Golden Era of Daughters In Law - Episode 13 (KimJiCap)

We are getting closer to the wedding - but we're not. Well ... you'll see what I mean. This drama actually does a fairly good job in portraying the difficulties of marriage that stem from it forcing often completely different families together. Everybody is growing on me. Apart from the vicious Mother-in-law, of course. And her mopey son.
Episode 13

Boksu and Mijin are there to cute-bomb Mijin's mother's Happiness Seminar. It totally works, of course, just not on the mother. Boksu introduces himself to everyone as future son-in-law. Way to establish facts! After the seminar, the ladies are delighted to meet their Coach's daughter and future husband (who they consider "so handsome"). The mother walks away, not even looking at them, so the BoMi couple follows like cute little doggies. Mijin says she wants to eat - and Boksu also told her it's impolite towards the parents not to eat.
Mother still doesn't thaw. But she falls on her ass as she saunters away! Haha, serves you right, you witch. Being mean to my Kim Ji-hoon? that's a no go. Anyway, I guess that does it: Boksu is invited to dinner, and him and Dooly's father have the best of times. The mother is still bitchy, but that's just because she hasn't realized that resistance is pointless to this man's charms.
Outside the house, after saying goodbye to the parents, Dooly goes for some more smooching (I like the "thump"-sound when she slams him against the car). But hello! I tell you, this must be a 2007-thing. It was still possible to do very passionate kissing on screen back then! What happened?
Well, her parents witness the rather passionate (and long!) exchange - and her mother runs to break them apart, but her father holds her back and shuts her up ... by kissing her himself. There really is a lot of kissing in this show!!
The next day, her mother wants to check out where her Mijin will be living after getting married. After seeing the Pig Feet place, she is shocked. She really doesn't want her daughter to live in such cramped living quarters. She has a point, I guess? She also tells her daughter to get a contract from all family members, not just "that man" who is dying to marry her and would basically do anything for that. They fight so much, her mother bumps into another car (cause fighting = not watching road).

Boksu and Mijin get quite busy preparing for the wedding. Since she will be his in "fifteen days" (uhm ... were they not talking about a month before?), he tenderly slaps her a$$. Hahaha, show. Seriously. She doesn't like it ... but he does it a second time!!! "You are mine", he shouts and runs after her.
They're at a travel agency next to look at possible honeymoon destinations. Boksu is getting more and more uncomfortable. In fact, he doesn't want to go abroad - he'd rather stay in Korea. She gets furious at that, thinking he's stingy. But no ... it's because his family, his grandmother, father, mother: they've never been abroad. Not even to Jeju. It's because they only ever take one day a month off. He'd rather be honest with her than lie: He feels very bad spending thousands of dollars on just one trip while they work so hard all the time.
She cannot accept this and storms off. They have an argument (the arguments are always heated with this woman!), in which she (rightfully) says that she is doing everything he wished for - and she is moving into his place despite her mother's wishes. And now this? Alright, alright! He suddenly says, let's go! To Europe! Let's go ski! (yes, thank you --> Switzerland!) Oh yikes, but she isn't happy, because he may say go, but think otherwise: she lectures him about being so stubborn, for not moving even an inch from the line he has drawn for himself, while she is expected to change all her ways and fully adopt to his. She wants to reconsider the marriage! 
There are three bad types of men to marry, her mother knows: first, the one with nothing, second, the liar, and third, the good son. That would be Boksu, so give him up! In-woo's (now living at home, see below) comedic presence saves the scene. He is rapidly growing on me.

Boksu - in jeans! O___o - meets the Doctor Son at a bar. They talk about his bride - and about Doctor Son's sad life (Oh man, Kim ji-hoon is HAWT)
Afterwards, he goes to Mijin's house. Where he broods ... and is hawt some more. How will he overcome this new obstacle on their road to happiness? Can one be a good son - and still go on a honeymoon abroad?

The Rest

The Bad MIL and her husband come to visit Boksu's family. Of course, Bad MIL must be a dickette to Boksu's mother, establishing who is "better" in the kitchen. Saaaaaaad. She also gives poor Boksu Omma an inferiority complex by pointing out how shabby everything looks. That hits a nerve, of course - the mother thinks Mijin will look down on her. She also knows from the noisy neighbor that Mijin and her mother came to check out the house and the neighborhood.

In-woo moves back home: his father has pleaded with him, because their mother is having a hard time with Mijin's upcoming wedding. His mother goes berserk over seeing him and quasi tries to kill him. It occurs to me that the women in this family have severe anger management issues! He picks her up, throws her onto her bed, and tells her he loves her (in English) about one hundred times. He cracks me up.

Giha finally does his photoshoot. So he hasn't been fired? After the dinner with everybody, Giha and Sad Wife walk together and she asks why he missed the first shoot. He tells her about his very sick sister. Afterwards, there's staring - long, meaningful (?) and thoughtful staring at him.


It took me about 10 episodes to get really warm with this show, but now that I am, I am beginning to fall in love! Most of the characters feel so real! Boksu's mother (I said that before) is one of my favorites, but his father has also become much more likable. I am looking forward to the "meeting of the families" part, which should be in the next episode ... seeing them clash will be epic!