We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 12)

It's the wedding! The fun part! And we finally get our wish to see RimKim + our favorite host together in one room!
becca: I want them to adopt Nam, so that he will always be with them.
JoAnne: We won't get any torrid make out sessions for sure, then. At least right now I have hope. It's a foolish hope, but it's mine and I cherish it.
kakashi: I have already adopted Nam. He lives in my pocket and from time to time, I take him out and pat his hair. And stuff. 


They march down the short aisle. Rim walks slowly. To match his wife's pace or to prolong the moment? Who knows?
becca: It seemed like a normal pace to me. How many people hustle down the aisle, after all?
JoAnne: I have actually seen people do the hustle, though. But no, there is that special wedding step and it's not fast.
kakashi: I'm so glad I didn't care about one single convention at my own wedding. 
So-eun says in the interview that it feels different from a drama wedding. Of course it does, girl! This may be a show, but you're still not following a fixed script. No one's telling you to act happy, nervous, or sad. Ergo, more of your real feelings are mixed up in it.
JoAnne: Plus, it's RIM next to you. What would it feel like, to not know if you would wake up to CheeseMaster Supreme or Mo Il Wa ever morning?
kakashi: Weird show is weird. 

Rim says the best part of the wedding is her pretty white dress. Because it matches his white/blank mind. LOL
becca: Hahaha! I missed that part!
JoAnne: He's adorable. ADORABLE. Just SO besotted with her.
kakashi: I'm cringing like Nam. He is 10 times too much, this Rim. 
The MC asks them to look each other in the eye for 3 seconds. Rim grabs So-eun and leans in quickly, making Nam exclaim "LOOK! MC SAID LOOK! NOT KISS!" Hahaha! Sometimes I wonder if Nam has fallen in love with So-eun after watching her suffer and conquer the difficulties of having a cheesy husband.
becca: Much as I love him, poor guy wouldn't stand a chance. But it's okay because he has ME! I fell in love during this episode.
JoAnne: I missed his debut last year or whenever it was, so my intro to Nam was his comeback this year, which was catchy and cute, much like himself. But it's his hosting of WGM that has endeared him to me. That sour face he makes. It's too much!
kakashi: You guys should tweet this stuff at him. He should know he has fans. I mean ... fans like us. 
So-eun braces herself for this fun (for us) and awkward (for them) activity. They stare at each other. Then she immediately cries "THREE SECONDS ARE UP" after.
kakashi: She did feel a bit uncomfortable, right? It is absolutely uncomfortable if you get stared at by someone like that!! 
Next step: reading the wedding vows! So-eun vows to understand her sly and naughty hubby, and promises not to hit him more than thrice a day. (But if they only meet every two weeks, are the hits cumulative? Like, 3x a day = 42 hits every 2 weeks? Oooh, that's sneaky!) Rim's vow is short: "I will be an obedient hubby". Ha! So much for being the "cool namja", eh, Rim?
becca: We knew he wouldn't be able to do it.
kakashi: Scripted. Literally. Hahaha, but who cares.
MC Kim Min-kyo asks if Rim vows to keep his promise, even while So-eun is looking for something to hit him with? Rim puts his hand on his heart, looks at So-eun, and says: "Yes, my Queen". In Engrish. He says it like it's a movie line. I bet that's how Rim studies English. Just watching random movies and acting out the lines.
JoAnne: He speaks English like he's getting over laryngitis. I approve.
kakashi: He can play a gangster next, yes!
Anyway, his delivery kills Eric Nam (It killed me too). Even Yoo-il, that nice 5urprise member who needs a project stat (I agree!), is also shown laughing his ass off at the proceedings. Meanwhile, the MC asks for understanding from the audience for this out-of-this-world wedding.
JoAnne: Like anyone in the Korean speaking world wouldn't know what to expect.
So-eun is asked if she can be understanding even if Rim pulls out his cheesiness at random situations. She says "I'll see how my husband does". Eh. Boooooooooo~ I never did like that line whenever I hear it in variety shows.

JoAnne: Sorry but the best part of THIS wedding will be the honeymoon.
MC announces that they have a special guest from the WGM Family.....ERIC NAM!!! HAHAHAHA He went. He actually went there. OMG this is killing me.
becca: *jumping up and down* Finally! The moment we've waited TWELVE episodes for!!
JoAnne: Ya'll forgot to tell ME then. When I said I wanted Nam to be on WGM, I meant as a husband.
kakashi: He should totally have a meet&greet with the bride and groom every week! It means double-Nam, too: Once on screen and once in the little box. He could comment on himself! 
Rim says something about "I'm glad your arms and legs are intact". Does that mean he can finally see his whole body (not just the NamCam?) or because his fingers and toes have curled up so much from the Cheese that they're in danger of falling off?
becca: I'm going with the second option.
JoAnne: Me too!
kakashi: Haha, yes, I'm pretty sure that's what he meant. 

Anyway, Nam sings Treasure by Bruno Mars (how do you know these things?!). It's cute. He's cute. But uhm... it was out of nowhere. LOL. I giggled when the bride and groom danced and clapped a bit. Then Nam just goes "thank you, be happy" after and leaves as quick as he came.
becca: I DIED. Damn, that boy can sing. I also got mad because they showed us clips from earlier episodes while he was singing, so I couldn't watch him or focus on his voice, thanks to Rim's cheesy dialogue. Shut up, Rim!!
JoAnne: *shakes head* When talking to a hot namja like our Rimmie, 'shut up' should always be followed by 'and kiss me.' *remembers Mary's existence, hides.*
kakashi: I thought Nam promoted a song of his. And it wasn't even his song?! That's just weird. 
Next up! Rim's "performance", as requested by So-eun. You know that "favorite part" thing? I lied. This is my favorite part.
becca: Ohhh, you're right. I got excited. Sorry, Nam! You are a verrrrry close second! I still love you!!
JoAnne: I should have known, really. I should have. But I didn't.
kakashi: Absolutely fooking fabulous!!! 

We get a flashback of the bet. Then an interview clip of Rim saying this was the most mind-blowing thing of 2014 for him. And he never got this nervous in his years of acting. (Really? It must top being butt-grabbed on camera then... *giggles*) He takes out a piece of paper and reads a poem. Aww..... it's about an angel who fell. He wonders if she fell from heaven and into hell? (We get a split screen of Nam sitting at a table, trying to keep a straight face. And MC Kim trying not to cut off the cheesy display.)
becca: He wrote it himself. That is so awkward and adorable.
JoAnne: Rimmie, a tip for ya. It would have been enough to say she fell to earth. Don't equate being with you to Hell, man.
kakashi: I ... didn't get this. Rim's poetry doesn't work on me. There was a brief instance of "Fremdschämen" too. Nam goes "booah" at one stage, probably blown away to witness the cheese live.
Rim says a line which I liked a lot: "A second felt like a minute, a minute felt like a year... that's when I realized. The place I fell into... was love." (MC Kim: guests, are you wearing your seatbelts?) LOL
becca: And right here is where I decided to throw reason to wind and ship these two wholeheartedly. Please get married for real, you two.
kakashi: Sweet bejeeeezus, I would go insane with this man. 
Then he ends with "24 hours is not enough when I'm with you". Which has the studio hosts and wedding guests howling. I guess they can totally see where this is heading? Well, I DIDN'T. But now I know there is such a song as 24 Hours by Sunmi. And now I must thank the Kpop Gods every day for helping Sunmi make such a song so I can watch Rim dance to it.
becca: I laughed so hard, my smile muscles still hurt!
JoAnne: I don't generally care for girl-KPop so I didn't know this song. But it was immediately apparent when he first took a pose that he was copying someone, and I figured it would be good.
kakashi: For him to choose a girl-song! Genius! Absolutely genius!! 
There's no use describing the butt wiggles in words. You must see Rim in action. I just sat there laughing my ass off and repeating, I love you, I love you Rim. I love how you refuse to half-ass things. Be it a creepy assassin, a nailist-with-a-heart-of-gold, or a guy doing a sexy dance on his wedding that's gonna be broadcast to the whole world.
becca: I was going to say the same thing! I'm so proud of him for not half-assing it. He worked hard, and he did well. I applaud you, Rim! *dissolves into giggle fit all over again*
JoAnne: I... this... the wiggle... man, he really worked hard.
kakashi: Even if this wasn't his idea, he has a great sense of humor. That's very important in a man, mary. 

After the dance, we cut to shots of him practicing, and he pretty much says the same thing. He didn't want to "not do well". There's clip after clip after clip of him dancing with a trainer and collapsing in exhaustion. He says he was stiff at first. Heehee~ didn't he say the same thing during Age of Feeling?
kakashi: Yes, he did! 
becca: Work that booty, RimRim!
JoAnne: Girl, look at the body. He works out!

Anyway, back to the wedding, he gets a hug from So-eun. She says in the interview that she was touched at hubby's dedication... and that he can stop dancing now. LOL.
becca: Heehee. I kind of hope he doesn't, though. That was gold, I tell you.
JoAnne: It might seem counter intuitive but it would totally work as a seduction technique.
kakashi: That ... I'm not so sure of. 
Then it's time for another march to 'end' the ceremonies. It's cut with interviews of them saying how having an actual ceremony made things feel more real. And how they felt the weight of extra responsibility now as a couple.
kakashi: That whole ceremony was quick!! 
Now it's time for pictures. Then the bouquet throw! Oooooooh~ it's caught by Joo Da Young. The girl who played young Gaya in Age of Feeling. (Ooooh~ why is she in the wedding???)
becca: I thought she was familiar, but I couldn't place her.
JoAnne: Maybe he made friends with her?
kakashi: Same agency? 
The photographer calls for a kiss. ^___^ Rim kisses So-eun's head sweetly (and I melt. And I as well. Awwwwwwwww) Then Kim Min-kyo catcalls for Rim to "do it Song Jae-rim style!!!" So he holds So-eun's face and leans in and goes for it! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH~ We see it from another angle. It's a fake out. (BOO!) So-eun hits him. We gnash our teeth. And the wedding (ceremony) ends.
becca: Oh, Rim. Why. WHY. I squeed so hard only to come crashing to the ground. ㅠㅠ I'm pretty sure So-eun was disappointed, too.
JoAnne: I assumed she hit him because he tried to make it really happen. I'm glad though. If they're going to kiss I would like it to be spontaneous and genuine. I know, it won't happen.
kakashi: Seriously. Like they're going to really kiss on that show! No! They're not in roles! They're playing themselves! There will be no kisses and no skinship beyond chaste hugs. Unless they do another photoshoot that is. 


Yey~ Nam is at the reception together with 5urprise and Min-kyo and the lady guests. (The subs didn't introduce them! When they were sitting at the table, the editor put their names over their heads.) So-eun compliments Nam's singing (*shooting heartbeams at Nam*), and Nam compliments Rim's dancing. One of the lady guests says So-eun kept giving the thumbs up to Rim's butt-wiggle. He says So-eun learned to love butts after she married him.
becca: Who wouldn't give a thumbs up to that delicious apple butt?
JoAnne: That nice round tushy all warm and snuggly in those horrible shorts. Delightful.
kakashi: Hmmmmm, yes. Warm apple buns. 
Kang-joon asks his noona how it feels to be married "for real" since she's married in dramas before. Rim explodes in anger at "these kind of people" who keep bringing up So-eun's past. Hurhur.
JoAnne: Please drama gods, put them together in something. Please.
kakashi: Kang-joon, buzz off. 

Min-kyo asks what Rim likes about So-eun. He says aside from being really pretty, she matches him well. Nam asks the same thing of So-eun. To which she replies that her hubby tries hard in everything. *giggle giggle* He complains that she isn't trying hard to accept his efforts (referring to the kiss). So she signs at the staff to halt, she wants to redo the kiss! LOL Rim fake kisses her again and sits back with a goofy, satisfied grin after.
becca: These dorks. So cute.
JoAnne: I'm really glad that she sees through the jokes to the probably pretty thoughtful and serious person inside, though.
One of the lady guests asks how many children they plan to have. Rim answers... 200 million? (YOU DORK. CAN YOUR BACK HANDLE IT??? You wanna get hit again?) Before we start counting months and delivery times, a new guest shows up dragging something behind him. It's Hwang Jaesung! (I don't know him. Haha. Me neither, but he's funny!) He claims to be the official WGM host for events like this. I'll take his word for it!
JoAnne: The thought of Rim eager to make the babies. I need a moment.
kakashi: Mary calculated today that he would have to impregnate 6 girls a day until the age of 70 to reach that goal. 
He uncovers the "thing" he's been dragging, which is a special equipment from NASA. It's a roulette with four panels having 1, 2, 3, and 4 hearts each. Our couple is going to play games to win something yellow in an envelope. So-eun sits up and asks if it's money. Rim apologizes for his wifey who just came from a drama with a money-centric mindset. hehehe
JoAnne: Says the man who is always talking about money.
kakashi: She was embarrassed by that. Cause she really thought it was money, haha. 
Anyway, for this event, the actual prize is FLIGHT TICKETS!!! All they have to do is win the games with the guests as judges and earn heart stickers which So-eun will stick on Rim. He says she already stuck lots of hearts on him. Jaesung tells Rim to sit still for a while because he isn't prepared for Rim's one-liners yet. (He watches the show and knows Rim's cheesetastic abilities. LOL)
becca: HAHAHA!! I love watching Jaesung handle Rim! He knows how to undercut all his jokes so that the cheese doesn't get out of control.
JoAnne: It could have been cheesasterous, but instead it was cheestastic.
kakashi: Loved the interaction! 
Rim spins the wheel for the first game, ending in the 2-hearts panel. Jaesung nudges it to end on the 1-heart game. LOL. The game? Marital compatibility! To be judged by a noraebang duet.
becca: Oh dear.
JoAnne: Do either of them sing? Rim appears to be musical... NOT. Remember his singing in pervious episodes?! NOOOOOOoope.
So-eun starts singing. Rim joins in for his line. Nam is standing beside them trying to groooove, but the singing? It's terrible. They start a new song. Still terrible. Eventually, Nam and Jaesung give up and make the couple sit back down. The guests' verdict? FAIL. (Rim tries to give themselves a single pass vote. Ha!)
becca: Nam-cam Nam covered his ears. LOL.
JoAnne: No. Make it stop make it stop make it STOP I'll behave
It's So-eun's turn to spin the wheel. She asks Jaesung to move away while she spins it, which he gladly does. Except Nam steps in and stops the roulette again at two hearts. LOL. () And here I was touched that Nam wanted to attend this couple's wedding. He's just here to control it, right?! (We love you, Eric Nam. So. Much. Really so very much, you cutie. Hahahaaaaa, the way he stopped it was perfection. And look at his sweet derp face!)
Game #2 is to measure So-eun's love for Rim. So-eun will do things and Rim will get hit if she doesn't do well. Hit with what? Good question! They take out a dried fish(?) which looks very hard. Rim tries hitting it on his shoe and the sound it makes... OUCH. He ends up breaking the fish and asking to move on to the next game. Nam says he knows Rim's tricky ways and takes out a backup fish from the corner. LOL
becca: HAHAHA! They came prepared!
JoAnne: What do you do with a fish like that anyway?
kakashi: Do we really wanna know? 

Rim sits on the floor and puts his feet up on a chair. Min-kyo acts as punisher, holding the fish. Rim assures So-eun that "even if I lose my feet, I'd walk to you on my knees". This cheesy hero moment is ruined when Min-kyo immediately tickles him with the fish and Rim starts squealing like a girl.
becca: My face hurts again from grinning so much.
JoAnne: All these fish and no pervy mermaid in sight.
Mission 1 is aegyo which So-eun does badly on the first try. She asks to try again and does a passable, "jagi-ya, saranghae!"
JoAnne: The thing is, I would classify almost every mannerism she has as an unconscious and very successful aegyo.
kakashi: I'm totally allergic to unnatural aegyo. 
Mission 2 is dancing. No one in the room has ever seen So-eun dance, and Jaesung sounds especially excited to see her do it. (Sometimes I think all the men in the room are very much in love with So-eun. Don't you think so, too? heehee - I don't blame them. Not one bit. She is awesome. Yeah, she's the kind of woman man adore and women love, too. Yes, we all do, too!) Anyway, she does great. Even doing the "come hither" step for Rim. Who immediately starts dragging his butt on the floor to get to her (HAHAHAHAAAA). The host threatens to switch the fish for an iron bar if Rim doesn't behave. And even Min-kyo gets scolded for enjoying the show too much instead of punishing Rim. Anyway, the guests all raise their spoons, giving the couple a pass. Except for Kang-joon.
becca: Spoil-sport!
kakashi: Booooooooo. 
JoAnne: I wonder if there'll ever be a WGM with infidelity. Not the JoonSeo kind. *sobs for Joonie*
Kang-joon says he thinks the couple needs to show more affection. Jaesung challenges him to show the level of aegyo he expected from So-eun then. Kang-joon tries. FAIL. He tries again. FAIL. He then changes the couple's score from fail to pass. Hehe. Min-kyo tries for some aegyo which is both scary and cute. He also kept doing this in Running Man. I think it's his "thing"/trademark gag...
becca: I think he did some in Surplus Princess, too. It freaks me out. O___o
JoAnne: Kang Joon, MORE affection? Should they have sex in front of you?
kakashi: Can he go away already?!
So now the couple has two heart stickers. So-eun sticks one on Rim's "wide back", and another on "the heart that loves me".
becca: My fingers are curling, but I can't stop smiling.
JoAnne: I love her cheese, so smooth. And it thrills him.
kakashi: I begin to suspect that I'm more in love with her than him. Hm. 

Now is Mission 3 for Rim: Finding your wife's hand by touch. The 3 lady guests + So-eun line up in front of a blindfolded Rim. Rim claims he knows his wife's hands very well: the cuticles stick out! (LOL I guess he had lots of practice holding her hands in the past weeks...) He takes #1's hand and immediately drops it. He takes some time feeling #2 and #3 and gets scolded by the host. He takes #4 and notes that it's too fleshy. The host asks him to decide. Rim outs #1 (the hands were too moist) and #4 without hesitation. The host gives him a second chance to touch #2 and #3. (I see #2 wiping her hands in preparation hahaha--- wait! Is she the Asst. Chef in Surplus Princess???)
becca: I am amazed that you would recognize her, Mary. How many times did you watch each episode? Or do you just pay more attention than me?
JoAnne: Yeah, flew past me too.
kakashi: Don't forget, she recapped that mess. That makes you spend loooooooots of time with stuff. 
Anyway, Rim touches #2's hands. Then he touches #3 and says, "So-eun has cold hands", then he grabs her close without checking first. And wouldn't you know it! It's So-eun! ^_______^ He hugs her and even the hosts and judges are impressed at his confidence about finding his wife.
becca: Aww, was there really any doubt that he'd pick the right girl? There was not.
JoAnne: You are my destiny, geurae..
kakashi: And if unmyeong doesn't play along, you nudge her into the right direction. (Am I the only one who doesn't believe he really had to guess in this game?)
And with that, ep12 ends. But not before showing us a preview of Game #4. Which is like Game #3, except with Adam's apples. RAWR.
JoAnne: I volunteer as tribute!
kakashi: Do you guys like Adam's apples? I don't. It's probably the one thing I don't really like about Rim.


Boooooooooo~ fake kiss!
Boooooooooo~ I didn't mind though.

I'm so happy we got to see Nam hanging out with Cheese Couple. He seems nice and trying to control his reactions. I was hoping he'd roll around in his seat when he sees Rim in action, turns out civility wins the day. (Boo, civility! We want Nam crying!!!)
becca: I'm so happy that we get more of the reception in the next episode. That means more non-Nam-cam Nam!
JoAnne: It's Nam NoCam!
kakashi: He is more fun in the NamCam though. He is too nice to look disgusted in front of Rim. I love Nam the most when he can't control his face and you just see WTF all over it. 

I miss Rim in a drama. Seeing him dance like that reminds me why I love him. :) He doesn't half-ass things. If you ask him to dance, he WILL DANCE, GODDAMNIT! I imagine other guys would just do the chorus or a manly sort of dance. But Rim? He had to do a sekshi girl dance. To which, *salute* *starts hoarding Rim dance gifs*
JoAnne:  For the honeymoon, a strip tease.
kakashi: Mary, he'll be casted soon, I'm sure!