Golden Era of Daughters In Law - Episode 12 (KimJiCap)

This show is getting cuter and cuter! In this episode, even Boksu's father is nice and funny. Slowly but surely, the mothers' hearts are won over and then, not much more will be in the way of the wedding. That's me being an optimist becuase ... yeah, 54 episodes. We cannot rush things, can we?

Episode 12

Boksu and his moody mom play Badminton - he is trying to hard to cheer her up! She still calls him jerk and walks off. He follows her and she tells him to just get married: everybody is against her. So there's no need to flatter her. She's okay, really. Seeing him try so hard makes her even sadder. They go for chicken and beer and talk some more about Dooly. Omma gets a little drunk. She's cute ... She has deeeeep regrets over not buying him a bicycle when he was little - and when everybody else had one. It's a very sad scene, coated in a funny crust. A mother that feels nostalgic about "losing" her son? I can related to that. Even if I don't have a son.
After some more crying from his mother and raging from hers (her father says it's a good thing that she wants to marry for love - not caring about status or anything else), they exchange vows of love over the phone. Sure, they're troubled by their mothers and their difficulties in coming to terms with this marriage - but love conquers all, doesn't it?
Conveniently for the story (i.e. Giha and Sad Wife), Sad Wife, the kind soul, takes over one of Dooly's duties (the making of a catalogue) so that Dooly can spend all her energy on the wedding preparations. She spends it on being in love, as well. Who can blame her.
It's morning. Her parents sit around in their silken pajamas, reading the newspaper and practising some happiness-coach song. Her father says she should get ready since Mi-jin's man is coming tonight. She says she won't be here in the evening since she doesn't want to meet him at all. Dooly knows this, of course - so she got Boksu to come early. Oh my ... this is going to be epic. You think they won't be ready, Boksu? Yes, you're right.
They rush into their room to get ready. Ohhhh, her mother is extremely bitchy. She also has two curlers left in her hair - way to undermine your haughty authority, haha. Whatever Boksu says, she hates. But when he gets up and does an official deep bow, both parents get extremely uncomfortable. He isn't shaken by that at all though.  He tells them how much he loves their daughter and promises to care for her and love her all his life. He may not have much right now: but he will work hard. Wow, he's polite. I would immediately accept him as my son in law! Errrr, I mean ... of course I would want him for myself!!!
Well, her mother might be crying, but she isn't moved: she must have turned him down, because next, they're outside, frustrated. They say goodbye (chaste kiss on the forehead this time) and Mijin goes back in to scream at her mother and then goes into her room, where she declares she is on a hunger strike until her mother approves of the marriage.
Back home, Boksu's mother is still hiding in bed, but his shrewd father knows how to get her up and about again. He tells her she needs to be energetic to do the same thing his mother has done to her: be a dominant MIL. Thta's also Halmoni's plan, by the way: turn Dooly into an obedient and perfect DIL. Hahah. Well, it almost works, but when she hears where Boksu went, she dives back down under the covers. Boksu gets back and his father tells him to do something about his mother - and he does. He buys her a beautiful ring. D'awwwwwwwwz.
He says he wanted to give this ring to her first - since she never even got one from his dad. And does she remember how he always said he would marry her when he was little? He puts the ring on her finger and smiiiiiiiiiiles (I swooooooooon): before he wants to marry Mi-jin, he wants to marry her, his mother. And he thanks her for having him, raising him, and loving him. He will never forget about her even after he gets married - because he loves her. At least one mother now has proof that her child loves her.
The next day, Boksu and his Dooly go and visit her mother at one of the Happiness Seminars. Surpriiiiise! They hand out drinks for everybody there. And they're just so cuuuuuuuuute.

The Rest

Bad MIL isn't well ... she is getting an infusion. Why? For being evil? Ah, no, just "being weak" because she's so upset over her Doctor Son. Duh.

Sad Wife gets sadder by the minute. Her and Mr. Doctor (that's NOT Doctor's Son, people!) have a talk - he apologizes for not telling her about the nurse-that-ran before they got married. Why did he marry her? His answer: because he thought she'd do everything well. And most importantly, his mother liked her. Foook you, man. I hope she gets that steamy affair!
Oups, maybe not. Giha misses his first shoot because of his ill sister. Sad Wife wants to sack him immediately. He waits outside the company for her and even grabs her wrist when she just blows him off. He apologizes sincerely. Not enough, dude. Not enough.


Good! Keep it up!