We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 9)

This is the "Meet some Friends" episode and I really like it because Rim gets quite jealous. Both of them also embarrass some Baby Boys, which made me laugh quite a bit.
JoAnne: I have been looking forward to this, I saw a glimpse of the Prettiest Puppy.
Mary: MY BIDET HOPES!!! Demolished. Destroyed. Crushed like a newlywed's gourd... T_______T koko, think of another fun gift for Rim. Quick!
becca: Gift of koko.... O_o Am I gonna have to lock myself in the supply cabinet again?

Episode 9

Eeeeeeeh, they're eating raw mussels and stuff (I shudder: I have bad memories of that. It happened in Paris... ) They're feeding each other, teasing, as always. He says he has learned her phone number by heart and does some word game. She says he's weird sometimes ... scratch that. He is always weird. But she is starting to do word games as well (jam - fun, both 잼/재미), prompting the hosts to comment that they're becoming similar.
I loathe mussels, but will eat raw oysters. Other shellfish (steamers, cherry stones, little necks, etc) I prefer steamed. But then quoahogs must be diced and breaded. You know, they don't spend THAT much time together, so I do find it interesting how they are really feeding off each other's little personality quirks.  Whether it's actually interest that is developing, we might not know... but they definitely click.
Mary: I have not tried eating raw seafood. Maybe I will when I get to Seoul? Someday.
So-eun calls her mother to confirm they don't have jam at the house. And she puts Rim on. Ahaha. He stutters. Nam dies laughing. Rim asks whether they seriously don't have jam at the house. Yes, says her mother, they have some. So-eun protests! Her mother should be on her side. Alright, says her mother, they don't have any. Rim confesses that his brain stopped working when she put her mother on. Awww.
So confused. They don't have fun, or they don't have jam?
No fun without jam, of course!
He says she can step up the joking with him, if she wants. Like at the hospital (the touchy-touchy incident). Hahaha, she says that's a misunderstanding. She never touched him. Right? "I don't know", he says mischievously.
That's right, Rim. Egg her on. Ruin the girl completely. She will turn the tables on you in the end!  He may be pushing the envelope but I honestly think that she is the boss in that relationship.
Mary: Of course So-eun is the boss. Rim might sneak in some skinship, but he is PUTTY when So-eun wants something. Except compliments about her kimchi jigae. That's the only thing Rim doesn't compromise on. Heehee
becca: So-eun unni, fighting!!

He also tells her he is good at taking things off. He is currently peeling shrimps one should add. He feeds her and she bites him a little. All they do is joke around when they meet, he says. Everybody (including Nam) agrees. At the end of the dinner he holds up his thumb - and the thumb bump. Thumb kiss?
Mary: But that mischievous look after "good at taking things off"... you know he totally means other things. Though So-eun and the hosts Nam and Misun refuse to take the bait. Haha poor Rim.
Is it just me, or do you all FEEL the happiness from them?  They have such a good time together.  I wonder if they think of this as the best jobs they've ever had.
becca: Getting paid to hang out and play house with a fun, incredibly attractive person? Yeah, they seem pretty pleased with it. :)
Different scene, different day. Rim calls his wife: he's outside their place! He tells her he needs her help, since he has so much luggage. He brought the wedding gifts! He wants to see aegyo before he carries them upstairs. Is that all you've got, So-eun?
I love that he's a shopper.
Mary: Oh. I thought he came from a fanmeet in China.... but Rim is looking great. :))))
becca: They. Are. So. Cute. 앙~!

Mary: Rim comments that So-eun is confusing, sometimes he thinks she likes him back, only to get his hopes crushed. He called it a "green light". It's a term from this cool show on jtbc where the hosts take calls/letters from viewers describing a situation. (ie) "A cute coworker always brings me lunch and kakaotalks me, do you think he's interested in me?" Then the hosts press a red/green light to vote. Haha. I think we're all hitting green light here for So-eun and Rim. It's hard to tell which is true and which is acting with this couple...
becca: *furiously hitting green light*

Once there, they need to break a gourd. They do a round of rock, paper, scissors (she wins) and then, she attempts to break the thing on his head. Only, it doesn't break. That must have hurt! But it's a good sign, yes?
That his head is made of stone? Or that the gourd is not rotten?
Mary: Of course it's good news that his head is hard. Because you can't help but wonder, is Rim also hard anywhere else? *runs away*
becca: *ignoring the dirty unni* Did anyone else notice that the first time it didn't break, she was the first one to go in for a hug? I'm so ridiculously happy about that! *happy dance*
She bought him a bidet!! And he looks so good in all black ... His bidet mania has finally paid off! Sorry, Mary, So-eun was faster ... He is soooo happy. And immediately uses it. (HAHAHA he strips in front of the bathroom cams and the show censors it using that kakaotalk butt sticker! Man, they should've used apples.) While he's at it, she quickly puts something else in another room. Another present? Oh! it's a huge Pepero Day gift basket. He is speechless after that. Why did she do that, he muses after he can speak again. Does she want to ... kiss? Play the ppe-ppe/ppo-ppo game?
How could he have missed the opportunity to give one to HER?
Mary: His pervert-mode is not on 100%, I see....
They're unpacking the box - cheese alert! And she is matching his cheese! The jokes are about untying knots, being hung up on each other, etc. The box contains pretty pouches (Jang Bori made them!!!) and their fate reading. 80% compatibility! Wow! Intimacy: 90%! Affection level: 80%! They'll last 50 years. "Love me", he says. Ehehehee.
But honestly how does she NOT fall for him?
Mary: Does she not?
becca: Not falling is an impossibility at this point, I think. I'm actually kinda worried about her. *bites nails*
Oups, the letter also says that it's possible that one of them will cheat on the other. But the cheater will return. They'll just give their body, not their heart. Let's burn it, he declares.
I think he'd be hurt worse by her than her by him. What say ye?
Mary: I think it'd be opposite. T_____T Rim seems to have fallen quickly. Whereas So-eun is fighting it. So if/when she falls, it's going to be harder on her. Don't you think?
becca: Stop making me worry!! They'd both be hurt!! ㅠㅠ
There are also many health-things in there that he bought and So-eun is quite touched by this. She tells us that he knows much more about her than her parents - because he is also an actor, he knows how tough it gets.
They are so good together, honestly. This was a genius pairing.
becca: Sometimes I think it's TOO good.
Mary: I saw something in that box that's very similar to my secret gift for So-eun. I'm so sad right now. Like, all my nice ideas, they already gave each other. I feel so lonely.... I'm left with nothing now. T__________T
becca: I can't believe I'm saying this, but... you'll always have koko.

More: Chinese dolls that look like them and an umbrella. A one person umbrella. To hide behind (it's her that says that!) - and make kissing noises. Ah, you babies. He also gives her a 50 year calendar with his face, for her to remember him.
Mary: OMG, Rim! I was obsessed with those 50-year-calendar keychains too!!! When I first found them in our university's souvenir shop, I kept giving them to friends. It's an awesome thing. And it's funny that Rim seems to be a bit of a shopaholic when it comes to these stuff. He also is obsessed with food supplements. Chitosan. Silymarin. Protein shakes...
And then, they go under a blanket to look at something that glows. She just goes with all of his bullshit by now. Well done, girl.
What exactly is glowing, and how did he get it to glow, exactly?
HAHAHAHAHA he should've saved it for their honeymoon. On Christmas.
becca: *soaking in their cuteness*
Mary: The soompiers are going crazy about how he thoughtfully draped the blanket on her legs though. Because it's cold? Because... modesty? All of the above?
becca: Yes!

He also brought baby pictures. And his graduation picture. She admires his dork and his beauty - and isn't interested in his friends (smart girl). More word puns. She's catching on! "You've been infected", he says. She is corrupted, I'd say, but we like it. 
BABY RIMS. BABY SO-EUNS. NOW. *tries to reach into screen and nudge them closer*
(PS I kept waiting for the "ham" food. But when I googled what a "ham" is, it's not food, but a wedding tradition.)

They're starting to invite people to their wedding:
First on his list: Kim Min-kyo (SNL, Surplus Princess). He feels sorry for Rim's wife.
Second: Park Gyuri! Oh, WTFParis! Don't invite Alex though!!!
Mary: I squealed so much to hear Gyuri's voice. I ship them. Basically, I ship everyone with Rim.
(PS Speaking of Alex, trotwood sent us a link to his new drama, Love Frequency, also on MBC Queen. LOL.) (Mary, are you going to watch?)

Is So-eun a bit jealous? YES! Now it's her turn.
First: Jo Jae-yoon. Awwwww, Gangster Ahjussi. *heartbeams*
Her (again): Kang Ha-neul from Girl Ghost Story Movie! *violent heartbeams*
Him: F(x)'s Victoria from Zhang Li Yin's MVs where they both star with EXO's Tao!
Her: Seo Kang-joon (Luscious from Cunning Single Lady) (they were the OTP in a web drama, After School Bokbulbok). "Bring 50 dollars", says Rim. If he goes in person, he'll get a 10 dollar discount. (Why is she not inviting Pervy Mermaid?!)
There must be more, maybe she'll be there anyway. And we need Big, and Second, and Kim Seul Gi and EVERYONE.
Mary: I feel bad for the 5urprise guys... they're still new and don't have a lot of money. I just feel embarrassed every time Rim makes a money joke in front of them. But he doesn't know their story like we saw in Roommate Season 1. So I guess this is Rim just being a socially awkward doofus again.
becca: I don't think they took it seriously, though, and I don't think he meant it seriously. *pat pat* Your Oppa isn't trying to be an ass.
How does So-eun know Luscious?
Luscious and his group were in a show with Kim So Eun - After School Bokbulbok. It's strange. Kids in highschool, they have a club, they ask her to join for some reason, then they do mission cards that send them on adventures. I haven't seen all the episodes. It's kind of Japanese-y, that sort of oddness.
Luscious calls Rim Brother-in-Law and demands a meal from him. Now. And it'll better be beef. Ahahaha. Okay, says Rim, but bring 40 Dollars. As a wedding gift pre-payment.

It's "Meet the Friends" next! It's Seo Kang-joon, Yoo-il (from 5urprise as well), and Kang Tae-oh. Also from that band. Oh, they are pretty. They all want to call Rim Brother-in-Law. Rim demands his 50 Dollars, but the boys haven't brought it. They will at the wedding though. So ... Kang-joon's first kiss was with So-eun? Rim doesn't like to hear that. At all. Of course.
Well I bet they didn't really kiss, but I do wonder if he's a good kisser. Still wondering why he was SO DUMB on Roommates.
The boys demand beef once again, which is fine with Rim, as long as it doesn't cost more than 140Dollars. So better eat the cheap parts. They talk about the wedding and Rim says there might be no groom. Because of that "special request". The Rim Showcase. Rim tries to squeeze her cheek and those little boys seem genuinely shocked. Nice. Ahahaha, he also feeds her.
They're shocked that he touches her face? Oh, boys... you haven't been watching, have you?
Mary: The Rim Showcase??? MMMHMMM I'D WATCH THAT.
becca: It occurred to me that it would be kind of awkward to hang out with these two. The guy near the window seems to be enjoying it, though.
Kang-joon asks whether they think of each other when they have different schedules. Of course! Rim bought his many gifts on his business trip in China. Ahahahaaaaaaa, they bring out the cheese so thick it's Fondue again and are totally loving it. It makes the Boys really and truly awkward.
I did think about that, that he must have bought some of those gifts in China. He really throws himself into things.
Mary: Oppa, throw yourself into me. Throw-chuseyo.
But then, Kang-joon also feeds his noona! Rim says he'll let this go once. Oh, but in fact ... it makes him very angry, as he confesses. What's this youngster pushing on his territory? (I'd says TV made him do it, Rim :D)
I wonder if he really did feel a bit pissy about it, though. Jealousy can sneak up on you.
becca: He did look really jealous as it was happening. Heheh.
So how is being married? So-eun says she always wanted a husband that is like a wife, and Rim is just that. Ahahaha. And a man who restores her energy. Awwwww. For him, there is not much difference to before. He was raising two cats, and now, there's a third kitty. "You're my devious cat", he adds.
*melts* They're SO freaking cute.
Mary: If I were So-eun, I'd hit him. Kinda funny how Rim was obviously acting out during the lunch. Feeling threatened, Rimmie?
becca: I think he is!
When she asks whom they would want to do WGM with, Kang-joon says with her. "This is not We got Remarried!", says Rim. She says fine, let's do it. Mean. Rim confesses to being very angry again at Kang-joon for saying that.
Not very polite, Pretty Puppy!  I wonder what he'd be like? He so was not good on Roommates. But that might not have been his fault. Now, his group-mate, Lee Tae Hwan - him I'd like to see.  He's currently the Big Puppy on Choi and Prejudice. (Oh, he is a love! And he's actually younger than me! I'm a pervy noona!!)
Mary: I like the guy near the window! You can see him trying to keep up a neutral but fun, chatty atmosphere. ^___^ His name is Yoo-il. Yoo-il, may the drama gods bless you for being a suave entertainer!
becca: Yes, what Mary said! I like this guy, though I have never seen him before.
At the table, Rim says he is shy. Nobody believes him (I do!). That's why he hasn't dated for 4 years. He didn't date for 4 years and went right into marriage with her. She is an award from god. If he had held back 8 years, he says with a mean smirk, he would have got someone prettier. >.<
Oh, Rim. I can see a case for him being shy. He always puts on a show. That's very often a way to hide.
Mary: Yep. The dorkiness seems like a weapon. It's like, you're preemptively being corny so it doesn't hurt if they think you're corny. Because if you act normal and serious and they still find you corny, that'd hurt. *sadface*
becca: It's easier to choose to be the weirdo than to have other people label you as one and reject you. :(

She says she has bitter feelings now, which is the same word as muscle stiffness, so Rim demands to know where and wants to look.
Sigh. He never gives up, the horndog.
becca: She said it was in her finger, and he kissed it. *squee*
The boys ask her with whom she would re-marry to go to WGM, and she says with the best singer there is. But for now, Rim is the only one for her. AWwwwww. He was dreading her answer for a sec, it seemed. Him? He wants to marry the best actress there is at the time - and he hopes it's So-eun. Awwwwwww. 
I wonder who she thinks is the best singer there is. Park Hyo Shin! Yes! Who knows.
Mary: I bet his name starts with Nich and ends with Khun.


He can't fluster her anymore. Soon, she'll be the boss. Rim, I think you've lost all authority. 
Oh, she is already the boss. She just needs to realize it.
Mary: LOL. What authority???
becca: She has him wrapped around her little finger, and he is loving every single minute of it. So am I.