We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 2)

Oooooooooooooooh my god. Rim! You .... big cute baby dork! In this episode, the wife's fingers curl up non-stop and I cringe-squee all the time.
Mary: *sitting smug in her Rim throne* I chose well. (Don't ask me about Surplus Princess though.
JoAnne: I don't know though. You fell for Mo, and then uncovered the enormous dork.  That just seems kind of lucky to me.  Well, not kind of. INCREDIBLY BLESSED. Because your guy is 96% perfect.
becca: When I heard he was a dork, I was not expecting him to really be this dorky. But he is, and it's beautiful, and he totally owns it, which just makes it that much more attractive. I think I love him.

Episode 2

First meeting in the park! The couple drops their hands from their faces - but he has no clue who she is. Ah, so mean >:D. But he shakes her hand formally (he is well-mannered, too!) and right away comments on how soft they are. Hehe. They're suuuuper awkward - especially since he just stares at her. Because "she is pretty". *dies*
Mary: I cringed for her. But everything Rim says just makes me bust a gut laughing.
JoAnne: I can see him being his (relatively) unfiltered self and her enjoying it and falling for it...and eventually getting irritated by it or tired of it. That sad thing where what you loved about a person becomes the thing you hate. Nooo, Kim So Eun, stay open to his dorkiness.  Love him forever! For us!
Are you the one in the Mermaid, she asks - cause dongsaeng Jo Boa is a very close friend of hers! (Ha! I wonder what they say about him ... ) He guesses from knowing that Jo Boa is younger that So-eun must be about 24 or 25? No, she's 26, she says. He's like ... woah. You're young. Haha, isn't he only 30?
Mary: *sigh* I want my cute mermaid to visit the set and discuss Rim's butt! This is what variety shows are for, no? What d'you mean they're not made to satisfy me?! Koko, bite the dissenters! Off with their heads!
JoAnne: Ok I quit. You told me she didn't bite.
becca: There's biting??? I'm rethinking my decision to join these squeecaps. Koko, NO biting!! *eyes widen in horror* I can't believe I just talked to it. *hides face*
Mission card! It's telling them the address of their house (so I guess they don't always have houses right away from the comments?) and So-eun wonders whether there's an elevator. Cause she's wearing high heels. Ah, but for him, it's more important if there's a bidet or not. Let the bidet jokes begin! (by the way, there was a bidet where I grew up. We only used it to wash our feet)
Mary: Rim, can you please maybe stop grinning every time "new couple" is mentioned? Also, I was kinda disappointed he didn't immediately offer to piggyback her upstairs if there's no elevator. That's a dorking opportunity missed right there. That bidet sure is important to Rim, huh?
JoAnne: I'm not entirely clear how that would work for a guy. Does he just waggle himself in the spray?
So he likes using a bidet? What, she doesn't?! Oh yes, she does... but he's the first guy she meets who likes them. "I like modern tools", is his answer. *Gulp*. Ahahaha, he doesn't get that he's a bit ... weird. (He's not! You're all weird. It's Rim and I that's normal!) And then, he apologizes for not recognizing her - she laughs, but it's still super awkward. That doesn't change when he lifts his hand to ... do a high five with her!
JoAnne: Ok THAT made me cringe. No, Rim. Just no.
becca: Haha... ha... ha. What?
Meet Bungbung, So-eun, his "glamorous friend", the motorbike! They decide that he'll "lead the way" on the bike. Oh yes, he says eagerly, he'll escort her. And he does - after another extended high five. The poor woman doesn't know how to get out of her extreme embarrassment, he really doesn't stop making her uncomfortable! And then, he cutely DOES escort her, always checking whether she's behind him.
Mary: When he did the gangsta/buddy high-five with the chest bump... d'you think he sits at home watching "guy shows" and turn to his cats and say, "I wanna try that motorcycle/gangster handshake". Is that why he's so desperate for a buddy? Or is the chest bump... y'know. A chest bump with ulterior motives?
JoAnne: Do you think when he goes to bed he just holds hands, Mary?
They stop at his place, for him to park his bike. It's meet the cat time! Man, Olla is fat ^___^ Olla, meet (Nich)khun! Yes, Rim: she's named her cat after another guy.
Mary: I deyed laughing when she admitted later in the interview that it was in fact named after Nickhun. And that she couldn't say so immediately for fear of hurting The Dork.
JoAnne: Would any of you ever name your pet after an actor or a singer? No. No we would not. She was just embarrassed.
becca: .... *avoids eye contact*
She is hungry, she admits - and he suggests they eat leftover from his younger brother, but .... no. What, not even "seasoned fried chicken"? He says he'll drive since she's wearing high heels and hm, she likes that. Like she likes his back. And she surely likes that he stops to get a snack for her out of the trunk. There's a lot of like there. Oh yes.
Mary: What's not to like?! Who deyed with his "hmmmm... mmmmm..." when So-eun was trying to guess what kind of food he's taking out? *adds little brother to Song Jae-rim's family tree painted in her room*
JoAnne: His voice is nice and rumbly and he keeps it at an intimate level.
becca: Beautiful. His is a voice that you could fall in love with, yes.
Driving, they discuss how to call each other. Wife? Housewife? Kid's mother? He calls her by a false name (Rim!!! Nooooo!), So-yeon instead of So-eun and she threatens to get off the car immediately. With Olla. That triggers his memory alright! Yes, this is Kim So-eun-shi! When she mentions that he reminds her of a cat, he has the perfect nicknames for them! Khun's omma - and Olla's appa. Ooookay, cat people are officially scary.  
Mary: So is his wife. I felt the pressure on Rim when she went, "I'll give you one more chance to guess my name." Pwahaha~ And I haven't seen WGM, but I'd put a guess that this is one of the dorkiest, cheesiest self-named couples in the history of the show. Amiright? Jo? lafer?
JoAnne: Yes. They hit High Dork in almost every area.
becca: Love it. Yes, continue, Kitty Couple. I died at the nicknames, but I also kind of love them. I'm beginning to suspect I am every bit as dorky as Rim. Minus the bidet-obsession/talking-about-bodily-functions thing.
He suggests they go to Jeju Island for their honeymoon and ride his bike. He doesn't use fuel - but his affection. OMG the cheeeeeeeeese. Poor Kim So-eun, she's so flustered again! I never was aware of fingers that curl up, but hey, mine are doing it too!
Mary: Y'know what's really funny about his cheesy lines? He actually looks really really pleased and proud of himself after saying them. Like he's been waiting for years to say something so cheesy.
JoAnne: I want to be his friend.
becca: I know, right? But I do really feel for So-eun because wow, this is awkward.
Kim So-eun did some research on RimBoy and found out that he graduated from the same university! Only ... he graduated 5 years earlier than Wifey. (He dropped out in his first year. But he did start as an 03'er so he's still the sunbae.) Hehe. So he's her sunbae! And bang, switch to banmal. But So-eun doesn't accept that! She's his sunbae in the film industry (10 vs. 7 years). Alright, they both drop the honorifics (and it's so cute how difficult this seems to them).
JoAnne: When people naturally imitate each other's movements it's a sign of attraction.
becca: They are beautiful. Now kiiiiiss.
The new house pleases both of them - but Rim has big plans to decorate it with stuff from the convenience store. It's too plain for him! The bed is used as a meeting place for the cats (they seem to get along!) and then, it's time to walk through the apartment. But ...... there's no bidet! Crisis!
Mary: This is why all blogs I visit are now hounding me with ads for bidets. Because I immediately went on Amazon and searched for "bidet". Then googled for "How to send fan mail care package to We Got Married" "How to mail fan package to SM C&C" "Is it legal to send bidet to Korea"...
JoAnne: I think it would be extremely cost-prohibitive to send what is essentially a small porcelain water fountain to another country.
becca: Your devotion continues to impress me, Mary.
After having some fun with an automatic camera, they unpack their bags together (him: super neat. her: the opposite). There's all kinds of interesting things in there, including a ... Jaerim couple T-shirt. Cat costumes for Khun. Including a "couple costume" for Helloween. WTF, woman. WTF. Rim: "Seems like you've been lonely all this time". Also, TONS of cosmetics and health supplements. A guitar.
Mary: He's a dork, a diva, and a bimbo. Seriously?! Their couple shirts have HIS NAME on them? LMAO. Then when So-eun gets curious about the small bag and he lets her open it... containing his underwear. Where is this guy's sense of shame?! WHERE? And when he sprays too much perfume and KSE says it's too strong, Dork goes, "So from now on when you smell this, you'll think of me." Awwwwooooo~ hahahaha
JoAnne: Hey, it was clean underwear. Nothing to be ashamed of.
Rim plays the guitar! He is learning. He is such a sweeeeet man *dies*
Mary: OMG he was playing the guitar and looking intensely at her. Like, Mo Il-hwa intense staring. Minus the "I will punch your teeth down your ass" threat.
JoAnne: I want to play with his hair.
becca: Crushing on guitarists may be a cliché, but damn, it can be so hot. Pianists are the ones that really make me weak in the knees, though.
But what is that? A smile braces! WTF, Korea, WTF. So you train your laugh muscles with it?!
Mary: They fix the crooked smile. Weird eh? I find uneven smiles cute... *sad for Rim's fixed, perfect-shaped smile*
JoAnne: He's just a breath of fresh air, really.
becca: It is so weird, but he totally doesn't care, which makes me like him even more. Even as I cringe because he's offering to let her try it - and she almost does! What.
After arguing a bit over cat-caring methods and changing into comfortable clothes, it's time for a selca! Yes, THAT selca. Awwwwwww. He tells her to cook something, but she threatens to hit him with her monopod. He's quite macho when he wants to be, right? She then uploads the picture on her twitter account and teaches him about twitter. YES! Get twitter! Rim! Yes! Yes!
Mary: I will die happily. But not before tweeting 1,000 applebutt photos of him AT him first. (Also, I squeed when I saw him looking at her retweets. Because I retweeted KSE, like, less than 2 minutes after she uploaded that. So maybe, for a very short time, maybe Rim saw my twitter handle? *delusional fangirl dreaming*) kakashi can laugh, her KimJi retweets her BoriCaps every time. T____T
JoAnne: If there is a God, Mary, Rim will know of your existence someday. Are we sending her the links to the recaps? Somehow I think (if they understand English) they would really appreciate us.
He also puts his arm on the back of the couch ... right behind her. Oh you player you! The poor woman confesses that she thinks she's "losing her soul", it's all so fast. Rim, don't you have somebody telling you to protect your image? What image, you say? Right. I hope that nobody ever interferes with your natural adorkabuteness.
Mary: So-eun-ah, that's not your soul speaking. That's your kokoro. And haha! Rim says he likes the sofa now because he got to rest on his wifey's arms. I wonder when he will like the bed? Heeheeheehee
JoAnne: I like his physicality. His gestures and the way he positions himself all indicate an expansive, confident personality, and that he is genuinely open to her.
Finally, it's time to order something to eat - and we learn that they both don't like spicy foods. Sure, because if he eats spicy things, his a$$hole burns the next day. OMG, hahahahaaaaa, TMI! No, he doesn't mind talking about his "exit" at all, why would he?!
Mary: Maybe he used to care. Then Surplus Princess happened and he didn't care about his butt getting the spotlight anymore.
JoAnne: Don't laugh, though, because I think 'level of spiciness in food' is a genuinely serious matter in a long-term relationship. People who like really spicy things just can't help trying to force their opinion on others who DON'T, and cooking is an issue...


Oh dear. Oh dear. This is so cringe-worthy cute and awesome. Thank you, Rim. Thank you.
Mary: *creying*
JoAnne: Look at him. He's 11.
becca: He is completely at ease, and I adore him for it. I need these two to stay on this show forever! Give me MORE!
Fine, fine, I'm starting Episode 3 today.