Yoo Na's Street - Episode 12 (A THugCap)

As Gye-pal packs his things and goes to the detention center to get the money for his fine, nerves are blank at the Manbo House. The Curlies struggles with their own financial difficulties, the Manbos have no peace, and Mi-sun can't stop pining after her Gigolo. Yoo-na feels the weight of her life and briefly loses her cool. And who is there for all of them? Chang-man, of course.
Mary: Because every lost soul reminds Chang-man of his pet bird. And he wants to redeem all of them.
becca: He's built a little birdhouse in his soul.

Episode 12

And repeat: Chang-man chases tiny human Hwa-suk through the streets when he runs right into Nam-su's duck car, with Yoo-na and her Lost Boys in it. It's good they were going slowly, cause damn, that would have ended this lovely drama rather prematurely! Yoo-na, quick witted, immediately joins the chase. Tiny human Hwa-suk makes scared noises as she runs, the "poor" thing. It doesn't take long for Chang-man to catch up to her and push her to the ground - and Yoo-na is right behind, fuming with anger. Hwa-suk begs for forgiveness, she did it because of her boyfriend's debts, but there's none of that in Hwa-suk's future according to Yoo-na.
Mary: Yoo-na's like: LOL what future? Your life ends here, scum!!!
She pulls out a knife! (eep!) With which she plans to cut Hwa-suk's face (WTF!) but Chang-man comes to the rescue --- one shallow cut too late though! He wrestles with Yoo-na and gets her to drop the knife. Seizing that opportunity, Hwa-suk runs away ... right into Yang-sun! (who has the most beautiful hair) (yes, the most perfectly long and healthy and soft wavy hair) (I adore that hair). Yoo-na starts beating Hwa-suk up (and not too gentle), but Chang-man interferes again, telling her to calm down. He fails in that, though - because Yoo-na only stops beating Hwa-suk when the little one is half-dead and she is too. She lets her off after receiving the promise that she will visit Kang-soon and tell her the truth. In the meantime, the Lost Boys have mutilated that Hoodlum just as he has mutilated Nam-su.
Mary: RAAAVAAAANGE!!! Accept this sacrifice, O Great Lord of Dar-- err... Pickpockets!
becca: I'm disappointed in Yoo-na and our Lost Boys. I know they're all criminals, too, but I hate to see them sink so low. :( And mad Yoo-na is scary!
Chang-man and Yoo-na ride home in a taxi - she is so exhausted she even briefly falls asleep. When they're back at the house, Yoo-na asks for the knife. He has thrown it away, says Chang-man firmly. Inside, they're seen coming home by Mi-sun - who asks whether they were on a date. Uhm .... no. She's going to Gye-pal's farewell party with a nice bottle of whiskey and tells Chang-man to join them soon. An by the way, has Yoo-na given Chang-man that skin lotion?
becca: Ah, memories of last episode's flirtiness! I feel like we couldn't be further away right now.
Of course not, so he demands to get that right away and does, inside her room. He loiters around until she asks what's up. He is just so shocked about what happened - simultaneously outraged and worried, he tells her to lead a good life. But she tells him once again to stop caring and to butt the fook out.
Mary: I want Yoo-na to live a stress-free life but I want Chang-man to stop saying "you're so disappointing today" as if Yoo-na owes him anything. Chang-man is... he is too meddlesome. I'm surprised no one has invited him to Han River just yet.
At Gye-pal's farewell party, people are undecided whether that detention labor thing is good or not. Manbo thinks it's actually nice - not exactly to Madame's pleasure. Curly and Gye-pal seem to have come to an agreement in the meantime: Curly will get an expensive dog after Gye-pal gets out and some money. I believe it when I see that, haha. Curly leaves the party early, that's how upset he still is. (And Da-yeong admits that she hates her Uncle. But doesn't fully join in when Curly starts bashing him and calling him a dog. I pity both Da-yeong and Madame in this relationship and curse Gye-pal for mooching off his sister without any semblance of guilt.)
Upstairs, Curly finds his wife dancing alone. She loves to dance - and he doesn't even know how to spell rhythm (is what he claims). The mood isn't good: he has no work and the fine is high. She promises to settle it. Hm. This can't be good.
becca: This can't be good.
The party is over, but Yoo-na isn't asleep yet when Mi-sun returns to the room. She is pensive and feels sorry for poor, unloved Gye-pal. I'm with Mi-sun here: she should probably worry about herself first. Mi-sun then asks whether Yoo-na has seen "Secret Love Affair" (which she has not) and tells her that she feels like the lead actress - that's how much she is in love with Gigolo. Duh.
Mary: I kept LOLing at this part. Especially when she claims Gigo looks like Yoo Ah-in.
kakashi: Well, love is blind
becca: Lovesick Mi-sun is so WEIRD. And funny.
Gye-pal's dogs are being loaded into dog-boxes and driven away by some dog-farmer. Gye-pal is going to the detention camp! Chang-man is driving. Hahaha, Gye-pal is all sombre and overly thankful and mushy and still as icky as ever.
Mary: He refused to shake Manbo's hand though. Haha. Poor Manbo. But it's his fault he can't keep the glee off his face at the thought that Gye-pal is leaving.
Chang-man is still thinking about the knife he saw in Yoo-na's hand - but Bong, who he is having lunch with, tells him that's what pickpockets do nowadays. And Yoo-na? She has no perspectives and it seems she doesn't want to change, ever - not like that wild bird that Chang-man nurtured, carefully, until it ate from his hand. Chang-man thinks differently, though: Yoo-na will be tamed. Just like that bird.
Mary: I want to find his bird and throw it away. Seriously. I do not like how he looks at Yoo-na like a rehabilitation project.
becca: It's bugging me, too.
Yoo-na goes to the office - Nam-su is also there, "at the research lab", she learns from one of the Lost Boys. The other went to see Kang-sun together with Hwa-suk. (Why is TallerLostBoy always wanting to give Hwa-suk a second chance? Is he in luuuurve?) (It wouldn't surprise me.) Nam-su is getting hammered. (HAHAHAHAHA) On soju. (Oh, okay.) Ouch, the headache ... He is crying over his ruined hand and, I guess, his ruined life. Yoo-na takes cup and bottle away from him and tells him that people must live with hope, whatever situation they're in. Look who's talking ... And he can always be lookout or antenna. Exactly. She sounds half-convincing but the episode sure seems to affect her.
Mary: Let the guy cry for a little bit. For chrissakes. He just got out of the hospital with his only good hand damaged, and he might've just noticed that you're in love with someone else!
becca: He shouldn't be drowning his sorrows in alcohol - he should be doing rehab! If he doesn't, his hand will only get WORSE. LIVE, dammit, man! It's okay to be sad, but dealing with it like this is unhealthy.
At the colatec office (love the attention to details! You can hear the distant colatec music), Chang-man thinks of Gye-pal and then tenderly waters the plant he got from him. (Pffft) Curly's wife comes to see him - what's up with her? Ah, she wants to go on leave  - and she asks Chang-man to please tell the boss, because she's on edge when she's with him, ever since the Viagra incident. She wants 2 weeks, which is too long, says Chang-man, so she changes it to 10 days. And it's not for a holiday ... she wants to go to the detention center, like Gye-pal. Oups. Chang-min offers to lend her the money, but she refuses ... what's 10 days? (Er ... do we know what kind of labor they're doing there?!)
Mary: They'll tell you in later episodes. :)
At the café, Mi-sun is now writing super cheesy poems. Wooot? Yeah. (Pfft. Are we in junior high, Mi-sun??) Her Beau is going to the military for 3 days. That separation is almost killing her. No news from the President by the way and there are rumors he is travelling with his wife. Good on him. But I get a feeling we haven't seen the last of him yet.
Yoo-na goes and has cold noodles with her beautiful unni Yang-soon (who calls Mi-sun "dumb as a toad", hehe). Apparently, the word is that Kang-sun is sorry and wants peace with Yoo-na. Who wants nothing of that, even though it was all Hwa-suk's fault. But Yang-soon urges Yoo-na to do as she once did and get out - she will help her. As always, Yoo-na is quite firm: Butt out, leave her alone.
Mary: dumb as in a bimbo. I kept laughing this episode because I missed lots of convos in my first watch. So apparently Mi-sun met Yang-soon before and all Mi-sun talks about is stuff about keeping a sexy figure, whether Yang-sun padded her bra or not, etc. Hahaha
Trouble at the colatec! Big Eyed Herring is about to hit the Dance Instructor. Hahaha, he is angry that he has to start lessons at the beginners level and wants to go faster? Hahahaa, Baendaeng-yi... Dance Instructor does a bit of jitterbug teaching right there because Herring insists, but then says "see? he can't do it", which makes Herring shout at him to shut up and teach him those steps right away. If he can't do it, it's clearly the Dance Instructors fault. Hahahaha, love this scene. And the one that follows in Manbo's office - the conclusion of which is that Herring wants a female teacher. The youngest there is.
Mary: I kept laughing too! ^___^ Aigoo~ these gangsters think everything can be settled with a beating!
The female teacher is ... not exactly what Herring had imagined.
Chang-man gets a call from Da-young, and it seems he has forgotten that meeting with her friend (wait a minute ... didn't he say he was busy?) (she promised to set him up another time). He goes there quickly and she shares an iced Americano with him, smiling happily when he takes the straw - that she already had a sip with - into his mouth. Pfffff, woman. They're waiting for that "friend", but Da-young claims she's on her way.
Mary: LOL Da-young... you're tricksome but it's so transparent I don't know whether to kick you or pat your head.
becca: Pfft. She should go sit with Mi-sun. They can braid each others' hair and bedazzle things.
Yoo-na is strolling home, deep in thought ... when she happens upon a wedding. Seeing the happy couple drive off in a cabriolet makes her smile - briefly.
Alright, Da-young seems to have set Chang-man up - she has steered him into a movie theater. The friend they were waiting for has suddenly cancelled. Suuuuure. She goes to get the tickets and Chang-man pulls out a book (I get that: I used to be like that too when I was still a student! Not a minute without working!), but he is interrupted before he can even open it: It's Mi-sun and her Beau! Min-gyu is the Gigolo's name. They're there to see a movie too.
Mary: LOL at Chang-man's nonchalance while the other three feel the awkwardness of him going on a movie with his boss's daughter (and a woman who isn't Yoo-na).
becca: I'm shaking my head at his cluelessness.

The Curlies have a chicken-feet and soju good-bye "feast" - she refuses anything more expensive. It must be horrible to send your wife away to do labor at a detention center!! Why is he not going for her though? (Can he? I think only the sentenced person can work. - no idea: but I don't find him to be of great help) He cries and tells her he is very sorry for not earning any money. Those two .... awwww.
becca: Aww. A little bit of my anger at Curly has melted away. These two are having a rough time.
Yoo-na is at the café, minding it for Mi-sun. Drinking. She chooses Chang-man's number but before the phone can ring, she cancels the call. Wazzup, sista? Feeling lonely? After another glass, she does call ... but the phone is off.
We know why ... he's at the cinema! (What movie is this? Leonard Cohen soundtrack - Happy Birthday, by the way!) (I don't know the movie, but I would not watch it.) A few rows further down, Mi-sun is all lovey-dovey with Gigolo. That and the sex scene on screen gives Da-young ideas. She slides down in her seat, sloooooowly - and puts her head on Chang-man's shoulder. He's like .... WTF? She then lightly taps his shoulder and says "oppa, if by chance you want to hold my hand, it's okay to do that. No need to think too deeply". Buahahahahaaa. She even hold it up for him to hold, but he doesn't want to and tells her to quietly watch the movie. He's a bit of an idiot.
Mary: Yeah. I refuse to believe he's THAT stupid not to see the signs now.
becca: PWAHAHA!!! This scene killed me. And yeah, he's GOT to know what's going on now, even if he somehow didn't know already.
At the Manbo house, people are worried: Dong-min is missing! Ah, but they find him on the roof, where he is crying ... a boy told him his uncle's dogs were sold to a soup shop. Pfff. (That's not a boy! That was his playmate, the pretty little girl! I laughed here too. Poor Little Kei got punked.) He misses the dogs and even bought them food, poor boy. Manbo tells his wife that he wants to tear down this rooftop apartment, which gets them into a fight about Gye-pal, detention labor (which he still thinks is a good things), and things more generally. Manbo is so deliciously clueless.
The movie is over and Chang-man finds a text on his newly switched-on phone, from Yoo-na, who tells him she wants that drink he promised her. He calls immediately, but in the meantime, she must have drunk a tad too much because she's passed out at the bar. The waitress picks up and tells him Yoo-na is too drunk to pick up herself. He takes his leave from a very disappointed Da-young and rushes to the café.
becca: I felt a little bad for, Da-young, but... she knows this isn't a real date, right? She conned her way into spending time with him. That's it.
Yoo-na drank the whole bottle of whatever-it-was so that it's a miracle that she wakes up when he calls her name and recognizes him. He gets her up and they walk home. She asks him whether he likes her holding his arm - of course he does. (Aww.) She likes that he is always honest - and he adds that honestly speaking, he wished the path they're on would make a few circles around town. Awwww. Is that how much he likes walking with her? Yoo-na asks. Yes, says Chang-man.
becca: *squee*
He offers to carry her when she says her legs hurt ... and then, she suddenly stops and starts crying. Oh girl ... He pulls out a handkerchief and gives it to her for wiping her tears. And then, he says: "If you perhaps want to ask me to hug you, it's okay to do that. No need to think too deeply". Ha! We know where you got that line from, man!
"Hug me", says Yoo-na. And he does.


Yoo-na's armor is cracking and I like it and don't like it at the same time. She clearly needs somebody like Chang-man to give her tons of love - but in the world she lives in, she cannot be weak. So while he may be good for her, he is very bad as long as she does NOT turn her back on pickpocketing. And it does not even remotely sound like she wants to do that. 

The drama does a very good job in showing us just HOW dangerous her trade actually is. It makes me really uneasy. I'm also uneasy about her becoming "The Mother" for the Lost Boys and about Nam-su losing it. I feel his pain - losing a hand of all things to lose! I understand that he feels like his world ended. Because that world has Yoo-na in it, Yoo-na, the famous pickpocket. And what can he do besides that? And what if it means he can no longer be near her! Poor, poor Nam-su. He is the one that needs the most hugs.
Mary: T_________________T Nam-su hugs? On it! *climbs giant Nam-su tree and clings like a monkey*

I'm also uneasy about Curly's Wife - I hope detention labor isn't too hard! I'm not at all uneasy about Gye-pal though because that guy? He will certainly find a way to con himself out of labor.
Mary: Or I'm afraid he's gonna keep whining and complaining and he's gonna get beaten up or something by the other inmates.
becca: Probably a bit of both.