Golden Era of Daughters In Law - Episode 10 (KimJiCap)

It's been a long time since I last recapped one of the GEoDiL episodes ... too much else going on in KDramaland right now! And even though our Kim Ji-hoon has a new drama, we have to wait at least two more episodes for his appearance there! This little project here was always meant to fill the Kim Ji-hoon void ... so I'll continue filling it a bit more.

Episode 10

Dooly is venting about her future in-laws with her work colleague at a restaurant. The pig feet restaurant was a shock, was it? So, it's either be with her love and live at the pig feet place - or not be with her love and not live at the pig feet place. This is a 54 episode drama, so there's plenty of time to think about it.
11 minutes in - and there is Kim Ji-hoon! Finally! His mother sets the table for him and they discuss his troublemaker sister (remember? she has continuous writer's block) and his own potential marriage.Very clearly, his mother is totally against the marriage. He tells her not to worry too much, because he is still thinking about things, too - and she is very happy, believing he isn't all that serious about that woman. Her prime worry seems to be having a difficult MIL and a DIL with a temper.
His father is of a completely different mind, though: he tells his wife to cut Dooly some slack - it's likely that Boksu crossed "the line" (you mean sexksi time?!) and then abandoned poor Dooly, who is just and rightfully upset. Come to think of it, there was that talk about going on a trip together, wasn't there? Just the two of them?!  

Boksu is cleaning the restaurant in the meantime - and is being observed by Dooly and Lady Choi. Who is still totally shocked that Mr. Classy from the company comes from such a background. Of course, she counsels Dooly against the marriage: If she really thinks she cannot live without him, she will have to convince him to move out together with her - that would make things marginally more bearable. Maybe. I don't know what her issue is ... Bokus is HOT.
The next day at the company, Lady Choi has told everybody that Boksu's family just runs a pig feet's restaurant. That makes Dooly really angry and defensive (cute), but she is also very angry with Boksu. She talks to him outside and straight out asks whether she'll have to live with his parents: who does that these days, anyway? He simply says that he is the oldest (and the only) son and of course he'll have to live there. And on top of that, his grandmother wants his wife (that would be her, Dooly) to take over the pig's feet restaurant soon, after learning from her. They get into a fight. He is quite disappointed about her selfishness and the way she talks about his family's business. If she doesn't want to marry him and his family, fine. Meet a man with a better background and marry him. Goodbye.
Grandmother wants the marriage to happen though. Soon. At her parents house, there's lots of "no, she cannot marry into that house" again from her mother. Uri mother happiness coach is quite the opposite from happy: She is anxious and Boksu's omma (no class, foul temper) is constantly on her mind. At his house, his mother tells everybody how she doesn't like Dooly, which doesn't please Grandmother at all - no talking back is allowed! Everybody is depressed.
That same night, Dooly comes to the restaurant: she is too bothered by what he said about meeting other men. While she jumps up and down in the silliest way possible, calling Boksu an old-fashioned twit and other names, Grandmother steps out and finds her there. She "invites" (=forces) her inside. Dooly, absolutely mortified, has to follow her. Very funny scene with his mother in the kitchen follows: Of course, Dooly talks back all the time, but tries really hard to please. A deadly mix. So it's Dooly meet the Lees - and these scenes are always a winner. Grandmother wants Boksu to go meet her parents this weekend.
Afterwards, she is carrying a bag fully of pig's feet for her parents, she thinks she's quite upset, thinking she made a huge mess of things again, but he just smiles at her, totally enamoured and then, grabs and kisses her.

The Rest

Giha does his photo shoot. In the necessary broodiness and dickiness. He is just rude and SO not sexy. But of course, he's a genius. What else. He affects Soo-Hyun a lot, though ... she keeps thinking about him, even while she is with her husband. Who, for the first time, is trying really hard to be good to her.
They're trying to make awful MIL more human ... she is sad and down and calls her sister all the time because she is so lonely. OMG it's Kim Jye-ok. Yeah, of course I know it's her, but with the just started Jang Bo-ri drama, her appearance gets new significance!
Later in the drama, her family finds her extremely drunk. Why do they always get drunk on wine in this writer's dramas?! She isn't only drunk but also rather violent - she attacks her son, verbally and physically, about that nurse-love of his, shouting that she was hurt too, etc. Soo-Hyun hears them talking about her and drops the plates. Why? What part of what they were saying didn't she know? That the nurse-love has run away? Did she think she was dead? Will we ever know?


There's nothing much to comment on. I wonder how many episodes they will manage to drag out the "I want to marry you but maybe not" shenanigans ... 20? 30? 40?