Rants and Weekly Raves #13 (RAWR)

Gorblimey! We're all so swamped, eh?
Hehehe. Yes. So how is Rain? I fear there's a drama slump ahead of me.
Shinichi begs to differ.
Shinichi says 'slump on THIS.'
*walks in... wants to know where her picture of Dr big nose, now hunky psychopath is.* 

On the Shows that Started this Week

JoAnne: Was it just My Loveable Girl / My Lovely Girl / She's Too Loveable For Me? FIRST of all, the title is all wrong. This show has two things going for it, and they're both squeezed into My Beloved's delicious white jeans, and neither of them are mentioned in that title. I am going to call it My Beloveable. Ok, the dog is cute too. No one else is bad (fingers crossed, pretending I didn't notice L yet. Because, wow, bad. But soooooooooo cute.) Okay, no one else is horrendously bad (fingers still crossed, still thinking about L. Because, wow, bad. But soooooooooo cute.) However, the story. Wow. Wow. Bad. Not good. I said oh for fuck's sake at least 4 times in two episodes and I reserve that for the worst of the 'you have got to be kidding me' moments. (And we all know you have a high-tolerance for WTF, as long as it's fun!) But who cares? It's Rain. He's beautiful, he sounds exactly like the embodiment of sex, and I don't care what he does or what happens around him, he's my boo and I will watch. To one friend - if you are reading this - the dog is NOT the reincarnation of the dead girlfriend, nor does he have amnesia or bark in Morse Code. (But man, that would be a good show.) You didn't really believe me, did you? (LOL I saw that twitter thread this morning and didn't know whether to fix it or not...) PS. Krystal needs slightly lighter hair and a different hair style. OH OH OH - the bit where the ghost of his dead girlfriend leads Rain on a chase to save her sister and he LITERALLY chooses the path marked 'Love' and then bumps into the girl? Yes. It's that kind of a show. Again, don't care. It's Rain.
kakashi: So it seems true that JoAnne has ONE TRUE LOVE. Meet Rain. He is the man who got me into Kdrama, but you know what? I will not watch this. Can't stand Krystalface.
bcook: *sighs heavily and unrolls list of "dramas I must watch so that I can giggle hard at Jo's comments* Having a job that requires attention to detail sucks. Also...my unhealthy obsession with criminal minds. Morgan is my kryptonite.

On the Shows that Started last Week

JoAnne: Really? It was just My Spring Days and Blade Man? First one: The butcher CEO is a muffin and I luff him and I want to bring him home. I barely even noticed Prosecutor as his brother, but once I did you can be certain I did the mandatory sad sniff as I remembered City Hunter. SooHyeon is just the cutest girl ever and I like this. It's got an easy, wrapped in cotton sort of feel. I expect that will change. Second one: OMG I LOVE THIS SHOW IT ROCKS MY BOAT. It's hilariously funny and I cannot get enough of Secretary Ko, Driver Jo, Housekeeper Yoon, a CUTE if dimwitted PissyFace, comical Hong Bin, cutie Chang (but stop fucking CRYING, kid), and ohhh, the ducklings, they're so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute I love those boys. This show is tops. Watch it.
kakashi: Nope. Pass! Cannot stand PissyFishy. And cannot stand that Wookie either, sawry
JoAnne: Oh, but this show. I started episode 4 laughing and ended it crying. It was gorgeous. I really love this.
becca: Blade Man is the only new show I've had time to check out. I watched the first episode and decided that I could understand the excitement, but it wasn't for me. But people are still raving, so I'll probably give it one more episode to convince me. I love the nerdy ducklings sooooo much, though. Any second or third chance will be for them, I think. Oh, and the secretary ajusshi. He's fab.
bcook: Ducklings? Huh? So on a scale of one to puppy what is a duckling? Or is it actual ducks? I should really watch this drama huh? My Sunday is free, I just have to build a bookcase. 

On the Shows that Start next Week

JoAnne: Oh Good LORD, I'm going to die. Next week is Secret Door (22 Sep) and Greatest Marriage (27 Sep) but it's ALSO Sleepy Hollow (22 Sep), The BlackList (22 Sep), and Forever (23 Sep - Ioain Gryffud or however he spells his name, who cares, he's immortal and he doesn't know why) I am basically going to be watching Monday shows all week. Let's hope some things fall by the wayside.
kakashi: Sleepy Hollow. Yes. Rest? Pass. (Somebody tell me why I should be excited about Secret Door like so many others? I haven't paid any attention)
Mary: I'm excited because it seems like a great sageuk and I've been waiting for a non-romance centric one like TWDR for years. Secret Door is about Sado. A very... interesting monarch. Based from numerous references to him in other shows, I think he was a crazy, violent Prince until his own dad, the King, ordered him locked up in a rice box or something. He survived more than a week before he died of starvation/suffocation. (Because "Death By Confinement In A Frigging Rice Box" didn't fit in the coroner's report, I guess.)
That adorkable, geeky, cursing King in Tree With Deep Roots (Han Su-kyu). Lee Je-hoon (haven't seen him in anything but everyone who saw him is impressed with him, so it's a good commendation). There's Kim Min-jong and Park Eun-bin and Kim Yoo-jung. And Seo Jun-young who's story as the brave, unyielding prince in TWDR broke my heart. </3 Look, there's even Paksa's driver! Barbie's boyfriend! (4th row, leftmost column)
Watch the Secret Door trailer here. *goosebumps*
kakashi: I don't think I have any energy for this. But it goes on my list of potentials.
becca: I'm in! Hopefully. If there's time....  
bcook: So.... it's a show about a sadistic prince who will eventually end up in a rice box during episode 20?/50? How long is this show? 

On Everything Else

JoAnne: Daughter Dear has returned to the Pacific Northwest. We had a lovely visit. Sniff. The hole in my leg is not healing (what hole in your leg!!!!???) (What hole??? Are you a Mermaid??? That would kinda explain why you're great with jeobbing everything...), but it also doesn't hurt. I wonder if it's the entrance to another dimension?
Mary: Please don't be sick. T___T (That goes for you too, kokoshi! And all squeeglets.)  
JoAnne: Work is going along at a breakneck pace, which is fine. I am watching too much tv. I was shocked last night when Mary swore a real swear. What else? How are YOU GUYS I MISS YOU GUYS I haven't talked to you really talked to you in over a week!
kakashi: Well, I've been sick (two types of flus) and hotdamnbusy and I wish it were quieter in my life and I had more energy. I also fear I'm rushing into a drama slump - yes, I said that before further up - I have no Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday/Thursday drama that interests me! Sure, I have Yoona's Street (thank goodness for that!), but I'm also talking about some pure pleasure I don't need to recap. 
Mary: Just wait for Bad Guys! (It's a Saturday drama though... argh. Why are lots of kdramas switching to once a week format?) Re: swearing, ehe. Sawry, Jo. I will try to be less violent. But every new Surplus episode just makes me madder than Mad-eye.
kakashi: Yeah. That. tvN sucks when it sucks. And in this case, it sucks big time.
JoAnne: I'm not sick and the hole doesn't hurt, I just wish it would heal because infection would be not good, of course.
becca: No to infections! And no to flus and suck-y networks, too. Yes to sleep. Please? School and work both decided to get crazy during the same week, so I've barely seen any dramas this week. I think only two episodes? Sad! My main goal is sleep, though. I'm just glad it's the weekend so I won't have to drive anywhere because... that would be a disaster. Speaking of sleep... I'm gonna go take my quiz so I can catch a few hours rest before I have to get up and do it all again.
bcook: Sleep!! I have heard of it but have not managed to experience it myself (the full 8 hours kind) I blame the domino effect of lack of sleep (when you don't sleep well the second night because you didn't sleep well the first night because you had a shitty sleep on night zero? Yeah. That.) and the crappy blinds in my new apartment that DONT CLOSE COMPLETELY!!! The quality control team should be shot.

The End

kakashi: I was packing for two full days. I'm done for. Goodbye.