We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 4)

Mary: Halloa~ this is mary finally helping out with the WGM squeecaps. But first a 90-degree bow to kakashi for doing all the previous episodes while I was busy with life. (Even if hers is actually busier right now!) Thank you very kakashi! The drama gods are rewarding you with an increasingly awesome Shinichi/Tae-soo in Bad Guys!
JoAnne: And we all benefit! Mary - I love the twist on thank you very kamsa :)
kakashi: Heeellloooooo, mary! Glad to see you here! And happy to have been of service

So we pick up from last episode where Rim is in the hospital (for being lovesick, he says). So-eun takes him out for a stroll. Rim jokes that the I.V. stand she's dragging makes it seem like he's walking a cute puppy and tells So-eun to sit! Sit! So-eun threatens to hit! Hit! He quickly changes the subject by thanking her for settling the hospital bill in one lump sum. He's glad that wifey is generous.
JoAnne: She's nice too, because if I were her I'd be arguing that now I own a piece of him.
kakashi: Why did she do that though?! 
She tells him to try some acupressure massage thing attached to the outdoor benches, but Rim doesn't like acupressure. (Can he please guest on Running Man, then? EDIT: HE IS GUESTING. Wow. My wishing powers scare me...) (I thought you said "disgusting" and was like, "DUDE. What did he DO??" Then I realized I was just tired. I'm relieved. Also, yay!) (I desperately need to watch Kim Ji-hoon on Running Man! I'll watch Rim there too!) Rim says he prefers aroma massage and asks to buy some baby oil on the way home later. LOL WTF. So-eun tells Rim to go massage himself. He insists its fun and offers to give her a massage too. He thinks it's a fair exchange. (Yep. As fair as Oppa paying me to grab his butt.)
JoAnne: I also think this is a fair exchange and volunteer as tribute in her stead. These are very hungry games, indeed.
kakashi: She is getting better. The "ah, to massage yourself" was very clever. *slow clap*
So-eun says Rim is turning We Got Married into "Song's Ulterior Motives Show". She explains he's moving too fast, not following the correct stages of skinship. Rim stops to seriously think about her words. His conclusion? "I'll carry you." Hahaha! AGAIN WITH THE DISCONNECT. Someone give this guy a line to sanity, please.
JoAnne: Or my phone number, maybe.
kakashi: He should listen to her though. She has a point. He keeps embarrassing her and that's not good. 

So-eun protests that that's NOT what she meant, but Rim just goes, "My wife can't say she wants it directly... aissshhh. You bad bad girl!" HAHAHAHA Also, one of the hosts, Eric Nam? His reactions are killing me. I think he's gonna die from second-hand embarrassment one of these days.
JoAnne: He kills me!  He's all 'ohhhh, how can he DO that!!!' with the implication that he's not representing men well... and the women are both 'well that's cheesy but damn... it works for me.'  Me too, sister.  Me too.
becca: Yes! I love watching the guys cringe whenever Rim opens his mouth.
kakashi: Haha, I think they actually dislike him. Or are they a bit jealous? Like ... would they maybe like to say lines like this too? 
So-eun tries searching for their names online to check the news. (Shit, I need to learn Hangul and boost myself to the top of 송재림 search results.) Rim moves his chair closer to So-eun's and tells her not to wear a short skirt because he can't carry her. She says she's going crazy because of his one-liners. He says she's going crazy for him.
JoAnne: He is technically correct. If not for, then because. And really, what's the difference?  He's driving her mad.
becca: *shakes head* Poor So-eun. It must be rough. Tell you what - I'll take her place. *jumps into line in front of JoAnne*
kakashi: In all seriousness? He'd drive me completely nuts.
I... I don't know what to say. Maybe when God was giving away logic, Rim was busy making cheese?
JoAnne: It's weird though because you laugh at him and groan at the cheese, but it WORKS. Ok, in real life if it was non-stop cheese that wouldn't work, no, but you have to figure they have actual conversations, too.
becca: True, I would get VERY annoyed if I had to deal with that all the time. It's edited, though, so maybe the cut the "boring" suff out (along with all the really interesting stuff, I hear)?
kakashi: Never a dull moment. That's something, at least! 

Anyway, they start walking back to his room. He sidles up to So-eun and offers an "interesting trivia". When you wear hospital gowns... you don't wear underwear. (HAHAHA) So-eun refuses to think about it. But Rim insists he was EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED to wear undies during surgery. He even lifts his legs, saying it's "refreshing".
JoAnne: I'll be clear that if a man I was not interested in was talking to me in this way about his personal anatomy I would be very offended. Unless we were good friends and it was CLEARLY not a come-on.
becca: That was funny, but also cringeworthy. Rim. What are you doing.
kakashi: WTF, Rim! TMI! Why would you want to share this, you doofus?! 
So-eun joke threatens to give him a wedgie. Rim looks genuinely terrified. Haha! Serves you right for saying such crazy stuff to your wife. He "wrestles" her hands away but somehow ends up with his arms around her. Nice. Smoooooth. XD
JoAnne: I will be clear here as well. I would stay there. It's one way to test his claim to be underpants-less. And I am interested.
becca: There was never any doubt about that, unni.
kakashi: hahahaaa. 
But So-eun, in a move worthy of Mermaid-dom, was also using HIS distraction to cop a feel of his... uhm... "refreshed" parts. HAHAHAHA! Rim dodges in time and the studio hosts almost die squee-laugh-cringing at the almost-crotch-grab.
JoAnne: The best defense is a good offense. If she gets in his face, he'll settle down. But oh God, what if it just encourages him? We're going to end up with WGM and Had a Baby.
becca: Oh, is that what happened? I thought she was just feeling his hip for a panty line.
kakashi: Well done, girl, well done!!!!! 
Rim puts his arm around So-eun's shoulders again, asking her not to give him a wedgie. So-eun says something about Rim wanting to "cause trouble". Maybe this is something he said off-cam? That he wanted their marriage to be famous or something? I dunno... anyway, she keeps threatening to "cause trouble". (Me: yes, please cause trouble. Trouble-chuseyo.)
JoAnne: Maybe he wants them to be the couple that changes the playing field, puts some reality in this reality show. He's a 30-year old man. He's not a virgin. She might be, but surely she's had a boyfriend before, right?
kakashi: Noooooo, of course she's a virgin, she's a young actress! They're all pure virgins! Yes! 

Back in his room, Rim excuses himself to change clothes. But So-eun orders him to change right there. In front of her. Ooooooh~ them's some fighting words! Rim says ok. He moves closer and So-eun shrieks and runs to the door. HAHAHAHA guuuuuuurl, don't threaten Rim with skinship. That's like threatening to drown a mermaid!
JoAnne: Sigh. We were SO CLOSE.
kakashi: Now he has to escalate one further, because she's becoming more daring. I tell you, if it continues like this, they'll have to rate it 19+.
Rim says he really just wanted a hug and stands there, arms outstretched. So-eun takes pity and hugs him back, and Rim lifts her and half-spins her around. I squee. The hosts squee. Koko squees. Everyone squees. (I bet the producers are also squeeing. This should be good for ratings, right?)
JoAnne: *joins squeeing*
becca: Cute. *squee squee*
kakashi: I've never understood Korean ratings. Do we know how these two are doing in that regard? 
So-eun says in the interview that it's tiring keeping up with her speed maniac husband. (hehe) She's not sure if that's just how Rim is or if he actually thinks So-eun likes that stuff.
JoAnne: The general theme is 'I'm interested, but I wish he'd back off just a little bit, I'm not used to be pushed this hard.'  Is that what you're sensing too, ladies?
becca: Yes, that's it exactly.
kakashi: The real problem is that she HAS to keep pushing back. She'd look much too easy otherwise. She has an image to protect, too! This can't be easy. I hope her agency doesn't get involved! 

Rim meanwhile admits that when he sees his wifey's pretty face, the feelings just overwhelm him. (Pffft! "Feelings", my foot.) He also thinks that those skinship stuff... someone just has to start it, and the other person will follow.
JoAnne: He's so cute, though. I think he had an immediate, genuine interest in her as a woman, which makes the job of pretending to be her husband a LOT more fun - and I think it makes him kind of giddy. If I were him though, I'd be letting her know that off line, and leaving work for work.
(Uhm, this is your second meeting, Oppa. You're not leading so much as grabbing and dragging her to a surprise skinship party. A party with shaving, "refreshing" walks, and wedgies.)
kakashi: He seems genuinely interested, yes. There's a lot of hormones there. In fact, he strikes me a bit like an adoloscent boy. You know the ones that can't keep away from girls. The ones with a LOT of energy in the sack. 
So-eun drives the patient home and asks him what he likes to eat. (She tucks in a stray hair behind his ears. Oooh~ she initiates skinship too!) Rim doesn't want to burden her and asks for omelette. When So-eun offers jjigae/stew, Rim asks for soy marinated crabs. LMAO. So-eun maneuvers the convo into kimchi jjigae again (which is what she was probably thinking in the first place). They really seem like a long-time hubby and wifey pair huh?
JoAnne: I think the only reason she's ever embarrassed by his behavior is because it's PUBLIC. I think she herself is pretty much fine with him for the most part, and just wishes he'd slow down a tiny bit.
becca: *nodding*
kakashi: good point. And I guess it's hard for her to know how he really is - is this him? Or Rim playing Rim? 
She wants to cook kimchi stew so they can use the leftover kimchi as a side dish. Rim laughs that she's so frugal. She proudly calls herself a Level 9 Housewife and shares how her mom called and scolded her for "getting married" without permission.
JoAnne: They match on money things, I think. An important thing to match on.

They reach the grocery and start shopping. So-eun is easily hooked by bulk sales (like 15 pcs of eggs for cheap). Rim restrains her and points out the store's tactics in getting you to buy things you don't need. Thankfully, they don't argue about the meat. They both want the best one for grilling. And no veggie wraps either!
JoAnne: Meat is good, I'm with them. I wonder what their schedule is - it's not like they actually live in that apartment, so she shouldn't be shopping for a week's groceries! Do they have to use their own money for things?
kakashi: YUM. 
So-eun grabs a huge pack of seaweed next. The studio hosts gasp at the quantity. Rim laughs during the interview that So-eun's weakness is 1+1 (buy one take one?) I laughed too! Then I eyed my 15 packs of dried seaweed and buy-2-take-1 packs of choco-chip cookies and stopped laughing.
JoAnne: I bought bar soap on sale in September, when I was down to my last bar - which was a big fancy hard-milled one, lasts forever, plus sometimes I switch to something liquid.  I've yet to open the stuff I bought, and there are 18 bars or something like that. I have soap until 2019.
becca: And I have at least two years worth of sticky notes left in a pack that I bought three years ago. They're in pastels. I'm sick of them, but I'll use them until they're gone, which will not happen fast enough because people keep giving me MORE. *indistinct growls and cries of frustration*
kakashi: Hahaha, I never bulk-buy. I totally DON'T fall for this old trick. 
Later, the couple spot some shrimps but pass on them because they don't have salt. The ajumma hears them and offers them free salt. Their twin "Oh my god, she said free salt!" faces are priceless. So now they have omelette, grilled meat, kimchi stew, AND shrimp on their lunch menu. Their total bill? 98,000 Won (around $98). Rim is shocked and jokes about paying via 12-month installment but So-eun reminds him that she likes to pay lump sums. kekeke
JoAnne: That's all for ONE meal. Crazy.
becca: These people eat well. I like them. They should throw a house-warming party and invite me and Mary, and we'll laugh and eat yummy food, and I'll call Jo and taunt her as payback for that time she did the same to us in my dream. *cackles* And then I'll tell her to come over anyway because I love her.
kakashi: Can somebody tell me why they couldn't have just bought the salt? *shakes head*
They finally get home and the first thing Rim does is sneak up on So-eun and get reaaaaaaaaaaal close so when she turns around to answer his question, they almost kiss. She tells him off but he just cackles like the naughty kid that he is.
JoAnne: My heart fluttered. That was a good move. He would be a sexy, snuggly, thoughtful, pain-in-the-ass boyfriend. I would like him.
becca: I just about exploded when he did that. We demand a gif so that we can watch it over and over again!!
Still laughing, he enters the bathroom and strips without hesitation. One of the lady hosts tilt her head, trying to see below the camera's view (which only shows his chest and above). Our happy time is slightly interrupted when he finds the water is too cold. He asks wifey to turn on the heater. Then he goes back to showering and brushing his teeth.
JoAnne: He wasn't that big when he was Mo, and that wasn't long ago. What the hell did he do? He is one solid chunk of man.
kakashi: Eat and work out? And Anabolics? 
So-eun starts cooking. The store-bought kimchi is too salty so she adds water. Too much water, it seems. Rim comes out and hits his crotch on the sofa's edge HAHAHA but his wifey is too busy about the bland kimchi stew to notice him wincing in pain. (WIFEY! FOCUS! A precious thing has been hurt!)
JoAnne: They get better houses on WGM-G, I see. This apartment is tiny and furnished like a college dorm common area.
Rim sees the kimchi stew and laughs. He mutters worriedly when So-eun beats a lot of eggs into the omelette. (Rim, stop complaining about wifey's cooking!) He gets back some points by saying he fell a little bit in love watching her work so hard. So-eun wants to do everything since he's sick. His role is to taste things. But Rim is too honest and says it's totally bland. So-eun doesn't want to use MSG, so Rim sneaks a spoon in when she isn't looking. Rim also sneaks in a lot of hugging while he helps her cook and move things around. Hehe.
JoAnne: They're so much fun to watch. I feel like an idiot because really, that's all I want to keep saying. I just grin like an idiot watching them.
becca: Same! It's hard to comment sometimes because you can only say "Sooo cuuuuute!" so many times.
kakashi: What a sly dog he is. 

They start eating. Rim makes fun of the stew again (dude, stop it; your wife will kill you). So-eun hints that she likes her shrimps peeled. Rim tells her that chitosan is good for the body teehee. But he starts peeling for her anyway. He also wants to order chicken wings to show off his meat-picking skills. So-eun asks if eating wings will make him fly away? Rim says no, he will fly to her...
JoAnne:  Awwww...and oh yeah, WHO THE HELL EATS SHRIMP SHELLS?
becca: I like the tails. With lots of butter and salt. *drooling*
kakashi: I always eats the tails! Love them! 
He places the shrimp on her spoon. She says it tastes better because her hubby peeled it. He tells her not to say cliche stuff like that. (WHY??? *sigh* This got me mad in previous episodes because Rim... he doesn't go with So-eun's jokes that much. He's a little bit focused on saying all the funny things instead of reacting to someone else's. That's why I think his cheesiness is not 100% innocent and spur of the moment. *sadface* There, there, koko. You must learn to see the truth and not go blindly chasing after men.)
JoAnne: Alternative theory: he doesn't realize he's making cheesy jokes, and is just saying what comes into his mouth.
becca: Yeah, I don't think it's intentional. Sometimes you get on a roll with a joke and forget to be considerate and let the other person "win." There's a fine balance there.
kakashi: Hm, I think I'm with mary on this. He does know what kind of effect he has. He is not innocent. He is a total player. 
They go on eating but Rim keeps making jokes about her kimchi stew. "So we have similar tastes... except in kimchi jjigae". Or when So-eun tells him that he should compliment her cooking so she'll be inspired to cook for him, he says "That's what I'm trying to avoid". And finally when So-eun notices that he's eating a lot, he says "Of course I love the stew! You can't buy this anywhere else! ...it's not fit for selling!" And he says it even after she threatened him with the selfie stick!
JoAnne: He's ten years old. Sigh. But if she were really hurt, I have the feeling that he'd be the first to go overboard with the contrition and the sorries and the making it up to her, and then sincerely try not to make that same mistake again.
becca: I do think he should drop it, though. It's only funny a couple of times, but then he Keeps. Doing. It. I think she cares more than she lets on and more than he realizes.
kakashi: A boy. He is a boy. 

Rim offers to wash the dishes. You can see So-eun wanting him to do it so he asks her to just prepare the movie from his flash drive. So-eun finally says she will wash and he will look for the movie, in case he's hiding porn in the flash drive. (Rim says OF COURSE he removed stuff like that before bringing the flash disk over haha)
JoAnne: Bootleg dramas. Just like us.

Anyway, Rim hangs around and helps a bit. But mostly he stays close as So-eun does the dishes. So-eun finds it a bit cramped, so Rim raises his voice and tells the PDs that his wife wants a larger house. (haha even the hosts laughed at that)
JoAnne: Seriously. Bathrooms in rooftop apartments that don't even have heat are bigger than this apartment.
kakashi: He'll keep hitting his crotch! Not good! 
They finally watch the movie. It's a 19+ rom-com. So-eun skips the sex scene and Rim complains that she isn't 18 y/o anymore. Haha. He lies behind her in the sofa. She remains sitting on the floor near the laptop and skips some scenes. She lands on another sex scene by accident. Rim tells her to rewind just a little bit to the start of the scene. (HAHAHA YOU PERVERT! Please get a twitter account so you can read our Jeobs.)
JoAnne: He would love us.
becca: He really would.
kakashi: Our goal for next year! 
Anyway, So-eun starts to relax and even laughs that the guy's body is "daebak". Rim seems to take special note of this fact during the interview. (Yes, Rim, your wife loves your body too! Go watch her 1st episode interview! You're totally her type!) Rim does that "aaaang... this bad bad girl" again. OMG this is giving me hope for their honeymoon. I can imagine Rim going "But... this is what normal couples on honeymoon do!" while stripping or something.
JoAnne: Maybe he'll bring couple pajamas...

Back in the house, he puts his hand on her head. She doesn't push it away. She says in the interview that she thought it was a cushion at first and when she realized it was his hand, she didn't know what to do. She IS a bit worried that he's too fast and maybe he likes her a bit too much. Hehe.
JoAnne: Why would he put a cushion on her head, though.
becca: Sorry - too busy squeeing to put together coherent sentences.
kakashi: Scripted! But still cute.
Now it's time for revenge!!! So-eun says she's sleepy and leans her head on Rim's chest (more like abs, but whatever, right?) And now it's Rim's turn to say that he panicked and wondered what to do. Should he touch her head? Lean in? Kiss her forehead? Instead, he froze. HAHAHAHA. He also says now he understands how confused and panicked So-eun feels when he does unexpected sweet-cheesy things.
JoAnne: Plus putting your head on a guy's stomach is a pretty intimate thing to do. It puts you in really close proximity to stuff.
kakashi: This was very sweet though. Hey, but where are the cats?

Rim says that he finds So-eun interesting and the more time he spends with her, the more curious he becomes.
JoAnne: YUP.
becca: Rim squeeing over her is officially my favorite thing about this show. Especially when he does that "aaang" sound - it's like he just wants to eat her up. *goes back to squeeing*

So-eun says they've become more comfortable around each other and are becoming more alike. (Y'mean you're becoming more skinship-y and cheesy! Good good!)
JoAnne: If he doesn't turn her off with the push-push-push, she'll fall for him.
kakashi: Don't push too hard! 


The WGM PD said in an interview that they had to cut some scenes away because they're too touchy-feely. To which we say: BOO! That's like buying a bacon cheeseburger and removing the bacon!!! Skinship-chuseyo! We demand that you release that footage, PD-nim!
becca: *whips out pen* Where's the petition?? I WILL SIGN.
kakashi: Baaaaacon, baaaaaaaaacon.