Age of Feeling / Inspiring Generation - Episode 24 (A PRE-Cap)

Again, a warning that this probably won't make sense if you haven't seen the episode.

Episode 24

What IS it with arming people with axes?  You don't carry an axe unless you're chopping wood or a serial murderer. It's not exactly the weapon of choice, you HwangBangers!

Cars go BOOM

These people are clearly OVER IT.  We watch the cars blow up, we watch Baek San march into Seul's room, we watch as Seul says 'What? Shin Jung Tae blew up the cars?', and then we watch as Baek San helpfully replies, 'Yes, that is what happened.'  Meanwhile Do Ggoo is in the background grimacing in pain. Me too, DogNose. Me too.

Fuck you princess - it's all fun and games unless it's YOUR family involved, huh?

Man I really love this music! Let's go rob everything!

Baek San looking at Seul: You have clearly lost it, my princess.

Do Ggoo's face after he hangs up the phone

oh shit Jung Tae you did NOT do that hahahahahahahahahaha

did they HAVE copy machines back then?

ooh ChirinBang starting to distance themselves

These two handsome devils

love how they just keep showing Mo's hand killing someone new

Jae Hwa. You did not just wink at that man before you slashed him.

why are they moving little shit patties? why are they burning shit patties?  WHY IS HE SNIFFING BURNING SHIT PATTIES

it must be opium. So I get when you're addicted, but who would be the one to look at a glob of shit with grass in it and go hey, let's smoke that up! for the first time?

Two things: they didn't even try to make that couch set look like it belonged in 19 anything, let alone 1930s.  Second thing:  they're just bringing in production company staffers to play these one off roles right? That's the accountant, I know it.

Creepy Seul with eyes half shut Wan Baek San, when the sun goes down...oh you don't want to know how afraid I was

hahahahahaha they can't FIND anybody

I have sincerely loved how people politely wait for their turn to attack someone.

so all that talk about seobang today and that's not even what he said. It's not even the right language.

Jae Hwa, work on your insults. Threatening someone that they'll have to wear their gloves just doesn't have that certain flair, you know?

kiss him Seuliya,  you know you want to

confirmation: shit pies = opium

hhahahaahh Tall ChirinBang did not give the response Seul wanted:  look what they did to me! this, and this, and this, and this! What would you do?  TCB:  how 'bout stopping?

Heo: it's hard out here for a pimp!

 Kwang Pei bites that grass so DECISIVELY

heeheeehee Mo whistling but I think those lumps in the truck are people

 WHAT whaqt

who is that with the blue hair, Top? even the eyebrows


pick up a GUN you idiots

ahahahahahahahaahahaaah Jung Tae just avoids him ahahahahahahahahahahah

holy shit Jung Tae powered up and beat the crap out of that dude

I seriously thought that was someone's cell phone on vibrate

oooh please let General BooJoo turn out to be Boss Hwang

dudes, the camouflage net does not go on the inside of the building. Trust me. Ten years in the Army. I know what I'm talking about.

General BooHoo or BooBoo or whatever I LOVE you.  You look like the 2d assistant PD or something though, but I love the way you stuck it to Princess

Who is this guy? He must be Chinese (in the story) ohh he's here for the Mori doc

do we trust him?  Why wouldn't they just TAKE it from him and then kill him?  He's Korean - oh wait it's Japan who invaded Korea, not China

and THAT guy is the caterer's third cousin

safety zone and ID cards too?  Is it Christmas, Jung Tae?

what is the safety zone anyway?  Does it have a dome over it?  Is there some sort of gentleman's agreement to shoot around it, not through it?

awww, the ID photos, I'm crying

ahhh, Do Ggoo, you stuck with the wrong crew

you fucking troll, 'your son'

what are those two guys fluffing their clothes and talking sign language wit their hands doing back there?  It's goddamn distracting.  Princess Seul is talking!

who the hell is that, and how does he get to stab him right in front of the soldiers?  How did Jung Tae get to HIT him in front of the soldiers, first?

fucker didn't even get a death fully on screen.  Good.  I didn't want to see his face. He didn't deserve that time.

Where are Gaya and Aoki?  Did My Aka die?

I REALLY like that lotus lamp in the temple.

oh fine you shit, put on a hat NOW such hotness

are those mylar balloons in the background?

there she is. Oh shit Aoki looks good.

Well shit way to put her between a rock and a hard place, Japan

Her earrings look like silver skulls with pearls hanging off.

oh his faaaaaaaace oh Aoki it's so sad

he's letting her go?  he let her go.  HE LET HER GO.

there's the accountant again.  Meanwhile, Jae Hwa and Lady Doc are back there all alone with Il Gookie

oh you pretty eyes man.  do you have a drama starting up soon again?

and Il Gookie listens to Jae Hwa because....?

shit shit shit shit isn't it about time for Mo to miraculously appear and save the girl?

well that was interesting

Super Jung Tae to the rescue!

Mo Minion is there with the Bamsangtongers, but where is Mo.  If they hook Minion up with SoSo instead I'm going to be pissed.

ooh tushie

betcha Gaya comes along to beg for Aoki's life

shit that man's ass is seriously a work of art

and they just KEEP showing it to us

Called that one

She'd have done the same for Jung Tae though I know it.  Poor Aoki.  Not chosen, AND lost the fight in front of his woman, to the man he never could beat.

I don't think he realizes that their good news is her death warrant.

where the fuck is Mo?

There's Mo.  And I guess Jae Hwa married his doctor.

That hat is too big, Jung Tae

He's just LEAVING?  Look at So So's face!  And he just winks at Jung Tae? Ask her to go too!

trolls you trolls you fucking trolls

So, what, that's how it ends?  Frenemies?  It looks like a wedding with Gaya officiating over the two grooms, except they handshake.

so that's it?

Oh right, Chung Ah, that must be a letter from her

aoki loves the shit outta that girl.  He loves her way more than Jung Tae ever did.  She's his Ok Ryeon.


Ok wow.  But why..whatever.