Yoo Na's Street - Episode 10 (A THugCap)

Faithful readers of our Yoo-na's Street recaps, I apologize for taking so long to do this next recap! My excuse? Well, real life. But now I'm back and you shall be rewarded because I'm taking EXTRA care to write a nice recap today. And what an episode this is! Shit is hitting the fan, big time. And things just get so much better (but very sorry, no gifs today - the YNS files are not giffable, for whatever crooked reason). 
Mary: *crying in corner for Nam-su*
becca: *passes tissue*

Episode 10

Yoo-na passes a suspicious guy on the street (he is on the phone, but he is just speaking that tiny little bit too loud and too fake) and as soon as she reaches her pickpocket buddies, she warns them: there’s police out there. And here they are already! Four rough looking guys, ready for action.
Mary: LOL kakashi, read your last line again. *giggling* Sorry, gutterbrain is still in "rough" Outlander mode...
kakashi: mary just jeobed Yoo-na :(
becca: It's the dawn of a new era. No show is safe. *cue epic music*
But Yoo-na is not cowed – she gives her men a nod, gets rids of her bag, grabs a bottle and readies herself. The police is armed with baseball bats (uhm … what?) and the fight that ensues is vicious. Nobody is holding back. After much brutality, “our” team of merry thieves is down! … and all three “policemen” are now assaulting Nam-su with their feet. Well. This surely is not police, right?! They drag him up, put his right hand on a table and STAB HIM with a … fish! Ahahaa, no, it was a blurred out knife, of course.
Mary: *crying* Nam-su.... Nam-su-yah... *whetting knife for those 3 bastards* REVENGE!!! MURDER!!! JUSTICE FOR (NICE) THIEVES!!!
becca: WHY. WHY. *also crying*
Yoo-na rushes over to Nam-su as soon as she can – the ruffians have left, having accomplished what they obviously came to do – and rushes poor Nam-su to a hospital. He doesn’t look good at all.

While Chang-man worries about Yoo-na at home, she is getting stitches herself at the hospital. But her prime worry is for Nam-su who is undergoing surgery. His hand is severely damaged. (Be careful when hugging him, okay?) (*sobbing hysterically* *clinging to Nam-su*) When Yoo-na goes to see him later, he is awake, but weak. He tells her he doesn’t understand why this was done to him. He assumes that these guys were sent by Kang-sun and of course, that makes total sense if you believe like her that Nam-su ratted her out. Which he absolutely has not, as he adds, bitterly.
Yoo-na says to stay calm and talk tomorrow – but when she turns to leave, Nam-su asks her to stay with him. And hold his hand. She does.
Mary: My poor lunkhead. T^T
Chang-man still worries - now outside and clearly waiting for her. But the woman that gets in first isn’t Yoo-na but Da-young, who is brought home by her “friend” Dong-ho. Whom Da-young shoos away, meanly. Of course, she only thought of her “oppa” all evening long and even brought him food. Is he totally clueless and doesn’t “get” that she is totally smitten with him? She even comes out again to tell him that "that Dong-ho"? Just a friend. No, sweetie: he didn't ask.
Mary: Does Dong-ho like her? I wonder if there's going to be a loveline there... You don't sit there letting a drunk girl insult you and pelt you with popcorn unless you like her, right?
kakashi: Of course Dong-ho likes her. But she's a user. She should become friends with Mi-sun-witch.
becca: I don't dislike her so much as I think she's just really immature. Right now she's self-centered and a little naive, but I think she'll be okay once she grows up.
It’s morning next and we’re on the rooftop. Chang-man is hanging up some washing when Yoo-na comes up too. With washing. And she asks him if he could help her hang it up. Cause of the hand. She lies to him that it’s from falling down when being drunk. Nope. Not likely. She tells him to just leave it alone and he does, reluctantly. She asks him about becoming the General Manager at the colatec when … hahaha, behind them? Gye-pal puts out his head to listen in! (Ha! I missed that!!) As soon as she has left, he barges out to inquire what this is about – but Chang-man is not allowed to talk to him. Boss’ orders. Pooooor Gye-pal. That's obviously not the best way to hear you've been sacked!
Mary: Poor Gye-pal. So his replacement manager is someone who hangs laundry for a pickpocket? *giggling at the thought* Also: how domestic of Yoo-na and Chang-man. I wonder if there will be a squee-phase in their relationship if they've already fought over underwear-hanging real estate and talked about moral issues like stealing. Or do they just jump right into "comfy married life" mode?
becca: I would squee over that. Heck, I'll squee over them, no matter what they do! Unless they fight. When they fight, I make like a cloud and rain. :(
Said boss is following Chang-man’s advise and has invited the elderly colatec visitors for a meal – to thank them for being valuable customers. And to talk about the fake Viagra incident … by blaming everybody for talking to the police. *CRINGE* *cackling* (Manbo is so clueless) *cringing and cackling* Chang-man is in the room next-door, studying what could be French. Right before Boss Han can make everything much worse, he intervenes and orders him outside the room. Manbo follows him but makes sure to tell an underling that it’s only going to be ONE rib a person. Oh dear. (LOL)
We’re in for a surprise when Herring comes in to ask Manbo into the next room – the owner of the building wants to speak to him. Cause he caused him “some grief”. Guess who? Yes! “The President”! Now, President doesn’t really want Manbo to tell anybody about the incident, which is probably for the better. And he turns all charming when he offers to pay for the whole colatec-ribs-bill. Manbo is about ready to kiss him and looks mighty impressed.
Mary: Noooo~ I don't want Manbo to side with him. They might do something to Mi-sun. Evil wench that she is. She is Yoo-na's people too... (I'll take Mi-sun over him any day!)
kakashi: *Cringes from the slime that oozes from President*
Mi-sun is back from Jeju. And what is this? She helps Axe stick on medicated patches and in general, is very sweet. The rabbit on his back remind her of her dead brother, who died of a heart disease. They had no money to get him the necessary operation. She ends the heart-to-heart pretty quickly after that to go back to her room, but leaves some chocolate for Axe.
Mary: I loved her a little bit here too. (*nods* Me too.) She was surprisingly nice and not dismissive of Grandpa. Also, her story about being too poor for her brother's surgery... is this why she doesn't care about love? As long as her namja has $$$$?
becca: This is another great example of what Yoo Na's Street does so well: complex characters that are flawed but sympathetic. *hugs drama*
Gye-pal tries to find out whom she went to Jeju with but well, Mi-sun tells him to mind his own business  (Right! I forgot he had the hots for her!). Inside, she finds a pensive, even depressed Yoo-na on the sofa. What's with Mi-sun?! She is concerned about her! And cooks her ramyun! They talk about their respective sins (Yoo-na: "Have you looked at the bible? There's a list, like the Top 10 songs of KBS" - LOL) and Yoo-na thinks it's proof that Mi-sun is worse than her because adultery is No 7 whereas Stealing is "only" No 8. So, it seems Yoo-na likes Mi-sun's company because having an even worse sinner next to her makes her feel less lonely.
Mary: Hahaha at this convo. And hahaha at the extent to which Yoo-na keeps thinking about her and Mi-sun's sins.
becca: I like these two together when they're not fighting. And the casual insults are hilarious.
At the colatec, Chang-man has arranged for an interview with new cook, a woman he knows from before. She is supposed to be waiting for them, but ... where is she? They search the whole colatec and Chang-man finally finds her ... on the dance floor! She is a very good dancer it seems and the dance instructor is smiling a very broad smile. Ahhh, they know each other.
becca: They're cute!
Manbo and Madame are very impatient, even angry. The dance instructor tells them that she is just coming to work here because she wants to dance at her heart's content. LOL. Ah, this interview consists of cooking a stew! Of course, they hire her.
Mary: OMG I was cringing at this whole scene. That ajumma was just too... haha. She was too chummy and not careful about offending Manbo at all! I think this will be Chang-man's weak point. He's going to be too nice to tell his employees off. *sigh* Wanna take bets on how long he'll stay as GM?
becca: I'm hoping that the employees will see what a good person he is and follow him out of respect, though. It could happen, right?
Yoo-na goes to see Kang-sun in prison to confront her about the attack. Yup, it was by Kang-sun's orders and Kang-sun isn't even THAT much sorry about it. Oh, but Yoo-na is angry: this is HER guy that Kang-sun messed with. This will not do. Later, she tells Yang-soo that it must either be the police that creates distrust among them - or somebody gave Kang-sun false information.
Mary: Maybe it was the Mermaid. As payback to Sevelyn unni for that incomplete intel on how to be human...
They meet up with Hwa-suk at the hospital. She is wearing a neck support and tells them she was hit outside her place, by two strangers. *is suspicious* When she sees Nam-su on his bed, she cries in shock, but Yoo-na tells her to stop that: the bill needs to be paid, so there's work to be done. Yoo-na tells Hwa-suk to transfer that money she is keeping for Kang-sun right away - cause Kang-sun? She is not going to get it.
Mary: Yoo-na is mad, folks. *runs for cover* Also, Yang-sun unni is gorgeous in that sequence. Simple but gorgeous. :)
becca: Badass Yoo-na is badass. And I kinda have a girl-crush on Yang-sun. ^___^
Later, on the way home in the car, Yang-sun and Yoo-na discuss the hate between Nam-su and Kang-sun (which I don't entirely get ... just rivalry? More?) (Territory. Even if they stay "civil", there's always irrational territory-grabbing feelings. I think Kang-sun and Nam-su are almost sharing turf.) Yoo-na says she doesn't understand why Kang-sun "gave" her Hwa-suk though. For her sake, is Yang-soo's answer, because Kang-sun likes (or liked?) Yoo-na. Which is about the opposite from what Yoo-na feels for the other woman, who has completely destroyed Nam-su's hand. Well, he could work on his antenna skills though, no? Mean? Yes.
Mary: T^T I was sad and put in a sad penguin emoticon. Then I reread "work on his antenna skills" and laughed. Sorry kokoshi...
Gye-pal is putting up "dogs for sale" posters (money trouble?) (yes - he has to pay the fine) when Curly comes along - and challenges him to a fight, when Gye-pal refuses to pay Curly's wife's fine and isn't even overly sorry for putting her into a difficult position. Curly threatens him with his special temple martial arts, haha, but when he does a few poses, Gye-pal charges him and they end of pulling each other's hair instead (HAHAHA). On the count of three, they agree to let go and Curly gets in a nice hook right into Gye-pal's face immediately after.
Mary: Haha! They look like bickering kids with the hair-pulling. Maybe Curly was just bluffing about the temple training stuff?
kakashi: Later, he tells his wife that he couldn't go "full out" on Gye-pal cause Gye-pal doesn't know how to do martial arts. Haha.
becca: Oh, I died during the fight. Heehee. I don't think Curly even knows any martial arts, though - didn't he tell Chang-man last episode that he learned painting at the temple but no martial arts? His posing might have been the highlight of the episode.
Gye-pal charges him again and ..... noooooo! He bites into Curly's ear!!! Thankfully, Axe passes by and breaks the two apart. Who else wonders a little bit about Curly's martial art skills? Axe tries to reconcile he with the bloody nose and he with the bitten ear later in his room. Gye-pal isn't totally against paying Curly's Wife's fine, but ... he has no money! He even applied for labor detention instead of paying. His large fine means 70 days of forced labor. Ah, that is why the dogs have to go. He will also pay the Curlies (heh) ... when is another question. Alright, says Axe, they should go out and continue fighting. Hehe.
becca: Everything about this scene - I love it.
At the colatec, late at night, Madame comes back (she bought snacks for her daughter's rehearsal) and meets Chang-man who is fixing a chair. She confides in Chang-man about her fears and annoyance for and about her brother - and the real reason she is here isn't the rehearsal of her daughter but to ask Chang-man to talk to Manbo about Gye-pal and get him some job at the colatec. Any job. Chang-man promises to try, the good soul.
Mary: I feel bad for Madame. She can't ask her own hubby something like that and had to rely on a stranger she's known for only a couple of weeks.
becca: I'm actually liking her more and more. She's another imperfect woman, and I sympathize with her soooo much. She loves her little brother, but she also knows just how terrible he is and how others look at him. And that hurts.
He then goes outside to have a chat with Bong (he won't come in cause Madame hates him), who tells him about the battle between pickpocket rings that seems to have started - though it's not entirely clear yet who the guys are that are after Yoo-na and her Gang.

Speaking of which ... they are currently trying to locate that guy who stabbed Nam-su. They're not successful. (I only just noticed after rewatching... the guys they interrogated were those two thugs who pulled a knife on Yoo-na and looked at her bra. Hahaha) (Are they? I missed that! I only noticed that one guy was wearing a Roger Rabbit t-shirt, which is kinda random, but ... *heartbeams*) Yoo-na goes to the café next, where she tries to comfort a depressed Mi-sun ... Mr Gigolo is not answering any calls! Hehe. And a bit of awwwww. Is she in love?
Mary: If she can only see herself... that's totally how her men react when she plays with them, don't they? I'm still not sure about Gigo. I feel like the show is making him seem like a Gigo on purpose to trick us again.
becca: Could be, could be. We'll have to wait and see.
Madame is trying really hard to impress her daughter and her friends with snacks and everything - but the scene stealer is Chang-man, of course, who ... switches on the lights for them to rehearse. Yup, indeed: Manbo didn't want them to waste electricity. So WTF, haha. And why are they dancing to "Fame"?
When Chang-man and Madame get back, it's very late and very dark. Chang-man immediately spots a car with two guys in it ... those guys. But he goes in with Madame. Noooooooo! Don't!!! *biting nails* GO BACK, AJUSSHI!! He is half-way up the stairs when he stops, thinks ... and then turns back -SO GLAD! RUN! RUN! HURRYYYY!!! He takes position outside the house and watches the car. A taxi approaches - it is Yoo-na! When she gets out, the other guys also get out and one of them takes out a knife!!!
becca: eep!!
"Watch out"! Chang-man screams - and Yoo-na turns, eyes open wide in surprise and shock.


I will stop saying that it was a strong episode, because every episode seems to be just that. But this episode was even better than most. (Wait ... do I say this too, every time?) (Not every time... maybe 4 out of 5 episodes?) What I liked apart from the usual thing (well, the dialogue and EVERYBODY in it) is the "oh shit" moments we got. For the first time, we get to experience first hand just HOW dangerous this world of Yoo-na's is. Chang-man: get her out!!! Also, Yoo-na has taken charge and now sees these boys as "hers" - that's both awesome and scary. I hope this ends well.
Mary: I hope this ends well and Nam-su recovers and becomes a legendary thief who steals from corrupt government officials and runs a School of Pickpocketry for not-so-talented pickpockets like him and his gang.
becca: I would watch that drama!

Mary: Also, I hope Yoo-na goes all Vengeful Princess on those thugs' asses. For Nam-su!!! Graaaaaah!!!