Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 44 (KimJiCap)

"Hello! My name is Little Dirty Secret and I really want out! Let me out! Ouuuuuuut!". Yup, it's about time, I'd say. But once again, we're not quite there. But almost. In this episode, Min-jung finds a new enemy, which is BaDIL and the two women do all kinds of threatening and counter-threatening, with a little help from various friends.
JoAnne: I'm laughing because I immediately thought of 'Little Dirty Secret' as though it were Little Kei. It wants out it wants out it wants ouuuuuut let it out!
kakashi: Help! She's now joebbing KimJiCaps, too! 

Episode 44

Dumb Mom proves just how dumb she is when she spills the beans about those rings, simply because she gets so angry when Bori calls her ring "a fake". Jae-hwa, who orchestrated it all, now has proof: it's his mother's ring. As this is KDrama, Bad Dad was also there to hear it all. Will he kick Dumb Mom out?! Nope, because Here comes Jae-hee, telling his father to be lenient - his mother hasn't exactly killed Jae-hwa's mother.
JoAnne: He has a point.
kakashi: I'm at the point where I want this ring-business to be over
Jae-hwa is not so sure about that: would his mother have died without seeing Dumb Mom? And if she had, she wouldn't have died feeling betrayed by her husband if Dumb Mom hadn't been there. Ah, but aren't they all sinners, asks Jae-hee? Jae-hwa omma who went out, and Jae-hwa, who sent her to buy eggs? She simply had bad luck. At that, Jae-hwa loses it and goes for his brother's throat (kind of), but their father breaks them apart.
JoAnne: Jae Hee speaks the truthiest truth, but the fact that BOTH boys miss is the one who deserves their anger is their FATHER, who treated both women badly.
And then ... aw. Dumb Mom falls to her knees, grabs Jae-hwa's hand, cries honest tears and tells him how sorry she is ... she met his mother accidentally - she was only curious about the woman that got to live with the father of her child happily. She really seems sorry, but Bad Dad tells her that this sorriness comes a bit late - why did she mistreat Jae-hwa all his life? Burn his mother's clothes? Oh, this is very emotional - Jae-hwa cries bitter tears. And then, finally, his father apologizes sincerely. This is all his fault. YES, it totally is. Aaaaaaand .... Exit Bad Dad. He just goes to his room. Lol.
JoAnne: I did feel bad for Dumb Mom there because despite all her pettiness she was carrying a really heavy burden of fear and guilt and never got to feel secure in her living situation.  Part of me says oh well, shouldn't have been a tramp sleeping with a married man, this is what you deserve - but part of me thinks no one deserves it no matter what. And now I'm angry because Bad Dad knew she was mistreating Jae Hwa and just let it happen. And what? He says 'oh right, I was wrong, sorry 'bout that.' and exits stage left like no big deal? No, Bad Dad. No.
Bori tells Min-jung this is all her fault - it would never have gone as far without her meddling. I'm not quite sure that's true, but I like what happens shortly after - when Min-jung lies that she really thought it was her ring (suuuuuuure), Jae-hee says: nope. cause I never bought you a ring like that. Yes, let's all gang up on Min-jung! This is fun! Min-jung is now officially the least liked person in the Lee household.
JoAnne: I am doing a lot of gleeful cackling these days, that's for sure.
Alone in her room, Min-jung comes to the conclusion that this is all BaDIL's fault. Yeah, why not. What devilish plan does she have now? She uses Shady Servant's old phone to text Bong2. What a bitch!!! She texts to let BaDIL go - as she has been Shady Servant's person for a long time. Hahaha. This is ...
JoAnne: So now she's going to make it look like BaDIL and Shady have been having an affair?  I think he would have wanted to get with her, but I don't think she ever wanted to be with him. She just wanted to use his affection to get what she wanted.
Bori goes and talks to GooDIL next - she assumes she knows everything, why she was lost in Jeonju etc. And indeed, GooDIL knows - and she tells Bori that her husband died that night in an accident. And she tells her that she was there - with her mother. Remember, Bori, remember! Believe poor GooDIL (who cries really well). BaDIL denies it all (or course). What is she suddenly doing there, anyway? Duh, show ... you're losing it. Well, a bit more than you've already lost it from the very beginning.
JoAnne: But is it here or a bit later, GooDIL is starting to be really desperate to find her piece of info? it got a little scary.
Oh, but BaDIL ... you may deny it and keep denying it ... but Bori remembers, more and more. As BaDIL drives away in the present, she remembers how she drove away so many years ago ... while it rained very hard.
JoAnne: I'm beginning to find this annoying. What's next? She ties Bi Dan's shoe and has a flash back to bending over that day? Come on. Just get it over with.
In front of Bi Sool Chae, Bori learns from Moony that her mother knows about Min-jung's pregnancy and child. She is worried about Bi-dan, of course, but Moony assures her Bi-dan will be safe. When Jae-hwa arrives in his car, he sees them standing there together, all comfy and friendly and he begins to wonder ... yeah, what? It seems he is beginning to see this very strong link between Moony and Bi-dan. And it seems he is already thinking "dad". But he will not yet follow up on that thought.
JoAnne: Funny he didn't think affair, though. Or at least, one-sided love.
Awwww, poor Jae-hwa is depressed after that ... in fact, he is jealous. Duh. Bori is to look only at him, he demands. Bori explains that Moony also is on a warpath with Min-jung - that is why he is helping her. She also assures him that her love for him is as big (and heavy) as a mountain, which makes him laugh ... thankfully, he laughs. I've missed that laugh.
JoAnne: Oh, ok, he did.
Haha, Jae-hee informs his father that Min-jung is stepping away from design etc and will just manage the store and will help him with the design competition. She will also turn over all her special copyrights to the company, won't she?
JoAnne: Slowly, slowly, slowly: peel away everything she won by cheating and lying. I am so happy.

And just as Min-jung is to help Jae-hee in the auto, damn! outdoor competition, so does Jae-hwa ask his Bori Bori to help him. She demands he tell her more details and he suggests they ... quietly go to a room to discuss. Hehe.
JoAnne: Without a time jump we don't get to see a little Bori  baby, you know.
I'd rather see them making babies, you know
Bori wants to be called Jang Bo-ri, she says in front of everyone at Bi Sool Chae. Oh wow. After 44 episodes, each longer than 60 minutes, Jang Bori has FINALLY ARRIVED! She wants to record Bi-dan as Jang Bi-dan as well, but Jae-hwa objects! She must be Lee Bi-dan. Accepted!
JoAnne: Remember how confused we were? About the name at the beginning? Because she was Eun Bi, not Bo Ri, and then when she was Bo Ri, she was DO Bo Ri, and his name was Lee Jae Hwa, and who was Jang Bo Ri anyway then?
The newlyweds are going to return to the Lee house soon - which is good, because things are all kinds of crazy-messed up at Bi Sool Chae, even though nobody admits it and Bori only feels it - and maybe we'll get some more very cute scenes between Bad Dad and Bi-dan.
JoAnne: I do like him around Bi Dan, you can tell he likes her.
Jae-hee is mean to Min-jung, who later sees how Jae-hwa lovingly carries up a sleeping Bori to their room. a) he looks as if this might result in a herniated disc and b) their designs are all over the table. That can't be good. Oh, and c) .... they're wearing couple pjs! and d) ... she wasn't even asleep. e) did I mention that the designs are all over that table?! Please, not again that thing when the evil side sabotages the other! noooooo!
JoAnne: You are better than that, Writer. Do not stoop.
Smart Jae-hwa finds Shady Servant's phone number (through Min-jung's phone records). Servant Park picks up, realizes it's Bong2 and ... somebody snatches the phone from is hands. Wanna bet that was Min-jung?
JoAnne: Oh, of course.
Bori is in the car with her mother, who ... oups. Wants to go find that child Min-jung gave birth to. Abort! Abort!! Bori gets all agitated and because they're late, BaDIL starts speeding. And BAM! Here come the memories of the accident. All of them. "Mother", asks Bori, "why did you do that that day? Why didn't you save uncle and run away?"
JoAnne: Oh my.

The Rest

BaDIL now knows that Min-jung had a kid - but where is that kid now? Of course, Moony doesn't tell her. But he will help BaDIL if she promises never to look for that child. And Moony hands her proof. Nice ... they're in a pact now, right? Oups, but here comes another text from "Shady Servant" - telling her to break up with Bong2. And live with him.Okay, this is extremely funny.
JoAnne: *singing* Somebody's getting des-per-ate!

BaDIL immediately calls Servant's number, but of course, it's not Shady Servant at the other end but shady Min-jung, who is currently applying mascara. Lol. She had you there, BaDIL, didn't she? Oh, forget the past tense, because she so HAS her, telling her she sent to same text to Bong. And wouldn't Bong just looooooooove to find out about all the dirty secrets?
JoAnne: Why, yes. Yes, Bong would love that.
BaDIL goes and gets Min-jung's hospital records. Yeah ... Korea and its issues with privacy. With that, she goes straight to Min-jung and calls her a piece of garbage. And she starts her counter-threat: Jae-hee will soon find out about her pregnancy and how she abandoned her child. Oh, BaDIL is kinda awesome in this scene. Cause this is her being a lion mother, defending her child against Evil.
JoAnne: I cheered her. I'm not ashamed to admit it!

Sexy Ex-Prosecutor in da house! He hears how BaDIL shouts at Min-jung to tell her where Shady Servant is - that name rings a bell. Bong2 is also looking for him and has asked Jae-hwa to help him! Oupsie, but having Jae-hwa trying to find Servant Park isn't exactly what BaDIL wants either.
JoAnne: Just because a married couple are each trying to do the same thing doesn't mean they each want the same results, Jae Hwa.
Jae-hee is trying to find out where that daughter is that Moony "found" - but there's no information he could get his hands on - claims Little Kang. Little Kang says he thinks Moony just lied about that daughter to break Jae-hee and Min-jung apart, but Jae-hee doesn't believe that. Oh, but this is a DNA test of Moony and Bi-dan in ... Little Kang's hands!! Ha!
JoAnne: Little Kang knows! I loved Little Kang, especially when he was prickly. They didn't give him enough time in this show.
Big Kang's gangster past is revealed (right! that was another of those not quite out-in-the-open secrets!), Dumb Mom scolds Jae-hwa for not telling her. He says to keep quiet, he'll handle it and Dumb Mom says: if I'm to keep quiet, we'll call it even with your mom's ring. That's hateful!
JoAnne: I have to agree.
btw, they have turned Jae-hwa's decent room into a horrible pink hell after the marriage. Poor boy
BaDIL asks Moony to help her and find Min-jung's cell phone with that damning recording on it. I'm not entirely sure what recording it is, but I also don't care all that much. ohhhhhh, this scene is AWESOME, I know who squeed very loud during this ... he goes to the PPL store, gets his hands on her phone and erases all the recordings. Just like that. Well, it's very cool, but people ... you can make backups from phones, too, didn't you know that? Yup, exactly what Min-jung also tells BaDIL. 
JoAnne: Right so the next thing is someone finds the flash drive with the back up on it just sitting out on a desk in Min Jung's bedroom, right?
Bong2 learns about who reported the missing child way back then (it was Shady Servant) and he now understands that his wife wants to hide Servant Park away, for fear of being exposed. And no more nice Bong: he will look for Park with all his might and he will reveal the truth. Get in line, son.
JoAnne: I thought he knew that. I know they discussed it in an earlier episode. Oh maybe that's why SS had to leave, because B2 was sniffing around for that info.


I'm kinda thinking it's good it's soon over after this episode. And thank goodness it's not more than 50 episodes. I might be getting a little tired of the umpteenth iteration of "I am very evil but you are also evil and I have something to prove it to the world". 6 episodes before the end, we still don't know how they will solve the Bi-dan issue - or rather, the "Bi-dan is really Min-jung and Moony's child"-issue. Even if the show will let Bi-dan stay with Bori and Jae-hwa (and it seems they're going that way, hence the family registry scene), knowing whose child she is would seriously influence a young girl's life, wouldn't it? But having that secret OUT is also absolutely necessary to get rid of Min-jung for good and to completely white-wash Bori.
JoAnne: Yeah, I'd like to know how Bi Dan handles finding out that the Pretty Ahjumma who is so mean is actually her mother.

Veggie has completely been "redeemed" already - the poor woman is so pitiful as she misses her two girls, especially Bi-dan like crazy.
JoAnne: She was always pitiful to me. Even her meanness was pitiful. She was always cowardly.
kakashi: Yeah, and I still don't like her at all.
BaDIL knows what she did wrong and she talks about paying for her sins, but she also keeps denying her involvement in Bong1's death again and again. Because she is afraid she might be losing her position? Or that she might lose her child's love? Both? Like Min-jung, she obviously doesn't know that the truth always comes out eventually. So how do we redeem her? Don't forget, there's a triple rivalry situation coming up soon: BaDIL vs. GooDIL; Min-jung vs. Bori; Jae-hee vs. Jae-hwa. If BaDIL is wise enough, she will lose to GooDIL deliberately - because then, Min-jung is bye bye.
JoAnne: They can't get rid of her until the last minute though.

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