We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 7)

American breakfast, food truck, jealousy, a mission and a shooting range. That's what we get this week! They seem to be having fun - I was smiling the whole time.
JoAnne: This week was interesting because they really act like they feel comfortable with each other, like they've known each other a long time.  But their conversation points out that they are still 'new' to each other.  It actually makes it seem more plausible, that 'instant attraction'.
Mary: Finally, the mission card makes an appearance! Make it good, MissionCard-nim!
becca: I think this episode killed Nam.

Episode 7

Our CheeseCouple is still at the restaurant. He is so full he announces he will unbutton his pants. Should he unbutton hers too? Then, he asks what she would preferred to be called: So-eun-ah, uri jagi, baby, Khuni omma? And what would she want to call him?
JoAnne: I loved her answer - what would he like to hear?
Mary: I bet you my kokoro "KISS ME, OPPA" is what he wants to hear. What d'ya mean I can't bet my koko? Don't you want koko? It's cute!
becca: Eh....
He doesn't say because he's preoccupied with a tick she has: she winks with one eye. It's true! She does it! Maybe only when she's in flirt-mode? She admits that could be true!
JoAnne: I never noticed it, but she does!
He claims he's naive. And innocent. She's like ... WTF? No! Not evil either, but sly. And she is wily he says, which seems to be a pun in Korean, which I cannot explain. He gets that look in his eyes (it's the cheese-alert look) and he says she looks like a baby when she laughs. The result: she almost chokes.
JoAnne: Well she does look very young and sweet.
They're both bloodtype 0. You don't say. She's says good that he remembers since they have discussed that before. If he hadn't, she'd be out of here! And they'd be over! He's hurt by that. Well, "hurt". It's flirty, but also a bit fakey for me.
JoAnne: I laugh because he says she shouldn't talk about breaking up so easily and she says 'what break up? I just meant out of HERE.' and gestures around the restaurant. She's starting to mess with him. I can't wait!
becca: *rubs hands together* So-eun unni, fighting!
She's done eating and so is he ... until she says she likes men who eat a lot. He continues eating. Don't do it Rim! Think of all the kilos you will have to lose if another Mo-role comes along!
JoAnne: He keeps stuffing his mouth and she keeps praising him and I keep laughing, though. Sillies.
Mary: My stomach hurt watching him. I don't like people who force you to eat just so they won't feel guilty about the leftover food... T____T
becca: That was hilarious! I agree, Mary - forcing someone to eat isn't cool, but he did it to make her laugh, and he stopped again after a couple of bites.
They talk about personalities and she says people says she has a wild one. And scary. Huh? WGM fans said that? He puts his huge hands over her ears and says: "don't listen to those words". Everybody gets curly fingers. (Btw, he thinks she's bold and generous, which he likes. As he does her baby face. And baby smiles. Awww)
JoAnne: They must be comments about this show only, because you never hear anything about her that isn't related to work.
Mary: They're comments about her! I made the same comments the minute WGM previews started popping up! But it was in awe, not a hate-type of comment. Does she read us? She should read us! We're totally on her side. We want Rim tamed and begging and... *cough* I mean, yeah. We want her to conquer Rim.
becca: In any way that she wants to. *winks* I adore her - and I love that she's a little "wild." I live for the moments when she acts mad and they play "Eye of the Tiger."
Next, they're at home. He is cooking breakfast for her: hotel style. Aka American style. Who got the joke where she says that coffee thing is "too bitter" and he goes ... "bitter?" And then kisses his finger/the air two times? Nam goes "pfffffft". The woman goes: "He's going to fall in love".
JoAnne: Went right over my head, for sure. I was too busy focusing on her looking like she just woke up and wondering how early they had to show up that day... or if one of them stayed and only one had to show up.
Mary: Is that, like, the German word? (for what?!) 
becca: I'm worried about Nam. I think Rim is killing him with his cheese.

She helps him wash some veggies and he then tells her to give him salt for the scrambled eggs. Haha, but she can't reach it? Devious laugh from him. Acupuncture point hitting from her - that's what he claims, anyway. Also, he thinks her aeygo is increasing. She says she always had tons, but she didn't release it on him at once or he would have got bored of her too quickly.
JoAnne: I like the stage they're in, where they don't try to pretend they aren't flirting. They're both chasing, they're both catching. It's fun to watch.
becca: He planned the salt bit! So sneaky! I'm a sucker for that move, though. Every drama should have a moment where the hero must get behind the heroine and reach the high shelf for her. *swooning*
They have funny cups, those two ... one with red lips, one with a moustache. (So cute! I want!) He touches them together: a kiss. They feed each other. The hosts go "What the ...". hahahaaaa.
JoAnne: I didn't get that. They feed each other all the time. Koreans put food in other people's mouths on a near-constant basis. What was special about this?
Mary: It was by hand? Or maybe just the natural way they do it like it's no biggie. (Take note this is just their 3rd meeting.)
She thanks him for the food cart he organized for her new drama. It's super cheesy and super cute. So-eun takes a video of crew members and "Woo-jin"! Everybody likes it and So-eun is really touched. It is a nice gesture and I would definitely also brag about such a husband. Initially, he wanted to make a different banner: "The churro fried in my heart at 160C of love". Hahahahaaa.
JoAnne: I would have LOVED that banner, so ridiculous! We've seen these food truck gifts before, though - didn't this one seem to have more elaborateness to it? Lots of little touches and decorations of her. Usually it's just a truck with a sign.
Mary: "The bidet sent from my kokoro" --- I bet Rim would love that.
becca: Lee Sang-yoon! Jo Jae-yoon! I got so excited seeing the gang from Liar Game. *intense fangirling*

Oh, but then! he has read that she likes Lee Sang-yoon better than Song Jae-rim. Hm, yes ... he is pretty hot, isn't he? *enthusiastic nodding* Rim says it certainly was just the reporter who put it that way ... but why did she put a heart onto the twitter posts with Sang-yoon? Yes! Explain yourself! He admits to being "a little" jealous. And she says she deliberately put a purple heart so he wouldn't notice. ahahaha.
JoAnne: I laughed when she said 'it's my job, I have to do it.' but then later admitted she worried about how he'd feel, and settled on the purple heart.
Mary: I laughed when she explains that a purple heart is different from a pink or red one.
They get a mission card! They're to do a hobby together. Fishing? Shooting range? She suggests clay shooting, but he doesn't know what that is.
JoAnne: Did he live under a rock? Yesterday I saw a YT video where some woman claimed she didn't know how to pick bananas. To both of these, I say simply, 'What the fuck?'
Mary: Bananas are tricky little buggers! They look so yellow and bright today... then when you get home from work they're so bruised and no longer edible. Those fookers.
becca: There's only a small window of time when they're actually good. Evil. Bananas are an evil fruit.
She puts lipstick on (whatever for) and asks if she looks livelier. Ah, her lips! He goes. Kisses the air and goes ... "Chu, Baby, Chu" (Nam's probably at the hospital, that's why he's so quiet). He says he wants her to get used to that sound.
becca: I told you Nam is dying! Mary, you handle the bidet situation, and I'll find a way to send a care package to Nam.
Now he wants to put the lipsick on - since she shaved him last time. Oh. It's ... quite erotic. Is he going to kiss her? Almost! Awwww ... he doesn't dare?
JoAnne: I felt tension. Did you feel tension? There was definitely tension. (koko votes yes) (tension so thick you could cut it with a knife!)
Mary: He tried to fake kiss her to see how she'd react? Hahaha~ It's like when I cut my own hair a little bit and do *snip snip* with scissors above my sister's head and watch her go bonkers thinking I cut her hair. HAHAHAHA. Rim, come to me. We shall be friends!
becca: I think he wanted to kiss her, then chickened out. Also, him putting her lipstick on was so sexy. I'm dead.
They're going to the shooting range next and discuss their honeymoon. He wants to go to Japan, she to Turkey. That makes him uncomfortable because he doesn't speak any English (better practise your Korean, Mary). She says he just needs to basics, which he absolutely has. I.e.: "I want you, baby". Or "I got it, I catch you". "You're mine".
JoAnne: That one took me a while... then I figured okay, he doesn't speak Turkish, they probably don't speak Korean, but each probably has a little English. By the way, I love his English.
Mary: We were talking about this on twitter! I bet Rim got his English from a "Naughty English" or "Making Out In English" phrasebook.
becca: If he doesn't have one already, we should send one to him.
Mary: BTW, I watched a BTS of him in Surplus Princess. That first day on the cooking show. He was pointing to the tarpaulin and saying "Vacation? What vacation?" while the stylists were working on him. But the poster... it says occasion... aigoo~ Rim. Don't worry, if you choose me, there'd be no talking involved.

He's talking about that photoshoot again that others got. He's totally obsessed with that, right? He also brought a gigantic backpack - full of presents for her. Awww. Including bug-killer. And vitamins, which they take - and then, he shows her his Adam's apple as he drinks water.
JoAnne: Okay that was hilarious. But he does have a nice neck. And he just wants to show off for her, it's so obvious and so cute.
Mary: He was calling her Ga-eul-sshi. It's her character in Boys Over Flowers! 가을 means autumn. Aww... he totally online-stalked her after that first meeting! Although yes, it's still weird for an actor of his generation to not be familiar with BOF. T___T
becca: Ohhhh, that's what that was about! It made no sense to me.
And now, it's time for his wish! (he got one because he drank up for her at the restaurant at the beginning of the episode). He wants her to "jump in close towards" him. Uhm ... what? No, onceproperly, she says. I still don't get it. Later, at a toll station, he guesses right why she has never seen this before (Because she's always asleep) and she wonders why he knows her that well. "Why wouldn't I know you", he asks and leans in to ... but no. She covers her head and lips and warns him against the fans. Uhm .... which ones?! We like this!
JoAnne: Right but we're not crazy. The jumping in thing is that she has to initiate skinship with him, or possibly accept some skinship from him without leaning away or protesting.
Mary: No no no no. She was warning him about the people in the studio! She says they'd go crazy. And she's right! Hahaha. I bet she watches their reactions from past episodes!
They're at the shooting range, but it's not clay. They draw hearts on the target sheets. So what's their bet? However many points the other makes, s/he gets to hit the other on the forehead that many times.With the lips! Well, the lips on fingertips and then on the forehead.
JoAnne: Does he not realize that this will make her MORE determined to win, so that he can't do that to her? Also sorry, but I've NEVER been to a range where they want you to draw on the targets first. Is that new, or was that just them being silly?
Mary: It's win-win for him. If he loses, So-eun gets to fake kiss him. If he wins, he gets to fake kiss So-eun. :D And I LOLed when the other host totally predicted what Rim will say. They know his style now!
becca: So-eun and I would get along, I think. She likes shooting, I like shooting. She's sassy, I'm sassy. It's perfect!
They shoot and she's loving it - she's cool, that one! She gets 70 points. He gets 69. Ahahaha. When he gets close to her afterwards she says: That it, your wish is over! That the one time "I jumped in close". That's mean. He really seems disappointed.
JoAnne: I want him to just back her up against a wall and go for it. She wants that too, she just needs plausible deniability.
Mary: Gawd I almost wish there are no cameras around so they can just date and have fun sekshi times. But then, my koko will be sad if she doesn't see Rim's show. What to do? T_____T
becca: This is a dilemma. Do we want it to be fake and we can see it, or do we want it to be real even though we CAN'T see it?
Mary: WAIT. Are we not gonna discuss Rim's arms? And how even if it's his first time, he can handle the kick from the gun(?) Forget kicks and guns. Rim's biceps: DISCUSS.
becca: What can we say about Rim's biceps? They are glorious gifts from God. We stare in awe and send up prayers of gratitude.
So they're doing another round! And the winner will get a wish. Dundundun
becca: Rooting for So-eun. Go, unni, go!


I liked this episode a lot! A lot more than the previous one, in fact. There was more punch to it, more fun. There needs to be some tension, otherwise the format gets boring quickly for me. Rim doesn't manage to surprise her that often anymore, but the new interesting part is how she starts playing him. She's a smart one. I like her!
JoAnne: I like her too, and I am enjoying watching her put him a little off-guard. They're actually very well matched in this regard.
Mary: I like this flirting game! Because whoever wins between these two, we're still guaranteed to win.
becca: And Nam is guaranteed to cringe. Everyone's happy!