Roommate Episode 11 Wouldn't It Be Nice If Only Good Things Happened?

Lafer's feeling a time pinch so I'm going to help with recapping duties for Roommate a bit. I feel lucky, too - Gayeon is narrating this episode and she's the cutest punkin ever,  PLUS there's a trip! And the previews look a bit tense, to put it mildly. Will our makeshift family show their clay feet? Or is it all some evil PD's manipulation?
bcook: Pffft! Don't believe anything you see in the previews. Worse case of audience manipulation I've seen yet. 

Episode 11

A little montage to show that the roommates do occasionally irritate each other. Gayeon narrates that on this particular day, most people were out due to their schedules. Mama Shin comes home from some where and is pissed that there's a ton of dirty dishes in the sink. It's nasty, it smells bad, it draws bugs. They all agreed to clean up after themselves, and he cleans up after himself, and why aren't they all doing what they promised to do. He's tired of nagging about it.
bcook: They really are a dirty lot aren't they? *quickly puts her dishes in the dishwasher* At least wash it off and soak.
Lafer: speaking of dishwasher, isn't there one?  In the appliance capital of the world, they don't have a dishwasher? I never can understand how people can leave things in the sink when the dishwasher is

And then he says all this to poor Min Woo, who just happened to wander into the kitchen at the wrong time. He says it nicely enough, but Min Woo feels singled out and wronged, since he actually does do quite a bit of housework.  Especially since inadvertently both Mama Shin and Soo Hyun end up touching on a known sore spot, which is that some are really busy and umm...that's not true for everyone. Like Min Woo. They don't say it like that, they don't even really connect it like that. But it has to smart a bit, poor guy.
bcook: Poor guy. I know the injustice of being the only one yelled at. I wish he'd taken it as a rant not a scold though.
Lafer: And this is why Min Woo rubs me the wrong way some times. But I did see he's staring in a new drama, so hopefully he'll feel a little better about himself.

Min Woo and Gayeon are going to do the dishes together while Soo Hyun is at the market, but Gayeon falls back asleep and Min Woo decides to do them on his own. He feels that will give him the right to speak his mind to the group later. Shin approves his thinking, and when Gayeon wakes up and tries to help, Mama discourages her from that and says that Min Woo has a plan.  She's worried about her Minnie though and sticks close by, ready to run errands whenever he needs.
bcook: She was so cute! So awkward and guilty. Like a little puppy checking on his mood all the time.

Sora comes home and has a bit of a run in with Min Woo. She feels it's necessary to point out that she does a lot too. Every morning she scrubs all the pans before he's even awake! She laughs and asks if he's that bitter about having to do the dishes. Oh, Sora. I don't see this going well.
bcook: She was so vehement. lol. Clearly this has been an issue for a long time. Even when the cameras aren't "on".
Lafer:  Min Woo is not convincing me at all when he says he's not angry.

She moves on to Gayeon, seeking acknowledgement that she does plenty of dishes. Most of them, in fact.  Oh come on, Sora. You're too old for this shit. She continues: I do all the pans! Then in gestures: Is he mad?  Gayeon mouths back that he was scolded by Mama Shin. The camera cuts to Min Woo, who looks pissed now.
bcook:  To tell you the truth I think Min Woo has bitch resting face (It's a thing. Look it up. I suffer from it sometimes. It means I always have to tell people I'm tired even when I'm not just so they stop asking me if everything is ok). I don't think he was even thinking during that jot. He just looks pissed off normally.
Yup, yup, know it well.
Lafer:  I think he's a bit of a jealous type with a dash of poor little me thrown in.

Sora eventually goes to her room, and Gayeon approaches Min Woo in concern. She is such a sweetie! Min Woo is a bit off now, but I really don't think he was earlier - not once he came up with his plan, anyway. We don't really see what happens next, since the editors cut to a few days later.
bcook: I was a little confused about that. I wanted to see THAT confrontation instead of the made up one the previews keep trying to convince us will happen.
Lafer:  She is a sweetheart!  Do you think we'll ever see any loveline on here?  I'm getting doubtful.

Apparently, Se Ho is planning to lose weight so he's got a scale. Sora suggests Pilates and someone else says he can't drink. Bommie outs him for drinking the other day, and Mama Shin speaks directly into the camera: Se Ho is on a diet. Anyone with photographic evidence of him drinking should send it in! They will receive an article of Se Ho's clothing in payment!
bcook:  Autographed? Coz I would stalk him for a piece of memorabilia. Maybe he'll try to bribe me.
Lafer:  As long as it's not his pajamas. They will be in shreds by the time this show is over because he wears them so much.
They agree as a group that he will aim for 10kgs lost. We're treated to a montage of Se Ho being tortured by various pieces of Pilates equipment. They don't call it equipment, don't they have a special name for their stuff? Not instruments of torture...something else...can't find it, maybe I'm confusing it with something else.
bcook: Those machines scare me.
Apparatus! They call it apparatus!
Lafer:  hehe.  He looks so funny, but I feel his pain, poor guy.

Apparently, the roommates have been together for 3 months now. Have we been watching that long? No way.  Everyone wants to go on a trip. They quickly decide on Gangwon-do, near DongWook's filming location in Pyongchang. Everyone agrees that camping is fun! (Except Bommie, who can't touch fish, and maybe Nana.)
bcook:They started filming in May so yeah it's been about 3 months. Scary eh? I don't understand the "joy" of fishing. There's bugs. yelch.
Lafer:  My idea of camping is a Winnebago.  The kind where you push a button and the sides extend 2 extra feet.

Ok,  not Soo Hyun, either. They decide since they will be doing this for the first time that they need a 'guide', someone to organize everything. Kang Joon volunteers quickly, then acknowledges to the camera that they might not trust him, but since he has idealized camping for so long, he feels confident. Daydreaming about camping doesn't make you good at it, Pretty Baby, but I applaud your desire to give the others a good experience. (Lafer: speaking of applauding, I always think it's strange that they clap for themselves. And some look so awkward doing it, too.)

Everyone is on board once he insists that he'll do EVERYTHING, they just have to sit back and enjoy what he plans. Soo Hyun the worrier says it will be too much for one, so they volunteer Chan Yeol (absent now) to help. (I'm sure he will mature from the experience.) The two boys begin their planning the very next day, with a goal of making any necessary sacrifices themselves so that their 'clients' enjoy the trip without reservation.
bcook:  Darn it you stole my line Jo! ChanYeol's voice is really deep eh? (yep)
Lafer:  This may be a good time to prove me wrong about how smart I think you actually aren't, Pretty Eyes!

Oh goodness. Kang Joon and Bommie are going to buy supplies for the trip.  Could there not have been at least ONE resident of Earth assigned to this task? In the car, Bommie asks that Kang Joon PLEASE finish his sentences, only to learn from his own lips that he can only do one thing at a time. She immediately laughs in understanding agreement. Lafer:  This is hilarious. I am so scared for them right now, you have no idea.
She starts to ask him a question about before his debut, but he interrupts to ask her to close the door. She never finishes her question, sigh. I do notice that they certainly seem more comfortable around each other than previously.  She asks if he's not from Busan (no) and then why he's so curt.  Is it just with her?  He interrupts to tell her to look at the last page of his notebook and she says see, you're doing it again!
bcook:  Haha. That was pretty funny. He doesn't annoy me when he's being like this. He really is pretty isn't he?
I well remember the first time I laid eyes on him. I gasped. It's nice to know he's pretty but not unbelievably so in real life, at least.
Lafer:  My hope in a brighter, smarter Kang Joon is fading.

It's the night before the trip. Kang Joon has a camping book he borrowed from his home that he's showing ChanYeol. I'm worried, because all he showed US was hats, ahjumma pants, and that one reflective pad Bommie convinced him to buy. The two boys get down to serious business: naming their team.
bcook: The thought of Wookie and oppahjusshi in ahjumma pants makes my heart sing. Make it happen!
Introducing, Kang Yeol Travel Agency!

The boys decide on rules and assign teams for the obligatory games and competitions to come.  Have they reserved a spot?  Rented equipment? Bought food? Who knows. We do know, though, that ChanYeol ships his hyungnim with Sora.
bcook:  The way those two have tried really hard not to get closer together just hints at a past affair. I'm beginning to suspect they "knew" each other before. *checks jealousy-dar* and i'm strangely ok with that.
I THOUGHT THAT TOO. A drunken night, perhaps...
Lafer:  Maybe it's because Mama Shin has a girlfriend?

The first fun bit of the episode shows up when Min Woo tries to spy on the trip planners.  They block his exit from the bedroom in response, so he goes out the window and comes in through the garage to spy from the kitchen, then high-tails it out of there as they come running to check out his noise.
bcook:  That was really cute and funny.
Lafer:  I appreciated the lol's of that part.

He makes it back to the room, then pretends to discover he's been blocked in.  Kang Joon is predictably confused but Chan Yeol points out that Min Woo is suspiciously out of breath. He says that's because he was trying to open the door and asks if they did this to tease him. No, no, Kang Joon assures him. We were protecting against burglars.  (I should insert a pic of my puzzled face here, but I won't. I'm sure we all have that same look right now.)
bcook:  I think he was being dryly funny. Or maybe I'm just projecting my silliness on him.

The boys are distracted by (I think) Dong Wook coming in and heading upstairs, so they don't notice that Min Woo, who'd left the bedroom briefly, doesn't actually go back INTO it.   He's behind the couch listening to them as they begin planning again, but not for long.
Lafer:  But Q-tips?  Is that some kind of a prized possession over there?

ChanYeol has dipped into his never-ending hat supply to share with the roommates on the trip. He has enough hats that he can outfit teams thematically, folks.
bcook: The korean hat industry must really appreciate him. He should get a patron of the year or something.

Why is there a refrigerator in the bedroom Wookie and Se Ho share? Se Ho, I don't think you should be rubbing the face mask into your skin. How will you wash it off after?
bcook: I thought the same thing! Where did the fridge come from?! Is that where he hides all the food he steals from Bom?
Lafer:  And a bright green one, at that?

Next day, everyone is sound asleep. ChanYeol, eager boy that he is, has set his alarm for 5:30. There's a conversation with Sung Woo. In the dark. With Sung Woo's morning voice. His rumbly morning voice, all low and sexy in the dark.  Good Lord. I think if I recap next week, all the shots will be of Sung Woo. No matter what's happenng, the shot will be of Sung Woo.  I doubt anyone would argue about it.
bcook:  *Decides to beat Jo up after next week's post* 
Pfffffft. You can try.

Kang Joonie gets up too, good boy.  They meet in the kitchen to make sandwiches for the road. Egg sandwiches, yes.  Tuna sandwiches? No. NO. Tuna is great. It's not great at 6:30 in the morning.  Now he's looking for cabbage. CHAN YEOL STOP.  More checking of 'supplies.' I see two bullhorns. I don't see supplies, guys. Where are the supplies?
bcook:Why are you worried Jo? Clearly they have "people" aka the production team to organize everything. You didn't actually think they would do all the work right? You probably think celebrities actually design stuff for their labels.
Actually, I was sincerely hoping that they'd forget something major.
Lafer:  Yeah, somehow I don't think this is like our "Survivor." But what's with the creepy eyewear, Mama Shin? 

Everyone has packed and gathered in the living room. Kang Yeol Travel Agency  makes their grand entrance. To music. They introduce themselves and give an overview of the trip. Se Ho shouts that he's excited. 

They go over the rules: No cellphones! Sora can't comply, she has to check up on Giselle. Remember the dog?  I feel like saying it's one day and one night. You'll be back tomorrow, Sora. Kang Joon moves on to the next rule: Stay within the bucket. Chan Yeol: BUDGET.  Kang Joon: ohhhhhhh. Apparently, the budget is 100,000 won (roughly 97.00 USD) per person. The fine for going over is 4,000,000 won, or just under 3900.00 USD. That's steep.
bcook:  Did she have to put Giselle in a doggyhotel? I guess having her bark at Bom every night got annoying.
The dog got sick from the stress of being around all the people and commotion. She's ancient.

No straying from the group, no skipping the itinerary. They will be divided into teams. Chan Yeol has Sung Woo and Sora, Se Ho and NaNa.  So that means Kang Joon has Min Woo, Gayeon, Wookie, and Bom. Oh, look how conveniently the teams are broken out into some of the more popular ships.
bcook:  /sarcastic What do you mean? This was purely organic.
Lafer:  Where is Wookie?  Did I miss something?

They've prepared special travel bags for everyone containing a travel kit, a letter, a pen, and some snacks. Awww, the bags are specific to the individual. Ok, I kinda love that they've spent so much time on these tiny details. I'm still really worried about where people will sleep and what they will eat, but I'll wait and see.
I love that Kang Joon is vaguely reminiscent of a boy scout

They feed everyone the sandwiches made so lovingly earlier, crusts cut off and everything. Everyone is smiling and happy, excited for their trip. The little grins on all the faces are so adorable, like a bunch of kids!

Ah, so they do have stuff.  They've rented extended cab pick ups - room for everyone, plus plenty of space for tents and the like. Everyone pitches in to pack up. Ok they still have to pick up a trailer somewhere...I revise my estimate of their arrival to 1 or 2 in the afternoon.
bcook:  Trailers AND tents?

Chan Yeol's team is  piloted by Sung Woo and the passengers are happily singing and dancing along to tunes from 2NE1 and Uhm Jung Hwa.  The other vehicle is a bit more quiet. Min Woo is obsessed by a piece of luggage. Bom might have overpacked a bit. More importantly, there is hot air coming out of the AC vents. Soo Hyun thinks it might get cooler as they go, though.
bcook: I have felt that pain. Driving on a muggy day with no AC is hell.
Lafer:  I can't even comment.  I'm already feeling suffocated.

It does not. Min Woo wonders if American cars are always like this.  No, Min Woo.  We react to heat and cold just like the rest of the world.  No one suggests turning off the heat but they do open windows, then wonder if it means things are working now when the air inside gets cooler.  Sigh.
Happier now, the two boys are up front talking about local attractions. Soon they all settle back into silence, despite Min Woo's attempts to get everyone perked up. It doesn't last long - the heat is getting worse and people are cranky. Kang Joon calls Chan Yeol and suggests a game at a rest stop, winner gets the car with the working AC.  Chan Yeol points out that there's no advantage to them in doing this.
bcook: By far the dumbest idea ever. How about calling ahead to the next town/city to have a new car waiting there? Huh?
Lafer:  Poor Kang Joon.  He wants to be a leader, but it's not just fun and games. You need to take some action, boy!

Min Woo wants Soo Hyun to negotiate for them, but instead she asks for AC instructions, convinced that Kang Joon just doesn't know how to turn it on.  It seems it really doesn't work, though, and rather than face another plea for a contest, Chan Yeol just says oh dear, sorry about that, and hangs up!  I'm laughing for only the second time in the episode... Kang Joon stares at his phone in confusion.
Lafer: Normally I'd be laughing, but I hate being in a hot car so much I can barely watch them.

Min Woo and Soo Hyun are strategizing about what they might do and Bom keeps asking if they asked to switch. When Min Woo doesn't answer, she gets snippy.  He says that he didn't hear her, and she tells him to listen, then. Okay, but you are interrupting a conversation, Bom. He's not at fault here. Everyone looks a little shocked at her attitude.
bcook: I honestly couldn't tell if she was jokingly snipping or if she was really upset.

Soo Hyun wants to stop at a repair shop and 'swap out the air conditioners'. They finally decide to turn it off so at least heat isn't pouring into the cab, so that's a step in the right direction at least. Kang Joon asks Bom why she's in a bad mood and she says she needs water, which they agree to get. He suggests that they get the trailer in Pyong-do, then recharge the AC.  That actually seems logical, Joonie.
Lafer:  I'd be in a bad mood by this time. A really bad mood. But Soo Hyun's imitation of Bom is priceless.

They gradually realize they've been sitting at the traffic light for more than 5 minutes and it hasn't changed. Could the road be blocked off for some reason? Is the President going by? Soo Hyun makes the first mention of having an ominous feeling, although in interviews everyone has already agreed that they all felt it, 'that day.'  Cars are honking, and the poor roommates are just dripping sweat in the truck/oven under the baking sun, without even a breeze to cool them.
bcook: Yes. This was the first controversy the preview hinted at. The feeling that things weren't going right? Everybody was shocked? .... It was that the car AC didn't work. *angry grumbling*
Lafer:  Really? Is it really necessary to hint at disaster for no reason? Reminds me of some dramas where they start a crazy "oh no" plot line and then forget about it by the end of the drama.

Min Woo is sleepy and Soo Hyun is nervous about that. She's not a relaxed passenger, having had two major car accidents in the past.  Kang Joon offers to drive but Min Woo says he's okay. He gets out of the car to see what's holding things up, and you can hear whistles being blown - there's definitely something, but we never find out what. Once they're finally moving it's more comfortable ...but then Min Woo starts to get sleepy. He tries to reassure Soo Hyun but she says his driving is scary.  Poor thing, she's kind of a wreck.

Team Chan Yeol arrives at the trailer pick up spot and Sung Woo does a masterful job backing up to the hitch. 'As expected, you manly man' I think to myself until he gets out of the truck and I see that he has his jeans rolled to his knees. Oh well, at least the camper is really nice! I think it's brand new, too. Sora wants to sleep inside, and Se Ho points out how nice it would be for a date.
bcook:  Hehe. He has sexy knees. Somehow I don't think a date (in the traditional sense) is why you would hire a camper Se Ho.

Team Kang Joon arrives at their trailer. It looks significantly smaller than the other one, guys.  The two teams greet each other and Chan Yeol tries to see if he can fix the AC. Meanwhile, Min Woo is in the newer truck scheming to come up with a plan.  Sung Woo tries to pull him out but Min Woo is just 'letting it idle' - no that's bad for the environment; 'checking the seat belt' - no need for that!  He looks directly into the camera and says there's no way he'll let go of that truck and he looks so cute let's just have a pic of our Handsome Mama.
Lafer:  You can always count on him for a cute gif, lol.
The other trailer isn't bad either, but it is smaller. There's a really nice big window directly over the bed, the way the roof arches. Bom mentions how nice it would be to use with a boyfriend. Maybe she and Se Ho should date? Soo Hyun thinks it would be nice to lie there and watch the rain. Since the next stop (gas station for freon) is close by, the girls want to ride there in the camper, but Kang Joon points out that it's against the law. Sora points out that the hitch could come undone. I have visions of the trailer ping ponging off cars on the high way, immediately.
bcook: Hmm sounds like the cousin to the truck of doom. The trailer of despair?
Camper of Catastrophe?

Haha, the travel guides are doing some spinning. Chan Yeol claims that he broke the AC specifically so that everyone would realize just how precious AC is, and Kang Joon says they're late for lunch because everyone just takes regular meals for granted and doesn't realize how precious a single meal is.  The theme of this trip, it turns out, is Preciousness. Ah, you little spinners, you are so cute.  Apparently Sung Woo doesn't share my opinion...
bcook:  Hehehe. It's for these moments that I watch this show. Not for the manufactured tension but for the random everyday.
Lafer:  You could spin me like a top for hours and I'd never believe you actually orchestrated that car trip from hell!

They'll be eating soon, they're assured, and it's time to hitch up the trailers now. Team Chan Yeol skips off happily. Team Kang Joon is less animated. Min Woo suggests to Kang Joon that he be more assertive, and Kang Joon assures him that things will be better once they get the AC fixed. Meanwhile, Soo Hyun is crouched in the road and everyone is hugging her. I'm not sure if she's playing crying or crying for real, but they're all milling around and Min Woo points out how different the atmosphere is from the other team's, then says he gives up. I think it's a joke?

Everyone gathers at the other trailer while Mama Shin demonstrates yet ANOTHER skill and teaches them how to connect the hitch and the electronics. This man, I swear.
bcook:  rwarr. See why I claimed him early? I saw the potential. *epic voice of epic-ness* He will be mine.
Lafer: I'm glad he's putting those biceps to good use.

Back into the hot truck. Min Woo starts yawning before the engine even starts. He admits that the heat makes him sleepy. It makes ALL of them sleepy, so it's not like you can blame him, but man, I'd rather be in that other vehicle too. Not only do they have AC, but Chan Yeol brought a mini DJ machine!  Our poor little heat misers are out of luck, though. Turns out the AC compressor is broken, and it can't be fixed in time for the trip.  I don't know why they didn't just call the rental company to swap out trucks HOURS ago, but whatever.
bcook: I saw Min Woo yawning and all the ominous music playing and I knew that the second "scandal" would be about this. Number one rule when driving kids, If you start yawning... get somebody else to drive.

Nope, they're still focused on getting the others to switch. Min Woo thinks they should do it just out of the goodness of their hearts, but he also thinks Kang Joon should be pushing for that harder, as their team leader.  Poor Kang Joon  just keeps pointing out that there's not much he can do and asks them to wait until they get to the rest stop.  Soo Hyun thinks they should call ahead and ask the others what they think. This frustrates Min Woo for some reason, but it's not clear to me why that is.
bcook:He's sleepy and cranky coz he really wasn't making sense. Or maybe the subtitles weren't making sense. But yeah Soo Hyun that was a dumb idea. We already know what they think. They don't want to give it up!

They all get back in the car and now there's another problem.  Min Woo explains that when they were at the gas station getting the AC looked at, somehow that meant some sensor got turned off. So now, the car acts like the emergency brake isn't released, even though it is, and like all the car doors are ajar, even though they aren't.  Is he seriously going to suggest they continue driving with that beeping on top of the unbearable heat? Maybe he thinks it will keep him awake. Anyway he's very reasonable and calm in his explanation, but Soo Hyun wonders if having no AC is actually dangerous.  No, Hyunny, it's not. Humans existed for thousands of years without it.

Ok, she's actually mostly worried that with all these little things, it's really a sign that there's something seriously wrong with the vehicle. That's a bit more reasonable. I'm sorry I laughed at you, Soo Hyun.
bcook:  Yeah I would be a little worried too. What if some other sensor isn't working the way it should?
Lafer:  To me, this would be like torture. An overheated car, being afraid your driver was falling asleep, and then constant dinging. Why not add some bamboo shoots under the fingernails? This episode is really stressing me out!

Chan Yeol's team stops at the rest stop in Yeoju to eat yummy foods. An army travels on its stomach, folks. Gotta eat. Chan Yeol asks if this is the stop where Se Ho and NaNa stopped on their earlier trip and Se Ho says yes, this is a place with significance for them. Ha ha! Chan Yeol says that in honor of that, they will make a pilgrimage, and eat ice cream and dried file fish from that same vendor. They will ask the question again if Se Ho and NaNa look good together, and they will even recreate the scene by sitting on the bench.
Se Ho highly approves of Chan Yeol as a tour guide

There's a different lady behind the counter than they spoke to last time, although she was there and does remember them. When Mama Shin asks if they look good together, she says yes - but she means Mama Shin and NaNa! She says Se Ho and NaNa don't match. He says she must be having a bad day, but no, she's not. When he asks why they don't match, her answer is 'you just don't.' Everyone laughs and NaNa shakes her hand in thanks.  Poor Se Ho. But did you all notice that NaNa was really looking forward to recreating the event?
bcook: NaNa likes Se Ho. Maybe if she wasn't an Idol and half his age (not like that seems to matter in SK) she'd actually consider dating him. Plus she's also good at giving the audience what they want. 

Se Ho has pictures of them at the bench outside having dessert. How? Did he take screen shots from the tv show? He is very proud that he was the man with NaNa on her first rest stop visit. NaNa shares that it's not true, however - apparently she forgot about someone, and that person was really upset with her. Everyone waits impatiently for the boyfriend reveal, but it turns out to have been her dad. Se Ho says that can't ever count. Chan Yeol takes a picture of the pilgrimage.
bcook:That was really funny. I was also waiting for the boyfriend or exboyfriend reveal.
They...oh goodness...they actually dip the dried file fish into ice cream and eat it that way. Back then I assumed it was fried dough or something vaguely churro-like. I am distracted from my vague need to vomit by Chan Yeol's efforts to launch the WooRa ship and have them recreate the original scene. Sora did NOT want to play along.
bcook:  Hmm going off what I remember about dried fish (and maybe it is fried which makes it churro like) is that it's kinda sweet and would actually taste good with ice cream. Let's try some when we meet k?
Lafer:  I love ice cream--that's all I'm committing to.
And just because he's so very, very handsome:

Oh dear, I see a problem coming. Team Chan Yeol has eaten and is now leaving. The sad sack team behind them hasn't even arrived at the rest stop yet, but they definitely believe the agreement is that the other team will wait for them there. Haha, Team CY is excited for the final leg of the journey and they're imitating Lee Deok Hwa's famous cry of 'Butaghaeyo!'  Please, go ahead!

On the road Se Ho is coaching Chan Yeol in imitating various actors and cartoon characters. He really puts a lot of thought into things! Meanwhile, in the bread oven truck, Min Woo is fighting to stay awake. The girls try to entertain themselves in the back but Kang Joon is watching Min Woo and offers to switch with him when they get to Yeoju. He keeps Min Woo talking, and offers to switch earlier if he wants.  The girls notice and offer massages, etc, but Min Woo insists he's fine. They're only about 5kms from the rest stop, too.
bcook:  dun dun dun.

Suddenly, police sirens! The cars go past, though. Fake out!  But what's this? The truck is veering out of the lane toward the guardrail...Kang Joon wakes up Min Woo who quickly rights the vehicle. The sudden motion makes Soo Hyun scream, though, and later, Min Woo confesses that at that moment he wanted to crawl into a hole from embarrassment and regret.  Kang Joon switches over to driving.
bcook:  Yes. That ominous foreshadowing of a roommate accident. Was that. A 5 sec veer towards the guard rail. Not saying that wasn't bad and scary. Min Woo should have pulled over a while ago. I get his logic that Kang Joon is a less experienced driver but he should have stepped aside a lot earlier. THAT was not worth the drama the PDs tried to create. *very pissed off at the editors of this show*
Lafer:  And it's just unnecessary.  We'd watch it without all the supposed drama.

Chan Yeol's team has arrived at camp grounds, which are quite nice. They park and unhitch the trailer, trying out a few positions at their site before engaging the stabilizers, all under the watchful eye of Mama Shin.

They head over to check out the river, which is lovely, and start fishing right away.  Sora is the worm hooking pro, while Se Ho are too squeamish. Turns out Sora only wants to INSTRUCT, though, and Chan Yeol, our mini Mama Shin when it comes to being handy all around, says that he will do it.
bcook:  That was kinda gross.

Team Kang Joon arrives at the campgrounds. I guess the rest of their trip was so bad it couldn't evenbe shown on TV, poor things. Dong Wook is there, and Kang Joon walks along with him and the three girls. Where is Min Woo? Unknowingly, Dong Wook asks how their trip went.  The girls answer evasively that it had its ups and downs, which makes me laugh.
bcook:  Woah. Where did Wookie come from?
He's filming near there, it's why they picked that area.

From the shore, Mama Shin organizes a competition. They have 30 minutes: whichever team catches the most fish wins. The losing team has to set up the tents and cook the fish. Se Ho, roll down your pants. Please.
bcook:  Lol. He's so free. I guess that's one of the perks of being a comedian and not a "star". You can be as ridiculous as you want.
Lafer:  He truly is a different breed from the others.
Everyone's chasing after the fish with nets and scoops and rods, but Dong Wook and Chan Yeol have a PLAN. They agree that it's better to let the fish come to them, and head off to find some bait. I assumed they were headed to a camp store, but no, they're going to tents to beg from campers. What would YOU do if Lee Dong Wook and a member of the biggest band in Korea showed up at your tent? Well, this ahjumma laughs at them and says you can't catch trout with paste.
bcook:  I'd get autographs and pictures first. Then I'd laugh at them.
Lafer:  Or at least a selca first!

Wookie doesn't lose a beat. What do you use? he wants to know.  A rod, she replies. Smart ass! Her husband chimes in. Just a rod, he agrees. Around here if you just put the rod in the water, the fish will jump on. Yeah, not with all the roommates running around and screaming.

The newly expert fishermen arrive back at the river, complete with borrowed rods. They tsk sadly at their uneducated roommates and find a quiet spot to cast their lines.  Chan Yeol takes a masterful pose and gently swings. Nothing happens. He tries again, same result.  He spends some time messing with the reel, but don't worry, Dong Wook is there. Certainly he'll be fine, right?  He casts out the line but it swings back and hooks his sleeve. Sigh.
bcook:  hehehehe

Meanwhile, Soo Hyun chases a fish into a corner and catches it in her net. It's pretty big, too! Next comes Mama Shin, and then Se Ho. He's so proud!
bcook:  I love it when people get excited about winning. It's fun to watch.
Lafer:  I love the way Wookie laughs at stuff.  He's always like "What the heck..." and then breaks into a laugh.

Dong Wook asks Chan Yeol if they should just head in, since they've failed. Chan Yeol instructs his hyung not to think of it as failure: it's growth! After fishing, Team Kang Joon (minus Min Woo) is gathered around a picnic table.  Min Woo appears and apologizes to them. Poor guy, he's mostly looking at Soo Hyun. She accepts the apology and forgives him sincerely.
bcook:  Yeah he should feel bad. Especially knowing Soo Hyun has a fear of cars.

He explains that with Kang Joon being the less experienced driver, he felt that it was his responsibility to take on the task; he never wanted this to happen. Well, of course not. They all smile - they knew he was trying for them, anyway. Soo Hyun says she hopes that through this they become more like a family and tells everyone to take hands. Oh, cheesiness, Gayeon and Kang Joon are a bit reluctant, but they go along. And now, time to pitch tents and eat!


This took for freaking EVER. I don't want to make any comments. That was certainly the trip from hell for one half of the roommates. I don't know why they didn't do something about the truck before they left Seoul, but whatever.  Let's risk lives for fun tv, eh?  Except it wasn't very fun watching people sweat and be scared and unhappy and then feel bad when they respond in very understandable ways to being hot and stressed.
Lafer:  Thank you, JoAnne, for talking the lead and recapping this time. But I agree, just doing the gifs made me feel like I was in that car with no air conditioning, going nowhere. When they finally got to put their feet in the lake, I think my body visibly relaxed!

Let's hope that the actual camping portion goes well!
bcook:  Well according to the ominous preview there'll be lots of crying and what looks like confrontations (but is actually just them telling stories about hardships) between the roommates. What do you call clickbait for tv? whatever it is the PDs for this show are doing it a plenty. 
No need to! Seriously, if ratings aren't good in SK know that the rest of the world is loving this show and will happily watch on youtube. You could be making dollars instead of Won. Just saying. 
 I will say that the EDITING of this show is terrible. Glaring continuity errors and overt manipulation. Lafer: And unfortunately, it's not really helping with the ratings.