Cunning Single Lady / Sly and Single Again - Episode 16 FINAL (WookiCap)

I have a tremendously HUGE smile on my face right now! And it's not because I drank prosecco with my mother. No, it's because this drama DID IT! It stayed good until the end, it did NOT mess up the ending, it made SENSE, it had no major character fuck ups (despite the few characters which were plain redundant and/or super annoying!), and it was entertaining from beginning to end. BRAVO, you. BRAVO! And thank you. You gave us Joo Sang-wook in a RomCom and you gave him a character I will never forget. RomCom lives! Long live the RomCom!
JoAnne: This was just a quality piece of work from beginning to end, in every category you can think of. I am so happy right now.
Episode 16 - FINAL

Oh YUM ... it's Jung-woo superhackernerd. I love me a man who loves computers more than life. I'm not even lying! He is so focused, so dedicated ... Outside, Ae-ra has appeared - she has finally found him!
JoAnne: I love how she wears the pants in that relationship, I really do. And he's just so happy to be bossed by her!
He tries to get his scruffy self away (how CUTE can you get??!), out of harm's way, but she doesn't let him ... and she even hits him for leaving and quitting D&T (what I do not get though is how quitting a company = beggar. He certainly got very, very rich - money like that is not IN a company, unless it's stocks - and those are going to go up again now that he has left and the Gook money flows back in, right?). Does he like being hit? Oh yes! He offers his shoulder again to be hit more! But she has brought his name plate - which was in the trash can. Oh man ... that's an insider joke, right?! (if you've seen Joo Sang-wook in Happy Together you know what I mean :)
JoAnne: There's certainly a lack of understanding of how things work at that level of business (on her part, anyway - unless the drama really does expect us to think he'd be forced to walk away penniless?)
She thinks he is "just playing games" (duh, woman), but no, he says: he is starting anew. And it's not going badly. But she doesn't believe him, doesn't want to believe him - she says that they're done. She is extremely angry and leaves fuming, but he looks after her and just smiles ... *dead* *bury me* *he is the end of me*
JoAnne: Make room for me in that grave. He's so cute it makes my TEETH hurt. This casting was just inspired, wasn't it? And she was so good with him. I want them to do something else together. Season Two: The Baby Years.
Ae-ra cannot sleep. Because "that's the end of us" was just a blatant lie. She is worried ... and drafts several messages to him, cheering him on, being worried about his health. She even sends one, telling him not to be discouraged ... but then deletes it. When he sees that (what is he constantly eating?! wasn't he on a diet before?!), he briefly wonders ... but she has already sent another: "don't appear in front of me ever again". Lol. He is so over it, he just says "see you tomorrow, Ae-ra".
JoAnne: I love this, that he's so secure in things now that even her rages don't phase him. It's like my stepdad when my mom goes off on a tangent: he just lets her go, he doesn't get worked up, he waits til the steam blows out and then he brings her back to the subject. It's awesome and has always seemed to me one of the signs of a good relationship.
And lo and behold, here she is, at his door the next day. He doesn't open the door though because ... he is gaming with L Secretary. Yeah, that's beta testing of course! Just when he wants to explain this to Ae-ra, Luscious appears behind her. WTF IS HE WEARING?! That's almost as bad as Lee Min-ho!
JoAnne: I actually cried out in pain. But it's ok, my pretty puppy, I just won't look at you from the neck down. From the neck up you are still stunning as ever! (Ok from the neck down that's pretty stunning too, but not in a GOOD way.)
While Jung-woo is dusting his feet (????)(don't ask me, I haven't got a clue) they eat ice cream outside. Whatever, haha. Jung-woo knows that Luscious was behind the Shilla money (yeah, what happened to that?) and it seems they want a new CEO. A new-old CEO. One called Cha Jung-woo. People want him back - even the investors. Daddy Gook isn't well, so everybody is nervous. That's a clear "no" from Jung-woo though: Roboleg will do what is needed.
JoAnne: RoboBro doesn't seem so sure about that. And YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY for my good puppy!
Inside, Ae-ra is snooping around a little ... Jung-woo has his CEO nameplate on the table and also ... a wedding picture of them. Caught you show!!! That's a NEW wedding picture! Not the one we've seen in the beginning! He wore glasses back then!
JoAnne: Are you sure? Did you go back and check? (no but I pay attention to things like that!) I can imagine that they'd have taken multiple shots back then but why would the prop master have selected more than one? It does NOT mean they got married again recently, I know that much.
Luscious comes in and interrupts her reverie - should he "help her out today"? (i.e. take her away from Jung-woo). But Jung-woo is right behind, trying to steer him away from his woman. But Ae-ra hits her ex-CEO, telling him to go and work goddamit. She leaves with Luscious ... Jung-woo, fail.
JoAnne: Ack, these men. So CUTE. What would the harm be if one night... just one drunken night...
In the park, Ae-ra sees a father being cute with his kid and she remembers the way Jung-woo behaved with that kid the other day - and the conversation they had that night he found out about her miscarriage. With the death of her child, her hopes for happiness ended.
JoAnne: We were pretty clear on that back then, Show. Why are you interrupting my dream with your sad past?
kakashi: For me to insert a baby gif? 
Luscious joins her on the park bench and interrupts her thoughts: is she looking at the father or at the baby right now? If it's the father, they have a problem. (I love him. Make him a lead in one show every drama session.) Lol. They talk about their heart-aches and it turns out that Roboleg is having a hard time, but needs to let go of her anger by herself, according to Luscious Lips. Ae-ra is okay, it seems: she has finally realized that noble idiocy is not an option and she just wants to support Jung-woo.
JoAnne: No, you've just run out of opportunities to BE a noble idiot. Don't act all high and mighty, missy.
Jung-woo is with Gook Daddy - who is paralyzed? Or at least very unwell. Jung-woo says he isn't glad to see Gook Daddy in that state - he will always be his savior. Gook Daddy says he is at peace, but he does worry what will happen to his kids when he dies. Can't Jung-woo be next to them? We don't hear Jung-woo's answer, but he appears to be thinking about it. And as much as I ADORE funny Jung-woo, Joo Sang-wook is STILL at his finest when he looks like Yeo Ji-hoon in TEN.
JoAnne: Bit of a time jump, I guess. And yes, my goodness, he is just ... his face is really good work, God. Really good work. Good job, You!
At the company, Toothache (who also acts as insider spy for Jung-woo) and Bossy Lady seem to have gotten an offer from Jung-woo to join him at his new company. It's all hush-hush ... but Stupid Brother is suspicious. He wants out, too!
JoAnne: Are they talking about leaving, or are they talking about sharing info with him because the company is struggling and they want his help/him to come back? I couldn't decide.
kakashi: Kinda both, maybe? 

At the rice soup restaurant, Roomie is being cute to her future in-laws. Look who's there as well? Jung-woo. Lol. He is an obnoxious customer today, even calling her ahjummoni.
JoAnne: She needs to slap his mouth with her lips.
When her father comes in, carrying dirty grill plates, and hint-hint is looking for help, Jung-woo immediately jumps on the opportunity. His ex father-in-law cheers him on, giving him tips on marital bliss. It boils down to "I'm sorry, honey" and "yes, I understand".
JoAnne: That actually seems like decent advice. And even for all the yelling in that family and how that dad kinda looks pretty useless to me, his wife certainly does seem to be in love with him. Also: THAT FACE what is that face I love that face why can we not just make a rule that says all men must look like this man?
Roomie, Dumb Brother, Ae-ra and Jung-woo are drinking on the roof next. Why is there a tent? Thy talk about Jung-woo's new poverty (seriously! Why??!), Ae-ra is pissed. When the two women go inside, Dumb Brother immediately starts quizzing Jung-woo on his intentions with regards to the company. Is he coming back? No, but he has already developed the contingency plan for when things go (inevitably) wrong with the game soon.
JoAnne: So they really do expect us to believe that he walked away with nothing. Score for this show goes down to 99. Or maybe, I don't know. There might be extra credit opportunities.
I guess the tent is there for Jung-woo to sleep in? But sleep he does not: he is looking at that selfie he took with the sleeping Ae-ra on his bed, smiling like a fool. He also looks at the real-life Ae-ra like a lovesick fool ... and then pretends to be asleep when she turns her head. I guess he is just happy to be near her.
JoAnne: Pretty soon I'm just going to be flat out on the floor gurgling things that sound like words and drooling. STOP IT WITH THE CUTENESS I can't take much more.
He mumbles something that sounds like "Ae-ra" - which makes her go over and check on him. She sees the picture of them on his phone. He just extends his arm and pulls her down next to him, making all this cooing noises that ..... hm. Stop it. She stays there, next to him, looking at him with those beautiful eyes of hers.
JoAnne: When I remind myself that she does this all day and then goes home and does it for real with Lee Byung Hun... I mean, he's not as handsome as Jung Woo but his body is TO DIE FOR, plus he's smart and he was rich before he ever became an actor. I am consumed with frustration. Not jealousy. That's too petty. Just frustration. Also a little bit of lust, yes.
kakashi: She saved a few countries in her previous life, that's for sure.
The next morning, Ae-ra is cleaning his office. She greets him formally and then hands him her resume: she wants to work there. She wants to be his personal secretary. YUM. There is a very fast job interview (hehe) and she gets the job.
JoAnne: I am having very dirty thoughts. Where is Mary? I should explain them to her.
What the ... Ae-ra keeps ogling him while he codes. Not that I can blame her! He is so sexy! He tells her to go back to work - they can have fun later. That very moment, Luscious asks per messaging service what her plans are for tonight - it's his birthday! since Jung-woo is VERY busy and concentrated (he doesn't even react to the texts she's getting), she decides to go out with Puppy.
JoAnne: Has it been a year already? Didn't they do a birthday for him earlier?
She buys a cake and all, sings a sweet (completely tone-deaf) happy birthday - only to find out that it isn't his birthday at all. He just said that so she would go out with him. Scumbag. a little.
JoAnne: Don't care. Don't care at all. Do not caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare look at him look at my pretty puppy.
Thank you for this very large shot right after I said look at him look at my pretty puppy

Jung-woo is now looking for her, because he is hungry. NOW he gets jealous when he hears she is with a friend. With THAT friend - who lied about his birthday. Lol. She hangs up on him, but he doesn't have a lot of time to be angry, because knock-knock ... and in come Toothache, Bossy Lady, and L Secretary! Awwwwww! They are here to work for him! He has got money from Shilla hotel.
JoAnne: Yeah see I was all confused at this point because of the subs or lack thereof, I thought they were reporting on D-T and saying Shilla had provided a cash infusion there,which would help get them over their crisis. And I was really liking how even though he'd walked away he was still really there watching over everyone and all the key people knew it.
Right then, troubles at the company have gotten out of hand so much, they need help! Urgently! The only person who can resolve it? Yes! you've guess correctly! Cha Jung-woo! He rushes there like a superhero and saves the day.
JoAnne: Why do we have to see her pouty face? Where is the hill she's supposed to tumbling down? It's fine that you loved him, although I think you just used it as a 3 year band-aid for your REAL problem, which is the terrible way/reason your actual love, your husband, was ripped from your side. It's just NOT fine that when you didn't get your way you turned into such a vengeful bitch.
kakashi: Yeah, but you see: she is punished enough, the stupid woman. She pushed him out of the company, and now she can't even see him. Haha. Serves her right. And he may save them but he ain't returning. Perfect. 
It's looking good at JW Ventures! The office has been remodelled and it's buzzing with activity. Well, the only one NOT working is Stupid Brother, who just looks out of the window, nodding wisely. Pfff. (Made me laugh, though.) Later, Bossy Lady is at Ae-ra's and Roomie's place and does another card reading. Ae-ra picks "Death". Always a pleasure! This card means ending, says Bossy. It means her relationship with Jung-woo is over - if she is not careful. She may think he is there forever - but that's the case. She has to be good to him while he is there and get over her issues. Quickly. Lol. THAT's some completely card-unrelated reading!
JoAnne: I am very glad of two things - that this lady (who is cute and whose face reminds me of Enz) was redeemed, and that the little bimbo girl was NOT.
Jung-woo is completely exhausted from working so much ... and he starts imagining things. THIS (see below). Close your mouth! :) but right when the phantom Ae-ra bends down to kiss him, he jerks awake - it's L Secretary that is next to him in real life! We see how the two met and it's cuuuuuuuuute. L-Secretary worked at a PCbang and looked out for Jung-woo back then already. 
JoAnne:  So in his own way, L-secretary was as important to the start of D-T as Ae-Ra and Papa Gook. I like that. And I LOVE that the relationship really was so equal in such an unexpected way. It was kind of a fluff role and let's face it, pretty Myung Soo is a bit limited as an actor still... but he was fun to watch and these roles don't ALL have to become the scene stealers that they would in the hands of more talented or experienced actors.
And then, a final scene with Gook Daddy and his lackey - and how they met. And how deep their bond is. Whatever, show! I don't care!

But CUT to a time, when Cha Jung-woo's new company JW Ventures is now aligned with his old company, D&T. Well done, superhackernerd. I heart you. Me tooooo, oh yes. Also, Jung-woo is currently leading his blindfolded lady up the stairs to their "dream house". He has prepared a romantic set-up for her, but ... the wind! the heart!
JoAnne:  *shaking head* Once a goober...
Of course, she doesn't stay put as he told her to and comes to help re-arranging the rose petals. He did a lot of research on the Internet to get this proposal right, hehe. And then he starts ... when he built this house, he was still full of resentment for her. He wanted her to regret her decision. But whenever he came there, he actually was excited - he would think that she might come back to him. And then, she really came. And he realized that without her, this house would mean nothing. And he busts out his tablet, to REALLY start the proposal, only ...
JoAnne: In a digital age, is this the new boombox over the head?
Fail! haha. He quickly selects the right slides and says that he wants to dream the dream again with her. He loves her - and he asks her to marry him again.
JoAnne: Very sweet, plus I love the way he advances the slides. It made me giggle every time.
He also gets down on his knees and presents her the ring again - he knows why she refused back then on the boat. But she doesn't have to worry! he is extremely rich. He may no longer be CEO, but he is the third-largest shareholder of D&T Soft Ventures. All he needs now is her.
JoAnne: Yes! Go forth and make babies!
But when he wants to slip the ring on her finger she ... pulls back!!! WTF! She says she cannot accept his proposal. Woooot?! She liked that he was a government employee. THAT was love. Yes, she loved him all this time. But all her decision are giving him a hard time. She can't do that anymore. She ... with him ..... He begs her not to say it and covers her mouth with his hand. She bites him.
JoAnne: What the fuck. I can't. After Dong Chan in God's Gift this week, I need this, show. You cannot do this to me. Unless she decides to go with Pu... no. No.  
Let her finish! She shouts. She always regretted leaving him, ever since it happened. She wants her second marriage to be with him. Please, Cha Jung-woo: marry me. (awwwwww! SHE wanted to propose to HIM?! Awwwwwwwwwwww) And they KISS! It's a REAL KISS! One that she initiates. Oh my gawwwwd, show, how good are you?!
JoAnne:  *speechless*
Beautiful, beautiful flashbacks to all their cute and sweet and sad moments in this show. I will miss you, show! I will miss you so much!
JoAnne: *replaying kiss*

Luscious is sad while painting. And sad flashbacks for him. But he is also very successful as a designer, of course. So all is good. And then, Gook Mother comes back! Tearful reunion with roboleg. All wounds will be healed.
JoAnne: We know that mother. We did not like her. Where did we not like her? oh! Isn't she the mother from BotC? The one who became a second wife thanks to her murdering mom?
It's another beeyoooooooooooootiful shot of my puppy!  Thank you!

Ae-ra and Jung-woo sit in the garden, discussing ... names for their future kid!!! He suggests "Sang-wook" if it's a boy (she just suggested Min-jung) - Sang-wooks are good-looking and dashing. Yeah, she agrees: Sang-wook sounds like someone who is an important director or doctor or something. You troll, show! *giggling* You troll! He also suggests an American name Jollie (remember that woman at the Shilla hotel interview?). Finally, they agree on Ae-jeong - if it's a girl. (meh) He pretends to listen to what the baby has to say to this and says it said to be quiet while it's sleeping - and for Mommy and Daddy to go inside and have a good time with each other. Buahahahahaaaa.
JoAnne: I can't stop smiling.


Their very first meeting ... thunderbolt. Oh my. For both - love at first sight.
JoAnne: It would take a VERY discerning woman to see the sweet smile under that ridiculous hair.
And wedding pictures. The old ...
And the new: (they DID screw up - and why are her elbow and his hand grey? Cause it's bubbles floating on the screen)
And the NGs. OMG - I want MOAR! Will you just look at that smile?  That's ridiculous.


I am very happy with this show! In fact, more than very happy. What a precious little gift it was! Ever since seeing Joo Sang-wook in Happy Together, I wished for him to be in a Rom-Com ... but I never imagined THIS. This incredible cuteness mixed with the incredible dorkiness, which is so HIM. I can't decide whom I love best: Jealous Jung-woo, Naked Jung-woo, Dork Jung-woo, Superhacker Jung-woo, CEO Jung-woo, Steadfast Jung-woo or Lovesick Jung-woo? Awww, I'll go for ALL OF THEM! I have plastic flower!!!
JoAnne: You are not alone. Not by a long shot. He was completely irresistible.

Of course, this show wasn't perfect (though nearly though! Yes!). It took a while to develop that special something between the leads, so some dropped it WAY too early - and of course, some of the side-characters ranged from plain annoying to completely redundant. The most redundant is probably Gook Daddy's secretary ahjussi. Why even spend the money on him? Oh yeah, I know: Gook Daddy needed someone to talk to from time to time. They could have just used a stuffed animal, too.
JoAnne: That actor is usually very reliably hilarious but here he just kind of phoned it in... I do think it's a show issue and not his issue, though, necessarily. It's like he was put on hold and then never taken off, somehow.

Then, Second Lead aka Roboleg ... bleh. Yeah, I know ... 2nd leads are necessary for the friggin angst. But this woman or rather, this character? There is nothing it has going for itself. Also quite redundant though cute: L Secretary whose real name was actually Gil Secretary. Nobody noticed, huh? And then, uri Luscious aka Puppy. Well. He never stood a chance (of course), and that could be considered a flaw of this show. Imagine they would have shown us Ae-ra wavering much more? He could have become a true rival to CEO Cha, both in love and in the company. But sadly, Luscious Puppy went to way that so many 2nd male leads go: into redundancy. Still: SO HANDSOME. Will never forget his eyes. Will see you again, beautiful man.
JoAnne: Roboleg - do you think that before she figured out what was going on, she really DID like AeRa? (Yes, definitely) That would alleviate some of my distaste for her. I just think the character wasn't handled properly, not by the writers or perhaps even by the casting. That woman gives off such a manly vibe, somehow. It's hard to explain. She didn't inspire sympathy, though, and she needed to in order for it to work at all. Gil Secretary - I always just assumed you were using Myung Soo's stage name, since he goes by L (yes I did, cause I'm actually a bit lazy when it comes to learning all those names!). I have no idea why. He is very pretty and cute, and that's vital in my world, so I don't consider him redundant or unnecessary... just ok maybe a little unnecessary but I was happy to have him anyway. And My Puppy? I guess I can see why she couldn't have wanted him at any point in the context of the STORY... but in real life if someone that sweet and that ohmygodcanyoubelievehowgorgeous handsome pursues you?  Isn't there a law that you have to be at least tempted? And I think there should be a loophole in the drama laws that let you hit that just once, just one night, because what a shame NOT to. 

Oh, JoAnne! I am happy! Oh, Kakashi!  Me too!