Bride Of The Century Episode 14 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Lots of cute and lots of WTFkry going on in this episode.

Shuk: Everyone is surprised at the hug between Bubbles and Kitten Prince. OppaNotOppa and Mouse grin, but Grandma screeches. Bubbles pulls away, embarrassed. He isn't, though, and formally apologizes to Grandma. He knows she doesn't like him, but he just can’t live without her granddaughter.
JoAnne: I squee a little because he's just too cute.
Shuk: Later that night, Grandma hides the red shoe again, and sits Doo-rim down for a heart-to-heart. She's not happy that Choi Kang-ju is a chaebol and heir to TaeYang. She blames herself that her illness caused Doo-rim to get involved with these people, and they share a hug.
JoAnne: Grandma, stop teasing us with the shoe and share the REAL story!

Shuk: ChoiDad shows up at the restaurant, surprising Bubbles. He’s a pretty cool Dad, and puts her at ease by happily digging in to his meal. She apologizes to him for the situation, since he supported and trusted her. He just smiles and says he’s happy she is back with his son, and she can rest her worries.
JoAnne: It's so hard to believe that in another universe, he's an evil Troll Princess.
Shuk: Bubbles makes up a care package for the Choi household, and Ahjumma coos over the tasty food. ChoiMother isn't interested, and the servants speculate that she doesn't like the girl who thwarted her marriage plans.
JoAnne: I'd say she has larger concerns on her mind, wouldn't you?

Shuk: JangOppa is listening to The Root’s confession with Smirky, and begs his sister not to go through with the press conference tomorrow. This won’t buy her happiness. She doesn't care, she wants it to buy misery for Kitten Prince and Bubbles.
JoAnne: Two orders of misery please, with extra sweet potato!
Shuk: At the restaurant, JangOppa hands Bubbles the restaurant deed again, and promises that his mother will not interfere with it. Choi Kang-ju actually purchased the restaurant for her. She still refuses, and our AwesomeOppa pulls out the trump card. His mom has some devastating information on the Choi family, but Kitten Prince is sticking to his guns just to make sure Doo-rim stays in his life. With that, she bolts out of there.
JoAnne: So fascinating that real estate sales close so quickly in Korea, and also that JangMom was so agreeable about the sale! One would think she'd have no interest in helping Kang Ju, no?

Shuk: Prince is head over paperwork, poring over his documents, when he realizes someone is in his office. He looks up to see Bubbles, and wonders what she’s doing there. She runs around the desk and gives him a big old hug. He’s shocked for a moment, but sinks into the hug with a smile when she goes into “You wonderful man, you” routine. She worries that he will lose everything, but he says as long as he has her, it’s a win-win.
JoAnne: Sure, sure. I am very curious as to how much they will actually lose, aren't you?
Shuk: He stands up and cups her face, reminding her of her encouraging words the day before. She promises that if he fails she’ll support him with the restaurant. He goes into business mode: the restaurant is not a gift and he expects to be paid back with interest. First payment? She gives him a kiss and another happy hug.
Shuk: It’s the exact opposite of happy in JangMa’s office. The two Moms meet up to discuss what’s next. JangMa promises they will not go down alone, even if they are up against a cliff. ChoiMother says both sides should do what they must. After all, if she had enough courage to take one more step years ago, this would have never happened in the first place.
JoAnne: One more step and do WHAT, you silly woman? You were never in the running at all. And your MOTHER killed the girl who he did love. Not you. Stop making this all about you.
Shuk: JangMa sneers that she will watch how ChoiMother handles being called the daughter of a murderer. ChoiMom swipes back: ask your daughter and watch her world shred.
JoAnne: We interrupt my rant to say 'good point!'

Shuk: After ChoiMom leaves, JangMa tells her driver to make sure the thugs used to kidnap Na Doo-rim escape out of the country. He swears it will be done.
JoAnne: And why bother showing this unless it's a lie?

Shuk: ChoiMother holds her mom’s hand as we flash to a gathering of reporters. They are there for the Jang presscon, but Kitten Prince shows up and has his own convo in the lobby. We see a flashback where he talks to his mother, saying they need to come clean and show contrition with the public before someone else airs their dirty laundry. She promises to tell ChoiDad, who, of course, is unsurprised at the secret, having ferreted it out on his own.
JoAnne: I was impressed that he just went ahead and faced it full on. Although I mean, really, what could anyone do to them? The woman who committed the crime is lying in a bed dying.

Shuk: Back in the present, the two females send silent messages to each other; ChoiGrandMa is at peace leaving this world, and ChoiMom promises to be the caretaker in the next life. The Root Of All Evil passes on to the next Karma Train.
JoAnne: Aisle seat, extra pillow, no peanuts.
Shuk: At the presscon, Choi Kang-ju is unflinching; the Taeyang group will accept responsibility for the acts of thirty years ago, and send their apologies to the family.
JoAnne: And maybe some flowers.

Shuk: Smirky is pissed; JangMa respects the ruthlessness of their decision even as it erodes their own position. Smirky wants to know if there is a plan for revenge. AwesomeOppa is stuck between these two estrogen nightmares, but tells them both to stop. The argument escalates until there’s a knock at the door. It’s the police, arriving to arrest President Jang on suspicion of murder; they’ve got her flunky and the thugs in custody. AwesomeOppa holds back Smirky as she screams and faints.
JoAnne: Offering me yet another opportunity to marvel at people who see their own behavior and yet, just don't get it.
Shuk: Doo-rim is leaving the police station as Ki-hyun shows up. She apologizes for her actions against his family; she realizes it makes it harder on him. Inside, KangMa is giving revengy advice to her daughter, and blaming ChoiMother for her influence and connections.
Shuk: Smirky meets up with ChoiMother to return the Taeyang stocks, and beg to have the investigation against her mother dropped. ChoiMom is condescending, and Smirky is forced to swallow her shreds of pride and kneel.
JoAnne: That felt very very good.

Shuk: A perfectly coiffed JangMa is released from lockup, and there’s not even a tidbit of tofu in sight as her kids meet her.
JoAnne: Secretly they must want her back in jail, then.
Shuk: I thought she would look like this:
Shuk: At ChoiEstate, ChoiMother hands Wifey#1’s diary to her husband, which he picks up in his trembling hands. She also slides divorce papers across the table. He looks up at her as she tells him she wants to end their relationship, since is undeserving of being a wife and mother.
JoAnne: That's a huge gesture, one I didn't really expect. I wonder if he will accept it. She genuinely loves him and her sons, truly believed in the curse, and was guilty of being willing to manipulate it in favor of her bride-choice...which I guess alone is enough to make her a monster but she is so toothless in comparison to JangMom that I sort of feel sorry for her.

Shuk: Bubbles, Mouse and Grandma are heading out, when they bump into a loitering chaebol. Kitten Prince smiles and says he stopped by to see if Doo-rim missed him. Mouse invites him to come with them to the jimjilbang. Jim-jil-bang? He repeats with wide eyes, but jumps to tag along.
JoAnne: This eager-to-please Suitor Kang Ju makes me happy.
Shuk: Clearly he’s never been to one as Doo-rim Princess-Leia’s his towel. She tells him his life is boring if he’s never experienced something like this. The girls bring drinks and snacks. He cautiously tries a sip and declares it tasty. Bubbles cracks an egg on his head, and he retaliates. Later, the trio is asleep while he’s propped up against the wall hugging his pillow. A kid is playing Anipang nearby and he shoos him away with money so he won’t disturb the women. He also throws himself down to stop a male patron from bedding down near them.
JoAnne: I spent a lot of time thinking about that guy. Who would DO that? They were off to the side, out of the way of other patrons. And he was going to lie down RIGHT next to them. Also, I kept noticing HongKi's very hairy little legs, so cute.
Shuk: He also gets out his cellphone and takes a few shots of a sleeping Bubbles. She wakes up and catches him in the act. She falls into his lap while wrestling for the phone. Grandma wakes up and they freeze, but she just grins and rolls away. Bubbles finally gets the phone and wonders about all the pics of Kitten with dressed up girls. He explained that they are his hoobaes from school. She grouses that her picture has her in jimjilbang-wear versus the couture of the others. He doesn’t care; he just wants a couple shot.
JoAnne: Remembering back to the snotty, aloof Kang Ju from the beginning episodes, I call foul on all those pictures. He'd have ignored those requests.
Shuk: JangMa is drinking at the house; AwesomeOppa tells her they will have to sell some assets in order to weather this financial situation, at least until the Namhae resort is completed. She’s just bitter and resigned, needing to drink to be able to sleep. Smirky overhears this.
JoAnne: They certainly seem to have been outsmarted easily and quickly. Very anticlimactic.
Shuk: Dark-haired IdolBoy and Flunkette show up at the restaurant, and he marvels at the physical resemblance. Wait, are they a couple now? They set up for drinks, and Doo-rim asks Roo-mi how Ki-yung is doing.
JoAnne: Sure looks that way.
Shuk: Roo-mi visits Smirky, telling her she stopped by only because Na Doo-rim wanted her to. She also brought BubbleSnacks. Smirky gets all spun up, and Flunkette says she’d rather she be mad because it’s more like her. Once she leaves, Smirky throws the food and yells some more.
JoAnne: Smirky might need a stay somewhere soft and secure.
Shuk: Kitten Prince is having a bad dream of seeing Bubbles unconscious at the restaurant, so that morning he’s there when she trots down the stairs. Before he goes to work, she has to tie his tie. LOL his jealousy is cute. She mock strangles him when he teases her knot-skills, then she gets down to the wifely business of prepping her man. He tells her to stay home today since he’ll be stopping by to see her grandmother. Dude, I’m thinking if you found her at the restaurant in your dreams, it would be best to send her to Busan or something. Anyway, she finishes, he waves and leaves. Prison-Striped Barbie…er…Smirky is around the corner watching everything.
JoAnne: She got very dressed up for early in the morning spying, didn't she.

Shuk: She cries to her mom that she wishes the whole situation was just a bad dream, but JangMa tells her that they still have each other. She hands her daughter a ticket to Australia, and tells her to stay with a cousin until blows over. They hug and Yi-kyung promises to be with her mother no matter what.
JoAnne: This sounds ominous.
Shuk: Kang-ju is at the office with Grandma-bribes (gifts and flowers). He calls Doo-rim and says he’ll be heading out soon. Before he is able to leave, though, he gets a call from Yi-kyung asking him to come over. She’s looking at a single cufflink in her jewelry box before carefully putting on earrings and makeup.
JoAnne: What do you think she's going to do? And do you think she's possessed? Ever since that ghost appeared talking about Shadow and Light I've been puzzled as to the ghost's motivations again.
Shuk: Bubbles is dozing off at the store when Dark Lady shows up, bracelet in hand. She warns that her love is in danger and scatters the beads. Doo-rim wakes with a start and finds the bracelet, intact on the bench next to her. She tries to call Kitten just when Mouse shows up. Unfortunately, he left it in the car.
Shuk: Yi-kyung tells Kang-ju this will be the last time he sees her – does he even remember the first time they met? He’s flinty-eyed and says no. She goes on: it was at a party where someone spilled champagne on him, and he dropped the cufflink while cleaning up. She wants to return it, but he just wants to leave. She asks him to share a final glass of wine. Ack! This is not Romeo and Juliet! It’s not even Twelfth Night, really.
JoAnne: It's not even Shakespear's Sister.
Shuk: JangMa is going over the previous words of her daughter, and realizes the implications. AwesomeOppa and her head to the house.

Shuk: It’s very dark and moody at JangHouse, too dark to see anything except the spotlit glasses of wine. Smirky breaks open a drug capsule and pours it into a glass. They both sip from their glasses. Oh crap, which one has the iocane powder?? She wonders what his impression of her is? He just wishes her health and happiness. She asks if he can do anything to help her brother and mother in their business dealings. He will consider it, and with that, he says goodbye and leaves.
JoAnne: So she actually is crazy.

Shuk: She finishes the rest of her glass alone and leaves the table, only to collapse a short distance away.
JoAnne: That glass was filthy. And I checked - so was his.
Shuk: Doo-rim is relieved to receive a phone call from Kang-ju that he’s on his way, and Mouse leaves to find a glorious romance of her own.

Shuk: The Jangs come home and find her. Mom cries hysterically as Oppa dials 119.
Shuk: Kitten Prince pulls in front of the restaurant, and answers a call from JangMa threatening hell and damnation on his head on her daughter’s behalf. He hangs up, but before he can exit his car, the door locks shut down and the Dark Lady show up. He takes one shocked look at her before going unconscious. Did she do it, or was his glass poisoned as well?
JoAnne: I'll admit I don't understand this bit at all.
Shuk: Doo-rim hears the doors and goes to welcome her lover. Only it’s not him but a murderous mom. A drunk, murderous mom. Doo-rim backs away as JangMa advances, knocking things over and throwing them to boot. And, yet again [sigh], Bubbles’ KickAss-bility goes into Powersave Mode as all she does is scuttle on the floor and walk backwards until JangMa has her paws around her neck.
JoAnne: So while they rush my daughter to the hospital, perhaps to save her life, perhaps not, instead of going with her, I think I'll just drink a bunch of wine and drive across town to kill someone.
Shuk: Screaming “Die Die”, JangMa squeezes. Kitten Prince sleeps. The doors to the ChoiEstate ancestral home fly open, and low and behold, Bubbles gets transformed into Dark Lady.
JoAnne: So BUBBLES was the one possessed? And Kang Ju is locked in the car for his own safety?
Shuk: JangMa lets go of the apparition as Dark Lady starts ranting at her. Now she shows her true colors just as she did before and it’s time to pay for what she did. Whut?

Shuk: We get transformed back to the past where PastMa strangles HumanLady to death. PastBubbles walks in just as PastMa begins to strangle a newborn baby. PastBubbles grabs the child and runs out the door.
JoAnne: JangMa's the Original Bitch! Who was seriously going to just kill a baby in front of someone else after getting caught murdering the mother? What's her connection to PastBubbles, that PastBitch? I'm going to say her mother.
Shuk: Wow, what a great way to head to the final episodes. I’m always worried when the canon couple is finally together; frequently this becomes mired in filler as the loose ends are tied. But here? Nope, more mystery!!
Shuk: The final scene appears to be different than the scene from the first episode that may have a young Grandma in it. This is the four-hundred-year beginning, and we still have the same souls battling it out. What needs to be done to finally break this cycle? I’m not even sure where to start.
JoAnne: Long as it ends with fat bubbly baby Kittens, I'm good.
Shuk: I heard it might be a birth secret instead: