Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 16 (KimJiCap)

Ah! We get a load of cute and then, the drama turns daaaaaark on us. Fairytale dark, with loads and loads of misunderstandings and drawbacks for Bori. Well, she most certainly will grow through it! I also get the feeling that there is another time jump coming ...
JoAnne: I hope so. And I hope that in that time jump, Veggie Ahjumma gets turned into veggie mush by a truck of doom. That wicked, hateful woman.

Episode 16

GooDIL challenges Veggie Ahjumma to admit the truth: is this her hidden daughter's child? Veggie Ahjumma denies it all, how can this be, since she doesn't even keep in contact, and Bori also doesn't want to believe it. In any case, GooDIL is adamant that Bori CANNOT take care of this baby. It will destroy her life. GooDIL leaves, but Bori runs after her and tells her that she is fine with being this baby's mother. She has her own reasons - the main one being that she herself has just found out that she was picked off the streets by Veggie Ahjumma and she feels an obligation to pay something back for this. She doesn't say that out loud though.
JoAnne: Bori is a kind hearted idiot.
kakashi: Well, yeah, she also got hit hard in the head. So ...
Jae-hwa is looking more earnestly for his aunt now - he is confident he will find her, being a prosecutor. He decides to visit Bori's teacher first, her being a hanboker and all - and on top of that, he is likely to see Bori herself there. He looks at himself in the mirror ... and likes what he sees a lot.
JoAnne: Too bad he never turns the mirror to show his skinny ankles.
kakashi: Oh. Yes. Those. How ... is that even possible? I'm afraid they might break!
At GooDIL's, he runs right into Bori, who is making Hanbok. No Aunt though: She is out. Bori still pretends not to know anything and is sure her teacher has no idea who Ok-Soo is either. When she says she is glad he has come (because she needs his help), he immediately jumps to the conclusion that she must have missed him. Nope. Not it. She asks him to find a good place for treating a baby with hearing issues. He agrees to help, but not for free: he wants her to come with him and search for his keys that he lost during a field investigation. Suuuuuuuuure.
JoAnne: How did he fall so fast? I know you say he's been in love with her most of his life but he doesn't know she is HER. Although she is EXACTLY like her, right down to the age. No progression through the years at all for that milk carton picture!
Outside on the dirt road, she doesn't walk next to him but beside him - but he pretends to sprain his ankle. The helpful soul that she is, she immediately comes to his aid ... by saying he should call his Young-sook. Hehehe. He says he will text her instead, to not shock her, and text his does: that he will be extremely late and that she shouldn't be coming to his house because of it.
JoAnne: I have a feeling Young Sook is going to be meaaaaaaaaaaan about this.
Young-sook is happily texting back when Second Wife comes in. (Thanks to Christine, I now know why she is concerned about her hated "son's" future). Anyway, Second Wife tells her to stop meeting Jae-hwa. She has a choice: take the money and get splashed with water - or get nothing and get splashed with water. She does get splashed with water and I guess she gets to keep the envelope, but Young-sook is also very much enraged - bulldog mode ON.
JoAnne: This is a fight I'm actually looking forward to even though both of them are like scraping fingers on chalkboards for me.  She cares about his future only in the sense that him having a good or bad marriage reflects well or poorly on the family. Plus she will want a good DIL that she can brag about to other MILs. AND if he marries the wrong woman, DAD will have it in for her for not doing her job.
kakashi: Yes and there was that bit with the shaman who told her that Jae-hwa's woman would help destroy her and her evil son. 
In the meantime, Jae-hwa is sitting with Bori near the river under a tree. (pretty!) Young-sook is quite obviously NOT coming, but Jae-hwa lies that she said to just stay there until she does.
Bori has never dated a man, has she? Jae-hwa asks. A man? Bori's answer: is that something you sautee or boil and eat? lol. If she never dated, she probably never had a kiss, is that correct? She remembers the night they actually DID kiss and shudders, only that Jae-hwa was super drunk and doesn't remember. He keeps asking whether he likes him, she gets up in a huff, he pulls her back down and ... she falls on his lap.JoAnne: Just mention the first thing that pops up, Jae Hwa.
That's proof that she likes him! he says. Just say it! She very angrily pushes him and ... lands on top of him. "This is too aggressive", he stammers ... does she like him THAT much? She gets up, him too, she wants to run away, but he pulls her close and says ... "you kiss like this". *butterflies*
JoAnne: He is rather attractive when he gets swoony like that, isn't he?
kakashi: HOT DAMN! *Fans herself*

And Jae-hwa kisses her. And SLAP! she flees screaming and he goes after her, which makes her realize that his leg was fine all the time and the thing with the keys also was a ruse. She chases him around and he runs away laughing.
JoAnne: Scenes like that I always think the actors must have had fun, filming.
Bori works really hard in the shop, works hard as a mother, and on the hanboks for the men (I want half her energy. And her future man). Jae-hwa is also rather busy, but he can't get the feeling of her lips out of his mind. He is quite certain that she likes him a lot too (and he is right, in fact, but he still is much too confident about it) He finds her kind, skilled with her hands (yes, that comes in handy), and also cute. In some parts at least. If only she wouldn't use force. He starts feeling HOT when thinking about her and wonders whether something in him is broken. 
JoAnne: Well, it's certainly not your thermostat.
At his home, there's Young-sook. Change your lock, dearest! She tells him about the visit from his mother and ... switches off the light. All we hear are Jae-hwa's screams. There's a private investigator outside who reports this to Second Wife immediately. Who reports to Bad Dad immediately. Who calls Jae-hwa immediately. Who is at this very moment running from Young-sook in his rather small room. He answers the phone (totally out of breath) and is shocked to hear that his father knows about his very situation. Very displeased, his father orders him to come back to Seoul right away.
JoAnne: Seriously, why didn't he change the locks a while ago?
Jae-hwa kicks Young-sook out and then thinks about the misunderstanding his father seems to have. It would have been better if he spent his night with Ahjumma, he says out loud ... to immediately ask himself why on earth he would think about that??! Cold shower, Jae-hwa! Cold shower!
JoAnne: Awwww, if he's going to get stuck for life he wants it to be her.
But things are steadily going down from now on. Bad Dad personally goes to see Jae-hwa's boss and says he is ill - his son needs to be near him. Your days in Jangheung are numbered, dear Jae-hwa.
JoAnne: Time Jump Clue Number One.
kakashi: also, the issue with the hanbok for the sports festival doesn't really seem to be an issue for the Prosecutors. Haha. 

Bori stupidly adds Bi Dan to her family registry, even though GooDIL told her to wait. It's all Veggie Ahjumma's fault, who pressures Bori about it - and who is so ready to wreck this girl's future for her stupid and terrible daughter. To do the registration, she needs a witness - and she calls Jae-hwa. He is very happy to hear from her and to be begged and he is going there immediately.
JoAnne: Oh, this won't end well. Or will the misunderstanding CONTINUE, and his father will assume that the child is his and force them to marry? That would not be bad at all.
When he hears her request, however, he straight out tells her that she is crazy. Twice. This isn't even her child! Bori lies and says it is, but he keeps repeating that she must be insane. She says she will call another witness then - and fetches her mother. Jae-hwa watches from a distance. He no longer smiles.
JoAnne: I don't think he thinks it's really her kid, but he at least is smart enough to know what this does to her life - and to any chance he has of being with her for any amount of time at all.
Almost immediately, Bori becomes the talk at the market place and gossip is all over town. It ain't pretty. Jae-hwa, don't you believe this shit! But It seems he does ... when he next meets her in front of the court, he doesn't even want to talk to her anymore. He is angry. Angry and hurt. And maybe a little sad that the woman he loves has a child with another man. You're an idiot, Jae-hwa. SHE WAS NEVER PREGNANT!!! Him turning all cold on her breaks her heart - woman, this is probably only the beginning. 
JoAnne: I think that talk with the one guy was made him believe it was really her kid.  And in a universe where a woman who is pregnant can hide that pregnancy successfully til delivery, it doesn't seem odd that Bori never 'looked' pregnant to him. But yeah, come on, don't be stupid.  Weren't you a LITTLE surprised by her reaction to his cold shoulder, though? (I guess not, since he doesn't see it) She hasn't shown one HINT of liking him before this.
In this bleakest hour, GooDIL appears and tells her to come and live in Seoul with her - she got Bad Dad to ask Matron if she would take on a student. But, alas ... the baby is already registered. Opportunity gone? Forever? To make things even worse, Min-jung appears at GooDIL's door step: to tell her that the Matron has absolutely no intention on taking Bori as a student. BITCH. Of course, it was Min-jung that talked badly about Bori in front of the Matron. And it could even be a lie. BITCHBITCHBITCH!!!!
JoAnne: She is so hateful. Just so very very very hateful.

The Rest

Continued war at Bi Sool Chae. The younger child's needle is wrecking the place. Even the newspapers write about it. 
JoAnne: When the hanbokery dies, the country dies.

Ga-eul tries to get Little Kang to smile, but that's a bit difficult because he has a lot of worries. Chiefest among them: his gangster brother. That day is the meeting between the groom and Jung-ran's family. On her way there, she gets kidnapped by that other gang (their leader is called Black Bear). Big Kang (code name: Red Tiger) risks everything for her and ... oh! A gangster fight!!! It makes me miss Age of Feeling so much ..... Red Tiger wins, but before he can free Jung-ran, he is lured outside by Little Kang and right into a trap. It's the police! Red Tiger tries to fight his way out of it, since he has somebody to meet ... but in the heat of the moment, he hits Little Kang, who goes down. Red Tiger drops everything, is overpowered and led away, screaming that he needs to go somewhere, that she is waiting for him. Awwww. It's sad .... The worst is that he never got to explain himself to Jung-ran - and wanted to do it tonight.
JoAnne: Now this was sincerely heartbreaking to watch, including the part where Little Kang is so sad but so convinced that this is what he had to do to save his hyung.

Of course, since we are going melo now, the family finds out that there is no doctor by his name. Jung-ran is devastated. As a parting gift, he sends her that doll she wanted from that pick-up machine in the mail, with a note: "I'm sorry". He got it from her with bound hands on his way to the prison. Awwwwwwwww.
JoAnne: *Sniff*
Min-jung cuts all ties with her mother after hearing that she brought the baby to the orphanage again. Which she totally hasn't, but she lies to her daughter to put her mind at ease. Can she just leave? Oh, she actually WANTS to leave! AppaNotOppa is completely destroyed - and Min-jung is shocked to hear it. She now decides to leave Seoul because of this. She tells Jae-hee that she will go abroad after earning some money for it. Secretly, she hopes that Jae-hee will pay for her studies overseas ... and he frigging does! Personally. Because she doesn't want the company's money. He is an idiot and she is a total witch.
JoAnne: He's the farthest thing from an idiot. He even said after she left that he knew she was angling for money, but that he liked her enough to pretend he was fooled. Shit. Okay, yes, he's an idiot. Do not like that bitch, my little Jae Hee. Do not descend into the pits of hell!
Bad Dad asks Matron if she could take on Bori as a student - he wants to support her for coming 2nd. Of course, GooDIL is behind it. Unfortunately, Matron asks Min-jung about her. Of course, she says that Bori is greedy and did everything wrong about the hanbok. BITCH.
JoAnne: Fucking little weasel troll.


So some people are hating on this drama? It's full of convoluted secrets that will never be revealed? I doubt that the second part is true and the first, my dears, is absolutely what this is about. I hope Miss Kim Soon-ok keeps piling them on, higher and higher! The more the better!
JoAnne: Who hates this? Who could hate it? At it's worst, it's just silly. But at it's best, it's got some really decent moments.  It's not great stuff, and the quality and tone are all over the place, but damn if you don't want to keep watching to find out what happens next. I say AppaNotOppa goes all CreepJoon on someone's evil little ass. And oh by the way, did anyone else catch that AnO went to school with Little Kang?
kakashi: I did not, no! But it makes sense. Since everybody and everything in this drama is interconnected. 

That said, I'm not sure I like this melo twist we got, but yeah, I know, we can't get too much happiness in KDrama. It's a rule. I am not very experienced with 50-episodes family dramas, so how do they usually work? How many angst-phases? Just one? Two? Five? Will we get one longer angst phase now? Or a time jump? Ah, I'm so curious ... I also like that we're all going to be in Seoul soon (I think) - but for Veggie Ahjumma and Young-sook (I hope). That would definitely solve some issues ...
JoAnne: Can we DROP THEM?

Do I understand Bori's decision? Yes, I think I do. That's her character and that's what she would do. She may already regret it a bit, as she realizes how hard it's going to be, but she would never abandon this child, because she sees herself in it. Do I understand Jae-hwa? Yes, a bit. He should be smart enough to know that it CANNOT BE her baby, but in this world, woman can completely hide their bellies right up until giving birth, so why not Bori? Yes, I understand that any man would be angry to find out that the woman he has fallen in love with has a love child from somebody unknown. And I've seen enough KDrama to know that this is a huge deal in Korea on top of everything else. So yes, I understand that he is angry. Even though I wished he would support her in this hour of greatest need. You must grow, Jae-hwa. If you really love her - you will help her. 
JoAnne: Could not have said it better myself.  But if she has the kid, I see a time jump but how does she get to Seoul? It won't be Bi Seul Chae now, unless GooDil decides to unmask and go herself to plead the case.