We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 14)

kakashi: This episode brings us nail polish, demure woman and preparations for a trip abroad. Not much happens. But we say that every week, it seems.
Mary: I'm still here.... (haha why do we sound so low energy? Is it the after-wedding crash? The Holiday Rush sapping our energy?)
JoAnne: They need to have a fight.
becca: Not enough Nam. Also, yes, I have the lowest of low energy right now.

Episode 14

At the apartment. Rim is lazing around on the sofa, playing with his (I guess Samsung) phone. From behind a closed door, So-eun tells him to close his eyes. He does (because he is obedient like that) and she saunters in, in a pink hanbok. Which looks damn familiar ... worn by Moon Chae-won in Princess' Man? (I've seen that drama twice, and I don't think so - hm... maybe Arang and the Magistrate?) She says she is Kim Soon Jong (순종), which means obedient/dutiful. She wants to show him a side of her he has never seen before. Awwwwww.
Mary: I was betting the "obedient" part will last as long as Rim's last drama. (Hint: not that long)
JoAnne: And like a drama before that, we'll complain and they will bring it back.
He gets into sageuk mode and orders ... bed service. That does mean what it means, right? He also offers to undress her when she says it's a bit warm today. You perv, you. Hands off!
Mary: Heeee~ I love it when he throws random drama lines and she just rolls with it.
JoAnne: It means exactly that, yes.
So the idea is that she does "everything" for him today. Like cooking coffee! He looks quite uncomfortable just sitting there. I totally understand that, I hate to be "served" too!
JoAnne: You feel guilty just sitting there.

Somebody delivers a package, which she starts to unwrap. While he is afraid she could hurt herself with the scissors. It's the wedding picture! They hang it up in the (forever unused) bedroom - or rather, she tells him to hold up the picture while she goes and gets the tools. Which takes forever, poor boy's arms get all sore. She insists: she'll do the hammering! And she nails it.
Mary: So... she was excited to do the hammering in the bedroom? And she nailed it?
JoAnne: She really worked him hard. He had to support all that weight in such an unnatural position.
becca: *dies laughing*
Next on the "please your husband"-list ... no. Not that. A skin treatment! No, NOT that skin. It's a facial. NO! NOT that kind of facial! I give up :o
Mary: ...what just happened, kakashi? OH. Hahahaha you were jeobbing them!!! >____<
JoAnne: Hahahahahahah someone got a facial on WGM... oh, Kakashi... you surprise me sometimes.
becca: Haha! You went to the dirty place sooner than I thought you would!
Mary: Wait, when did he compliment her nail polish and ask if it was the gel-type? And the studio hosts were surprised that Rim knows that much? Because I wanna answer, RIM PROMOTED GEL NAIL POLISH IN EPISODE 8 OF NAIL SHOP PARIS. You know that scene when Bunny was practicing and Rim carried her and nuzzled her a bit? (No, I don't have that drama memorized.)
JoAnne: I was impressed also... having completely forgotten that show for a brief moment. How could I do that? It introduced WTF as a standing concept here at PotUp.
becca: I miss that show sometimes. Or often.

She wants to wash his face but instead of just laying comfortably on his back, he insists on putting his face into the bowl of water she got. It's hot! She puts some cleansing gel on - but she has to go back to skincarelady school cause it goes into his mouth and eyes.
JoAnne: I have NEVER seen someone dunk their face in the bowl like that during a facial, hahahahaha. Oh Rim, you adorable fool. With REALLY bad skin, I notice. It's all that stage make up they wear.
What the ... is Flaxer? What are they talking about?! Should I maybe wait for more proper subs next time?!
Mary: Seems like a "strong"/harsh treatment? That's why it involves lasering his face with her angry eyes.
JoAnne: In a country so prone to PS, it makes sense that they'd have a lot of familiarity with procedure names, etc.
becca: Whatever it is, it sounds painful.

She starts putting on some mudmask and he asks whether she'll have more time to look at him now that her drama is over. Yes, I know ... no more Lee Sang-yoon :( (No more Shin Sung-rok! Me sad...) (We really need that sequel, tvN!!) She's not prickly but sweet, so he comments that her aegyo increased a lot! Maybe something she ate?
JoAnne: Maybe she just got some rest, Rim.
becca: Sleep does wonders, it's true. *struggling to stay awake* Is it bedtime yet?
Next up: his hands. First, some filing. Then .... O____o the mean vixen puts color-nailpolish on his nails! While he complains about this Kim Soon-jong person. He doesn't like her (me neither). Since she makes him close his eyes for that long. Closed eyes = not seeing So-eun, get it?
Mary: So if Rim had his way, WGM will be 25 minutes of him staring and/or serving So-eun?
JoAnne: followed by naked wrestling.
becca: This is the point in the episode where I started thinking of hand jobs a la WTFParis.
She makes him lose all dignity when he lies there with his drying nails in the air.
HAHAHAHAHAHA he didn't have much dignity to start with...
JoAnne: We don't care
becca: This move was pure evil on So-eun's part, and I approve so very very much.
He tries to hug her when he gets up (this is getting a liiiittle tiny bit old). She has a hell of a time getting the mud off him ... and it takes loooooong until he notices his nails. Nope, he genuinely doesn't like this. He wants it off!
She says she's very tired. Ah, why not give her a massage? No, she wants to give HIM one! Ahahaha, he is sick of this whole "I'm your demure wifey"-act! I am too :( They spar a bit, like one of those Taekwondo fights they do in sageuks. I think I want to watch Chuno again one of these days. Random, sorry.
Mary: I got Mo vibes from it. Mo.... I miss you. Please show up a little bit in Rim's kendo-wielding drama in February, okay? Damn, Mo was hot. *sigh* It's okay, koko. Two more months. You can do eeeet.
JoAnne: Mo was nuclear.
becca: I never made it far enough to see Mo, but based on gifs and pictures, I agree wholeheartedly.
Ah, she finally takes the nailpolish off his nails! In normal clothes. Yes, it does hurt, Rim! He brings out the magazine with their photoshoot and they discuss which pictures is the nicest. Seems ages ago, this shoot. He talks about an ex-girlfriend in that magazine and So-eun gets really mad at how he talks about folding roses for that other girl - one every 15 minutes. He promises he'll fold roses or different flowers for her too, but that's not what she wants! She's not that girl! Fine, he says: then he'll fold won bills for her (Liar Game hint!).
Mary: $$$$$. Money talk stresses me. I just got home to my parents. It's Dec 23, 4AM, and I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet. Maybe I'll fold money too and give it to my parents instead? (Hahaha... if I die, bury me beside Mrs. Pentstemmon.)
JoAnne: I saw dollar bills folded into a 3D koi today. I have no idea how many it took, but since they replicated scales all along the topside of the fish I'd say it was a good number. It was pretty stunning.
becca: And holiday talk stresses me. I've been grinding my teeth for days, and I don't remember that ever being a problem before.
Another package is delivered ... a red box! It's their honeymoon box! A honeymoon in Turkey! But ... not luxury holidays, haha. They also get the crappiest of all apartments, right? No luxury, but they have to chose their lodgings themselves? Damn, he says. He wanted to go somewhere close! (Japan). While she said she wanted to go to ... Turkey. Ahahahaaaaa, look who got their wish. Plus: Rim's a chicken. I think he's just afraid of going where he doesn't understand the language.
Mary: *nodding* cause he can't impress her and take care of her. This will be fun. I feel like Rim is starting to lose his cool.
JoAnne: Plus he'll worry about spicy food and his bottom. ACK! What about the bidets? Will there be bidets?
becca: He could take one with him! Do they make portable bidets?
They start making plans, like ... him getting the window seat. And eating a lot. (So-eun wants to do a mokbang!) Not a good thing for him, cause he's on a diet! (that's been going on for quite a while, huh?) She wants to ride a hot air balloon! (Rim's a chicken again). And she wants to skydive (Rim almost dies). They start playing with a translation app, but let me tell you: Turkish isn't too easy. I once learned it for a few weeks.
Mary: Hearing him protest against rides makes me so excited for that theme park date (which I asked for last episode). He will squeal. He will cling to So-eun while she puts her hands up and go "weeeeeeeeeeee~"
JoAnne: Ahhh, Rim - you have moved so very, very far from my first impression. I still really like you. I like you more, in fact... but you're losing your sex appeal.
They start packing! Uhm ... what? She packs the weirdest shoes. And cup ramyun - to eat with foreigner friends. Only: she takes them apart to save space. Darling ... I'm almost certain you'll find cup ramyun in (at least) Istanbul too. Oups, So-eun gets quite angry when Rim makes fun of her habit. I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
Mary: Will she find ramen easily? The Korean brands only became common here in the past 2-3 years. And I don't know how much Hallyu wave has reached Turkey... That ramen-packing technique was cool though. I'm gonna steal that idea for my next picnic! Which will be in 5-10 years.
JoAnne: You can get a really cheap version of ramen here (Maruchan) in any grocery store.. but for actual Korean stuff, no. Not unless you have an actual Korean population.
kakashi: We have no Korean population here, but tons of Korean ramyun.
They do some finger-sex again (I'm sorry, any minors reading this? If those minors are from the LTE couple thread at soompi, they're used to this kinda talk) and then, he asks whether the Kim Soon-jong concept is gone for good. Nope, she'll bring her back! He claims he kinda liked it, since she was like a new bride - but if it were real, he'd have smacked her with a watermelon.
JoAnne: I approve of this. He wants a partner, not some submissive slave.
becca: I also approve.
And out comes the expensive alcohol again! Love shot! And the marking on the bottle. His final words: "We'll make history again". Well, let's see next week!
Mary: But then, there's Discovery of Penicillin history, and Invention of Atomic Bomb. I wonder what kind they'll make...?
JoAnne: Well, he's already responsible for adding jeobbing to the lexicon, so we'll just have to see what else he brings to the world.
becca: Ladies, I think I've figured it out. These two will stay on WGM until they've finished that alcohol. I'm going to be really disappointed if I don't see it emptied before their run is complete.


I hated that Kim Soon-jong shit. So annoying! And he hated it too! And her painting his nails wasn't funny. And this episode was boring.
becca: This HAD to be a concept that the writers came up with. And it was not good!
And where the F... was Nam??!
Mary: He was in that wedding picture! Looking cute doing hearteu hearteu at the camera. (Yes, I tracked him with my eyes.)
JoAnne: Vacation should be good. New territory for them, both literally and figuratively.
becca: I want more Nam.