We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 16)

Honeymoon Part II! I love all the food and this is a great PR campaign for Turkey, too ... I want to go even more now. 
JoAnne: I really liked this episode - it's more of Turkey than I've ever seen, and RimKim were adorable.
becca: It really does look amazing. Maybe I'll go there when I'm a millionaire. (I have no idea how I'll become a millionaire, but hey! it's important to have goals!)
I'm very sad though, cause mary doesn't want to comment :( 

Episode 16

More eating! They get something you also get at Itaewon (what the heck is it though?! Some kind of ice cream?) and get teased by the street vendor (seems to be part of his trade :D). Rim high-fives him and says "hey bro". Oh Rim...
No, Rim. (yes, I think it was ice cream.)
Next on the meokbang menu: Waffles. There's so much food there in that street!! O___o But no, they don't want waffles, they want Kumbire, Turkish baked potatoes. Oh my, look at the cheese they put in! And "many, many" (=So-eun) sausages. There goes the diet.
Man, that looked good. I would have been happy with just the potatoes and cheese. And maybe some broccoli, cut small? Mmmm...dinner?
That's what I'm thinking now, too. Those potatoes were a thing of beauty. *licks lips*
Aw, there's a stray cat that begs for some. And a second joins it! But the food is much too spicy and salty for cats. So .... oh my. Rim chews a spicy sausage until it's not spicy anymore and then gives it to the kittens. They won't get rid of them, right?!
No, the kittens will follow them around the country and then back to Korea. They were cute! I wish they really would...
I wanted to snuggle the kitties! Until I remembered that they're strays and could be carrying a million diseases.... *paranoid* But! They're so cute!
Did you know that mixing cheese and potato is the best combo, just like So-eun and Jae-rim? Of course, Rim is the cheese (cause he's a bit cheesy/greasy). A bit? she protests, he is like a camembert! He wants to feed the cats some more sausage, but she forbids it. When he complies right away, he complains that he's become too obedient! He doesn't want to stop eating, does he? But it's Turkish beer on the menu next!
She certainly has a healthy appetite!
It's night now and Rim says he can't eat any more. But they're at a restaurant, it seems? They ate so much street food that they were able to save some money for this - and the wonderful view of the harbor. Including huge waves that almost hit some people, lol.
Those really were some big waves...but only on that one corner of the promenade!
They talk about what they ate today and Rim says he liked all of it because he got to eat it with her. I realize this very moment that I wouldn't want a partner that constantly sweet-talks me.
Nope, me neither. But he gives her enough shit that it sort of balances out.

But aw, So-run has prepared a gift for him, to say thank you for coming to Turkey with her. Since he really didn't want to. He gets a weary-sweet look on his face, and I guess he's right to be weary! Cause So-eun is a devious little devil. It's a quick-use present: you need to use "all of them" in quick succession. And as he sings "We wish you a Merry Christmas" as background music, she hands him ... tickets/vouchers to all the things he really hates. Bungee jumping. Bike riding. Skydiving. Riden a hot air balloon. Controlling your rage (haha). Using Kim Soon-jong for a day.
His face is priceless.
I'm laughing, but I do feel sorry for him! That's terrible! *cackling*
Poor Rim. He doesn't only hate those things, I think he's actually terrified! But if she says "do them with me", he will of course do them, he says. She chatters on about what she has done and what she hasn't while he looks miserable. She excuses herself to go to the bathroom, but in fact, she has prepared another surprise for him. It's a dessert-thingie with a candle on it, to celebrate their wedding.
That look on his face while he's drinking his beer: the condemned man, reflecting.
The hosts comment "You can't hate her", and I fullheartedly agree.
You really can't. She is adorably cute with a wicked streak, and I think again about how much they just seem to ENJOY each other. Forget scripted romance and manufactured scenes - they just seem to like each other and have fun.
I think that's why I'm still watching. They're so comfortable now, like real buddies, and it's kind of relaxing to just watch them do things, y'know?

Rim is a bit flustered. He asks whether he has entered her sight now that her drama is finished? And she says: "You were always in my sight ... I just can't express it." Aw. She also knew he'd be shocked after the coupons, hence something sweet on top of it. And a real present. She claps her hands. What now?!
But sometimes there's this moment where I think...maybe...
Oh, that "maybe" can be haunting.
I was expecting a belly dancer, but no, it's couple fragrances. And it comes with a letter and video message from her. He likes it - and even seems touched. She also gave him stationery to thank her. He ... signs it. Hahahaaaaa. His signature is valuable, of course! And underneath it, he wrote: "I really like you". Later, in the "dark room", she tells us she was touched by him writing this, even though she wished he had said it in words. Wait a minute ... hasn't he said it about 100times in words?! And with that, it's goodbye Istanbul!
See, that. 'I really like you.' That seemed like Rim the man not Rim the actor, telling her above and beyond the job they've been hired to do, that he likes HER, So Eun the person, not So Eun his scripted wife.
It's in the afternoon and they're at the airport to travel on. Or have they arrived? Both say that they're really tired. So-eun sits herself into a massage chair ... and he massages her arms/hands. And later her shoulders. He is wearing a cute hat with eyes on it - to always watch her, he says.
They're off to Pamukkale. 1 hour by plane. They do that sailor-moon "poof" thing again ... and there they are! At Hierapolis-Pamukkale. They look at the ruins of the bath - and Rim says this is her old house (since she's a Greek Goddess). The hosts comment that this is Turkey, which is certainly true, but this bath was built by a Greek king, so Rim isn't wrong at all. He renames it as Soeunopolis.
A private guide shows them the most important stuff (they cleared it before filming? It's empty!). It's a lot of walking and So-eun ends up dragging him along. She tells him she wanted to become an archeologist when she was young (cue Indiana Jones music - that made me so happy!).
That place is huge!
I want to go there! I love wide open spaces!
They make their way up to an amphitheater (and finally, there are some other tourists there). It's mighty impressive. (Their faces - I wondered what it was that was so taking them by surprise as they reached the top of the hill, and then I saw it myself and gasped.) He takes a few pictures of her and says he likes how short she is this time (*grins*, cause everything fits into the picture frame). His turn now! She takes a few, but instead of coming up afterwards, he tells her to sit down.
He has prepared a sketch book, Love Actually-style! He doesn't play Christmas carols but sings a love song. Who knows it? Also: Rim can't sing (he claims it's because he has a cold :D) (he's done a lot of singing in WGM - does he always have a cold??). And he ends his sweet serenade with one of his dorky laughs (all the romance destroyed immediately). Oh, but So-eun likes it. She even says that he might be the man that she always imagined in her head. And he gets a BIG hug for his efforts. He deserves it!
I like that she reaches for him as often as he reaches for her - the song was sweet, and I feel like I know it... but man he butchered it.
Found it! Jo Kyu-man 다 줄꺼야 - I will give you all. From the Drama "All About Eve" and also on "Full House".


May this honeymoon never end!
So say we all!