Nail Shop Paris Episode 5 (A SongJaeRimJob)

Hola, Squeeglets! I'm back! (I hope...) We all miss Rim on our screens so let's get on this RimJeob while waiting for more casting news, ohkei? *staring daggers at SM C&C*
kakashi: *suspicious* What does that stand for?! I hope they did not forget the "&" between the S and the M... seems dodgy.
It's his agency. Oppa's agency, ohkei? *eyeing kakashi*
JoAnne: Aren't they the ones that people joke keep trainees in the basement?
For lakaribane, who fangirls over Oppa's thumb

Kei is drinking alone and remembering that icky scene last episode where Bunny assaults a sleeping monkey with her lips. Eeeew... He is disturbed, our Kei. The Ex-Nailist notices the depressing aura around him and tells him to pick a tarot card. Kei gets "Fortune's Wheel". It means life-altering, luck, or fateful meeting. "Did you get a girlfriend?" asks Ex-Nailist. Kei just scoffs at him but holds on to the card. Aww... he's gonna keep that in his pocket and keep staring at it while emo-ing, huh?
Shuk: I had "Winter Sonata" vibes here with the Fortune card. Without the fluffyhair nightmares and the strangling scarves.
JoAnne: No WS vibes since I haven't seen it but I LOVE Waldo in the back looking all: I found him! I found Kei!
kakashi: Isn't that Wally? Or is Wally = Waldo? In German, I think it's Werner (NOT Weiner!) This is very confusing ... And this is what I thought: Which tarot-person in their right mind gives away one of their tarot cards?! You can't use the deck anymore! So stupid!
JoAnne: I don't know if Wally and Waldo are the same or different? But they both have weiners. As does Werner, I assume. (somehow, Wo Bist Werner? doesn't have the same ring to it...)
Bunny, Roommie, and Jer2.0 are eating out when they see a couple fighting in the adjacent table. Guy shouts at girl, demands money, and basically humiliates her in much the same way Song Jae Rim shouts at CL in the MV for "Go Away". Abusive BF then walks away and the nice girl apologizes to everyone with a smile. (In lieu of the fighting couple in this episode, I attached completely necessary screenshots from CL's MV. Feel free to ogle Song Jae Rim in his guy-linered, muscly glory.)
JoAnne: I felt very conflicted by how attractive I found the bad boyfriend in that video.
kakashi: Do I really need to google this?! Mary, post your unni the link! I'm lazy tonight! (Oh, she did)
(And before you ask, kakashi, the Nice GF in this episode is the bitchy side side character girl in School 2013 who only cared about grades and didn't have a redemption arc.)
kakashi: Why would I even ask ... I don't watch any shows with "School" in the title. Oh, except for "Let's go to School Sang-doo". Oups, now JoAnne is crying ... so saaawry.
JoAnne: KJH has a neck like Kermit the frog. There, I said it. (*giggling*)
The next morning, GumiBoss is back from the conference. She enrolls Bunny in a nail art class which meets up thrice a week, as per Monkey's request. Jer2.0 is teasing Bunny about being touched by Monkey Crush's thoughtfulness when Kei comes in, a bit late from work. HNGGGGGHHHH!!! He got a haircut and a shave! Jer2.0 comments on it and Kei smiles bashfully. Bunny compliments it and Kei ignores her. Teehee.
Shuk: [pout] I like the scruff.
JoAnne: That is one teeny tiny head.
kakashi: Yeah, he is all neck, no head. Almost no head. 
JoAnne: He could use more head. Yup.
Shuk: 0.0
Uhm, to put the unnis' comments in context: I read in a (badly Google Translated) interview that Oppa used to weight-lift but became embarrassed about his (relatively) small head because it wasn't proportional for a model, so he stopped. I shared this info with JoAnne and it turned into this "your Oppa has a wittle bitty head" issue.
Bunny puzzles over Kei's attitude. Why is Hyung mad at her again? Jer2.0 just answers it's the same reason Pororo wears glasses, or basically, "Because he wants to."
kakashi: That's ... really cute! I'm going to use this in my daily life from now on! "Hey, kakashi, why are you poking needles into a SJR doll?" - "Well, it's the same reason Pororo wears glasses, or basically, because I want to ... " make mary mad! Because she keeps making fun of Kim Ji-hoon!
*whispers: crybaaaby*

Bunny attends that nail art class and wouldn't you know it? Her seatmate is that Nice Abused GF (not CL, the other one). She notices something strange about Abused GF's nails and consults Monkey about it afterwards. Bunny says that her new friend has the same nails as Stalker Client in Ep2, but doesn't look sad like Stalker Client. In fact, she's always smiling!
JoAnne: Clearly Monkey Spit has transferative capabilities. She is a budding Nail Whisperer. 
kakashi: I'm throwing up a little in my mouth. 
Monkey Nail Fu Master lectures that it's possible for people to be like that. Smiling becomes their habit that they can't do anything else, even if they feel sad or angry. IS THAT WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU, MONKEY? Monkey Master compliments Bunny for noticing the problem and advises her to take care of her new friend. Meh. Whatever, Monkey. She only used that as an excuse to visit you and get some Nail Fu Master bonding time action. *shakes head* Tsk tsk tsk... the crazy things people do for their crushes. *finishes folding 998th Marry-Me-Song-Jae-Rim wishing crane*
Shuk: [secretly steals 27 of them so she never reaches the goal.]
JoAnne: *nudges Shuk* (I've been taking them too!)
kakashi: D'awwwwwwwwz! Teach me, Mary! Teach me how to fold him!
That night, Roomie asks Bunny why she's so focused on studying her nail art notes. Isn't she going to finish her novel? Oh goody! NOW she remembers she's supposed to be writing one. Here we go...


GumiBunny and Cheesy Alex are in bed. Post-sex. HAHAHAHAHA even the music is dirty! Cheesy takes out a nail file and cleans GumiBunny's nails, saying that a person with clean nails is loved by the people around her. OMFG I can't stop laughing. How can people not love this Show? Cheesy adds a sticker to Bunny's nails and shows her the same sticker on his. He calls them couple nails and promises to buy real couple rings for them soon. LMAO at the winking. I made an alex.gif. He deserves one here!
JoAnne: I had this sudden image of GummiCheese that made me gag. I have not recovered. I'll share: It's soft and jiggly and sticks to your teeth.
kakashi: JoAnne, I'm plotting to get you back for this. When you least expect it! 
kakashi: Alex as Cheesy makes me hate him a little tiny bit less. 
Later, GumiBunny talks to GumiRoomie who's now fully recovered. GumiRoomie asks her "Do you love that man?" She asks if GumiBunny is sure that Cheesy is the man whose love will turn her human, because he could also be another Hunter, using GumiBunny to track the other gumihos. GumiBunny doesn't answer but later, we see them leaving Paris with their stuff. Looks like GumiBunny chose her gumi-buddies over love. She leaves with nothing but an "I'm sorry. Goodbye" post-it message for Cheesy.
JoAnne: Little known fact, gummicheese IS the sticky stuff on the back of post it notes.


Bunny bumps into Kei and spills some of the tea she's carrying. She apologizes profusely. (Idiot. I would've grabbed some towels and wiped his whole front. Or, screw the towels, my tongue is absorbent too.) Kei shouts at her to watch where she's going, and even GumiBoss is shocked at Kei's moodiness. Jer2.0 plays mediator and warns Kei that the customers are watching, but Kei just walks out in anger.
JoAnne: I don't think tongues are actually absorbent, though. Because then wouldn't they swell... and why would you swallow your drinks?
I just meant tongues are good for cleaning up spills too...
kakashi: You girls can discuss this over there, while I go and calm the wild sexy beast down. Maybe I'll use my tongue.
Jer2.0 tells Bunny not to worry, Kei Hyung is just in a bad mood. He pulls at Bunny's face to get her to smile again, as Kei watches from afar. He shakes his head at his antics and rubs his neck again. Look at his pointer. Look at it. O_____O WAT R U DOING, OPPA? WHY DO U HAV TO DO DAT EXTRA FINGER TICKLE THING? R U TRYING TO KILT ME???
Shuk: Frustration makes for tense muscles. Luckily, I am ready to use my professional massage skills on any part of his body that requires rubbing. I'll throw in a little finger-tickle too, although to be honest, I never noticed that.
JoAnne: Oh, I did. He is a very tactile person, our Rimmie. This bodes well for future endeavors.
kakashi: D'aaawwwwwwz, you lusty noonas. Is nobody feelings his pain?! Poor, poor Kei. 
Bunny goes to her nail art class and sees her new friend being harassed by Abusive BF again. She talks to her during their nail art practice time and tells her to stand up to Gangster BF. New Friend just apologizes and smiles. Bunny tells her to stop being smiley and apologetic too. New Friend apologizes again and explains that smiling is a habit she picked up working as a saleslady. Bunny takes New Friend's hands and shares her new Nail Fu knowledge, pointing out that New Friend is depressed and her mind can't be at ease due to her BF. She offers to help New Friend break up with the man.
JoAnne: Oooh like my friend David did when I wanted to break up with Scott in 8th grade. Of course David became my next boyfriend. Sigh. He had hair like Leif Garrett. 
Don't google him. He did not age well.

kakashi: If I have learned something from hanging out with you ladies then it's this: Do NOT Google things when quasi urged to google things. (I was honestly urging you not to.) It never ends well. Plus: I wonder while "New Friend" doesn't just kick and/or kill Bunny. SO ANNOYING! Can't these Paris people respect peoples' privacy?!
Bunny and New Friend calls up Gangster BF to meet-up at a crowded cafe. Bunny acts like a protective Oppa and tells BF to stop seeing New Friend. Just because New Friend is always smiling doesn't mean she likes him! Gangster BF becomes agitated and tries to slap Bunny but a barista stops him from raising a ruckus. Bunny then leads New Friend out, leaving Gangster BF to stew by himself.
JoAnne: Slapping is SO gangster.
kakashi: Bunny SO doesn't look like a guy.
Bunny retells her hero moment to Jer2.0 and Roomie at The Bunny Cave. The couple scolds her that that was a dangerous thing to do, and Jer2.0 reminds Bunny to call him if ever it happens again. "Why, would you help me out?" 
"No, I'd ask Kei Hyung to help. He's really good at fighting." 
YIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE I CAN TOTALLY SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING. Thank you, Bunny, for stupidly picking a fight with a gangster and assuming that humiliating him in a public place is enough to get a safe pass.

Jer2.0 brings up their fan clubs and the latest erotic fanfic about them. Jer2.0 says that in the fanfic, the two maknaes are dating while Kei is the jealous third party. Bunny protests, "Kei always bullies me, how can he possibly like me?" But her Roomie with a higher EQ says that boys do that I-like-you-so-I'll-keep-pestering-you thing all the time.
JoAnne: Did she forget everything she knew about boys and girls when she started dressing as a boy?
kakashi: Loooooool at the fanfic! WHO THE FOOOOK would write fanfic about dudes doing nails?! (You're seriously asking that inside a RimJeob of a show about dudes doing nails?) I mean .... WTF, Show! WTF!!! But loooooooool, show, even though it's so WTF that you actually make fun of all that boy-on-boy idol stuff that I hear fanfic is full of. I can publicly admit here that I have never read any. But one of these days, I will. I am sure.
To kakashi: If you read the Age of Feeling FakeCap, you've already read a fanfic.
The next morning, Kei is reading the Paris fanfic on Jer2.0's laptop and shaking his head. In what? Anger? LOL His face is hilarious... He asks Jer2.0 if he's really like an immature boy with a crush on Bunny. Jer2.0 just laughs it off and says, "yeah, you only bully her!" Kei walks out at that, leaving Jer2.0 to wonder if it's true.
JoAnne: How do the muscles in his face do that?
kakashi: That's not anger, Mary. That's a mixture of outrage and anguish (and probably something ... else). Assume you're in love with somebody. You usually have fantasies about that person, don't you? And suddenly, there are people who write about your love-interest with another man?
Sidenote: fanfics (the good ones) take random real-life events or observances and make stories out of them. I'm guessing some Paris fans saw how Kei always bosses Bunny around and how close the maknaes are, so they made a fanfic out of that.
JoAnne: Oh so THAT's what fanfic is.
Well, uhm, not all. Some really are just SEX NAO PLS LOL. But the good fanfics start from a small detail and build a whole different world from there.
kakashi: I really think some of you SqueeCappers should write fanfic on this blog. Not me, I don't know what fanfic is. 
JoAnne: I think mine would get us shut down pretty quickly, just going by what comes out of my mouth on the spur of the moment.
Another sidenote: I typed that Paris fanfic in Google Translate just to check if Kei was really reading something naughty. But it wasn't dirty at all! It was cute though... I can't share it because this Jeob is already getting too long so... *continues*

Bunny visits Monkey's room again, but he's out for some tests with GumiBoss. Bunny does the stalker thing of checking Monkey's wallet to peek at that pic she didn't completely see in Ep2. WHUT??? It's Monkey and GumiBoss looking chummy and close! Bunny is deeply bothered like I'm bothered by any dating news regarding Rim Oppa. She asks Jer2.0 later what GumiBoss's relationship to Monkey is and finds out that GumiBoss was the one who helped Monkey when he was being all emo and self-destructive after that "accident" that caused him to stop studying medicine. Totally candidates for Noona Love, those two.
Shuk: Alex is too bland to have a relationship with anything more complex than a house plant.
JoAnne: You're forgetting Rosie.
kakashi: Rosie Dunne? She could be a relative of mine. Though she slightly misspells my last name. 
JoAnne: Rosie Palm and her five sisters? Do you have something like that in German?
Jer2.0 invites Bunny to go clubbing, but Bunny declines. She isn't in the mood. Jer2.0 leaves her to close-up shop then, only to run into Kei God who's awkwardly waiting outside. "You still haven't gone home?" says Jer2.0. "I uh... left something here" says Kei. Hehe. What? Your heart? Kei tries to send off Jer2.0 nonchalantly but you can totally see the unspoken words in his handsome face: "Yeah yeah... stop chatting. Go on, leave. I need to see Bunny alone!"
JoAnne: He does look good. The scarf sort of anchors his head on that stalk-like neck.
kakashi: A VERY sweet scene. He is so rattled by all this. I really love that. I must watch Coffee Prince again, I think.
JoAnne: That does sound like a good idea. Cass is watching it now.
After Jer2.0 leaves, Kei does this funny monologue where he questions himself why he has to lie. He's just gonna talk to Bunny! That's normal! It is! (This is my favorite gif for this episode, BTW. Look at him! He's so cute when he's scolding himself!)
JoAnne: And yet the sublime acting skills of SJR still manage to remind us, subtly, physically, that he still believes Bunny is a guy, and his tongue mimics his true heart's desire.
kakashi: This time, I DID notice the tongue.
JoAnne: You kinda can't miss it.
Ah, but someone comes along and talks to Bunny first. It's the Gangster BF/Scarface! Kei watches them arguing outside and tells himself not to worry, it's not his problem. He tries to distract himself with other stuff but when he looks back, Bunny is missing! He takes out his phone and dials "Beanie" but her phone rings on the table beside him. The camera (and I) linger on Kei's confused/worried/thoughtful face. Where is his Beanie, you ask?
Beanie is busy being wrist-grabbed by Scarface to a deserted playground. It's an ambush! He's got two lackeys all prepared to beat up Bunny for her arrogance the other day. Bunny manages to distract them long enough to run away and hide in a dumpster. Too bad she's not smart enough to stay put, because when she pops out, the gangsters catch her immediately.
JoAnne: She forgot to chant 'Dumpsterus Invisitatus' before she got out.
kakashi: She is a little bit stupid, but actually, I quite like her. Maybe I'm even a little in love with her. 
We see Kei next on an awkward visit to Monkey. He looks so awkwardly awkward standing there awkwardly asking about Monkey's health. Monkey cuts through the bullschiesse. "You're not the type of guy to visit just because you're worried. Is something bothering you?" "Yes! The love of my life kissed you while you were sleeping! Did you really not feel a thing???" -- sadly, Kei doesn't ask that. He just randomly shows his hand to Monkey and asks him to use his Nail Fu to check if he's mentally ill. LOL But we're spared of that icky visual of Monkey holding Kei God's hand when Jer2.0 calls. Does Kei Hyung know where Bunny is? They want to invite her to the club but she isn't picking up. Kei remembers Scarface and runs out in a panic, ignoring Monkey's questions. kekekeke I like this growing trend of people in Parisverse ignoring Monkey.
JoAnne: Who is that again?
kakashi: How do these people in KDrama always call from clubs and the people on the other end actually understand what they are saying? This is NOT how it works in real life!!! 
Kei runs around the streets looking for Scarface before hitting up one of his old contacts to find Scarface. Quick! The gangsters nicely drag Bunny back to the playground for some picturesque gangstering. Scarface scoffs that Bunny is too pretty to steal his girl. They joke that they should strip Bunny and check if she's a girl too! That scares the bejesus out of Bunny and she struggles in a panic while Scarface unbuttons her shirt. Scarface gets hit by the sneaker of a God. Kei God. Kei tells them to give back his shoe and walk away before he cripples them. Teehee. He speaks differently here, like a gangster. I love him. I love that you can tell the difference in his speech pattern even if you don't understand Hangeul. *buries herself in Rimmie's awesomeness*
Shuk: Can't lie - my favorite scene in the whole series. He's just so nonchalant about the whole shoe thing. Hawtness, no doubt.
JoAnne: It's distracting with Mary there sniffing the sneaker, though. And... I think she LICKED it, Shuk.
kakashi: She licks, you nibble. (not shoes!)
Scarface orders his lackeys to "kill him". Pffft. Of course the lackeys lose. Kei God has been beating up Mongolians and samurais since the 1930s (OOOOOooommmmmmGGGggggg, I miss Age of Feeling!!!! *cries*). You'd have to have a pretty set of abs, a pretty face, and a genius fighter gene from your genius fighter dad to beat Kei God in a fight. Kei God is distracted with dusting off his dirty socks when Scarface slices his arm with a knife (switchblade?) Kei God takes down Scarface too (no sweat) and Bunny looks at him in awe/worry/relief. I smell the beginnings of Kei worship...
JoAnne: For the last time, Mary. Get your nose out of his sneaker.
kakashi: Smelling a sneaker is still better than smelling other things. Certain other things.
They walk back to Paris in tense silence, but when Bunny timidly mentions Kei's injury, the floodgates open. Kei is MAD. He wails on Bunny for being stupid. Why did she follow those gangsters if she can't fight? Does she want to die? Kei starts "Because of you, I..." before catching himself and saying "You should've brought your phone with you!" Bunny finally breaks her calm and cries that she didn't have time for that! She sobs, the horror of what could have happened finally catching up to her. Kei's face softens and he lets out this breathe like "Lawd help me, I luff this Beanie so much I don't know what to do with him."
JoAnne: All that adrenaline, they's bound to be some sexy times brewin'.
kakashi: Hm, yes. Angry sex. That's really something he should try.
He moves to hug her when Monkey rushes out, followed by GumiBoss and Jer2.0. Monkey hugs Bunny to calm her down and Kei God can only watch as the person he loves seeks comfort from someone else. Boo! Hiss!
Shuk: Nope. He shoulda been faster. He was fast enough with the thugs; why can't he be fast with one pseudo-man-boy in tears?
JoAnne: He's still getting used to the idea of pitching to the other team?
kakashi: Well, Alex has no issues hugging this "guy", does he? (he doesn't want to make the beast with two backs with him, though. so it's easy.)
Kei God masks his frustration in more threats and scolding and goes so overboard that Jer2.0 tells him to stop it. Kei just walks away and lets himself be painted as the bad guy. (But! He's bleeeeeeeding!!!!!!! Isn't any one going to hug Mi Macho Mustachio Papa Kei????)
JoAnne: On it. Can't believe you let him go so easily, but thanks!
kakashi: In this scene, he holds his hand EXACTLY like Mo holds his hand when he gets injured in episode 8.
I read a couple of news articles and interviews saying that when he flicked off the blood, tilted his head, and made this "come hither" look at the camera at the end of AoF Episode 8, THAT's when everyone (who isn't already) sorta fell in love with Song Jae Rim.
Monkey is well and back in meddling mode. He visits Nice Girl to tell her what happened to Bunny, but Nice Girl is weird... she keeps smiling and apologizing lightly, all "I'm sorry my ex-BF beat up my new friend. Ho-hum. What's for dinner?" Monkey stares strangely at her... and you know you're weird if even Monkey finds your blandness weird! Nice Girl clutches her head in pain before leaving. Monkey is probably already diagnosing constipation or diabetes, depending on which nail touched her head first.
kakashi: Tell me, Mary, please tell me - does Alex die a painful death in this show? 
This scene has as much emotion as an amoeba splitting into two.
Back at Paris, Jer2.0 muses that Nice Girl must be a psycho. Bunny protests! Her new friend *didn't* look like a psycho at all. Uhm, has she seen Gap Dong??? Psychos aren't supposed to look like psychos until they're filleting your scalp for breakfast! Monkey asks Kei God if they can track down Scarface. Turns out Scarface used to be Nice Girl's high-school classmate. Monkey wants to confirm if her robotic tendencies and migraines are a sign of Alexithymia. Something about not having proper feelings?
JoAnne: Alexithymia: The inability to prevent oneself from killing others with boredom.


So, remember how I keep saying this show is genius? And everything is planned? THIS. Kei and Gay are spelled the same in Hangul, and look who's having a Coffee Prince existential crisis right now?
Alex's blandness was probably deliberate too, and his name is short for Alexithymia!!! (buahahahahaha) See how he always smiles boringly and is unable to feel human feeeelings? This is planned. ALL OF IT IS PLANNED. Aren't you glad we're going on this RimJeob together and discovering how great it is after all?
JoAnne: Mary vindicates me. I shall sleep well tonight.
kakashi: My only problem is that I need to take a shower (don't feel like it!), wash my hair and do ... other stuff. But after that, yes, I will sleep well. RimJobbing is SO satisfactory. 

Alex does a longass monologue on what Alexithymia is. Here, read up on it. I'm not gonna recap that shit. Too busy staring at Kei God rubbing his chin thoughtfully and moving his mouth around like that. 
kakashi: Mary, I made you a gif! (Thanks!!! Kim Ji Hoon is very hot and isn't a crybaby AT ALL.)
Monkey goes to Scarface's hideout to talk to him, and I LOL at how the gangsters flinch when Kei shows up to "keep things civil". Scarface tells them how he saved Nice Girl when she tried to commit suicide back in high school. Turns out she was raped by her stepfather and had no friends to talk to. After that, she became an emotionless robot... until she got a job in a mall and just smiled all the time. "Those blank smiles were worse. They drove me nuts" said Scarface. Aww... he luffs her! Monkey and Kei smile at the realization that his tough, gangstery act is his crazy way of sticking to her, trying to get her to feel something, anything -- and also follow her around and make sure she's alright. Scarface denies it and says he's just following her around for money, but hesitantly tells Team Paris to help Robot Girl and watch over her, in case she tries to kill herself again.
JoAnne: That surprised me. I remember being suprised.
kakashi: The show is really complex. And yes, surprising. So far, nothing has happened like it would happen in a sane kinda show. 
Shuk: I remember thinking that roughing up your love interest is an excuse heard in many a domestic violence courtroom.
The whole Team Paris meets up at That One Restaurant to talk about Robot Girl. Ex-Nailist and GumiBoss propose that Robot Girl's hurts can be cured by a pure and clean heart. They entrust the healing to Bunny's care and everyone heads off their separate ways.
JoAnne: So Bunny should date Robot Girl back to sanity?
kakashi: Oh Mein Gott. So ein Blödsinn. 
Shuk: A pure and clean heart from a lying cross-dresser secretly lusting after one of her coworkers and who writes smut for a living?? *nods* Preach it, Shuk!
Bunny chases after Kei. She thanks him for saving her the other day. Yieeeeeeee~ LOOK AT HIM. LOOK AT THIS BOY. He's so awkward and obviously in love. He's standing there trying to be cool. Not wanting to look at Bunny while she's talking. Trying hard to keep a smile off of his face. Feeling happy that Bunny chased after him to talk. Feeling sad that she's just thanking him for saving her and nothing else. OMG. I am in love. Again. 
kakashi: What do you mean "again"?! You keep flooding my Twitter timeline with Rim-pics!
Shuk: Her "again" is the equivalent to reopening the bag of chocolate conveniently left on the table near your elbow.
O_O Shuk knows me too much.
Bunny is nervous about helping Robot Girl. She asks Kei if she can do it? Kei earns some points with his crush by saying, "There's no correct answer in life, so just do what you think is right and make THAT the correct answer." Bunny is wowed by Kei's answer, "You're so cool, Hyung! Now I understand why you have fans!" Kei shouts something like, "are you crazy?" but it doesn't have a bite anymore. Our lovely Kei has lost his bite for some time now when it comes to Bunny. He awkwardly runs away (probably to squee in a safe place at being complimented by his crush).
JoAnne: Meanwhile, I am totally surprised to hear a variation of a quote that struck me hard in a serious drama just recently.
kakashi: Is she referring to the fanfic when she says he has fans? I think she is. 
The next day, Bunny sees Robot Girl clutching her head in pain and decides to do something. That something being... to ask her out on a date? Nice Robot Girl cannot say no, so the next thing we see, the two of them are strolling down a sidewalk. Bunny gets this bright idea to grab Robot's bag and throw it away. She then gets all up in Robot's face and asks "So what if I did that? Huh? Huh?! Aren't you mad?" Nope. Robot just smiles and picks up her bag. LOL Bunny chases after her to apologize and try for honesty instead.
"I'm sorry I acted crazy. I wanted to see your real smile today. Alex Hyung says you need help. That your brain stopped talking to your heart. That's why you don't feel mad or happy or sad. I just wanted to try and open your mind using this method... but maybe I was wrong."
Robot smiles at that touching speech and answers, "If you're done talking, can I go home? I'm tired." PWAHAHAHA
kakashi: Oh mein Gott, das ist noch mehr Blödsinn. Aber lustiger Blödsinn! 
Bunny asks for Monkey's help in convincing Robot Girl to seek treatment. Monkey proposes the only thing he knows: a hand job. (That would make ME smile genuinely... but not from Monkey.) The next thing we see, Bunny is working on Robot Girl at Paris while the F3 observe from upstairs.
JoAnne: So the three guys are watching a girl dressed up as a guy give another girl a hand job?
kakashi: Yeah. Look at their faces. (Alex: I like that. Kei: Interesting technique. Jer2.0: Mommy what are they DOING?)
Bunny gives Robot a hand massage and tells her how Paris is a place where they comfort and cure their customer's hurts. She says how the F3 members sometimes fight, get hurt, and even get cursed at while helping other people. But she still wants to try her best like them, because Robot Girl is her first customer. Robot looks up at that.
kakashi: Oh my cheesy hell. Seriously.
Shuk: Cue the maudlin music.  

Bunny shares how she was a countryside kid who didn't have a mom and was always bullied. (I AM STILL HOLDING ON TO THAT BIRTH SECRET BET.) So she retreated further into herself and found a job as a writer, where she didn't have to meet a lot of people. Her only friend was her roommate. She told herself she was happy with that. But when she met Team Paris, she understood how it felt to be really happy. Also how to be sad and angry and disappointed... and worried. Experiencing all of those feelings, both good and bad, is what real living felt like. Bunny doesn't want Robot to live a shell of a life. [yaawwwwnnn. Oh wait, this is important, right] Robot is finally moved to tears. She's surprised by her reaction, "what's wrong with me?" she asks. Hermonkey Granger pops up and answers as usual. "Your heart still feels sad and tired even if your brain doesn't want to accept it."
kakashi: CAN WE STAAAAAP this please. I get rage-fits during these bits. I actually believe this crazy writer means that bullshit he/she made these characters say (who is this, anyway? Can we write to her? Send him/her some chocolates?)
Robot asks Bunny to help her feel again. And just like that, Team Paris is out for celebratory drinks. Bunny tells them that Robot is now getting professional help for her Alexithymia. (How about Monkey? Isn't anyone going to help him?) Kei is silent throughout this whole storytelling. He keeps watching the interactions between Monkey and Bunny. So when Monkey receives a call and answers it, promising to "be there right away" like a happy boyfriend, Kei sees Bunny go from jolly to curious to disappointed and sad.
Shuk: That definitely stung a little.
This effectively kills Kei's party mood too so he heads home first, leaving Jer2.0 to guilt-trip Bunny to clubbing with him and Ji Soo. (Since they were interrupted by the Scarface brawl last time.) Cut to: Bunny, alone in the table, watching the lovebirds dancing. She leaves the two lovebirds and goes home first, getting lost in an unfamiliar street. Good thing she sees a familiar car. Oh, but isn't that... Alex? Driving GumiBoss home and acting like le perfect boyfriend???? DUN DUN DUN DUN.
JoAnne: How conveeeeeeeenient.

Are we getting some Witch's Romance action in here?
kakashi: No. Alexithymia = no sex. Ever.
Shuk: [giggle]
JoAnne: None of us can ever run for public office now, you know. These RimJeobs will sink us.


Man, this show. There is no telling, NO TELLING who's the leading man. There's only you, drooling at your screen at 4AM and praying to the drama gods that they grant your one wish: to make Kei happy and give you smoochies with lots of movement, or so help you God, you will fly to Seoul and kiss this man yourself.
JoAnne: Uh, Mary? You gave him to me. Go check the notes.
[type written note]

kakashi: You girls fight it out, okay? In the meantime, I am getting ready for more SJR vs. Kim Ji-hoon fights. Mary wanted them. She'll get them.