Cunning Single Lady / Sly and Single Again - Episode 14 (WookiCap)

We turn dark in this episode, as expected, and the Gooks go completely insane, collectively. Maybe they're all cyborgs - and somebody activated the Looney-switch? Overall, there's a lot of annoying stuff in this episode ... but also some very, very good scene between our OTP. I'm quite okay with the annoying stuff as well, since we're swiftly moving towards the end: There cannot be too much idiocy anymore.
JoAnne: I think the kids will regain their footing before they do major damage. I hope so anyway.
Episode 14

Roboleg vs. Ae-ra: The Showdown! On the roof of course, where else. Roboleg protects her father and doesn't say that it wasn't her that exchanged the bags when Ae-ra confronts her about it (yeah, yeah, sure, it's a KDrama, so that was expected). Then, the two woman blame each other for wrecking the company and CEO Cha, then they blame each other for clinging on to his guilt/his debt. I'm on Ae-ra's side, you?
JoAnne: Oh, definitely Ae-Ra's, but if I put myself in RoboLeg's shoes I can kind of see why she thought the way she did. Where I stop having sympathy for her is that she KNOWS Jung Woo likes Ae Ra. That's the point at which you stop.
Roboleg tries to slap Ae-ra (whatever for???), they tussle, then Roboleg no longer wants to serve her master and 2nd Lead collapses. Is that leg connected to her nerve system? I mean ... is she really a cyborg?! Wow. She passes out. Jung-woo, who has come up to the roof and witnessed the last few seconds of confrontation, runs to her side. Ae-ra is at loss for words, so both of them just exchange charged looks, before he runs away, the unconscious Roboleg in his arms. I have to giggle a bit at this point. I know it's not funny, but this is getting so silly I can't help it.
JoAnne: Maybe RoboLeg electrocuted her for being stupid.
Jung-woo sits at Roboleg's bedside in the hospital: he now knows about the leg (F I N A L L Y. there's an inflammation, by the way). Outside, he meets Luscious. The first thing Jung-woo wants to know is why they didn't tell him about the leg-issue. The reason: she didn't want to be pitied. She gave everything for Jung-woo and protected him and wanted to be loved for that. Not for not having a leg (=pity-love).
JoAnne: Because I don't know about YOU but the MINUTE I see someone with a roboleg I immediately fall for them and want to get married, just out of pity.
Luscious declares war: he will give it his all to get Ae-ra (uhm .... are you not forgetting something? Like she saying she cannot give you her heart? Are you deaf?). And he has "thrown away his hyung". Yeah, Luscious, your analysis is right: You and your family? Really fucked up in the love department. But stop blaming others for it right now! What a bastard.
JoAnne: Yeah, this I don't get. She said no, dude. You gave your all, and your all got a thanks but no thanks. The concept that a person will fall in love with you if you just keep pushing them to do so is foreign to me in the extreme.
Ae-ra gets home and finds Roomie crying in the bathroom. She is pregnant! She thinks - cause she is not. She can't even read a pregnancy test? Maybe she is a right fit for dumb brother after all (by the way ... people have sex in KDrama! Wow!). She isn't crying because she was sad - but because to think of a baby made her happy. That makes Ae-ra's own tears flow.
JoAnne: Of all the STUPID ways to get us to this point, this is about the stupidest.
kakashi: Wasn't it??! "Oh look I'm pregnant and terrified!" (3 seconds later) "Oh no, I'm not at all pregnant and actually, I was just happy". 

Jung-woo arrives downstairs ... he tries to call Ae-ra but she isn't picking up. Because nobody in Korea ever locks their door, he enters the apartment, cautiously calling her name. Not getting an answer, he steps inside. He hears sobs from the bathroom and steps closer.
Finally. Finally and sadly, he hears her speak about their baby, her hope that she couldn't protect. She cannot forget it, because if she does, nobody will remember. The guilt she feels over not telling him is heart-breaking. Jung-woo just collapses outside, silently crying, as he realizes just HOW hard it was for her. And grieving ... grieving for something he didn't even know he'd lost. Grieving for her pain, which he caused.
JoAnne: Yeah, this.
I expect him to leave, like every KDrama character before him, but no, he's still there, consumed by grief, when Roomie steps out of the bathroom. And would you believe it! He actually goes IN to comfort Ae-ra. He hugs her, real close. And he apologizes, over and over, as they cry together.
JoAnne: I was surprised too.
She's tucked into bed afterwards. He apologizes again, through the glass door. He'll do better, he promises, even if it's embarrassing to say this after such a long time. Don't be good to me, is her answer: she isn't sure about them. She's afraid. Failing once is enough - she doesn't want to get hurt again. He promises to never hurt her again, to never leave her alone again, but she isn't ready ... she asks him to just leave her alone. When she's fallen asleep, he does. He looks at her and he thinks to himself that he will do as she wishes: if she is more comfortable not seeing him, he will stay away. "Just don't abandon me", are his last thoughts as he walks away.
JoAnne: But... didn't she? Just?
There's chaos at the company because of the mishap during the promotion show - and Ae-ra gets the offer from Shilla hotel. During the meeting at D&T, Jung-woo protects Ae-ra against some dudes that think the intern is to blame and needs to be punished. Blaming people isn't going to help them, Jung-woo says: they need to do something against their tarnished image. Boom, the door opens and in walks Luscious. He is no longer your cute Puppy, ladies - he now is Mr. Director himself.
JoAnne: Scuse me. That's not a picture of Puppy Director there. It should be.
kakashi: No. This is a WookiCap. There's WookiPics. And Puppy is now evil, so ... no pics for him
On the lesser rooftop, Luscious now Director apologizes to Ae-ra for deceiving her - and tells her that she must know one more thing about him: he knows Cha Jung-woo really well. He was (is?) like an older brother to him. But if it comes down to a choice between his Hyung and Ae-ra, it's Ae-ra he chooses.
JoAnne: There's that luscious Director Puppy. Goodness. Give this man a lead role in something. Or I will. And I won't share that one with any of you.
Jung-woo is currently with the Annoying Father, asking him to remove Luscious from the Director's seat. It's not good for the employees' morale to promote an intern to Director overnight. Luscious is smart enough to move up on his own. But Annoying father won't have it: his money, his family members to watch over it. And look at them moving against Jung-woo already: there's an investors' meeting the next day. You know what, Jung-woo? The best that can happen to you is if your company goes bankrupt and/or if they kick you out. You can start something new without the Gooks' money.
JoAnne: Hahahahah preemptive strike time? 'Ok, I quit. Now fill your last episodes, go on!'
Luscious says mean things about Jung-woo's game who keeps being delayed etc. but Jung-woo promises the investors he'll pay them back by the end of the year - that's in three months. And he is taking responsibility for it. I do wonder a little that anybody in this room would listen to this young and totally green brat, but let's just go with it. Later, Luscious tells Jung-woo he is not a good CEO (he can handle machines but not people). Also, the company does too much software stuff. Buahahaha, seriously. Just STOP playing business man, young one. 
JoAnne: It's not fair for you to TALK about him but then not SHOW him (duh. See above)

Instead of getting angry, Jung-woo actually smiles: and he says he'll think about Luscious new plans - and about how he is as a CEO. Before he leaves, he greets Luscious respectfully as new director. So cool. My plastic flower just grew by 10 centimeters.
JoAnne: He is a cool hyung to the end. Puppy, take notes.
D'awwwwwz. L-Secretary plays Cupid afterwards ... he tells Jung-woo that Ae-ra is really worried over him (which is true, because she hears how bad the situation is and that it might very well cost him his CEO position). But Jung-woo is honoring her wish to be left alone ... only he sends L after her to see where she is going. Some phone PPL follows, where L follows her and films her ... of course, he gets caught - and Jung-woo apologizes to her for making her worry over the phone.
JoAnne: That was a cute little bit.
He also hears from L that her father is sick. From Dumb Brother, who is now working at the company!, he hears that even Ae-ra has to go and help in the restaurant. Oups, but their conversation is overheard by Funny Bone Employee! Oh dear. He now knows that Jung-woo is Ae-ra's ex-husband! That's probably not a good thing?! They're kinda friends, though.
JoAnne: But if he doesn't go to the dentist soon I'm going to punch that cheek he keeps holding.

Jung-woo goes to help out at the restaurant and is SOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUTE, but Ae-are completely ignores him. That? Just stupid. A group of students recognize him and he does that "see? I'm THAT famous" face to Ae-ra, who couldn't care less ... but then, she hears the same students whisper that it must be true that D&T is going under if the CEO is here. When Jung-woo looks at her next, she smiles at him - and it makes him so, so happy.
JoAnne: Just so stupidly cute.
Afterwards, Ae-ra's family invites him to play Go-Stop with them ... well, he doesn't seem to be very good at it. Or is he? When Ae-ra says she's leaving, Jung-woo wants to leave to, but the family won't let him go. Still, he overhears Roomie ask Ae-ra what she is afraid of, since she also likes Jung-woo: the Gooks?
Jung-woo gets drunk with Funny Bone at a Pojangmacha later. He is no longer sure he is on the right path - he no longer knows what the right path is. Awwwww, and then he almost cries as he says that he misses someone and has to endure it. He is a funny drunk, that's for sure! Funny Bone Kang gives him a pillow to hug (per L's advise) and Jung-woo mumbles Ae-ra's name over and over. Ohhhhh, my heart ... it's breaking a little.
JoAnne: How do they even do these scenes without cracking up every single time?
Luscious is trying to sweet talk Ae-ra again in the park, while Jung-woo visits Roboleg at the hospital. He tells her he is sorry and he should have paid more attention to her. She didn't want to let him know because she wanted him to see her as a normal woman (bleh). And more bleh-bleh-bleh-stuff from her. Again, he tells her that he is not it for her - he cannot be. Will she finally get it?! 
JoAnne: Nope. Her brain short-circuited.
Annoying Daddy has a rage fit: first, he pulls out his precious ginseng and then, he orders all his money to be pulled out of D&T. 
JoAnne: Oh, no, what will Puppy do if he can't be a director?

At the company, Jung-woo meets Ae-ra in the elevator. She is carrying a lot of boxes ... is she leaving?! They don't talk ... and he looks really pained, until she passes her boxes on to him. He looks at them and suddenly, he smiles. Why? I don't get it.
JoAnne: She asked for his help.
Well, that's all we get, because Ae-ra is called to Roboleg next, who has something to say. Or to shout, really ... jeeez, sister, chill. She screams at Ae-ra to disappear already for Jung-woo's sake. Bleh. She has completely lost it.
JoAnne: Moving on.

At the office, Annoying Father has just told Jung-woo that he will take away all his money (how is that even possible, seriously). But Jung-woo doesn't care. Not at all. BRAVO. He may crumble, he may not get back on his feet. But he will NOT marry Roboleg for that money. Father has also lost it - he starts begging on his knees. Just save his daughter, he says, sobbing.
JoAnne: Oh, a man who is used to be in power will not ever forgive you if you see him reduced that way, Jung Woo. This is very dangerous.
But Jung-woo says he is sorry: he will not do it. Even if it means he loses everything. At that, Annoying Father hits him in the face and Jung-woo goes down - as Ae-ra watches from outside the office. Time for noble idiocy, maybe?
JoAnne: Sadly, yes.


I could be angry with how this drama is going, but I'm not. Here is why: I never cared about the 2nd Leads so I don't care that they messed up Luscious' character. I also believe that he will make things right again - he is NOT like his father and he never will be. We have two episodes left, so a bit of noble idiocy from Ae-ra is possible, but only a bit. The most positive thing about the whole Gook-insanity is that Jung-woo will finally be free of them if Gook-Daddy pulls all his money out. Fine, let the company go down, I've said it before. Jung-woo is talented enough to start a new and even better one - without the Looney Gooks.  
JoAnne: Agreed on all counts.