Bride Of the Century Episode 5 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  It's been a while since we have done a drinking game.  I'm gonna call this one "Denial Drinking" - one shot every time Kang-ju does something out of character. Two shots if  he comes up with an excuse.  And I've got a 1.75L bottle of soju at the ready!!
JoAnne: Hang on I have to go buy a lot of booze.


Shuk:  So we begin with the playground / yayground liplock mango cake kisseu. Let’s note that both sets of eyes are closed. OppaNotOppa’s are open, though, and he stares at them before abruptly leaving
JoAnne: Yayground? I LIKE that. I also like the mango cake kisseu.
Shuk:  Bubbles finally pushes back; FirstBorn seems content to settle in for a while.  They break apart, and he takes a moment for a quick ‘wow’ face before turning back to her,  using the “I will make you see me as a man” excuse as the reason.  She was just joking though.
JoAnne: Kang Ju and his pissy little face are rapidly becoming one of my dearest sights these days. These two are the cutest thing ever that doesn't include an elephant.
Shuk: Don't you mean mammoth?
JoAnne:  They ARE different, you know.  Besides being extinct...mammoths were bigger.  And hairy.  And aggressive.

Shuk:  He tells her that the one who has the most has the upper hand in any relationship, and doesn’t need permission for skinship actions. In fact, she should be grateful to him.  He gets up to leave, but has to wait until she boxes up the cake.  He’s exasperated, but she’s cold, so he wraps her in his coat, warning her not to think he likes her or anything.
JoAnne: I don't know about you but I think this qualifies for a shot.  He's trying to play it like the kiss wasn't all about him wanting to smoosh her and we know better!
Shuk:  At her gate, she’s puzzled and he’s smirking. I think he’s happy that she looks at him like a man. It isn’t until after he’s gone when she realizes she still has his coat.
JoAnne: She thought she was hot because she wants her some o' that namja. Look at his cute little smirk down there.

Shuk:  We find out that Flunkette tracked down Mall Mouse to confirm that she is the one that posted the IdolBoy Anti-Fan comment about dating an older woman. Flunkette is convinced that Yi-kyung put her up to it.
JoAnne: I dub thee Irrelevant.  Be gone, Flunkette.

Shuk:  Bubbles is going over the events of the Night, and wondering if it was because of the bracelet. She freaks herself out  with her thoughts, and tells herself to punch him the next time he tries anything funny.
JoAnne: Or you could try another option...
Shuk: Aww, FirstBorn is with Ahjumma to try sweet potatoes with kimchi. She gets a call from ChoiDad, and his son takes his tray into his study, along with his new favorite snack.
JoAnne: The way to this man's stomach certainly appears to be food.

Shuk:  Dad tries one out, and reminisces about the good old days when it was a real treat.  He wonders who told his son to try it. Kang-ju said a monster from another planet, and Dad knows right away who it is. A nice father /son moment. It’s so great to have a good relationship between generations!
JoAnne: I like this dad so much but every time I see him I have to make this emotional shift because on the other channel I'm watching him be an evil troll.
Shuk:  Bubbles brings snacks by the office. No one is there, so she leaves it on FirstBorn’s desk with a happy note. The secretary comes back just as Assistant Lee (Kang Pil-seon), henceforth known as Giraffe, brings in a small red jewelry box and places it on the desk near the snack.
JoAnne: She brings him food, he buys her jewelry. I think they have it worked out pretty well.

Shuk:  Snacks are getting spread around as Mall Mouse brings up a box of brochures.  Flunkette headwaves Bubbles to a quiet corner and accuses her of putting Mouse up to the anti-fan post, but Bubbles counters she would never do the same thing as a certain loser who posted a cake-eating video. Score another one for Bubbles!
JoAnne:  It's odd, this scene didn't appear in the one I was watching.  For a minute Bubbles just stood in the corner and made faces...

Shuk:  The hackles get raised, but  an assistant runs in with bad news - the special ring designed for President Kaneko is missing!  The red box is empty.
JoAnne: That sounds like spy code. Spy #1: The red box is empty.  Spy #2: Is a sweet potato less sweet without the sour of kimchi kisses?

Shuk:  Bubbles follows Flunkette to FirstBorn’s office, where he is dressing down Griaffe. The man protests his innocence, but his secretary said no one had been in or out of the office but him.  Kang-ju further humiliates him by opening up his personnel file and  reading aloud his personal information: his family has heavy financial obligations, and he was recently turned down for a loan. He continues to say it wasn't him, but FirstBorn slugs him.
JoAnne: Bad form, First Born. Bad form.

Shuk: Doo-rim is shocked at her fiance’s behavior and goes to help Giraffe.  Kang-ju warns her to stop taking charity. In a monotone, Kang-ju  intones: The employees closest to you are always ready to attack you from behind. You’re adorable most of the time, Kitten Boy, but you  sure have issues. He has the police contacted, and even Flunkette is surprised.
JoAnne: Well, they come naturally. I mean, the kidnapping? Seriously, that will warp you.

Shuk: Bubbles tries one more time to make FirstBorn see reason, but it’s an NG. She heads over to the precinct in a show of support for Giraffe. She asks him if he has any idea what happened.  He gets a thoughtful look before dismissing it.  It couldn't be the person he’s thinking of.
JoAnne:  This guy's a sweetie.  I always love the kind-hearted secretary who is loyal to his cold chaebol-boss and helps humanize him. Come to think of it, my first Secretary of That Sort might have been a certain interesting looking fellow in SeGa...who've I've been following ever since as he careens from secretary to maniacal killer to gangster oppa with an ironing fetish and now just adorable gangster oppa with the best hair for touching.
Shuk:  Amber Eyes!!  He's so squeezable...but I digress.

Shuk:  We get a flashback. Mouse was carrying boxes when she was started by a car and dropped them. Giraffe picked up the red box from the Jewelry Security Thugs, but put it on the ground to help  Mouse collect her stuff.  Is he sweet on her?  But it was the only time he ever put the box down after confirming the ring was in it.
JoAnne:  All signs point to yes.
Shuk: Bubbles tries to contact her friend but sees her being dragged off by the same bad guys in black that showed up on her rooftop.  Bubbles arrives just as she offers them the Kaneko Ring.  She can't believe her friend did that.  She tells the goons to lay off. Fatso wants to play, but Tall Dark and Gruesome recognizes her, and they both slink away.
JoAnne: I am so disappointed.  I feel like there's just mousedroppings everywhere. I wanted her to be a good person but first the anti-fan cafe and now this?
Shuk:  Flunkette is reviewing the CCTV tapes, when she catches site of  Bubbles dragging Mouse to their Storage Room of Secrets.  Mouse admits to being frightened of those guys, and grabbing the ring without thinking of anything but getting the loan sharks off her back.  She tried everything to minimize her expenses, but she kept falling deeper in debt.  It doesn't justify what happened.  She agrees, and decides to tell President Choi the truth and accept the consequences.  Bubbles has a better idea; let's replace the ring and all will be well.  Anyone want to name the problems with that plan?
JoAnne:  Mouse!  I'm so proud of you!  My faith in humanity is restored!  Bubbles, lovie...bad idea.

Shuk:  So she makes it back to his desk and replaces the ring in the empty jewelry box that happens to be lying on his desk next to a cell phone. Outside, she nods at Mouse and they go their separate ways.  Bubbles sends a pick-me-up SMS to bolster her courage.

Shuk:  That night, Bubbles gets a phone call regarding the ring, and it sounds like all is right with the world.   FirstBorn looks at his desk after hanging up with his squeeze, and notices the snack.  He reads the note on the sandwich and smiles slightly, but it slips away when he realizes that there was at least one other person who was in his office – Bubbles.  Just then Flunkette triumphantly shows up with her cell phone, like the shallow creature she is. So, there’s yet another person who was in his office.  Maybe he needs to think about cipher locks.
JoAnne:  We could just snap her legs like the twigs they are, too.
Shuk:  Bubbles is happily staring at the stars and thinking good thoughts when she receives a phone call from our Kitten Prince demanding her presence outside JangHouse.  The moment she reaches the gate, he yanks her further outside and starts yelling. Did she steal the ring?  She stutters and tries to explain, but he just bulldozes right over her. Yi-kyung doesn’t need to steal it, but she probably tried it on and forgot she was wearing it. After all, she’s unpredictable with no common sense, so   this seems perfectly feasible.  She tries again, but he’s on a roll. He’s tired of cleaning up after her carelessness, and wants to reconsider the whole marriage thing.  JangOppa shows up just as FirstBorn drives off and leaves her crying.
JoAnne:  I mean, I get it, but still...
Shuk:  JangMa is pissed that her daughter's reputation has been sullied.  Doo-rim promises to make it right. JangOppa correctly deduces that Flunkette had a hand in this.

Shuk:  In the Woman's Locker at the store the next day, the hen conference is all about the rumors that President Choi's fiancee is a thief.  Mall  Mouse overhears, and you just know she's going to do the right thing.
JoAnne: You just couldn't be that cute AND be evil.

Shuk:  FirstBorn is drowning his sorrows at a bar and ignoring repeated phone calls from Flunkette.  He makes his slightly unsteady way home, where his mother is waiting for him. Roo-mi has told her that Yi-kyung stole the ring, but Kang-ju tells her not to worry about it.
JoAnne:  What I love, what I absolutely LOVE about this drama is 1) how little he gives a shit about what Roo Mi thinks about anything and 2) how quickly Bubbles got under his skin.

Shuk: The Creepy Triangle isn't worried.  JangMa tells her daughter that ChoiMother will only move the wedding up. Based on her face when FirstBorn got home, those two are on the same evil wavelength.

Shuk:  Giraffe is released from lockup, only to be met by Mouse in the waiting room.  Much to his consternation, she kneels in front of him and apologizes while crying. He kneels down and takes her hands in his. In his heart, he also stole the ring to pay for his mother's medical bills and pay for his dongsaeng's education, so he doesn't blame her.  They do a little hand-holding-hug just as Bubbles shows up. She doesn't let them know she was there, though.
JoAnne:  1,2,3....awwwwwwwwwwww  But what's she gonna do? climb up his leg to get a kiss someday?
Shuk:  Giraffe shows up for work as usual and FirstBorn is embarrassed, but his assistant smoothly accepts responsibility. He also tells the President he has a guest.  Which turns out to be Mouse.

Shuk:  ChoiMother is back at the small medium's (ha) shop for more marriage advice.  He simpers while she's there, but turns into a whinyass once she's gone.  And the Bad Mamajamas plot together over tea.  The fakey conversation makes me almost lose my Dr Pepper and soju. Choi gives Jang a list of wedding dates to ASAP the nuptials.
JoAnne:  Moving on...

Shuk: We get a flashback, when JangMa first saw Bubbles at their food stall in Namhae. I'm assuming this is after JangOppas "oof" moment at the work site. JangBitch was not on the Sacrificial Lamb bandwagon at the beginning of the scheme, but by the current time of our drama, she's ready to throw down for the chance to live as Mrs. TaeYang Corporation.  Brainwashed much, chippy?
JoAnne:  I wonder if that WAS after OppaNotOppa first saw her.  Because there's that whole mystery of how the two girls are connected, after all...

Shuk:  ChoiMother meets up with Flunkette to ask her to stop trying to sabotage her son's wedding, and to stay by his side like she always has. Flunkette desperately cries that Mother knows how much she's loved him. I guess that means she's been poring her little girlish fantasies to Mother for decades. So has ChoiMother been manipulating her into the perfect DIL#2 after manipulating DIL#1 into an early grave? Ooph, both moms even creepier than I thought.
JoAnne: Oh I just assumed this from the beginning.

Shuk:  ChoiDad is reading, but his quiet time is interrupted by another prank call. He ends up listen to his album again.

Shuk"  JangMa is just leaving her daughter's hidey-hole in Cheondamdong when JangOppa spots her. She covers up that she's visiting a friend, but I don't think he believes her. Meanwhile, he gets a call from Bubbles, and they go grocery shopping.
JoAnne: Fine it's a little weird but I just love how smitten he is by her bubbly kindness.
Shuk:  At the store, Bubbles gripes that it's been days since she last heard from FirstBorn - no texts no calls  - even though he knows the truth. JangOppa tells her it's because he's never had to apologize in his life. She agrees, likening his pride to a planet. One of the store employee remarks that they look like newlyweds.  Bubbles blows off the comment, saying they are just bro/sis, but he gets a weird look on his face.
JoAnne: Because off camera the employee is giving him an 'ooooh, you NASTY' look.

Shuk:  With a bag full of fresh vegetables, they decide to go see a movie.  Because I always want to go see the newest Avengers flick with a bag of onions to heighten the 3D experience [shrug].  Bubbles picks out a horror movie, "Killer Toon" (which I personally enjoyed, but it's not for the squeamish). While waiting for the popcorn, JangOppa gets a phone call from a frantic-sounding FirstBorn.  He had been trying all day to get a hold of Yi-kyung - did he know where she was?  Aww, did he think she was sobbing and suicidal?
JoAnne:  I felt bad for OppaNotOppa, left holding his onions while the other two have fun.

Shuk:  OppaNotOppa hands her the snacks and tells her to head on into the theater; he has to make a phone call. And the teaser stallion steps aside...

Shuk:  The movie starts and Bubbles checks her pockets for her phone to call OppaNotOppa.  Well, know we know why he couldn't get contact her when her pockets turn up empty.  The lights go dark as the opening credits begin. A certain Kitten Prince slides into the seat, but she barely notices with her eyes glued to the screen.
Shuk:  Clearly he's not into slasher films as he flinches through the entire movie.  She finally turns to him and shrieks out loud, throwing popcorn remains everywhere.  She wonders where Oppa disappeared, and FirstBorn sneers that she must be really dense not to know the difference between Oppa and fiance.  He asks her to go someplace to talk.  Wait, ask?  Not tell?

Shuk:  At the coffee show, she's the grumpy one, but he cuts right to the chase: "I'm sorry".  His sincerity takes the wind right out of her sails, although she tries to maintain her indignation. He just pops up with a "sorry"? He can just stew until she's a wrinkled old lady. He replies with an adorable grin, "I'm sorry, you wrinkled old lady." She smiles and all is forgiven. This exchange tells me two things: (1) he's a chaebol who doesn't excuse his own behavior; and (2) he's now pretty much doing everything she asks.  Squee!
JoAnne:  Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee from me too!
Shuk:  She asks about Mouse, which exasperates him.  Why is she always trying to protect that woman? She seems like she's from a different world when she behaves like this.  It makes him uncomfortable because it's unfamiliar.  Just like apologizing, which he did for the first time tonight.  No excuse so no shot, but ooh, the pout!
JoAnne:  He has cheeks I'd like to pat.

Shuk:  ChoiDad calls in Ahjussi and advises him to star investigating something.  Is he finally looking into his first wife's death?
JoAnne:  Continuing on with the 'since it's only been 30 years' theme of earlier episodes.  Glad the SHOW moves faster than this man.

Shuk:  Bubbles tells JangMa about the evening, and JangMa plays the martyr: poor weak me is being pushed into choosing a wedding date by the mean powerful Choi family.  Naturally, Bubbles plays right into it.

Shuk:  OppaNotOppa is doing some investigating of his own, and finds out his birthday flowers were ordered near the area where he bumped into his mother. Flunkette tracks down the two Namhae girls who filmed Doo-rim kicking Coffee-stealer butt and  also confronts Mouse with the video, wondering if it was that fighting friend from her rooftop.
JoAnne:  She's irritating, but she's no slouch.

Shuk: Oblivious Bubbles is enjoying her PR work at a orphanage, as Mouse sadly packs up her employment things. The other girls tell her that there's to be a surprise concert at the center. Uh-oh, I hope its not the piano!
JoAnne:  Of course it will be the piano.

Shuk:  Flunkette meets IdolBoy outside the orphanage. He definitely likes her, poor kid. She hustles him in to hide him, but Bubbles sees and wonders. Then she gets the call from Mouse. Oh snap, now what!
JoAnne: Let's all panic and freak out!
Shuk:  JangOppa is wandering the parking lot of that CDD hi-rise looking foe Yi-kyung's car. JangMa gets the phone call from Doo-rim about the nasty surprise Roo-mi has created. Panic mode!
JoAnne: I like it when people listen to me.
Shuk:  Flunkette picks the perfect innocent white outfit for the concert. Bubbles tries to refuse, but to no avail. Also, FirstBorn is coming too - doesn't she want to support her fiance? She gets a call from JangOppa - he's going to try and stop the concert.  But how?
JoAnne:  Lie on the keys and refuse to move?

Shuk:  FirstBorn shows up just as Flunkette takes the stage as  Maleficent the MC. And the clock ticks...

Shuk:  Yi-hyun tries to set the fire alarm as Jang-in takes the stage.  Doo-rim is gripping her phone like a lifeline backstage. Finally she's called on stage, and hesitantly walks over to the piano as the kids chant

Shuk:  Wait! Children with candles!  Don't hurt the fire suppression system, Oppa! The woman in white puts her fingers on the piano keys....and with a sneer, vamps a stinging piano riff. It's JangBitch!!
JoAnne: ohhhhhhhhhhhh snap


Shuk: So, wow, she's back. Flunkette's scheme is destroyed, of course, but what to do now that the real fiancee has shown up?  What a delightful mess and fascinating conundrum. And a chance for me to use a word like 'conundrum'. lol
JoAnne: Right because once Doo-Rim knows she's back, won't she just bug out back to Namhae? That's not going to work.
Shuk:  Not when he likes kissing Doo-rim so much.