Yoo Na's Street - Episode 5 (A HugCap)

Chang Man is the man! He has a nice new room, a nice new job, and (possibly) a nice new not-yet-girlfriend. What else could he ask for? His life is perfect! What d'you mean this is a kdrama? La-la-la I can't hear you.
kakashi: Let's enjoy it while he's happy. And when he's happy, we're all happy. Right?
becca: *hugs everyone*


Yang Sun and Bong arrive at Yoo Na's dad's funeral. She marvels at how even gangs from Busan have come to pay respect, while Bong guesses that they saw the short article in the newspaper "Legendary Pickpocket Kang Bok Cheon Dies In Prison".
becca: All through this opening scene I kept thinking that this felt more like a movie opening than a drama-episode opening. Very nicely done.

Yang Sun greets Nam Su's group, and there's a bit of tension as Bong asks him what he's up to these days. He says he's just here to help Yoo Na with managing the registry (suuuuuuure). Bong lectures him on speaking banmal, but Yang Sun shoos her hubby away so she can talk to Nam Su.
kakashi: I approve of your relationship with him, mary.
becca: They're a cute couple, aren't they?

Ah! I remember this episode. It has Nam Sus in it. (Yes, plural!) *dancing* I got a Nam Su episode~ I got a Nam Su episode~
Who is this Nam Su, Mary?
Yang Sun wonders if half of the people in the funeral were just here to make sure the old man is dead (like in Charade?). Nam Su corrects her. Kang Bok Cheon was always nice to his hoobaes even inside the prison. That's why lots have come to send him off. (He seems to really look up to Bok Cheon, huh? He's said so before. I like him all the more for it, too.) Even Mi Seon has come to pay her respects. She awkwardly apologizes to Yoo Na and tells her to come back home after the funeral is over.
kakashi: I know this type of women. They suck you dry, if you let them. Yoo-na, be careful!
becca: Yep. She feels bad now, but she'll be back to herself in no time, I'm sure.

Then Chang Man arrives too. (Yaaaay! *hugs Chang Man Ajusshi*) Nam Su who is manning the registry asks him if he knew the deceased. Chang Man answers that it's the daughter he knows. Nam Su asks how? When Chang Man says, "she's my neighbor", Nam Su smiles (is he relieved? KYAAAAAAAA~ I don't think so! I think it was a TENSE kind of smile. One of those predator smiles. Smiles that men smile when other men come into their territory - That's what I thought, too). Then it's Chang Man's turn to ask "Are you a relative?" "No, I'm a friend." Huihuihuihui down, boys!
kakashi: Are you doing dog-talk again? Like "That's a good boy. Stayyyyyyyyy. Good boy! Now roll over! Who wants a tummy rub? Who does? Oh, I bet that feels good, doesn't it?"
becca: *giggles*
Oh dear gods, NO.
Yoo Na tells Chang Man he needn't have come. "Don't say that, it makes me sad" he answers. (Aww, what a sweetheart. Hug?) Nam Su backs away when he sees Chang Man kneeling in front of Bok Cheon's portrait. There's something very open and sincere about Chang Man. The way he looked at Yoo Na after bowing to her father just struck me as comforting and something that can ease Yoo Na a little bit.
kakashi: An interesting scene. Chang-man's disarming sincerity, Yoo-na's quiet sadness, Nam-su's consideration. Both these men are so nice ... this will not end well for my heart.
becca: We're all doomed, yes. I'll be waiting with hugs when your heart finally breaks.

Yang Sun leads Chang Man to eat with her hubby. (Probably he's the only other non-thief in the place haha.) She introduces Chang Man as another of Manbo's renters. So when Bong gets drunk, he brags about how Manbo used to be scared of him back in his days in the force.
Bong seems to know a lot about Manbo's and Gye Pal's past, so Chang Man asks about Axe Grandpa's too. Bong calls him a toothless tiger now. Chang Man disagrees. He claims to be close to Grandpa and has seen the old man being impressive. Bong just warns him to stay away from those people and Yang Sun feeds him a ricecake to shut him up. Hehe.
kakashi: Bong is an interesting character. I don't dislike him. Even though we know he was (is?) a corrupt, probably brutal person.
becca: It's because he's not just a stereotype - he's human, with flaws and virtues. I think part of that is writing and part is Ahn Nae Sang.

Then comes the million dollar question: "What did Yoo Na's dad do for a living?" Bong is shocked that Chang Man attended the funeral without knowing that. They thought he came after reading the papers. "So he was well-known?" asks Chang Man. "Of course!" exclaims Bong.
becca: Right here is where my heart decided to get a head start and begin the breaking process.

Later, Chang Man sits outside and searches "Kang Bok Cheon" online. The articles describe how he organized the nationwide pickpocket's ring "Bukcheon Gang" in the 80s and a decade later, expanded operations to Japan, starting the railway pickpocket incidents. He then wrote a book on protecting yourself against pickpockets as a gift to the Seoul Police Department. The last bit of news says how he cut off three of his own fingers to atone for his life of crime and how he died in prison with a final count of 17 convictions.
kakashi: That's a pretty cool dad. Mine is just a lawyer, who hated the law and then became a writer-philosopher. Booooooring.
becca: My dad is a farmer and rancher. It might sound boring to some, but he hardly ever rests. I live in awe that he keeps it all running... and fixes it when it breaks.
Doesn't sound boring to me. ^^ I read lots of zombie books and the survivors always end up in some farm/ranch because it's self-sufficient, but the upkeep is a PITA. So I know there's lots to think and worry about when you're living in the middle of a huge tract of farm/pasture. :D

The news is read in Chang Man's voice as he boards the bus home and sighs at how tragic Yoo Na's father's life seems to be. (Music is sad too. This show has great music, btw.)
kakashi: Does he also have a kokoro? If yes, it is hurting for Yoo-na. Awww.
becca: I almost offered to hug Ajusshi's kokoro but caught myself in time. That would've been awkwaaaard.

Da Yeong encounters him outside and asks if he's a gangster. Chang Man is confused. "Then why do you walk around in that black suit and threaten people?" she asks. Ah, Da Yeong is mad because she heard that Chang Man threatened to hurt her professor. Chang Man complains that he was the one who got a bloody nose! She tells him to mind his own business from now on. Meh. At least this cures Da Yeong's stupid crush.
kakashi: I'm taking your word for it! 
becca: Hey, it at least delays it a bit, which is good news in my book.

Grandpa enjoys the rice cakes Chang Man brought from the funeral. He remembers the saying "The rice cakes from a good person's funeral will not taste bad" and asks Chang Man what Yoo Na's dad did in the past. It's telling that Chang Man dances around the question. Going with Grandpa's literal interpretation of "self-employed", "temporary worker".
kakashi: Awwwwwwwww, he is protecting her honor! But why doesn't Axe know? Different gangster leagues, probably.
becca: It surprised me at first, too, but I decided that gangsters and pickpockets were probably more segregated back then. Maybe. I dunno. Chang Man is a sweetheart.

Grandpa wonders why Chang Man bothered to go, since even Grandpa wasn't informed by Yoo Na. When Chang Man says it wasn't a bother at all, Grandpa realizes something. "You... do you like Yoo Na?" *silence* "You moved in here because you're interested in her, aren't you?" *silence* "Did I guess wrong?" ... "No. You're right. I like her" he admits. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~~~ Can we get a four way hug for a guy who just says it outright? No fuss?
becca: YES.
kakashi: mary{HUG}+becca{HUG}=kakashi{HUG}+1

Grandpa is delighted to hear it too and tells him to do well. He'd like to eat with Yoo Na too soon. (LOL is he implying marriage already???) Chang Man says he has no such plans yet even as he giggles like a dork and remembers his first few encounters with Yoo Na.
kakashi: It's really sweet.
becca: Aahhh, I'm adding giggly Chang Man to my list of favorite Chang Mans! And I'm hugging him again!

Bok Cheon's remains are cremated. Yang Sun sobs loudly while Yoo Na just stands quietly as tears stream down her face too. Behind her are Bong, Nam Su's group, and some other people. They accompany her to the shore, where Yoo Na sets off on a boat to spread her dad's ashes.
kakashi: Yeah, thanks for making me cry. NOT.
becca: *hugs Big Kahuna Unni*

Bong and Yang Sun muse about the irony of life. How Bok Cheon spent more time inside prison than out. How Bong was responsible for three of those convictions. And how in the end, he became one of the persons to stand there as the man's ashes are spread.

Yang Sun says Bong should be thankful to Yoo Na's dad for getting him promoted thrice (one for each capture). Hehe. She cries that if she and Yoo Na had met better parents, they wouldn't have turned out like that. Bong consoles her by saying her life is better now, since she met him. Yang Sun stares him down and says it's the opposite. He was the lucky one. Guess who wears the pants in this relationship.
becca: The more I see them, the more I like them.

Dong Min calls Chang Man downstairs. His mom wants Chang Man to fix his noona's computer. (Ha! Da Yeong is still being petty, refusing to ask Chang Man herself. Meh.) Da Yeong watches as Chang Man fiddles with her computer, but she's pissed off when he asks why she has lots of "porn" (they're art films hehe - She has the Dollar trilogy! I'm furiously trying to remind myself that I don't like her) and teases her when she panics about the computer shutting down (it was restarting). Da Yeong walks out and leaves her mom to watch over Chang Man. Except... she's not her mom! How do we know? Well, while watching Chang Man tinkering with the PC, she sees a folder called "Mom" and asks Chang Man to open it, but it's not pictures of her.
kakashi: Hahahaaa, birth secrets! I'm waiting for amnesia now! 

Later, Byeon Chil and Chang Man drink at the corner store while Byeon Chil gossips about Manbo's first wife aka Da Yeong's real mom. She had an affair while Manbo was spending 10 years in prison (for attempted murder LOL WTF - doesn't really surprise me). Chang Man correctly guesses that Manbo wasn't the type to let such a thing pass. Turns out she left Da Yeong with Manbo and ran off to the US with her man.
kakashi: Ah, life as a gangster ain't easy, I tell ya.
becca: So true. He's left a single parent to a young daughter, with no idea why she would leave him like that. *sarcasm sarcasm*

Chang Man asks about rooftop hyung aka Gye Pal but Byeon Chil doesn't seem to like him. He calls him a "wedding souvenir". Someone who came with the marriage and had to be tolerated. They both marvel at Da Yeong's kindness then. (Yeah, fine, she's bratty and all, but she treats her step-mom, step-uncle and little brother well.)
kakashi: She may be annoying, but she seems to be alright in the moral & ethics-department ... unless it's about her acting. I'm pretty sure she'd go to all kinds of extremes to land a role.
becca: She's not a bad person, no. Just bratty, and even then, she's still nowhere near that psycho teen in IOIL. *shudders* My BP goes up just thinking about her, I swear.

Nam Su drives Yoo Na home (nooooo!). He spots Chang Man drinking by the corner and offers to stop, but Yoo Na asks him to go on (nooooo!). She makes eye contact with Chang Man and he can only watch as they drive past him (nooooo!) (Ajusshiiiii~!!!)
Nam Su!!! My spiffy Nam Su bids Yoo Na good night. Which is an excuse to put one more screenshot of his good-looking self. (Hey, what's the point of leading a cap if you can't have picture-choosing rights?)
becca: He does look good. But... but Chang Man Ajusshi.... *heart breaks a little more*

Mi Seon sighs about how sad Bok Cheon's last few days must have been, for him to cut off his fingers. (I can't stop thinking about that, to be honest. He probably used a smuggled razor, and the thought of all that work.... Nope. Nope. I don't like thinking about this at all.) She asks Yoo Na to listen to her dad's final words: stop stealing. "What else can I do?" she asks back. Mi Seon suggests something like what Yang Sun did. Find a man and settle down. "Then should I seduce a wealthy man like you're doing?" Yoo Na tells her to mind her own business. She'll decide for herself.
kakashi: It was this line ("what else can I do?") that made me realize that this drama will make me much afraid for our heroine.
becca: I'm worried that she's spiralling. Or about to. But it has to get worse before it gets better, right? Right?? It will get better??

Next morning, Hye Sook (Byeon Chil's wife - thank you) tours Chang Man around the colatec which is kind of a smart way to tell us about how it works too! ^___^ *steals a hug from Chang Man to give to writer-nim* *joins in because hugging Ajusshi is always a good idea* We get to know about the "big-spenders", those who are already waiting 10 minutes before opening. Chang Man is instructed to take care of them. There's the dance instructor who brings in guests from other places, especially when there's a new dance fad. Hehe. He gets free entrance and complimentary food (cooooool job - yes! *cries because she's a terrible dancer*). There are also three grandpas who order food only for two and bring their own soju hidden in a thermos. Chang Man is ordered to unwelcome them. Haha
kakashi: you're right, mary! This was a good sequence. Almost as good as when they explain hanbokery in Jang Bori. 

Hye Sook takes him to Manbo's office next. Where Gye Pal and Manbo worry about the missing band who refuses to work unless given a $50 raise. Gye Pal does this rude, "tough guy" hand-shake welcome to Chang Man and he's ordered to report starting tomorrow.
becca: *concerned frown* I don't like that Ajusshi is going to work here. It worries me to see him getting deeper and deeper into the criminal set. *hugs Ajusshi as if to protect him from everything bad in the world*

Yoo Na is waiting in a coffee shop. Her eyes are drawn to the people opening their wallets and ordering at the counter. (I love that sequence. I think it says a lot about where she is right now.) Is she here for work? Nope. She's here to meet Sevelyn. Err... I mean Kang Sun unni (haha, she's everywhere these days!!!). You remember that gang that kept inviting Yang Sun to work with them? She brought a fangirl over (that girl is creeeeepy). When Yoo Na remembers her name, Hwa Suk, she's so happy and squees that Yoo Na is her idol. Anyway, Kang Sun is trying to get close to Yoo Na so she can ask her to join their gang. She even offers her an advance and any fee she asks for. But Yoo Na turns Kang Sun down even when she tries to hold her hand and ask sweetly.

I'm worried for Yoo Na. I know you're badass, girl, but can't you pretend to be nice a little bit? That slight change in Kang Sun's facial expression scared me.
kakashi: I don't have a good feeling about this. But I "loved" how Yoo-na cannot just switch-off her pickpocky senses. She's in deep. There's no easy way out!

President Jeong intercepts Yoo Na outside Mi Seon's cafe. He asks her to pass the message: "I bought the watch you wanted, please stop ignoring my calls. I'll wait for you." Yoo Na seems annoyed at the request but pities President Jeong anyway.
becca: I am annoyed without pity.

Next, we see Mi Seon and President Jeong driving to the riverside. They park at a secluded spot where President gives her that very expensive watch she asked for last episode. But, surprise! She doesn't want it anymore. She tells him to give it to his wife... for her birthday or whatever. She says she's so thankful just to have President's feelings that she feels guilty towards his wife. She wanted to forget him and move on but it was too painful. Then she calls his name softly and holds his hand. And, HAHAHAHAHA, President starts reclining his seat. (When I decided to recap YNS, I promised myself I'd gif this scene. It's just so smooth and funny how the actor did it.)
kakashi: That was SO FUNNY!!!!
becca: And then he brings it back up right away! Perfectly done. And very, very weird.

Mi Seon looks away and tries to hide her annoyance. Looks like it was all an act (what, you thought she was sincere?? I knew she was trying to give him the brush-off). She steels herself when President Jeong tries to kiss her (fish-lips!! eww!!). Then she gives in anyway and they have fun, sekshi times right there.
kakashi: It's a bit yuck.
becca: It's very yuck. *covers eyes*

Back at the cafe, Yang Sun warns Yoo Na against working with Kang Sun who sometimes resorts to snatching. "Even if you don't want to stop stealing like me, at least choose someone reasonable to work with." Yang Sun pushes for Team Nam Su again, citing the boy's solid "Life Goal": steal until he's 40 years old, then retire to a small farm he bought in the countryside. It's sad how for their line of work, not spending your life in prison is considered a "success". Yoo Na scoffs at all this talk about dreams but doesn't outright say no this time. 
kakashi: She is remember his pysique, maybe.
becca: Aww, I like his dream. He just gets better and better doesn't he? *looks around* Where is that boy? I think he's earned a hug!

Speaking of Nam Su (there he is!! *huuuuug*), he's spying on a jewellery shop customer using his front-facing camera (nice subtle PPL there, Show). One of the boys blocks the lady by pretending to be on the phone with someone while Nam Su snaps her bag open. They do this twice but they're too slow and the lady too wary so she gets away. The lackey offers to snatch the bag and run (just like Kang Sun) but Nam Su stops him. Fine, Show. We know he's awesome and principled. How about you put him together in a room with Yoo Na?
kakashi: I cringed. Oh boys .... no. Just no.
becca: They're operation is very worrying. Right there in the open! Anyone could see them! This will not end well.

Just then, Yang Sun calls Nam Su to report that Yoo Na seems to be softening. He thanks her for the help and promises to treat her too a nice lunch. Hehe. Dirt-rag Bong walks in on the last part of this convo and lectures his wife to be a better sunbae. Show her hoobaes that they can turn their lives around and live peacefully, just like her! They should work properly and not go around stealing stuff!
kakashi: I also get a bad feeling about Yang-sun now. I'm just waiting for her to go stealing again!!!
becca: I actually hadn't thought of that yet. But she probably will.

Yang Sun gives her hubby a smackdown. (Well, what did he expect? haha) How dare he talk about living righteously when he himself used to collect money from pickpockets so he can tip them off about raids and stuff. And he even invented some sob-story about a younger brother in the army, just to get the thieves to pay him more. That shuts him up. He hangs his head in shame and meekly stocks the fridge.
kakashi: Yeah, get down from your high-horse and then go over to Jang Bori and clean up that mess! Bori is Eun-bi!  --> kakashi's double space. Yes, we're a vindictive lot.
becca: Double space! I'm leaving it there, just to bug you. I usually delete it, but this time it stays. I feel powerful.

Trouble at Nam Su Land!!! Dae Gil and Man Sik (finally, names!) argue about locations. And the point of this scene is to show that Nam Su is a jolly pickpocket with a heart of gold who doesn't like his boys fighting. (What'd I tell you? Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. So cute.) He gets them to make up, cheer up about the failed attempt today, and look forward to pickpocketing tomorrow! Yeeeey~
kakashi: Yeah, he's not really a thief. Cause he doesn't really want to be one. Mary, you can marry him.
becca: *starts working on the trousseau*  

The universe rewards his niceness with a phone call. It's Yoo Na. She promises to show up at their place next morning to work with them. (Yyyyyyyyes!!! Look at Nam Su's grin!) Yoo Na has barely ended the call when someone runs up to her like a giddy kid. It's Chang Man!
becca: *grinning like an idiot* I can't help it. I like him! He's so cuuuute!

They drink at the corner store to celebrate his new job at the colatec. He muses how lucky he was after meeting Yoo Na. "What's your work there?" she asks. He doesn't know the details either. (I bet it starts with T and ends with a HUG, go ahead becca, hug him. He'll need it. You don't have to tell me twice! I know what's coming. *hugs Ajusshi like there's no tomorrow*) Yoo Na says whatever it is, she's sure he'll do well. Chang Man is very smiley and squee-y about that compliment, of course.
kakashi: Oh no, Chang-man. {HUG}
becca: Again? Okay! *hug*

She thanks him for coming to her dad's funeral so he dispels the gloomy mood with his cheeriness (is smiles are infectious!). Out of nowhere, he asks "do you like animals?" He has a friend who works at the zoo and can give them free entrance. When Yoo Na agrees to go "sometime" you can just see Chang Man's face light up like Namsan Tower. Hahaha. Yoo Na finds it amusing too and she smiles. Aww.....
kakashi: Yes, she smiles when she's with him. Repeatedly. {HUGs them both}
becca: Are you trying to steal my title as Primary Hug Machine, Unni? Fine. Two can play this game. *hugs everyone*

Byeon Chil spots them coming home together and chatting about the zoo trip. He's offended that Chang Man didn't celebrate getting a new job with him! After Yoo Na laughs and leaves them to their banter, Byeon Chil asks if Chang Man and Yoo Na are dating now. Chang Man just nods and says looks like they will, soon. His hyung marvels at his good luck. Now he has a nice home, job, and a girlfriend!
kakashi: I hope he doesn't get disappointed .... :(
becca: He is getting a little ahead of himself, isn't he? *worried again*

When Chang Man gets home, he remembers his hyung's words and poses in front of the mirror. HAHAHAHA He talks to himself all "You totally got the job, you're the man! Successful man!" then he laughs at himself like the dork that he is.
kakashi: {HUGS}
becca: *suspicious glances at kakashi - also hugs*

His first job next morning is a stakeout. The saxophone player at the colatec hasn't been working for some days now. (Gye Pal mentioned earlier that the band is asking for a pay raise.) Gye Pal blocks the guy and orders Chang Man to chase after him. He's very respectful about catching him and introducing himself as the new colatec staff. He even apologizes and dusts him off after!
kakashi: D'awwwww and {HUGS}
becca: He's adorable! *pushes kakashi away and hugs him, too*

They bring Saxophone back to the house and question him about planning to transfer to Rose Garden (another club) with Organ Hyung. It's just funny how the Madame was calmly spraying the plants while Gye Pal holds down Saxophone and Manbo screams at Organ Hyung over the phone. Then there's Chang Man sitting in the corner watching all of it.
kakashi: I'm glad that our gangsters are a bit ... un-gangstery. It makes them loveable. Even Manbo. I like him a little bit. Sometimes.
becca: Hey, gangsters are human, too. They have to eat and go to the bathroom, just like everyone else.

When Axe Grandpa comes out to complain about the noise, they move the "discussion" to the rooftop. Chang Man stays behind to talk to Grandpa about how bullying an artist (musician in this case) into working won't make him produce great music.
kakashi: Pfffft, no, indeed not!
becca: *furious nodding*

Chang Man runs into Yoo Na at the second floor and they chat for a bit about his new job. They're interrupted when Saxophone hurries down from the rooftop with Gye Pal half-running, half-falling after him (Hahahah!! I love that bit so much!). Gye Pal chases him around the neighborhood, shouting for him to stop. He does. He turns around and menacingly asks who was it who told Manbo about the Rose Garden offer. Now it's Gye Pal's turn to try to run away. Saxophone catches him in a jiffy and beats him up (also for insulting his sax-playing skills). He only lets go when Chang Man catches up to them. But Chang Man only helps Gye Pal up and doesn't chase after Saxophone.
kakashi: Gye Pal should have used his dogs, the idiot. 

Back at home, Manbo fumes at his brother-in-law's uselessness while the Madame nurses Gye Pal's cuts. Chang Man explains that Saxophone can't survive on the meager $2700 he makes from their colatec since he has two college-age kids. He wants $3600. Manbo calls bullshit. They can get sax-players for just $1800! But Chang Man says those kind of guys only make hippopotamus-yawning sounds. HAHA!
kakashi: {HUGS}
becca: ..... Fine. *hugs Cheshire Oppa instead*

The Madame scoffs at that. If they raise Saxophone's pay, everyone will ask for a raise. Then what will be left for them? (Ugh. So greedy, these people. Is it for them personally or for the business? There's a big difference.) Chang Man plays peacemaker and says Saxophone agreed to $3150. When Manbo still refuses to give in, Chang Man points out that the guy was willing to negotiate. They should meet him instead of beating him up.
kakashi: Look at him! He is doing so well! He is mob-boss material.
becca: Haha! Now I want him to become a big hyungnim and watch him try to reform all the thugs. Like so many things Chang Man, that would be adorable.

Before they can decide, Da Yeong comes out on her way to school and announces that her drama professor offered her a role again. Some of the old castmates got into a car accident. She can't be too happy with the reason for getting the role, but at least she got it. (LOL why did the camera focus on Manbo? I wouldn't put it past him to have arranged for that accident - oh shit, you think so??!. I'm sure of it!) When Da Yeong leaves, Manbo tells her "watch out for cars". Pffft.

Finally, the couple agree to let Chang Man talk to Saxophone for them. But not to let the final fee reach $3150.

Yoo Na walks to Nam Su's "office" bearing flowers (it cracks me up that they have an actual office - I thought she was kidding earlier!). Dae Gil and Man Sik cheer up to see a noona working with them. (BTW, Man Sik is Yoon Kang's sidekick in Joseon Gunman. The one who seems to have a loveline with Soso.)
kakashi: It's always confusing when actors act in several dramas at the same time, isn't it? and I'm 6 episodes behind Joseon Gunman. Yoona did it to me!
becca: I'm behind, too. The last episode I watched actually bored me, which was quite the disapointment. It's never been perfect, but it was never boring for that long before.

She enters the inner room where Nam Su is practicing pickpocketing. There are mannequins wearing normal workclothes and bags with bells attached to them. *writes down ideas* Yoo Na finds it all passable, except for their use of cutter blade for slashing pockets. She shows Nam Su a straight edge razor(?) or was that a filed USB(?) which is her father's blade of choice.
kakashi: Can't help you there. But it looked very cool.
becca: Whaaaaa??!! Oh my goodness! Oh my oh my oh my! *jumps up and down, clapping hands* I was beside myself when I saw those mannequins because earlier in the episode I was thinking about this old Ginger Rogers movie - Heartbeat - where she played a pickpocket, and they had dummies to practice on that lit up if you messed up! (you can see them at 2:40) I joke-wondered to myself if they'd have them in Yoona's Street, too, and then about 30 minutes later these showed up! eeee!!! *totally geeks out* (This show is waaaay better than that movie, btw.)

Weeeeee~ I'm so excited that they're gonna work together.
kakashi: Look! She's smiling at him too!!!
becca: *still fangirling*

Chang Man is at Big-eye's restaurant, asking for Saxophone's number. Turns out he's Big-eye's older cousin! Big-eye is pissed that he recommended a good sax player but Manbo abused him and beat him up. Chang Man says Saxophone beat Gye Pal up too, but Big-eye says that jerk deserved it, and he's planning on beating him up again. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA) When Chang Man promises to negotiate with Saxophone in a civil manner, Big-eye gives him his cousin's number. Saxophone agrees to meet with Chang Man too and directs him to a nearby mall.
(Hehe, did you notice Billiard being sad in the background when Big-eye was scolding Chang Man?)
((I did, but ONLY here, because of your screen shot))
(((Aw, I totally missed it, but that's so sweet! *pats Billiard's shoulder sympathetically and hugs Chang Man*)))

Chang Man is walking to the meeting place when he lights up to see Yoo Na. (nooooo!!!) Or someone who looks like her. He moves toward the girl but stops in his tracks when Nam Su approaches from behind and leans toward her, whispering something. The pair laugh and start to walk away, prompting Chang Man to follow and check if it's really Yoo Na on some sort of date.
kakashi: Oh no ... *gets ready for hug-attack to divert Bear's attention*
becca: No no no no no no no. This is not happening. It isn't. No no no.

Well, he's half-correct. It IS Yoo Na, but she's not on a date. She and Nam Su are waiting for the ajumma who collects rent from the nearby stalls. And Chang Man followed them just when they were moving in on the ajumma. He sees how Nam Su's gang distracts the ajumma while Yoo Na-- his nice, friendly, cute Yoo Na, slits the ajumma's bag, takes out her wallet, and walks off with it.
kakashi: Never has a more innocent heart be broken. Damn. Now I need hugs!
becca: *sobs and clings to kakashi*

The music stops abruptly and the whole world becomes silent as Chang Man stands there in the street, looking back and forth between the ajumma and Yoo Na walking away, unable to process what he has just seen.


Oh dear. Poor, innocent Chang Man. Did you see that face at the end? When he looked like someone just told him the earth is flat, Christmas is the devil's holiday, and Mary hates Song Jae Rim?
kakashi: Imagine how much it must hurt .......
becca: *ugly blubbering* I don't have to imagine! I FEEL it.

It's doubly sad, because his heart isn't just breaking because of a silly crush. He's genuinely shocked to find that people are evil and they steal things and they bully and hurt other people (he is just like me :(. Will he still be a squishy teddy bear ajusshi now that his new job is a thug and his new crush is a thief?
kakashi: A tiger teddy, maybe?
becca: A wounded tiger teddy? I will still hug him forever.