Nail Shop Paris Episode 4 (A SongJaeRimJob)

Hola Squeeglets! Sorry for the delay... (yeah, we all know what you have been doing in the meantime ....) Last week marked the end of Age of Feeling and I got caught up in my grief, mourning the loss of new My Il Hwa pics every week. But I'm back now! Partly because this will be our only source of Rim in the foreseeable future. *cries* Oh, and a big thanks to the lovely enablers RimBuggers who commented on Jeob Ep3 and gave us the license to squee endlessly. You are awesome. Song Jae Rim approves!
kakashi: Yeah, where's that casting news?! Aoki has already secured his next project. Just saying, Rimmie, hurry up!
JoAnne: Now, wait...I'm all for getting Song Jae Rim back on my screen but you can't exactly rush a Rimjeob.
Note: Due to a severe lack of Rim in the first 1/3 of this episode, we have decided to intersperse the narrative with totally necessary gifs of Oppa. Stay tight, RimBuggers, we promise there's a Kei at the end of this RimJeob. Err.. tunnel.
JoAnne: Welcome to RimJeob #4, The Love Tunnel.

So, where were we? Aaah... Jer2.0 sees the naked truth inside Bunny's room...
kakashi: Flat as a board. Is SJR into such things? That would be a shame ...
Mary: O_o Oppa is into such things?! *looks at own chest* Yeah! 
JoAnne: Well we do spend a lot of time with Kei feeling appreciative of boyish figures.


Bunny and Roomie tell Jer2.0 everything: the book deal, the need for a unique protagonist (Alex), and the cross-dressing. He's mad that Bunny tricked all of them, but agrees to keep the secret when he notices that Roomie is scared. Roomie jumps to prepare snacks in gratitude, but Jer2.0 stops her and orders Bunny to do it instead. Hehe I wish Jer2.0 would teach Roomie to be assertive. I've been saying this again and again: Bunny is a BITCH and she needs to treat her roommate better. Hmph.
kakashi: I disagree. I don't like the plastic doll and I get these reflexes where I want to stick needles into plastic dolls (that's what I did with my own dolls when I was a kid), so ... GO BUNNY!
JoAnne: You worry me. The both of you, actually.
The next day at Paris, a girl complains loudly about the crappy service she got from their salon. Angry Bunny is about to answer back when Alex, hereafter referred to as Monkey, holds her back and offers the customer a refund. Customer is surprised and stutters "I-it's ok, just do better next time", before leaving in a hurry. Bunny gripes that that wasn't even their customer! Monkey just smiles his "Lalala I'm so boringly nice" smile and asks Bunny to come with him. He gives her his old notes to study for the nail artists' exam, then he skinships ruffles her hair again. Jer2.0 walks in on this bromantic moment to tell Monkey he has a visitor. After Monkey leaves, Jer2.0 just stares pointedly at Bunny and shakes his head.
kakashi: Yeah, me too. Something is definitely wrong with Bunny. How can you possibly find this sack of boringness attractive?!
JoAnne: Where there is a monkey, there must be a banana.
Monkey's visitor is the rich mom of his past student/hoobae. You know the drill by now. Monkey see hand! Monkey grab hand! Monkey check health! Monkey worried... Chaebol Mom diabetic! Chaebol Mom nicely tells Monkey to shut up about the diabetes for a moment and help her. Her son has eloped! (Yey! Go Chaebol Mom! You get a free pass on your horrible, Emperor's New Pants for resisting Monkey!)
kakashi: Monkey isn't only the most boring of most boring Bores, he also seems to know Every Single Person in South Korea.
JoAnne: Word about a good hand job gets around, you know.
Chaebol Mom asks for Monkey's help in convincing her Chaebol Son to return home. Chaebol Son eloped when Chaebol Mom disapproved of his new GF, as all Chaebol Moms are wont to do. Monkey asks why? What's wrong with GF? Chaebol Mom gives a generic speech about generic kdrama heroines: poor, orphan, school drop-out, weird clothes and hair... (I LOL. They're just going to make fun of all the kdrama tropes, huh?) Monkey listens but doesn't agree to help yet.
kakashi: I want to stick needles into him, too. I think I've mentioned that before.
JoAnne: THAT, I completely understand.  

Bunny Novel Time!
Drag Bunny is waiting on a bridge when someone limps into view. It's Drag Roomie and she's wounded! (and pink!) She gasps out that Hunter Kei attacked their place and killed the other Gumihos. (Err.. I purposely avoided mentioning this in earlier RimJeobs since they never mentioned it, but YES. Drag Bunny and Roomie are gumihos in this universe.) Now that Hunter Kei has discovered their hideout, they need a new place to hole up in while they recover. WTF, PARIS? WHY NO SCENE OF KEI SLAYING GUMIHOS?!
kakashi: I think SJR was temporarily off doing awesome cool things somewhere else. (Here, Squeeglets, have a gif of Kei blinking instead.)
JoAnne: He looks tired. And have you noticed that he has wrinkles? Isn't he young for that?
Mary: I noticed. And laughlines too. He really doesn't fit the image of pretty boy, which is why I luff him more!
GumiBunny brings GumiRoomie to Alterna-Paris, where Cheesy Alex opens the door in shock to find two hawt ladies knocking late at night. He treats GumiRoomie's wounds. (LOL Cheesy Alex even spouts random English words - alright, I approve of this. He still is incredibly boring, but at least he makes fun of himself) He promises not to probe why they can't go to a hospital. On one condition: GumiBunny must date him until GumiRoomie recovers. I can't describe enough how cheesy this scene is. You have to give props to Cheesy Alex for the extra flourishes and eyebrow wiggles when he's playing Cheesy.
kakashi: He seems to be able to act a little bit, yes. I take three needles out, but leave the other 234098 in.
JoAnne: It bothers me immensely that you put 234,101 needles in him. Why? Why the extra one? It throws everything off.
In the real world, Bunny closes her laptop as Roomie returns from dinner with Jer2.0. Roomie tells Bunny to stop worrying. She told Jer2.0 that Bunny needed help fielding Kei's suspicions and hiding her Monkey crush. Bunny is pissed that her crush has been outed. Blah blah blah. Here's the gif of Kei wiggling his eyebrows from Jeob Ghost Episode 3, as promised.
kakashi: Thank you! The pressure on you to finally publish it has helped, has it! More story-related ... I've been wondering for a while, has Park Gyuri cut her hair for this role or is it a wig? I don't mean the red one. (My Google-fu says that she wanted to cut her hair, except management didn't allow her because she tried short hair before and it looked awful on her. Hehe so this is a wig. A pretty convincing one, actually.)
JoAnne: I wonder if he can make his ears wiggle. I bet he's going to be a fun dad.
Next day, in some coffee shop. Monkey meets Chaebol Son and asks him to go home and back to school. Chaebol Son refuses. He's mad that Chaebol Mom looked down on Poor GF. He lists all the things he likes about generic, Poor Kdrama GF: she is nice and different from the snotty, lifeless girls in his college, she works hard all day and night on multiple odd jobs (LOL), and she cheerfully shows him how to enjoy life. Chaebol Son promises to introduce her to Monkey Hyung soon.
kakashi: Triple yawn with whipped cream yawn topping.
JoAnne: I think I need to go back to sleep because I cannot stop laughing at Monkey Hyung.
(Hold on, we're almost there)

Bunny and Jer2.0 are out on lunch-buying duty when they spot a couple of girls promoting a new nail salon. *gasp* It's that rude customer! Looks like she raised a ruckus last time to scare people away from Paris and into their new salon (that is SO EVIL and ruthless!). Nice Monkey isn't here so Bunny is free to "cut a bitch" err... scold Rude Customer-Employee. Bunny grabs Rude Employee's bag when she tries to run away and riiiiiiip. Out falls copies of Monkey's and Kei's designs!
kakashi: Yes! Finally! Somebody recognized the genius of our nail artists!
JoAnne: It's a cutthroat world for estheticians and they don't get nearly the respect they deserve.
Bunny becomes more agitated, asking why Rude Employee has copies of those. Bunny moves in for the kill when a hand pulls her back. OH MEIN GOTT. KEEEEEEEEEEEI. I MISSED YOU. OH GOD. I'm sorry. It's just, this is our first close-up of Song Jae Rim in this ep. Incidentally, also my first Rim sighting after I watched that beautiful cut-scene of My Il Hwa overlaid with lovely musex. My ovaries are still on high-alert. Go watch it. Again.
kakashi: My ovaries clap enthusiastically.
JoAnne: Mine are flopping around helplessly on the floor because I refused to buy them tickets to SK.
Back now? Good. Because it's Kei time over here at Paris. He lectures Bunny for not removing her uniform first before fighting with the other shop. Hehe. I do love his priorities (along with his face). He's also play-scolding Bunny and her "gangster" tendency to pick fights on the street when party-pooping Monkey interrupts to ask what's the matter. (BOO! HISS!)
kakashi: I'm sticking more needles in. Alex Monkey is really, really hard to bear.
JoAnne: I just noticed that SJR really DOES have a tiny head. 
Mary: Jo! I'm so happy to know that my dirty, dangling twitter pun was not lost on you. Now I know you're really on the mend. :D
They tell Monkey everything and he decides to consult GumiBoss about the plagiarism issue. He stands up then clutches his stomach in pain, but passes it off as hunger from skipping lunch. (And here I was hoping someone slipped him a dose of battu peuraggu - that's still possible, mary! He might just be lying about the cause, because that's so totally boring HIM) Ah! That reminds Jer2.0, they forgot to buy lunch! Kei tells them to just buy GumiBoss's favorite tofu nigiri, then he squares his shoulders, yawns and walks lazily off-cam. I AM WATCHING YOU, OPPA. Your detailed acting flourishes are not lost on me! <3 <3 <3 <3
kakashi: Oh yes. Song Jae-rim's brilliance expresses itself in these little add-ons, the face pulling, the mouth twisting, the yawning, the tongue-sticking, the away-walking, etc. (And the blinking. Don't forget the blinking.)
JoAnne: He's a regular Olivier.
Later that day, Bunny is thinking about GumiBoss and her love for tofu, another known gumifood (they're just making this stuff up, right??!)
GumiBoss calls Bunny up to the office. Maaan, GumiBoss's nails are scary. O__O Did this show's sponsor actually gain customers from this drama? Good thing Kei is in this scene to neutralize those hideous nails with his smexiness.
kakashi: I have yet to see nails in this show that do not traumatize me.
JoAnne: These nails do tend to get in the way of a good RimJeob.
GumiBoss asks Bunny to be Kei's assistant when he represents Paris in an international nail art competition. Kei leaves (nuuu!), GumiBoss asks Bunny to clear up her desk and also leaves. But not before doing this, "Look! I am Placing My Super. Secret. Necklace. In. This. Drawer. Right. Here" act. While cleaning the office, Bunny finally gets to see that Ancient Necklace of Gumihery which is... made in China?! (I LOL. I didn't know Korea made those kind of jokes. Or is this another first on SK television, courtesy of WTFParis?)
kakashi: Show is funny! Me likes show!
JoAnne: Mary hasn't seen the end of the show yet, has she? I know Kakashi hasn't. I'm going to die laughing.
Roomie laughs that Bunny's whole GumiQuest ended that way, but I can't help but think that GumiBoss did that on purpose. Then I think, WAIT. DO WE KNOW WHO BUNNY'S MOM IS?! What if GumiBoss is the gumiho who saved her? And the reason she got lost in the mountains looking for her mom is because her mom WAS a gumiho who lived in the mountain?! I am so calling that one. I wouldn't put it past Paris to add birth secrets on top of our Jenga genre-pile.
kakashi: I love how this show is all about Gumihos but so absolutely NOT about Gumihos.
JoAnne: Mary.

Roomie notices Bunny studying and asks, "are those the notes Alex lent you?" Bunny nods before realizing that she never mentioned that to Roomie. Hehe. Looks like Jer2.0 and Roomie gossip about Bunny and her unrequited crush during their dates. Roomie is spared from Bunny's bitching when Jer2.0 calls. Bunny uses her alone-ness to stare at that used bandage from her locker door WHICH SHE FOOKING TRANSFERRED TO ALEX'S NOTEBOOK. That's... eeew. That's not even her notebook. Who does that?
kakashi: That Gumiho in her youth most certainly messed with her brain. 


Kei is tired and yawny and moany. ACH. MEIN GOTT. Stahp that voice. Stahp rubbing the back of your neck like that. No wonder Bunny hovers over him, eager to help. He orders her to find a nail model and calls her a drunken fighter beanie. Wow. A pet name? You are soooooo in love, Kei God!
Bunny immediately volunteers her Nice Roomie and says that Nice Roomie's nails are the only useful part of her body. I WANNA SLAP HER. How dare she volunteer Nicey without checking with her first? And she even badmouths her? I settle for hoping Bunny ends up with Alex, because missing out on that hot namja nailist sitting there is the worst karma ever.
kakashi: When mary goes full-out, I find it hard to add comments, because a) I'm laughing too hard and b) there's nothing more to say. Oh, maybe this though: SO GLAD we're at the part where Rimmie matters and not Monkey.
JoAnne: Yes but she kinda needs to take a chill pill on the roomie bit, I don't remember Bunny being that bad..perhaps it's just one too many time without enough room in her fridge for cake?
Mary: No. I've been staying in dormitories since I was 10 years old. Roommates can make your sem heaven or hell. For instance, can you imagine how nice it would be to have Song Jae Rim as your roommate? Waking up to see him rubbing his neck like below?
Bunny goes back to cleaning hand job supplies while whistling. Kei God can't help but look at her pouty lips and remember their accidental kiss. He feels disturbed. Hot. Bothered. Also, HOT. He shakes his head, trying to dismiss those naughty memories, and shout-stutters at Bunny to stop whistling.
kakashi: OMG OMG OMG he is so friggin HOT, how can anyone watch this and not fall madly in love with him? Maybe one can't ... so many people start this (because of MARY) and never turn away again, it seems ....
JoAnne: At this point in the series when I remember back to how disappointed I was in his appearance and character at first, I laugh and then call myself an idiot.
He leaves the room in a hurry and in comes Chaebol Son with Poor GF to move our Story Of The Day forward. Plot twist? Poor GF and Rude Employee are the same (yeah, total "surprise" there .... NOT). Poor GF apologizes for that fake scandal she staged the other day. She tells them she quit her job because she feels bad that her boss orders her to do unethical stuff like that. She also claims that the copied designs were for inspiration only.
kakashi: Tell me who this girl is? I've seen her before, but due to old age, I cannot identify her.
JoAnne: Yeah, me too. But she's not Kei so I don't actually care.
Anyway, Poor GF is poor and full of hopes for opening her own nail salon yada yada. Monkey offers her a position in Paris while she's in-between jobs. (WTF? What happened to the WANTED: HOT NAMJAS, 24-27 YEARS OLD WITH PLEASING PERSONALITY?! -- aah, looks like girls can be part-timers. Then I want a position in Paris too!) Monkey says he'll ask the boss for confirmation first, then he turns around and waits for Kei's approval, because GumiBoss is in a faraway conference. *giggling* Does that mean he sees Kei God as the boss? Of course! Everyone wants to please Rim Oppa!
kakashi: I think he is just afraid of Kei's temper, hehe. 
JoAnne: He's clearly not the hyung one in the pair.
Mmm... I wanna see that temper you're talking about, kakashi.
Monkey talks to Chaebol Son again, asking him to return home and finish his degree (he's supposed to be smart and all that), but Chaebol Son insists they can live on Poor GFs savings AND he can work part-time too. LOL He's so cute and incredibly stupid. Five bucks says he'll go hungry in a week.
kakashi: Move on, show. I'm only watching this for Rimmie.
JoAnne: I love how Jer2.0 is marginalized here.
Commercial Break!
Jer2.0 is now hanging out at The Bunny Cave with the girls. Bunny is worried about Chaebol Son and Poor GF's future. Roomie is surprised, "so you care about people now?" Bunny asks what that comment means. Nice Roomie (now with backbone!) admits, "well... it's true, you've always been kinda mean to people". Jer2.0 defends her like a good BF. I cackle in glee. Suck on that, Bunny The Bitchy Roommate!
kakashi: Still on Bunny's side. She is very much like me. I have a low tolerance for stupid people too.
JoAnne: She really never struck me as mean at all. This is amazing to me.
Mary: One of these days, I'm gonna write a list of the clues our Genius Writer used to show that Bunny is not a nice person at the start of this show... then you'll be even more amazed how such a WTF Show can be brilliant at the same time.
Next morning, Jer2.0 is comparing Bunny to their new intern, calling the newbie cuter and more hardworking. Bunny kicks Jer2.0's shins but me-thinks Jer2.0 has a point. Or, at the very least, Poor GF is SMARTER because the first thing she does when she sees Kei God is grab him and drag him to the locker room. Mmmm... I wanna be her right now. Kei stares at her sexily while she takes out her notes. I swear there was no need to scratch his chin curiously and make his gaze linger like that, but I've long accepted the fact that anything Song Jae Rim does is carefully calculated to make everyone fall in love with him.
kakashi: He is a natural talent in that department, yes!
JoAnne: A dedicated stealer of scenes.
Here's another thing you should try if you have a copy of Paris. Go to this episode's locker scene (around 24:00), turn the volume up, and play it in slow-mo. Listen closely. That part where Poor GF is explaining her design to Kei God... Hear that?


I shit you not. Technically, he's just breathing noisily/grunting as part of Kei's lazy gangster persona. BUT if you're playing the vid on slow-mo to make gifs, it sounds like porn**. It's disturbing in the awesomest, bestest way possible. (**Not that I've watched any. Ehem.)
kakashi: OH. *starts fiddling around with her computer* But how do I get to play this in slow-mo??!
JoAnne: And yet I'm the dirty one.

I would like to take a moment to thank the owner of this blog, kakashi, and the squeecappers for giving me the opportunity to work on this RimJeob and notice the little blessings in life. Like Kei moaning on slow-mo.
kakashi: You are so welcome. I like to see myself as an enabler.
JoAnne: *shakes head*

*ehem, back to the Jeob*

Chaebol Mom enters Paris, sees Poor GF, and slaps her. You may cross off that item in your "Things Evil Chaebol Moms Do" Bingo Card now. Chaebol Mom walks out, but not before throwing some nail art stuff in anger and hitting MonkeyMan accidentally. (HA! I luff her. She's totally immune to Monkey, unlike the other women in the WTFVerse.) Poor GF cheerfully tries to clean up Chaebol Mom's mess when Chaebol Son comes in and wonders why everyone is in a bad mood. (Me: it's because they haven't undressed Kei again since Episode 1. *pouts*)
kakashi: Yes, I think there should be a law against KDrama without shower scenes. Or sweaty no-sweater fight scenes.
JoAnne: Wait for the episode where the boiler breaks and it's 110 in the shop and they all have to go shirtless because they can't possibly postpone these jobs that are so critical to the health and well-being of their patrons. Isn't that how they finally realize Bunny is a she?

Dear Squeeglets,
Attached is a copy of what Kei should look like in a sauna scene. Kindly improvise in your heads and provide the necessary jjimjilbang background.
- From a fellow RimBugger
The best version of Song Jae Rim, bar none.
Err... he looks like an old tree. I wanna check his trunk and count the rings. O_O

Poor GF tries to play the sad vibes as nothing, but Chaebol Son notices her swollen cheek. He guesses that Chaebol Mom was just here and gets mad at Poor GF for trying to act like everything's fine. The lovers fight, do we care? No. Let's just jump to later that night when Kei stops Bunny from going home and orders her to prepare stuff for his entry.
JoAnne: For his ENTRY? Oh, you mean the show.

I squee everytime he calls her Drunken Fighter Beanie. He is cooing at Bunny the way I coo when I say Rim, RimOppa, Rimmie, Peacock Oppa, etc. Plus he looks deliciously pleased at Bunny's suffering. Is Kei... into kinky things? Does "Drunken Fighter Beanie" mean something else?
kakashi: Let's ask JoAnne. She knows such things.
JoAnne: It means he's got a bit of kink, yes.
I totally don't get why Monkey, Kei God, and Bunny go shopping the next day instead. But whatever. At least MonkeyMan stays with Bunny and does the requisite "look at random stuff and smile at each other" montage. This gives Kei God the chance to get the camera all to his glorious self. Fellow RimBugger Jilly over at twitter oh so generously pointed out that this scene gives us a shot of the RimButt.
kakashi: Goodness, feed the man!
JoAnne: He dresses like a harabeoji.
Mary: Le Sekshi Harabeoji!
Butt Age of Feeling has an even better view, don't you think so? I've attached both versions of Oppa's butt. Which do you think looks better? Sound off in the comments below.
kakashi: I have a comment. In the butt department, Song Jae-rim loses by about 133509 points to Yoon Hyun-Min. THAT's an ass.
JoAnne: THAT is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy, that's what THAT is.
I cry foul! OF COURSE no one can beat Hyunnie's ass. I didn't even know people's asses can be a work of art until I read your Cruel City Squeecaps.
JoAnne: Well, they can. And his is.

We get shot upon shot of our Rimmie walking with his nose glued to his phone, and MonkeyMan explains that Rimmie has absolutely no sense of direction (he's reading a GPS/map). Poor Oppa. He looks like a lost boy, asking Monkey&Bunny where to go next. I wanna hug him and direct him to where he's supposed to be. *points to chest* In my heart.
kakashi: Ohhhhhh .... I love people without a sense of direction. I GIVE them direction. I talk from personal experience, because many people very close to me don't have one. 
JoAnne: It's seriously endearing, yes. As for me, I know how to get places but I have hard time describing it. It's like I know point A and I know point Z but for the life of me I have a difficult time remembering all the points in between. Even in the town that I live in, if I have to think how to get to a road, I can't always do it. But if I get in the car and drive, I can go there.
Bunny leaves the men to go to the ladies-- err.. gents' room, and Monkey clutches his stomach again. (Battu peuraggu, please?) He claims he's fine. Kei tells him not to hide if he's sick or in pain. This conversation serves no other purpose than to show that [1] Kei God is sexy and a reliable friend, and [2] Kei God is close with Monkey, ergo the impending love triangle will tragically tear their bromantic bromance apart (good riddance). Kei God playfully bro-slaps Monkey on the shoulder. I shout HARDER, OPPA! THAT WASN'T STRONG ENOUGH! (To dislocate Monkey's shoulder, I mean.)
kakashi: Mary is really mean. At least I just stick needles into him.
JoAnne: You guys keep focusing your energy on being mean to Monkey. Kei and I have to go look for...uhhh....this place.
Back to Chaebol Son and GF. Poor GF tells Chaebol Son to go back to school and make-up with his mom. Chaebol Son refuses. He insists they don't need the approval of their parents to be in a relationship.   See that? That is the big gaping hole of logic in Chaebol Son's mind. Still putting my five bucks on death by starvation...
kakashi: Yes, money matters, people. Don't marry poor people.
JoAnne: Yes. Sleep with them all you want, but don't marry them. It just encourages them to breed.

It's the night before the nailist competition! Kei God is busy doing stuff to his mouth while working on the new design. He's so hot I barely notice Bunny sleeping on the sidelines, but our Kei God notices very much. He is bothered by her presence. He wakes her up and tells her to go home. Bunny insists on staying. I mean, who wouldn't? It's just you and Kei God in a shop that offers hand jobs. It's a fanfic writer's dream!
kakashi: Uhm .... just a quick question, WHY is she staying? It's not that she's in love with him or anything. Such a waste. Imagine what you would have done in the same situation!
JoAnne: Oh but she does like him, she just hasn't figured out yet that it's not simply admiration for his hand job skills and general awesomeness.
Kei God lets her stay. (Can't say no to Bunny now, eh?) He's absorbed in his work when he hears Bunny sleep-talking. He's annoyed and tries to wake her up, but ends up staring at her lips instead... He realizes what he's doing and leaves the room quickly like there's a Jeob Ghost after him. (Nope, only your lustful, dirty thoughts, Kei. But we promise not to exorcise that.)
kakashi: Poor Rimmie ... the fear of homosexuality ... so strong. So scary. It's normal though! Don't be afraid!
JoAnne: I would say that's so obviously not a man's mouth, but then I think of people like Gongchan from B1A4 or my own beloved Joonie from MBlaq...
The next morning, Roomie gets in a horrific accident: she scalds her fingers by TOUCHING a mug full of hot water. LOL WTF. Even the way accidents happen in this universe is so weird... Anyway, this leaves Kei with no model. But he doesn't know that yet, because he left earlier to relax at the sauna and will just meet-up with the team on-site. (Fook you, Show, where is my Kei God sauna scene?! TEASE) Everyone scrambles to find a replacement model while Bunny bitches at her roommate without asking if she's alright first. I make a mental note to crochet a Bunny voodoo doll so I can stick pins into her.
kakashi: No, no, the sticking needles in is MY part. Also ... I'm on Bunny's side. Who burns their fingers by touching a mug?! She is too stupid! She deserves it!
JoAnne: And no one really wants to see your Oppa's skinny ass legs in a pair of baggy bright orange shorts wearing a towel with bunny ears, Mary.
Mary: Clearly, we are talking about two very different types of saunas, JoAnne.
Anyway, thank ye gods for Jer2.0 who saves Roomie from Bunny AND suggests the stupidest, smartest idea in this episode so far: Have Bunny cross-dress as a girl and use her as the replacement model. Bunny doesn't want to do it. Kei God is already doubtful of her gender! Cross-dressing might tip him off more! Ah, but Jer2.0 uses superhero logic: Does Spiderman wear tights to work? No. Ergo, wearing tights to work means you're definitely not Spiderman! I... don't know what to say. Where the fook is Kei God anyway?
kakashi: Brilliant. And so mean. We all know what will happen to Kei next.
JoAnne: Biggest, most confused erection of the year? Should we alert Secret Love Affair that they have competition? Maybe Emergency Couple? Suddenly, erections are everywhere in KDrama. I like to think that WTF Paris was out front (ahem) leading the way.

Kei God is at the competition venue and is pissed. Where is his mooooodel?! Jer2.0 calls to say there was an accident, but they found a replacement. He drags Bunny (dressed up as Park Gyuri) towards Kei God. HNelfkja flajfla kjflaj fLJALKJ Kei God is very very very shocked. And admiring. He can't help but check out Park Gyuri. I crow in victory that le Kei God is now officially caught: hook, line, and sinker.
kakashi: Look at how cute he is! Look! ♥♥♥♥
JoAnne: That boy is absolutely gobsmacked.
(I went back to add more comments on this scene)
Kei is angry. He thinks it's a stupid idea, but he can't stop staring. OMG he really can't help but steal glances even when he's scolding Jer2.0 and Bunny for this stunt. When Bunny tells him to stop staring, he gets this dazed expression like, "Uh... yeah... sure. I... I will stop. Stop staring, I mean." HNNNGGGGGHHHHHH
Kei has no choice but to register Park Gyuri as his model. The event organizers give him a ticket of sorts to tie around his model's hand. Kei God takes Gyuri's hand and roughly ties the thing on, not even looking at her directly. He's grimacing. He looks like he's suffering. Wow. Surely, he isn't already... you know. Uhm. Ready to... uhm. Yeah. I heard that can be painful for the guys, but he's only seen Gyuri for < 5 minutes! And he only held her hand for < 30 seconds! Surely, he isn't "up there" already? Is that even possible? Jo? kashi?
kakashi: Don't ask me. I'm really very innocent and pure.
JoAnne: Oh I think he was fully engaged, as it were, pretty much immediately. He's young. It doesn't take the young ones any time at all.
During the competition, the judge compliments Kei's model as beautiful, so Kei stares some more... Heh. That judge is such an enabler too.

Monkey calls Chaebol Son and tells him Poor GF accidentally ran someone over during a delivery. Poor GF needs a guardian to sign for her and pay the settlement money. Monkey advises Chaebol Son to swallow his damn pride and ask help from his mom. When Chaebol Son agrees to do so, poor GF pops up. SURPRISE! You see how important family is, now? We're just trying to teach you a lesson! Ha! Dontcha know Paris likes to fake scenarios like that to fix your couple problems? (Maaan, you should've seen that Domestic Violence couple in episode 2! So cute and quick to reconcile!) Chaebol Son walks off in anger. Monkey lets him. Meh. He has a party to go to anyway...
kakashi: Quadruple yawn with ice cream and cherries on top.
JoAnne: No Kei, no me.
Paris staff is at that Ex-Nailists's restaurant, celebrating Kei God's 1st place win! Ex-nailist serves them drinks but Kei takes away Bunny's. He's now officially S-C-A-R-E-D of what Bunny does when she's drunk. Hehe. Bunny steals Jer2.0's beer instead and the two maknaes play around, bro-hugging each other. Kei God stares on jealously. Then he slams down his hand and says he's going home. PWAHAHAHA I bet you wish you can hug Bunny and play around with her yourself. You sexy man-beast you.
kakashi: I feel so sorry for him. For realz. This must be agony!!!!
JoAnne: I guess in this universe they didn't have Coffee Prince to pave the way for him.

Kei God goes back to Paris and squees a little bit (just a little bit, ok?) when he remembers his moment of glory...
Err... not THAT glory. This one. The one where he won the nail art competition and had to wear a tiara. Hnggggggghhh Ice Coffee Nail Prince is so awkward and cute.
kakashi: Loling so hard at the crown. Who came up with this brilliant idea?!
JoAnne: A brilliant piece of social commentary. How dare they assume that all good nailists are women?
He finds Chaebol Son in front of Paris though and scoffs at him. "Why are you here? Still mad? You wanna punch Alex's face?" (yes please!) Chaebol Son insists what Alex did shocked and hurt him. Kei God whacks him on the head. LOL "Were you shocked? Were you hurt? You idiot. You always think about your pride. Did you ever try to convince your mom that you can be trusted with your own future? Did you ever try to think what's the best for you and your GF's future?" Amen. Preach it, Kei God. I entrust my future to you.
kakashi: I wasn't interested in the side-story until the side-story merged with the Kei-story. Now, the side-story is awesome.
JoAnne: Kei is so awesome that he just spills over on everyone.

Next morning, Paris sets up a meet-and-greet between Chaebol Mom, Son, and Poor GF. Chaebol Son apologizes to Chaebol Mom. He kneels down and promises to go back home and to school. Just, please give Poor GF a chance. Chaebol Mom refuses! She has photos of Poor GF hanging out with an old man (her boss in another part-time job). Chaebol Mom drags Chaebol Son away before Poor GF can explain. Bunny, who's been missing all morning, hurries in to announce that she talked to GF's boss and found that the reason they went on a roadtrip is to get pig pancreas. Err... it's good for diabetics, but needs to be obtained fresh from the source.

Monkey then explains that aside from being concerned about Chaebol Mom's health, Poor GF was also the one who convinced Chaebol Son to come back home. (WRONG, ALEX. IT WAS KEI GOD.) But whatever, Chaebol Family and Poor GF are best-buddies now. Son promises to study well, Mom promises to give them a chance to show they're responsible kiddos. Everyone is happy when suddenly, Monkey clutches his stomach again and faints.
kakashi: He is dying! YAY!
JoAnne: It was probably that extra needle.
Outside Monkey's hospital room, Doc tells Kei God and Jer2.0 it's just acute gastritis (oh. Bummer). A side effect of that glue drinking a couple of episodes back (he should try glue sniffing next! I hear it's much better!). He recommends bed rest. Kei tells Jer2.0 to go close up Paris, he'll watch over Monkey tonight. Speaking of... MonkeyMan is sleeping and Bunny on watcher duty. Bunny is feeling feeeelings. She's hurt that MonkeyMan is hurting. I LOL. It's stomach pain and pooping and farting and vomiting. That's never going to be romantic, you know... still, our Bunny is in the mood. She does that drama lead thing of kissing someone while they're asleep/unconscious (is she not afraid of transmittable disease??! Oh, wait, she also keeps that band aid). And our Kei God opens the door to do that second lead thing of looking on while the girl-boy he loves falls in love with someone else.
Heart. Breaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak.
kakashi: *sobs for Kei*
JoAnne: awwwwwww


Oh my. Confused Kei is cute, but heart-broken, unrequited-love-ing Kei is just too tragic. We'll be halfway through this series next episode, does that mean the angst is coming? And I don't care about Bunny's angst. I just want Kei God to survive this Show with his awesomeness intact. *hugs RimPillow*