Yoo Na's Street - Episode 6 (A THugCap)

This episode is quite melancholic, as feelings get hurt and hopes are crushed. Yoo-na's Street's characters all are of a great loneliness that threatens to choke them all. Chang-man makes a few important decisions, and Yoo-na seems a bit affected by his stubbornness. So good!
Mary: LOL at the new recap name.
becca: It really says it all.
Episode 6

Poor Chang-man :( He witnesses how his crush slits open bags in broad daylight to steal from old ladies. The look on his face is one of disbelief and utter disappointment. But our Teddy Bear Ahjussi isn't a guy who goes and cries in a corner, no! He pursues Yoo-na and finally corners her in a back alley, demanding she give him the wallet.
Mary: I wondered if he'd order Yoo-na to strip like those thugs a couple of episodes back...
becca: Aw, but Chang-man Ahjusshi is a gentleman. And we want that to happen under less painful circumstances, don't we? *wiggles eyebrows* Side note: I love the blues song that plays at the beginning of this episode (and the end of last episode, too).
She's very surprised to see him there (and also a little embarrassed?) but they're interrupted by Nam-su and Chang-man leaves, after looking at Yoo-na with saaaaaaad puppy eyes. He probably doesn't realize, but she shows some concern for him and lies to Nam-su about why he was there. Later, she scolds her thief-boys for being happy about a small amount of money. Oh, woman ... might your temper be related to a certain incident?
Mary: Damnit. They're already being noble idiots, protecting each other. Except it's not idiocy. There was a scary beat there when Nam-su looked at Chang-man's retreating back and I was reminded that this is a gang of thieves. They wouldn't take too kindly to his meddling at all.
becca: He really doesn't fit in with the rough people around him. And that makes his purity of heart all the sweeter and his heartbreak all the more heart-wrenching. *tries to resist hugging Ahjussi*
Her temper gets her a coffee "date" with Nam-su though (Me: starts throwing a tantrum), who is wearing a black t-shirt with a "I heart U" logo. lol. He's just a big baby, isn't he? She tells him that their problem is the "antenna" (the one that picks the right targets) - their guy (Dae-gil) is just not good enough. Nam-su agrees, the boy has no skills - but what can he do? He tries so hard. And he is a nice person. Awwww. Softie.
Mary: Seriously... he's like the Chang-man of the Underworld!
becca: *incoherent squeeing* Remember what I just said about Chang-man? It goes for Nam-su, too.
One of the most hated women in KDrama history (yes!), Mi-sun, calls to tell Yoo-na to go to the coffee shop for her: The president's wife is there. And Mi-sun really can't go, she's at a terrible place. Yeah, sure .... at a bungalow with Mr. President, having lots of sexy fun.
Mary: Hahaha that gif of President is PERFECT.
becca: ........ As long as slimy President and Mi-Sun are there, this is not my idea of fun. *loses all desire to hug*
Yoo-na really goes (say NO!) and meets with the cheated wife. Mi-sun, we learn, does this man-scam stuff professionally and even had to go to prison for adultery. Is that where she met Yoo-na? The woman tells Yoo-na she would file for a divorce if it weren't for her daughter, who is getting married soon. And then, she tells Yoo-na to ask Mi-sun how much money is needed so she would leave the President be. 
becca: Mi-sun is a lovely human being. Said no one ever.
A very pensive Chang-man meets with the Saxophone guy, to negotiate the terms for his return to the colatec. But ... well. Not much later, he has to tell Manbo, who is overall depressed in this episode, that Saxophone won't return. It's not about the money - he didn't feel appreciated enough. Manbo says just go again, this time with some thugs, and Chang-man's face just gets even longer. Pooooor guy.
Mary: I remember just tearing my hair out in frustration at how stupid Manbo is. He's like a Hammer who only knows how to hammer. He doesn't recognize there are other ways to deal with people.
becca: Yep. I also hate his high-handed attitude and how he takes everyone for granted. It'll come back to bite him later, and I look forward that day.
When Chang-man is about to leave the colatec (with a flower-less orchid, which Manbo told him to swap), he runs into .... Hammer. Ahahaha. He looks all healed and sleek. Chang-man kinda flinches away from him and his thug-bros, but Hammer's all: hey, how are you bro, I'm going in to see your boss bro.
Mary: Chang-mans face... hahaha ^^
becca: It's like he expects Hammer of having a knife up his sleeve or something! Which is totally reasonable, of course.
Later, Manbo takes a hyungnimming Hammer to the house, where Hammer bows deeply in front of Axe. Oh, how polite he is! So his plan is to leave and make a living in the countryside, farming. Axe likes that very much - look what happened to him, who was a gangster all his life: No money, no family ... a dog's life. All seems settled then about Hammer becoming a decent guy ... but all of a sudden, there's that thing called "title charge", which Hammer demands for his 5 boys that Manbo is to "take" over. 20M Won a piece. Oups.
Mary: How does that work, though? Is that like something they pay Hammer in "exchange" for giving his thugs to Manbo? (I think so?) Also I kinda pitied and laughed at Manbo when he was comforting The Axe about how famous he once was. But Grandpa was just, "Shut up! I'm talking here!"
becca: Ha! I loved it when Grandpa told him to shut it!
Our depressed Chang-man goes out for a drink and dinner with the friendly Curlyhead whose name I can't remember. (His name is Byeon-chil but I keep having to look it up too. Can we just use Curly from now on? I love your nickname for him!) Curly realizes how unhappy Chang-man is with his job and tells him to quit. Who cares about the room, quit that too! (ohhh, but Yoo-na...). Ohhhh, here she actually comes, to buy something in the little store. Things are awkward between her and Chang-man, which really makes me sad.
Mary: Aww... Curly is a good hyung. Come to think of it, he's the only "friend" Chang-man has (so far)!
becca: They're such a sweet hyung/dongsaeng pair! I'm hugging them! *is proud of self for holding back this long*
Chang-man wants to talk "about a friend" (suuuuuure), who is in love ... with a pickpocket. Well, easy: he should split up with her immediately, says Curly Friend. But his friend would not listen to this, says Chung-man, because his friends wants to stay close to that girl and reform it! Ah, but there's no reform for a pickpocket, knows Curly Friend. They cannot control themselves: they have itchy hands. It would be better if Chang-man went to the police for his friend and reported her. Got it? Chang-man has tears in his eyes when he agrees ...
Mary: This scares me... Curly's reaction means if it happened to his friend (Chang-man), he'll go behind Chang-man's back and report Yoo-na. Just to save Chang-man from being corrupted too!
becca: You too always predict these things, and then I get sad because it makes sense. (ㅠ_ㅠ)
Mi-sun is home when Yoo-na gets in. She tells Mi-sun about the meeting with President's wife and wants to know from her "friend" how much money she wants. Nothing, says the Bitch, the President is enough - tell the woman that. What she really wants is an apartment though.
Mary: BISH! I kinda understand her "this is my business, and yours is pickpocketing" mindset, but she seems to enjoy toying with the real wives. Whereas Yoo-na, she pickpockets because it's the only trade she knows. And she doesn't laugh at her victims.
becca: Hm, she really does seem to hold a special contempt for the wives. I wonder if there's a story there? On a different note: this is the first time I actually find Mi-sun beautiful. I know she's attractive, but this softer look suits her waaay better than the cold femme fatale style she usually favors.
Chang-man continues drinking on the roof, thinking about the forever itchy fingers of thieves, when Yoo-na comes up, too. When she sees him, she wants to leave, but he calls her back and they end up drinking soju together. They first talk about his disappointment in her and then, he tells her he will reform her. She asks: "Who are you to do that?!" And he answers: "Me? I'm the man who likes you". Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! It doesn't go down too well, though, and she throws her cup of soju in his face.
Mary: Hahaha. I squeed a tiny bit at that confession too. But honestly, he looks like a meddling meddlerson right now. He kinda deserved that soju. This clueless ajusshi...
becca: *squee squee squee squee*
So the title charge is giving Manbo and his wife sleepless nights. It's a lot of money! If they don't give the money, things might turn out nasty. If they give the money, they have 5 useless guys. Is this Hammer's revenge?! Well, he gets Axe to help - who flat out refuses to help Manbo again and teaches him a lesson about gangster honor in the same breath. Of course he has to pay the fee, so that Hammer can go live in peace.
becca: *yawn* Getting bored with the gangster stuff, especially when it doesn't involve Chang-man....

Chang-man has a massive hangover, but Gye-pal's outside, mercilessly knocking to get him to come threaten Saxophone. "I'm not going", says our Teddy Bear. He is quitting the colatec, he tells Manbo later; this kind of work just doesn't suit him at all. Manbo isn't pleased, to say the least. When he wants to go back into his room, Chang-man runs into Yoo-na, who is very curt with him and leaves.
becca: Yay for Teddy Bear taking a stand! Though, of course, he did it in his usual gentle way. I'm so proud, and I hope this lasts. He deserves better than a thug's life.
It doesn't take him long to decide to follow her. He is his own "special investigative task force on pickpocketing".
Mary: *jumping up and down*
becca: *giggling because he's adorable* Is it just me, or is Chang-man especially sweet and huggable in this episode?
I'm somewhat surprised she doesn't notice him behind her, because his stalking skills could certainly need some polishing! Yoo-na meets unni Yang-soon at the sauna, where she wants to hear whether a husband-stealer or a wallet-stealer is worse. Clearly, stealing a husband is worse, says her friend, and I full-heartedly agree.
Mary: *places her vote in the home-wrecking basket too*
becca: *follows suit* This is not even a question!!
Chang-man is outside, trying to see what's Yoo-na is doing. When Yang-soon steps out of the hot room, she immediately recognizes him. Lol. She asks Chang-man to distribute the fliers for her karaoke place (of course he will help!) and goes to get some. Yoo-na goes: Wut, you're tailing me? He goes: Don't talk down to me. Hahahaa.
Mary: Hahaha! I just loved this whole exchange (and that gif below). Aigoo~ Chang-man you really need to work on your stalking skills. Although it will dial down the dork, so now I'm not so sure...
becca: I was torn between sadness and excitement when Chang-man told her not to use banmal with him. It shows that he's drawing a line: he still cares and is determined to help her, but he's also disappointed and things just aren't the same now.
He continues to follow her afterwards (why does she never look back?) and sees her going to "the office". Those two useless thieves? They're cuuuuuuuute, also because they're so clueless. (Hehe now that you mention it. It seems like Nam-su is running an orphanage instead of a pickpocketing ring.) (Isn't this what I've been saying all along?) She hears that Nam-su's mother is in the hospital, well, has been for three years ... Awwww. This show gets so many "awwwwws" out of me .... So they've found a potential antenna ... it's that weird woman who knew Yoo-na from before, Hwa-suk! Word on the street is she is almost clairvoyant, knowing exactly how much money is in a wallet just by watching. (Mary: *preemptive cackling*) (becca: *squirms* I KNEW she'd be coming back. *sigh*)
Thugging Saxophone has backfired big time - Gye-pal has a blue eye again, and Big-Shot Herring is seriously pissed that Manbo wanted to beat up his relative.
Mary: How stupid is Manbo, really? I'm glad that Big-eye has principles. I thought initially he'd be the bigger, badder one (because how scary he looked during the restaurant opening). But they even give Gye-pal free beef ribs. Can you imagine Manbo doing that?
becca: I agree, Big-eye Herring is surprisingly likable. He actually seems like a somewhat decent person.
Yoo-na is now at her unni's karaoke place - which is empty. But not for long, because here come some guests! They demand some girls (yuck, I hate that) - and that's a problem. Bong2 manages to find 2 - but not a third one. Bong2 looks at his wife, kinda ... expectantly. Uh-oh. He really wants to pimp out his wife?! The scumbag!
Mary: I won't ever forget him doing this too. :< Mostly because I was thinking Cruel City type of bar girls. So NO to the nth level!
becca: Even if it's not to that degree, it's still incredibly degrading!! I was so horrified when I realized what he was thinking. He's really earning his "Dirt-Rag Bong" nickname.
He does - and after some soul-searching, she agrees to it  - and sings a beautiful, sad song (have we mentioned how awesome the music is?! Thanks for mentioning it! *hugs music director* Yes! And she as a really nice voice, too, doesn't she?), as Yoo-na walks the streets alone, Manbo drinks with his brother-in-law and cries about being betrayed by so many people. In comes Chang-man ... with a new orchid. One that blooms. "Chang-man .... don't leave", Manbo sobs.
Mary: Aww... Everyone wants Chang-man. He's probably the most decent guy Manbo has come across. I think it's the "I know I said I quit but there's this orchid you asked me to replace yesterday so I'm just leaving it here" that really got to Manbo. No one has treated him as loyally as that before (it's his fault though).
becca: It really is. Chang-man is like an alien among these people, or an angel. They're all attracted to him and try to claim him in one way or another, and the thing that worries me is that they'll rub off on him instead of it happening the other way around. Don't bring him down to your level, people! Rise up to his! *hugs Ahjussi protectively*
Da-young is practising some lines (is it just me or has she gotten better? I didn't notice, but seems you're right! I thought she had for a moment, but then she was bad again. Baby steps?), while Yoo-na hangs some washing on the roof. Chang-man comes up with some wet clothes of his own - and simply (after hesitating a tiiiny little bit) moves Yoo-na's bras aside to get space on the clothesline. (HA! I didn't notice it was her underwear. But now I payed attention and Yoo-na moved his boxers aside too at some point!) He then claps, praising Da-young's delivery. Yoo-na asks what the dramas name is. Oh, it's very long, says Da-young ... something with an cosmonaut and a message to a woman he loves. No. Not that. This? No, not this either. Ah, says Chang-man, you mean "The cosmonaut's last message to the woman he once loved in Gusoryeon"? The original title, he says nonchalantly is (in English): "The cosmonaut's last message to the woman he once loved in the former Soviet union".
becca: And then he just cooooolly walks away. Like a boss.
Blink-blink-blink. CHANG-MAN is the MAN!
Mary: Huihuihui! Teddy Bears unite!


Oh, is Yoo-na getting interested? A bit? How could she not be, he is awesome!!!
Mary: Oh goody, is she gonna stalk him next?
becca: I hope so! *offers candy bribes to the writers*

The topic of this episode was "old/new life". Yoo-na follows a path just because it's there (her father's path), Axe and Manbo both are sad over their thug-lives and what it has done to them. Hammer gets a new life. And Chang-man also choses a new life - by saying no to a type of work he is just not comfortable with. Can Yoo-na be reformed though? Or is Curly friend right and pickpockets never stop having itchy hands?
Mary: I still don't know if I want her to reform. :<
becca: I do! Actually, I think she really wants to leave the life of crime behind her, too, but she suppresses that desire because it's too hard. This is all she's ever known. It's in her blood; it's second nature. Not even mentioning that it would it be hard to quit, does she even know who she is without it? I'm not sure.

PS: One of the best things in this show apart from everything else that's already extremely good - Manbo's ringtone!!! (You're not going to use that, are you? It's funny but... can you imagine the crazy tone blasting from your pocket during a meeting or conference???)