Witch's Romance - Episode 2 (A Proper SqueeCap)

YAY for cable dramas, Korea! How can we not like a drama that ends episode 1 with a not-so-chaste kiss and ends episode 2 in a bed?? The drama is not perfect, but the main characters are intriguing enough to keep me hooked for the moment. And there is sexy time.  
JoAnne: Is it just me or is there serious chemistry there?
Shuk: [getting out a fire extinguisher just in case of spontaneous ovarian combustion] I'm just gonna do a bit of Squee-bombing on this one, 'kay?
Episode 2

Dong-ha kisses The Witch - and she really goes for it. Who can blame her?! It’s been six years since her last kiss – and this doesn’t feel right, she thinks. What ... is this? This not so bad feeling!? When Dong-ha is done kissing her, he hugs her. Awwwwwwwww, can we all get a young cute boy like him?! Just to look at, I promise! (I make no such promise!) He apologizes for his actions if she felt bad ... which is of course NOT what she is feeling. He adds that in any case, his way is better than being humiliated up there and having to leave alone. She thinks to herself: so was this a „helping hand“ ... or rather ... „lip service?“ Most delicious lips at her service at that.
JoAnne: In MY drama, he gives her lip service, she gives him a helping hand. We all get a happy ending. (yes, Mary.)
Look at him there! Look how sexy and then how sweet!
They win the wine or liquor or liquor-wine and Dong-ha says in a low voice that it’s better to leave right now. Most people clap enthusiastically when they walk off the stage - but for her long-faced and quite surprised colleagues (minus the photographer who very much ships them). The meanest among the colleagues is the Moon-faced one. The one portrayed by an actor who tries to be very funny but isn't at all. I hope he will be crushed and pulverized.
JoAnne: They should go have sex on his desk.
A very funny Cutie Soo scene is up next: He is mortified, because Ji-yeon has her power back and is coming for him! She calls him „baby“, not meaning the HOT namja baby type but the „you whiny little kiddo“ one. He may know all about the pieces she wrote, but he seems not to know that she doesn’t spend her energy on losers. Revenge though? Anytime. So he told her she looks like an ahjumma? Does he want to know what he looks like? Like spinach that was steamed for 30 minutes. A bread that’s three months old and full of mold. That thing you spit out from cucumber kimchi.
JoAnne: I just...Yoon Hyun Min, you are a star. He was filming this WHILE filming Aoki scenes. The switch between... the brain that does that, I like that brain. Plus he's got that cute ass. But while I'm here, look at the tall cute Puppy shaking his head yes to her insults! Oh my goodness, yes to him.
And she leaves arm in arm with Dong-ha after that – who is very amused by his friend’s discomfort. Outside the club, she disengages from him immediately and starts attacking him. Does he have a Mother Theresa complex? Sharing, giving charity, and donating? Did he think she was pitiful? Why, did SHE think it was sexual harassment? Well, they don’t know each other – and he liked it! Haha, at that, he narrows his eyes and then laughs - clearly, it was HER that liked it. So his lip service was good? She is in denial, of course, and says his lip service wasn’t needed at all – she would have handled the situation herself. He points out that there seem to be people hating her and wanted to humiliate her. Because she was obviously terrible to them.
JoAnne: You know what I like about him? He's so EVEN. He's so unflappable. And he looks like just this tall skinny kid but he is so take charge. Rawr.Noona LIKES, oh yes she does. Grabby hands are in full effect.
Shuk:  The changing expressions on his face were both hot and adorable, snorts, and eye-rolling and everything.
Cut to the people hating her, talking to Cutie Soo: they want their money back since he didn’t deliver. Buahahaha, he is so rattled by what she told him! Spinach! Mold! Cucumber Kimchi spit-out! His ego is crushed!!!
JoAnne: This is going to be awesome. I'm watching the TW original right now too (for research!) and while I much appreciate the tiny Rain look-alike best friend, his role has been pretty minor and low-key. Our Cutie Soo is making MUCH more of it here. And yes, Ethan is adorable and Cheryl is someone you root for but the chemistry prize stays here in Korea.
Our witch is really upset that Dong-ha seems to understand why her „colleagues“ do hateful things to her and even suggests she should reflect on herself. She launches into a sermon about victim blaming – and suddenly tells him about the wedding and the man that didn’t come and the woman, who waited. So he is going to say to this woman that she should reflect as well?! Well, there certainly must have been a reason, he starts to say. She cuts him short: A reason? Yes, she is curious as to the reason herself! What is the reason? Can he tell her?
JoAnne: Yes, tell us - because I'm guessing her witch came out AFTER that heartbreak. So why did she get dumped? When does that  man appear? I am looking forward to Puppy deciding to back off for her happiness but ONLY because that means that at some point, he's going to decide fuck THAT shit, and pursue her like the devil. I'm going to DIE of happiness during that part.
His answer? These people probably do it because they don’t like her. Him? First, he is against people that gang up on a person. Second, nobody else is there to help her. And third, he doubts that she has any friends to comfort her. So, he is even going to drink the wine with her tonight, our Male Theresa.
JoAnne: He lies to himself. He doesn't know it but he seriously wants in her panties. It's ok Puppy, we know it even if you don't.

Frantic effort to prove him wrong. However, there might be 100 people in her phone list, but not one of them is going to react friendly to her call, she realizes. And calls her mother. Pretending she is a friend. Ahahahahaaaaa... so clearly fake, so sad! Finally, she finds somebody named „Traitor“ in her phone and that is whom she's going for.
JoAnne: Oh yay! A frenemy!
They go to a fishcake restaurant. The lady there is very delighted (and surprised) to see her – the man less so. Ji-hyeon is immediately trashing them and the place. The name of the woman is Baek Na-rae and her husband and her are really cutely in love. Why she is a traitor isn't entirely clear to me, does it have to do with Ji-hyeon's almost husband or with Na-rae's fishcake husband?
JoAnne: So... not a frenemy, then, and I can't think Ji Hyeon would ever have dated the fishcake guy (although he's certainly a love) so... what is it then? Because she certainly seems to like Ji Hyeon! And they are adorable together, yes, plus this guy... he's like the less-good looking brother of Jang Dong Gun, which means he's actually still pretty attractive.
Dong-ha knows how to make people smile, while The Witch has the ability to turn everything she says into an insult. Still, Na-rea is the kind of person that doesn’t hold a grudge so the four of them have a good time. But then, Dong-ha has to leave – and he parts saying that they’ll meet again, if fate wants it so. Wanna bet it does?
JoAnne: Oh man, when the two women started to laugh I was really laughing along with them. As for fate, are you kidding? Fate wants them making babies. Of course they're going to meet again.
At home, Cutie wants to know everything about his friend and that woman! Of course, there isn’t anything to tell, but the Bromance is GOOOOoooooooood. It's so rich and sweet I want to lick it.
JoAnne: YOON HYUN MIN. I'm with Puppy. Stop making that decision difficult. (Puppy, it's not really. Noona only wants you, but your friend is so ridiculously cute.)
Shuk: THAT FOOT! He would have never done that to Baksa.
Afterwards, Dong-ha is having his sad moment staring at a seemingly dead plant ... remembering his past love. What happened to Dong-ha’s woman? Is she dead? Trivia: Cutie Soo has a Glenlivet whiskey in his bookshelf. Good boy.
JoAnne: Don't bother googling 'plants that completely die and then come back to life after a certain period of time'.  It's not helpful.  Just sit there and look at his lil squishy cute face and, you know, if you're into that kind of thing, think about nibbling on his nose or his lips or his eyebrows or his earlobes or his chin or his adams ap.... damn. Why is he so SEXY, this puppy?
Ji-hyeon’s yearly day of horror is over – but the next one is about to begin. She is at the company (I like her legs! Finally someone that doesn’t have chopstick legs!). She tells her colleagues they have 24 hours to apologize to her sincerely. However, the shady actor is getting ready to counter-strike. He sends his mistress abroad and starts denying everything in public. And he threatens to sue „Trouble Maker“.
JoAnne: Her legs are UH-MAZE-ING. If I was a guy I'd be a leg man.

Our Male Candy is working since dawn – and I must say that Cutie my be an ass, but he also seems a genuine friend to Dong-ha. Anyway, we find out that Dong-ha, who is currently on a break from university, is paying Sa-rang’s family money. Is that the maybe dead GF? AND there’s issues with his father. Oh ... hm .... maybe he’s a chaebol son?! I like chaebol sons.
JoAnne: Oh me too me too! Even MORE of a Dal Ja vibe now.
Cutie is worried over the refund the Magazine-people want from him and they are worried about him not giving it to them. They decide to ... write an article if he doesn’t comply! Err ..... okay? The work place shenanigans are not my favorite part of this drama. Next, her mother comes to see her there. Annoying mothers aren't my favorite parts of any drama either. In fact, I have a VERY low tolerance for them. This one is like all the others before her, just wanting her daughter married and with a kid. She forces Ji-hyeon into coming to the fortune teller with her. Uck. Whatever for.
JoAnne: Ok but I do like the actress. And it's another DalJa connection.
Well, Fate wants the next meeting - Dong-ha is also there, to fix the lights. I don't find the fortune teller particularly funny so far. (I find her very very strange.) But whatever. Mobile phones are forbidden in that sacred place, so Dong-ha puts his into a basket. Enter the annoying mother and Ji-hyeon and Ji-hyeon's phone also goes into the basket right away. Of course, their phones are identical.
JoAnne: I was too busy thinking about the weird fortune teller to notice that the phones were the same.
All the shaman does is hit Ji-hyeon to get rid of her bad luck. 40 times all in all, 20 by the shaman and 20 by her mother. Dong-ha shakes his head as he watches from the shadows and then goes back to fixing the electricity. Her mother wails about the wedding misfortune again and this time, we also get a flashback. So she was left at the altar. Dong-ha realizes that the story she told him earlier about that woman was in fact her.
JoAnne: I actually felt really intensely bad for Ji Hyeon here. She has a lot of bravado but deep down, she believes something is wrong with herself and she sincerely wants to know what it is. Her love left her, she's a disappointing daughter because of it... she pretends not to care but she's really nothing BUT a huge pile of emotions, and even in her work her driving motivation is righting wrongs and exposing hypocrisy and protecting the innocent. And yet all she gets for it is abuse. So sad. I luff her now. She is mine, I will protect her to the end.
At hit No 40, the lights go out. It's a sign! The misfortune has gone, the mother thinks. The lights come back on, Ji-hyeon is trying to hide her tears and then goes back to being feisty right away. Since the shaman isn't back yet from her own phone-call, Ji-hyeon just grabs an animal amulet that she is supposed to get: a horse. And she grabs ... the wrong phone. The horse she grabbed is a blue horse and the most vicious of all possible amulets - definitely no luck this year either, the shaman surmises.
JoAnne: Why would you have a mean amulet out there to be chosen?
Shuk: Being a Fire Horse myself, that explains a lot.
Dong-ha is at his Part-Time Job No 342908098 (walking dogs) when he gets a phone call - for her. In the meantime, the pressure on her is rising. Some colleagues now want to turn against her and say she lied. The only one loyal is Fishcake Lady. Ji-hyeon is getting drunk at a pojangmacha - Dong-ha calls his own number but she blows him off right away.
JoAnne: She is mine and I luff her but her hair is TERRIBLE terrible terrible, so thin and whispy and not styled attractively.
Calling her phone next is "Traitor" - and our Cute Candy has a short moment of panic, thinking it's her almost-husband. When he picks up, he immediately starts explaining who he is or rather, who he isn't, and that Reporter Ban is having a hard time because of what happened on her wedding day. We all know it isn't that guy but her Fishcake friend. She is cute, I like her! She assumes Ji-hyeon is drinking at a specific place alone: a thing she shouldn't do.  
JoAnne: I loved his reaction - and yes, her friend is a cutie.
Shuk: And clearly interacts with her enough to know her habits. "Traitor" or not, that takes a lot of time to have that level of knowledge on a person. Good friend.
Indeed, there she is - Dong-ha looks at her questioningly and exchanges their phones. When she hears they got switched at the fortune teller, she is worried he might have heard something ... he pretends not to have. He gets up to leave, but when she orders another bottle of soju, he gets protective. Isn't she drunk enough? No, not in her opinion! 
JoAnne:  *dancing in anticipation of drunken hijinks* piggy back riiiiiiiiiiide!

Apparently, Ji-hyeon has specific drunk habits, as we learn from a worried Fishcake Friend. But she isn't worried for Ji-hyeon ... but for Young Dong-ha. All of Ji-hyeon's man-stories started when she was drunk. We see how Dong-ha (he is quasi sober) helps her out of the tent, to take her home. The first stage of her drunken habit: liberation. She let's her body and mind go. When they're at her place, he realizes they are quasi neighbors.
JoAnne: Hahaha, his look at the doors. I think it must be fun to play drunk. It's not fun to be drunk, though. I avoid it.

He excuses himself, but she will not have it!!! She invites him in. That's the second stage of her drunken habit. She gets beer - and forces him to drink some! She opens the can and foam starts coming out - both immediately put their lips to the can to prevent the beer from dripping to the floor. That brings their mouths really, really, REALLY close. 
JoAnne: Look at his tiny ear, so cute.

It always started with a kiss, Na-rae continues explaining. Dong-ha and Ji-hyeon stare at each other ... he pulls back, swallowing hard and she ... LICKS his FINGERS! 
JoAnne: Because if he isn't cream for the kitty to lick I don't know what it is...
He pulls back, slowly, and she just follows him, eagerly - lip-lock-gaze! What are you doing to me? he stammers. She has been waiting for his lip service all day yesterday, she replies.
Yes, it wasn't that bad, he says, if she's like this, then .... they lock lips.
JoAnne: I don't mind at ALL that she is drunk because he tries to stop her and she pursues HIM.
They take it to the bed. Rawwwr. They get ready to do what people do, though almost never in KDrama.
JoAnne: That bit when she slammed him up against the book case and then all of a sudden it changed in that second and he wasn't being led he was pulling her in and she just fell into his body... and then down there, on the bed... he's got a NICE ass and his kissing technique leaves NOTHING to be desired and yes, yes, YES that was grinding we saw all hail the grind!
He takes his wallet out of his jeans pocket and throws it onto the bed. Unfortunately. Because now, she sees her ID ... and his birth year. 1990.
JoAnne: Her, screeching halt. Me? Can't add, too turned on, will think about it AFTER.
That makes him a Korean 25 - they are 14 years apart. He was born when she was 15. When she was in middle school, he was crawling around as a baby. He was 10 when she got her first job as a journalist. Cue court-fantasy in which he is just 16 - and she has just committed a rather bad crime. 2 years and 6 months is her prison sentence!
JoAnne: Well ok THAT's not sexy, but there on the right? THAT IS. And also, very importantly, it's 25! Not 16!
That does it and she kicks Dong-ha out of the bed - literally. Why, woman, why????
JoAnne: Senile dementia? I am literally screaming git it, gurlllllll at the screen.


Oh my, that last scene was HOT. Well, it's an overall good thing she still has a functioning brain despite being quite drunk and a good thing that brain does try to do a little math. Only ... it is not good at math! Who cares whether he was 16 nine years ago! He isn't anymore!!! They are two adults and both wanted to have some delicious sex, so there is nothing wrong about it. Absolutely nothing.

Ji-yeon’s vulnerability is quite touching – the tougher these lonely-women characters try to be, the more painful it is to see their struggles. Her drunkenness was funny - but wasn't it also sad at the same time? It's either the actress or the character or both, but so far, The Witch is quite a tragic character. She is never outright silly - there is always something right there, underneath the surface, that is a black hole of sadness. I guess that is why Dong-ha is attracted to her - and ultimately fits her. His character has gravitas despite its youth so that the considerable age-gap doesn't even remotely disturb me. I had much bigger issues with What's Up Fox.
JoAnne: You hit the nail on the head. He is drawn to her protectively, and I am drawn to her exactly the same. Like I said, I'm watching My Queen, too, and while you get SOME of that with Cheryl... it's not as strongly felt to me. I like her and feel sympathy for her, but with Ji Hyeon I actively feel like I want to protect her, somehow, and in the TW-version I'm content just to watch what happens to her, and I'm already almost through the 4th episode.

That said, there's a few things this drama should do better. It works well when the boys are on screen or when one of the boys in on screen with her. It doesn't work so well for me when it's about all the rest: the magazine, the evil colleagues, the annoying mother, the evil actor. All of them: don't like. I get why we need that stuff, at least in part - but I do hope that these backgrounder will not take away too much screentime from the main couple.
JoAnne: That's one area where watching My Queen is helpful because they actually spend even MORE time on the rest of the story and it fills in some gaps that this version sort of leaves hanging. That being said... I don't want a lot of it, either, unless it's showing HIM standing up for her or showing them that she's worthy of affection and friendship. This is very definitely her and the two boys wayyyyy up here and everyone else wayyyyy down there. It would be better for the story if that were less obvious.