Golden Era of Daughters In Law - Episode 15 (KimJiCap)

The wedding preparations continue! We have overcome the hurdle of the Mothers-Who-Object and have started to overcome the honeymoon issue - but the next bigger thing are the weddings gifts. You'll see. Marriage ain't easy - for nobody involved! Let the wedding wars start!
Episode 15

An advise to all future Daughters-in-Law: do NOT drunk dial your future Mothers-in-Law and do NOT answer their phone calls when drunk! Of course, Mijin does it and makes a complete (though cute) fool of herself.
BoksuOmma scoffs at her wish to be treated just like a real daughter (and so does Boknam, who of course thinks she is the only one that deserves that). In comes Boksu - and gets a severe scolding for telling Mijin his parents have never even been to Jeju. His mother leaves in a huff and he says fine, he'll never go on a stupid honeymoon.
At the Jo-house, brother, daughter and husband are trying to cheer MijinOmma up - and succeed. They'd raise a dead person from the grave with that song - hilarious! But the next day, things turn serious again with the next topic: wedding gifts. How can Mijin think about NOT taking ANY?! Mijin keeps repeating that it was halmoni's wish, but MijinOmma won't have it.
She thinks it's rude to go empty-handed, so she tells Mijin to ask her Mother-in-Law what she wants directly. By the way, there's a Dooly in Dooly's room ...
At work, Dooly asks Sad Wife whether she wants anything - and also tells her not to be mean with her after the marriage. Boksu hears that and gets quite angry: doesn't Mijin know how to behave at work?! Dooly says it's really stressful for a woman before a wedding, because of the darn gifts and because of not knowing what is correct and what is not. Boksu says just talk to his mother about the wedding gifts. It will not be much because of Halmoni. I see troubles ahead ....
Mijin goes see BoksuOmma. Who is extremely nervous about meeting her DIL. She proudly hands over the family jewels to Mijin who is very touched by the gesture. She also seems quite intimidated - and careful not to do anything wrong. But ... wedding gifts. Yeah. So ... Mijin says what her mother told her to say (how can she come empty handed) and despite Boknam's warning that she'll "get killed" by Halmoni if she goes against her wishes, Mijin gets both women to tell her what they want for themselves. Not for the household.
But what is it?! The show doesn't tell us! And Mijin doesn't seem to know what "it" is - her mother does, though: and can't believe her in-law's taste. At night, Boksu checks with his Dooly whether things went well at his house. Well. She doesn't tell him the whole truth now, does she? And after the phone call, she is really upset, wondering whether she went over the line with "that thing".
At the Lee-house, BoksuOmma and Boknam are clearly uncomfortable at the dinner table, when Halmoni quizzes them about the meeting - and they also keep the truth murky. Afterwards, they worry and worry about that "thing" in Boknam's room. Show! Tell me! What is THAT THinG?! Must be something terrible the way the two women keep worrying about it and keeping it secret :)
The Rest

Lee Daddy wants his daughter Boknam to get married as soon as her drama ends (that's in 3 weeks). Lol. But Halmoni thinks she's a lost cause: she may as well live with them until the end of days. But there is one man that keeps calling her (even late at night): of course, it's In-woo! To threaten her. If she mistreats his sister, then ... bad things will happen. Of course, Mijin is mortified to hear about it.

Awful Mother is being terribly awful again. She also cooks like crazy. Is it the hormones? Ah, no ... it's to be mean to her DIL and to tell her she isn't doing enough for her husband. And to humiliate her. Like always. I think she even beats Goddess of Marriage's MILDragon in terms of horribleness!

Sad Wife calls Kim Giha ... by accident. That's awkward ... She is on the toilet, because they are guests. Of COURSE, the horrible MIL comes in to check on her. I hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE her! And now, she acts as if she suspicious of poor Sad Wife. Who really deserves this affair.


Oh. This drama even has old(er) people talk about having sex. It's the truth! Sure, they don't use the word, but ... I like you, drama!!!!