throwing it out the window.
JoAnne:  In FH-KV doesn't she go looking for it,  at least eventually?  Or am I confusing it with the necklace in You've Fallen for Me?

Shuk: After lunch, he’s still badgering her. She finds the invitation to Guy’s party, and asks to tag along. That would be, of course, a big “NO” except that someone has showed up at the house.  He agrees to take her to the party in order to get her to hide from his visitor.  She crawls under the sink in the kitchen.

Shuk:  It’s Thom, one of his assistants.  Apparently, his stay at Mintra’s shop the night before was captured by tabloid reporters and made it to a television show.  All public events have been cancelled until the scandal blows over, but he insists on going to Guy’s soirée.
Shuk:  He watches the two salacious anchors speculate and angrily tosses the coffee table.  Hours later, he remembers his roommate, and wakes her up from under the sink.  He agrees to take her to the party, as long as they show up separately.
JoAnne:  *rubs hands with glee* We're almost there!

Shuk:  A Who’s Who of Thai entertainment royalty show up, much to the delight of the reporters and photogs there.  Guy’s business is called “Brilliant Connection” based on the celebrity backdrop.

Shuk:  Om-Am is back in the pretty dinner dress; Guy is all dressed in white; Mike is in a suit and tie.  He calls his bro to tell him he’s arrived. Guy is alarmed due to the publicity but Mike insists.
JoAnne:  Mike is hubba-HUBBA.
Shuk:  We get a nice slo-mo strut to his abs-moving music.  The reporters snap photos, but are prevented from asking too many questions. Guy finds him in an empty room and thanks him for showing up.  Mintra is the last to show, and Guy leaves to take care of her entrance.  Mike keeps drinking, but we know it’s only juice and not wine.

Shuk:  Om-Am is in gustatory heaven as she piles the food on her plate.  Guy finds his assistant and warns her to keep the reporters away from Mike and the “safe room”.   Heading for the front door, he bumps into Om-Am.

Shuk:  They have a cute conversation about the food, and he is amused by her happiness of food.  He all but offers her a job, asking about her current storyline.  She’s animated as she describes the plot, enacting out the hands-holding love confession.
JoAnne: It's not that they're not cute together...it's just...he's not Mike.

Shuk:  Mintra is stomping into the house, and is pissed to see Guy holding hands and staring into Om-Am’s eyes. She snaps at him, and Om-Am scrambles away.
JoAnne:  Honestly, the more I see her the more I dislike her.  And she looks so hard, and her hair is always a bird's nest!

Shuk:  Mintra is all up in his grille. Does he like that woman? When she confessed? He is adamant; she is his sister and the person his brother loves.  There will never be anything between them. Mintra takes off, determine to confront Mike. Guy calls his assistant, but the collision course is set, and it’s too late.

Shuk:  Without any consideration of the surroundings, she demands to know if he loves her.
JoAnne: Bitchy little drama queen. Who acts like that?
Shuk:  Mike is trapped by the backdrop behind and the gaggle of reporters in front. He gives her an angry stare, and then tells the reporters that he will answer and end the speculation once and for all. There is only one woman he loves.
JoAnne:  For her to humiliate her 'life-long friend' that way is just unforgiveable.

Shuk:  And with that, he strides determinedly to Om-Am and plants a big ol’ kiss on her. Then a second one - ohh yeah. The other two are shocked into speechlessness.
JoAnne:  Mikey likes it. And now he's gonna put a ring on it.

Shuk: There’s nothing but silence and seething emotions in the car, and when they get home, Om-Am challenges him about his actions. He tells her they will discuss it in the morning, which earns him a face slap. There’s the lakhorn element!
JoAnne: Wasn't there a thing about this being her first kiss in FH-KV? I wonder if that will come up.
Shuk:  And there’s even more buzzbuzzbuzz everywhere. Guy tries to contact both Mike and Om-Am, but the phones are off. The publisher that turned her down sees it, and, worst of all, the Prego couple see it too.

Shuk:  And even worse than worse, Mike’s father, a doctor, starts receiving congratulations as well. The only thing faster than the speed of light is salacious gossip.

Shuk: Om-Am is on the pier studiously ignoring Mike. She doesn’t want to talk to a selfish, unfeeling person, but he asks for two years. What for?  If she marries him, and stays married for two years, he will sign the house over to her without payment.
Shuk:  He is obviously crazy, but it’s his house and his money.  She paces back and forth on the property while he sits on the pier, both thinking.
JoAnne: *incoherent noises of approval*


Shuk:  Two kisses??  One was for show, for sure, but the other?  I think he even surprised himself.  And now we have the contract marriage offer.  Heck, for that house, I wouldn't even hesitate, but then I’m greedy that way.  And decades older than him (cougar rawr – lol).
JoAnne:  Sign ME up.  He's delicious.

Shuk: Knowing the SK adaptation and reading the manhwa, I am already aware of the positions of the players, but I really wish The Despicable Pair could disappear and never come back.  The story line really doesn’t need their drama to keep things spicy and interesting, but the little glimpses they show us of these two tell me that they will figure more prominently in the future.  Ugh Blech Ptooey.
JoAnne:  *files nails, ignores  couple*

Shuk: I don’t sense any great feelings outside friendship from Guy, so I feel this is more of a love triangle than a square, with Mintra being just a little blip on the radar.  Still, feelings are made to grow, right? Our couple already had sparks in their interactions, and with a layer of friendship, and a layer of cohab, the icing can only get sweeter.
JoAnne: I think Guy was interested, but right now I think those looks of concern are mainly for his two besties,  because he knows what's going on.  Still, there's potential for his feelings for Om-Am to grow, particularly after he figures out it's a contract marriage. What I'm not looking forward to is Mike being swayed by Min's plot to get him for herself when she suddenly realizes that she 'loves '  him.